Ram Pickups To Get Major Modifications in 2012

Ram Pickups To Get Major Modifications in 2012

The Ram Light and Heavy Duty pickups are scheduled to receive "major modifications" in 2012, according to Chrysler's 2010-14 Product Plan presented today at Chrysler's Headquarters in Michigan.

"Our objective is to emphasize our commitment to the commercial market," said Joe Veltri, Chrysler's head of product planning. "To make sure we keep Ram at the top of its game, each truck will receive a major modification in 2012, including powertrain and technology changes. There's also the possibility of a light-duty diesel."

A diesel for the Light Duty Ram pickup would be sourced from Fiat.

In May, Chrysler canceled a planned contract with Cummins to supply a V-8 diesel. Cummins is still expected to supply diesel engines for Ram Heavy Duty pickups.

Earlier today, Fred Diaz, president and CEO of the Ram brand, confirmed Ram Heavy Duty pickups will receive a new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 gas engine rated at approximately 450-horsepower.

Veltri is also in charge of selling the idea to Chrysler management for a unibody midsize pickup to replace the Dakota, which is scheduled to end production in 2011.


I will buy the first half ton diesel to hit the market

Regular cab, short bed, and diesel please!

I would only buy a Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel engine.

If Fiat/Dodge/Ram part ways with Cummins for there HD truck ever, they will lose about 90% of the customer base IMHO.

There is no Ram without the Cummins hands down. If you even think that Fiat can compete with Cummins you're crazy.

Why would they drop the cummins? Just because they are considering using a fiat diesel for the 1500 doesnt mean they would for the hd's I think that the people in charge are smart enough to realize dropping it would be brand suicide. Glad to see dodge isnt resting on its laurels like the folks at gm who just pushed back the redesign of their trucks.

The article clearly states that, "Cummins is still expected to supply diesel engines for Ram Heavy Duty pickups." There is no question about that.
As for the light-duty 1500 - according to the Dept. of Energy and Cummins, the path to market v6 and v8 diesels seemed to be quite promising. However, investigating diesel performances on Euro vehicles is nothing to buck at either. Hopefully, the Cummins brand engine will find its way into the DNA of the 1500. RAM brand 1500 Trucks with Cummins is the only way.

Jeff is exactly right. A Fiat diesel is just fine for the 1/2 ton vehicles. If you must have a Cummins, than the Heavy Duty trucks are an option.

I, for one, like the idea of a Fiat diesel V8 for the 1/2 tons better than a Cummins diesel V8 for the half tons. I mean, think about it, both diesels would be built to Dodge specs (not the heavy duty specs of the larger Cummins engines). Therefore, why would I want to pay more for that little 'C' on my fender when I could get the exact same engine for less when made by Fiat. (Who, coincidentally, has a solid history of making awesome diesels themselves.)

I just hope that the old addage of F.I.A.T - Fix It Again Tom, does not come back into the vernacular if/when they introduce the engine/transmission to this model.

"Major Modifications" - I wonder, hmm emphasis on the commercial market. Well, perhaps they are referring to Range Extending Fleet Vehicles e.g. Raser Technologies, http://www.rasertech.com. Maybe they will drop the 5.7 foot bed, stick with the 6.4 w/ RAMBOX and 8ft bed. Heads up display you think. Ooo, what about having FLIR TV, infrared camera to see at night in total darkness. Imagine, the ram head on the cross hair grill actuated up/down revealing the camera. Video then being sent to either a totally digital in-dash display or the center console display (10" display).
Interior appt - how about another style scheme to the Laramie line, Black leather/Suede panels with gunmetal finishings, throw in a little deep red, similiar to the Viper R/T.

haha, look at me, just dreamin'

Significant modifications in 2012? I wonder if they mean model year 2012 or calendar year 2012? Did they not just totally redesign and re engineer the 1500? Reskin the 2010 HD? So much for buying one this spring...

I think it's FIAT--Fix It Again, Tony

Possibly adding a Fiat diesel to the truck line?

That’s just the first step. Next will come a weak Fiat sourced pickup truck to replace the Dakota. After that possibly a Fiat replacement of the fullsize 1500 pickup while dropping the 2500 and 3500 models? Will Fiat force Chrysler to give-up the pickup truck market entirely in the near future? It would be easy to do now with a separate RAM truck brand > Just fire the new CEO Fred Diaz and kill off the truck line.

With Fiat at the helm, who knows what will become of RAM trucks...

Failure In Automotive Technology

Fiat haven't ever built a good pickup truck, and the have no experience in building this kind of vehicles! Chrysler+Fiat have made so much stupid decision lately, that I can only shake my head from disbelieving...

Fiat does not build any vehicle that's good ____________ .
I wounder what's going to happen with Dodge...

