Nissan's Ghosn Says Titan To Keep On Truckin'

Nissan's Ghosn Says Titan To Keep On Truckin

Nissan will build a successor to the current Titan half-ton pickup, says Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, reinforcing earlier comments from the Japanese auto maker.  

"Titan will have a replacement, we are staying in the large pickup truck market," Ghosn told

Ghosn also told the Detroit Free Press, "We're not about to retreat. Titan will have a replacement."

Ghosn said Nissan hasn't determined whether or not the Titan will be built in-house or with a partner.

Nissan had planned to partner with Chrysler to build the next-gen Titan off the current Dodge Ram 1500 platform but those plans were mutually called off in August.

In May, at the New York Auto Show, Larry Dominique, Nissan North America’s vice president of product and advanced planning, told that Nissan's goal is to stay in the full-size truck market. Nissan may also add a heavy-duty pickup as part of its upcoming light commercial vehicle lineup.

Nissan has sold only 15,393 Titan's year-to-date through October, compared to 334,922 Ford F-Series trucks sold during the same period. Toyota has sold 64,136 Tundra pickups.

[Sources:, Detroit Free Press]


My wife and I have had good memories in our Titan

No time given on the new pickup but doesn't sound like anytime soon. Hope they plan to use the cummins v8.

nissan if you're listening....

i currently drive a 2008 pro-4x king cab, black with the option package, which in canada included leather, traction control and some extra airbags...

all i can say is that i love the truck, everything about it, including that there isn't a lot of them around, there is something to be said about not seeing 20 trucks like yours everytime you are on the road. that's my opinion though..

pros about the truck are :
-big tires
-huge power
-super comfortable, haven't had a long trip in a 09 f150 yet, but previous generations had terrible seats..chevy/gm has a comfortable truck too as i've spent some seat time in several of those. but the addition of the QX56 seats for 2008 was definitely a huge bonus in the comfort department
-throaty exhaust - everyone likes making their presence felt
-quiet ride- definitely more quiet than the outgoing f150 on the highway, on a still day, at 120km/h you don't know your driving
-design being a preference of the buyer, i like the titan, but i also like nissan, every truck out there is nice, save for the tundra
-engine/drive train - can drive circles around any truck on the road, albiet the transmission feels like it shifts hard sometimes, but i feel that might be a factor of the traction control cutting power if it senses wheel slip, so i can't be sure about that

some things that should be addressed-
-everyone talks about the rear axle, maybe? i don't know enough about the mechanical details to determine its actual strength, but if it has a dana 44, so did my jeep rubicon, so either the jeep was extremely over built, or the axle in the titan is so so..
-front seat belts- get them off the rear door so people in the back can get out without the front passengers getting strangled or having to unbuckle. for people that aren't in the truck all the time, its confusing (king cabs only)
-fix the reflection of the radio i the back window and the instrument cluster in the drivers window, its a nuisance more when you are driving in the country with no street lights, but still, always there
-brakes- i know they've been upgraded, but stuffing a huge caliper and rotor in big rims always seems to satisfy crowds of people. and id like to see some more break feel, don't get me wrong, it clamps down, but when your foot sinks to the floor its unnerving sometimes.

i'm satisfied with my interior, but obviously everyone like's alittle more bling..i'd like to see a moonroof on the king cabs, side turners on more than just the LE, improve the fit and finish alittle, mostly around the doors, nicer materials on the dash
maybe bump up the stereo a bit, i like it, but high end bass gets distorted sometimes, im no audio file though.

-if you want a bigger engine sure go ahead, i dont care about gas mileage, its a big V8 in a truck..if i stay at a decent speed i can get 14L/100kms, and for what it is, that aint bad...when i drive agressively, im up to about 18..which is partly my fault...all the cylinder deactivation systems and aerodynamics in the world cannot counteract a heavy right foot

anyways, for a first time full size truck, nissan, my hat goes off to shook things up and forced the big three to come to the plate with some good trucks...if you take what you've learned, you can make the 2nd gen titan just as ground breaking as the first

I would like to see a base V6 north of 260+ horsepower, like so many full size truck manufacturers FAIL to address: GM with 20-year-old underpowered (less capable than a 4-cylinder Toyota Camry) 4.3 L V6 to name one. That in addition to the V8 engines. Also, make a standard cab in addition to extended and crew cabs. And add full-time four-wheel drive as an option to 2WD and part-time 4WD. Then I will have very good interest in a Titan.

I hope they keep it in house or at least the Nissan Drive Train. They need to get rid of DANA Spicer for the axle's. Just too many issues. I currently own Two 2005 Titans and couldn't be happier.

This is good news, I hope Nissan builds it in house, I still love my 05.

dan......You said a Titan runs circles around any truck on the road ? LOL !!!!!

Chev/GM 6.2 destroys a Titan even the 5.3 beats it !!

Dodge Hemi beats Titan !!!

Toyota Tundra beats Titan !!!!

My Dodge Ram SRT-10 QuadCab runs 4.6 second 0-100km/h and runs 12.80's all day long !! I ran it at the track !!! With its stock spinning Pirelli 22 " tires !!

