October 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

October 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, October 2009

No. 1: Ford F-Series
334,922 -23.2% YTD
October 2009: 39,496
October 2008: 43,324

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
261,142 -35.1% YTD
October 2009: 31,754
October 2008: 31,689

No. 3: Dodge Ram
155,467 -27.0% YTD
October 2009: 12,262
October 2008: 17,626

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
94,694 -25.6% YTD
October 2009: 8,921
October 2008: 10,001

No. 5: GMC Sierra
91,327 -37.0% YTD
October 2009: 11,894
October 2008: 11,256

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
64,136 -47.2% YTD
October 2009: 7,537
October 2008: 6,425

No. 7: Ford Ranger
47,826 -18.5% YTD
October 2009: 3,910
October 2008: 3,891

No. 8: Chevrolet Colorado
29,298 -38.2% YTD
October 2009: 1,732
October 2008: 2,552

No. 9: Nissan Frontier
23,420 -63.1% YTD
October 2009: 2,295
October 2008: 1,551

No. 10: Nissan Titan
15,393 -50.2% YTD
October 2009: 1,688
October 2008: 1,007


wow gm still sold more truck,imagine if ford did have a new model...and did ad all the f series...truck sell...

i not a dodge fan,but we no this is a good puller,Wye they don't sold more truck..

Miath, What are you talking about again? Are you saying it is fair for Chevy and GM to add up all of their trucks, but not Ford? Please take some pride in yourself and learn how to write.

wanabe...tom mon anglais ,,,le problème ses pas ce que j ai écrit,,,avec les faute d'anglais,,,,dodge est un bon camion et gm aussi...le problème ses qu,il passe trop de temps a lu cher le q de ford et pour temp ce nais pas ce qu'il a de mieux sur le marche bon a tu compris mon anglais..

Why doesnt GM advertise and say they have the best selling trucks around ?

People think Ford has the best selling trucks but thats not true...Chevrolet + GMC = best selling trucks !!!

Hell ,I am a Dodge truck fan !!! Well ,we will see how much the new fiat/Chrysler deal screws them over...I am not a fan of the Ram brand unless they still have a Dodge name on them..so far the 2010's they've shown say Dodge we will see..we will see...will I trade my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 for a 2010 or maybe wait for a 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 ? If its a Dodge yes..otherwise 6.2 L GMC for me !!!!

General Motors can't legally say they sell more trucks that Ford. GMC and Chevrolet are considered different entities. Ford owns LandRover but they can't include those numbers either.
It's true that if you put Chev and GM pickups together they would out sell Ford.
The people who buy them regard GMC and Chev P/U's as different vehicles.
There was a survey posted in this site asking who'd you go to if your truck brand was gone. The results show:
if Chev "died" 34 % would buy a GMC, 25% Ford, 19% Dodge, and 18 % Toyota.
It seems GMC truck owners are more loyal overall - If GMC folded 52 % would buy a Chev, 22% a Ford, 10% Toyota, and 7% Dodge.
You can argue that they are the same truck but people don't see it that way.
I read a test of all the 1/2 ton pickups and they where surprised at how the GMC and Chev p/u's differed in "feel", power, handling and ride.
Number 1 sales numbers means just that - Who sold the most vehicles period... It doesn't neccessarily mean they are the best vehicle out there. (For Example:the Dodge mini van #1 seller, #1 pile of crap)
In Ford's case they've worked aggressively to improve their quality and reliability accross their whole product line. This helps their sales, the financial bail-outs have helped their sales, Dodge brand confusion has aslo helped their sales.
Their ugly front end design hasn't seemed to hurt them. They should adapt the Raptor nose for the F150 since it is much better looking.

The problems with the Tundra overcapacity, cams, bed hop, collapsing tailgates, frame rust, and now runaway acceleration show that Toyota has expanded too fast and has gotten way ahead of themselves and their level of competence.

Toyota was well within their competency envelope up to about the mid 1990's, after that it's been straight downhill in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency. They should have stuck with what they do well: small cars and trucks.

It's time for an update on that "floor mat" recall...

Statistically, there hasn't been an overall decline in Toyota quality. Toyota, Honda, and now Ford have the highest quality ratings. Every year you see "all new" advertising crap on various media. The "new" Tundra was just that - all new. I'm not surprised they had problems. The cam issue was a very small run that was quickly fixed, bed hop? Of course - if you look at Ford's test video's. Ford's engineers did a good job of figuring out how to make the competition look bad.
GMC had journalists at their proving grounds testing all the pickups - guess which truck appeared to be the best? GM.
Have they fixed the tailgates? I'm not sure. Frame rust - the verdict is still out on that one. Was it Toyota's fault or Dana Corp. ? I've never seen a rusty Toyota frame and I live in an area that gets 5 months of winter.
Floor mats - again the verdict is out on that one.
How about Ford's exploding tires and Explorer Roll overs?? or the exploding Pinto's?
Chev's Corvair was the last straw that got Ralph Nader going.
The Tundra initially "failed" to make Consumer Report's recommended list the first year it came out. One year later it was on the list. This shows they work at fixing the issues that arise.
Do you actually think a Ford forum is going to be an unbiased source of information?
Every vehicle manufacturer has made unsafe vehicles. All of them spend billions when a new vehicle is created. They still cannot accurately predict all the oddities that arise from day to day driving.
Dave - you have some valid concerns. Have you taken a look at Detroit's track record?
I have and it only worries me when I don't see steps being made to improve.

2008 us sale,ford 520,000,pickup only,gm 673,334 pickup only 2 more month,year end

Si sacan cuentas Ford vende mas camiones incluyendo la la serie F y la ranger, un total de 382,748 y chevrolet incluyendo silverado, sierra y la colorado suman 381,767, para una diferencia de 981, camiones, entonces sigue Ford siendo la numero 1 en ventas, los numeros no mienten

That 673,334 figure you sited for 2008 includes the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade EXT, and Chevy SSR.

The Ford number you sited only includes F-series and the LT which was discontinued.

mic - did you read my post :Posted by: Lou | Nov 4, 2009 12:00:36 PM. GM and Chev are legally separate entities.
if Chev "died" 34 % would buy a GMC, 25% Ford, 19% Dodge, and 18 % Toyota.
It seems GMC truck owners are more loyal overall - If GMC folded 52 % would buy a Chev, 22% a Ford, 10% Toyota, and 7% Dodge.
I personally don't care who sells more pickups. Why should it matter to anyone other than the corporate bean counters?

Lou, The link was to an ABC News article. You own a 2010 Toyota Sienna and I understand you have this brand loyalty thing going on for Toyota, but please do more research into the Tundra. Practice what you preach. Research. Don't use brand loyalty. CR does not mean they fixed the issues. No, they have not fixed the tailgate, the acceleration problem, the flimsy sheet metal, build quality, rust, etc. It is the same that it was before. Again, I am just stating the facts that Toyotas are slipping in quality at least in the Tundra and people are starting to experience this. Simply wish you would have more of an open mind, be more objective and not try to discredit every item that is negative against the Tundra because you own a 2010 Toyota Sienna. Have a good day.

Dave - your points are well taken. Believe it or not , I'm not brand loyal. There is so much brand bashing going on in this site, especially towards Toyota. Most of the arguments don't make any sense, or there is so much BS that one automatically shifts into challenge mode. Your link is to a Ford chat site. I did see the link in that site to the ABC news and I read it. The point I've been trying to make is that all of the manufacturers have had major problems with their vehicles. Dave - my apologies... I mixed you up with one of the many crackpots who spew BS for the sake of spewing BS. I've been reading so much crap that I'm starting to sound like one of them. I enjoyed your posts. It's nice to read a well thought out rebuttal.

I just got the newest Consumer Reports, it rates the Toyota Tundra as the most reliable pickup, so although its had some issues its still the most reliable overall.

Let's put this in perspective: Ford sold more F-Series trucks in 10 days, than Dodge sold in the entire month of October.

Dave - - I did some extra research. "NHTSA" and "mycarstats" auto recall data shows an overall downward trend in safety complaints and recalls from 2005 - 2008. (2009 stats incomplete).You've stated:Toyota was well within their competency envelope up to about the mid 1990's, after that it's been straight downhill in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency.
It is cumbersome to find meaningful data and putting it in simple terms. I could not locate warranty stats on any of the manufacturers.
You must be careful with any information posted on the "net". Veracity, reliability, reproduction of results, quality of information are critical to acertaining it's worth. I also have a tendency not to trust news casts as I've seen many cases of disinformation or misrepresentation.
Here is the information I found from 2005 - 2008 on recalls, complaints, and bulletins.
Ford(excluding Mercury+Licoln) - 83% decline in complaints, 52% decline in recalls, 80% decline in service bulletins.
Toyota(excluding Lexus) - 70% decrease in complaints, 38% decline in recalls, 72% decline in service bulletins.
GMC(excluding Cadillac) - 84% decline in complaints, 72% decline in recalls, 61% INCREASE in service bulletins.
Dodge/Chrysler - 84% decline in complaints, 53% decline in recalls, 54% decline in service bulletins.
I didn't include Honda as I'm not currently interested in any of their products at this time.

wow Sierre almost matched Ram in sales ! thats got to be salty for Dodge considering the ram is a brand new model...

GM and Ford are looking like they will be ok in the truck market, but man are dodge and toyota struggling, Both of GM's models are going on 3 years old and combinded they still lead the sales pack. Im a GM fan, that separate entity stuff doesn't mean anything to me. A sale for GM is a sale for GM, besides the trucks are so similiar they are basically the same thing.

lou ,thank you for your Analise .

Landrover is not a good argument. It is a totally different vehicle. The Chevy and Gmc are basically the same truck no different than many of the different configuration that Ford makes. They may not be able to advertise it but at least smart people can do the math and know that general motors sells more full size truck. I love the Dodge Ram!!!!

Sorry but anyone who believes a word of what consumer reports says is an idiot.

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