I think you are one of "those guys" who thinks everyone beside him at the light when it turns green is racing .This happens to me all the time in my SRT,I am just taking off smoothly but quick and I notice the clown beside me is flooring it ,and they think they are cool cause they believe they can keep up to me..I never street race ,even my Hemi Ram with custom exhaust because it is loud people asume I am racing them and they take off and I am not even trying.I know one day I will be on Youtube with some clown saying he beat a SRT Ram in his stock Titan...I live in Canada too buddy, and a joker in a Titsan thought he was hot stuff,past me then revved his engine at the next light,by the way it was wet out and My Viper Ram spins and goes sideways even at 100K,so there was no way in hell I would race in city traffic especially in the rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so let me get this straight you are comparing a SRT 10 Viper Truck thats 10 cyl 500 HP to a 5.6 liter titan with 307 boy am i glad that you can beat us.... god i hope so if i spent that kind of money on a truck i sure hope it could beat a stock titan!! not on to the HEMI, 6.2 liter chevrolet , and the 5.3 i have a 08 titan and my wife has a 08 HEMI and stock for stock its a good race now the 6.2 is a bigblock chevrolet so once again lets use some common sence small block nissan v.s bigblock chevrolet its over 400 hp i hope it can beat up a small block with 307 the bottom line is that all the trucks listed have there upsides and its all personell prefrence i love my titan and i have wooped on just about every brand of truck out there and i have been wooped just the same ... oh yea and the 5.3 chevrolet is a pice of ..... and deff can not come close to the titan !!!!!

Good for them. Glad to see they're sticking to it. Trucks need competition. There's some things I actually like about the Titan, even considered buying one at one point. Hopefully they can diversify their lineup a bit. That should help pickup sales.

JJ = Dumbest post I have read in awhile.

Compare an SRT10 Ram to a Titan? Dumb.

Compare the 6.2L GM V8 to a 5 year old unchanged 5.6L? Dumb.

Say that the GM 5.3L out perfroms the Nissan 5.6L? Dumb.

Seriously. Why don't we compare a Shelby Mustang GT 500 to a Dodge Charger. About the same validity. FWIW stock Silverado SS's are about even with a stock Titan. Yes, that is with a 6.0L. A Silverado with the 5.3L is dead meat. One would hope the NEW GM 6.2L with what? 400hp? Would be able to take a stock Titan. Hook them all up to trailers and the Titan still holds up nicely. Funny how it takes both GM and Dodge to increase displacement just to beat out Nissan's 5-6 year old 5.6L LOL!

I love my Titan, glad to hear it lives on in gen2.

My wish list:
How about a regular cab short bed version for those of us who want a sport truck and don't need a tractor-trailer length truck?

Power output needs to be raised to compete with GM's 6.2, Toyota's 5.7 and Dodge's 5.7 Hemi.

6-speed auto

For those complaining about the titans firm shifting transmission, if you had a clue or knew anything about transmissions, you would know the firmer the shift, the better. Please quit complaining about a good thing and making yourself look foolish.

Titan is a weakling, new F150's are fugly, Silverado's are plain, and Ram's funny look'in, if you want a real AMERICAN truck, get a Tundra.

@ Sha nay nay lol the tundra is not American, its engineered in the heart pf japan, and ford trucks build the building the tundras are built in, Tundras and Titans should both give up, they are no competition for Ford, your comment makes many people laugh, but for people who drive a tundra, get out fast before you gas pedal kills you! Toyota is the most shameful automaker. wanna save the us economy, dont let import junk across the boarder.

@Sha nay nay, your comment made me laugh, and thanks to fords, they got a place in the US to build, Nissan Titans are a joke. and Tundras needs to give up.

Way to go Keith and Synjyn, good to see some people have common sense. Come on JJ, get off your high horse. Don't think everyone with a pickup is trying to race you and the ones that are, might just be thinking it has that "worthless" Hemi in it. Sure the V10 is a strong motor but we all know what you paid for the truck if you bought if new. If you could see past your collapsing dash board, you compare apples to apples and not oranges to grapefriuts.

@Nick - FYI the Tundra was designed and engineered in the US. Same for the Titan.

Also FYI the Titan is only sold in the North American market. The only items not manufactured for the Titan in the US are the engine and the tranny. The axles are suplied by Dana. The Tundra also has much of it's parts manufactured in the US in house in San Antonio. FWIW your comment about Ford trucks building their plant is also wrong. What you are referring to is outtakes from Toyota's TV commercials that show Super Duties on the film set. MOre than likely because they were what hauled in the build equipment that was too heavy for any 1/2 ton to haul regardless of manufacturer. BTW are you so sure Japanese construction equipment wasn't used to help build Ford plants?

c'mon Nissan, bring on a heavy-duty Titan and offer a hybrid version
for the gas V8

It does not matter if Nissan does it in house or contracts it out. As a corporate culture, they look for ways to not pay on their warranty claims. They are not anywhere near the class "A "service reputation of Honda or Toyota. Their low market penetration shows the effect of poor service. I'm glad that they are going to continue building Titans after 2011. I don't need another reason to keep depreciating the resale value. They have no ombudsmans for warranty disputes. They just say it's not covered. Pathetic response to a very good truck.

lol all you people that think that the big 3 are american.........i guess thats why the built in mexico!

@08 Titan: I'm sorry you've had so many problems with yoru service department. I did as well when trying to have my truck serviced at the dealership in which I bought it. I started driving about 30 miles up the freeway to another dealer and haven't had a problem since. Of course, I've not had to use the warranty but once, and that shouldn't have been a warrenty issue because I actually broke the part that I was having replaced.

if the rear hinge ext cab trucks w/doors that open all the way up like my 2015 titan and my 2010 chevy 2500 truck.
don't show back on the market I will not buy anymore trucks.
so much better w/rear hinge doors ( ins co ) are the ones behind all the bull more regulation fmvss # 214 and #216a
needs go , let the people deside what to drive .
truck sell are down and will stay down it is all about the money you deside

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