Paul : You really think they would only lose 90% of their business if a Fiat engine is used? I would have thought it would be more. Of all the people I know (that have Dodges) they ALL bought the Dodge to get the Cummins engine. I've been personally thinking of repowering my F250 with a cummins. Not very happy with Ford ditching their handshaker for an auto in the 2011's.
Here's a thought. Ford body and frame. Cummins engine. Allison transmission. Or better yet a 3 or 4 cylinder cummins diesel and make the Ford a serial hybrid with in-wheel motors and ditch the transmission entirely.

Perhaps instead of rebadged Rams as Sterling Trucks they will go into the medium to heavy truck arena on their own? Iveco HD trucks would probably find their way into the product mix if they went this route. The Iveco trucks would probably see Ram badges appear on those models. It would seem to be a win/win for Dodge/Fiat.
GMC has killed production of their medium to HD line of commercial trucks. This leaves an opening for Ram(I keep wanting to type Dodge!!!) .
It would be interesting to see how a Fiat deisel would fare in a Ram truck ( in the 1500 not the HDs)

Bit harsh on Fiat...

They invented common rail injection and all the diesel engines available in the European GM products are made and designed by them. Their diesels are phenomonally good...

Not built a pick up before? They have actually, although it was a while ago. Their commercial vehicle brand, Iveco, builds a Landrover defender style vehicle and also build the Italian equivalent to the humvee as used by various European forces.

Iveco builds a van, the Daily, which has higher payloads then the MB Sprinter (sold as Dodge / Freightliner in US) and lower priced. They also build their own diesel engines for everything from vans to heavy lorries. They are a big player in the lorry market and their expertise will come in well for the commercial vehicles.

man i hope GM still releases there 4.5 duramax, i would love to see a GM half-ton diesel !

Props to Dodge if they drop a diesel in the ram, that would be sick.

Doubtful Dodge (or 'Ram') would get into medium or heavy duty trucks. Not enough profits, too much competition. That's why GM got out of the business, and Sterling has gone our of business. Ford is 'sort of' still in it, with the International built 650 and 750 models, but the sales of those trucks is so low that one wonders how much longer they will be available. Iveco will most likely not come to the U.S., aside from the daily vans.

Im guessing the hybrid busses are a reason for brining the iveco over here. Also their comercial trucks have some serious power and acutally look prettty cool. Being an owner of a dodge ram the only thing that says dodge on my truck is the owners manual. People are getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. As long as the dna is the same thats all that counts for me. My truck says RAM all over it already, dont see the big deal. Lets not forget that they will still be sold at dodge dealers.

I don't know. Iveco already makes some awesome trucks overseas where the American trucks don't even have a footprint and wouldn't stand up to the rigors they are put through over there. It is time Dodge/Ram became a player again. Before the 1950's Dodge was the number one heavy truck manufacturer in the US. Short sightedness and stoddy looks, along with holding on to the flat head 6 cylinder engine pushed Dodge to the back of the pack. Look at the Iveco trucks overseas. I would love to see them on our highways. At least Iacocca put Dodge on the right path when he ditched the new Dodge pickup and had the designers go back to the drawing board, coming up with the 94 Ram!

Can anyone tell me what kind of modifications the ram is going to get other than powertrain? And will these be on the 2011 model or 2012 model?

FIAT is really screwing up here, by delaying the 5.0 cummins diesel debut in the 1500 models. Tell me, what's better than a 400HP hemi in a 1500? A light duty cummins diesel that hauls, and gets 25 mpg (unloaded). I'm not dreaming here, its' possible because Cummins issued the report to the EPA in 2004 using a 5.6 liter v-8. Most of us have not forgotten the pain of high gas prices. People buy the crew cabs use it as a mulitipurpose vehicle. I'm tired of waiting. Build it now!

Any one critical of Fiat has not been to Europe lately, where the German Auto Press has rated some of the Fiat models as better built than Mercedes or BMW. The small Fiat engines are pieces of jewelery, beautifuly made, strong, very fuel efficient and clean. Some of Alfas fastest cars are diesel (Fiat owns Alfa) and Iveco trucks are all over Europe, in all sizes and shapes. If Fait wanted to build a diesel to compete with Cummins, they could (I drive a 1999 Dodge Ram Cummins that I've Banks, so I love Cummins). It is interesting to note that the common rail injection used now on the Cummins came from the designs Fiat introduced a number of years ago in Europe.

why is everyone worried about fiat "changing" ram? the only thing fiat would do is build a smaller pickup to replace the dakota and maybe commercial line trucks...but ram could easily build commercial ready trucks...but fiat wont change the hds or 1500s...thats why an american truck guy is in charge of it..not an italian car guy...fiat and chrysler was like a dream come true for me...i love it

I don't understand why they want to wait for a Fiat developed diesel for the 1/2 ton Ram when the Cummins V8 diesel is already ready for production. A 1/2 ton diesel pickup is important to the Ram line. Whoever comes out with one first will gain market share on the other manufacturers. I just don't see waiting on Fiat to produce one when Cummins has already done it and the Cummins diesel is superb! Just ask any Ram 2500 - 5500 Cummins diesel owner. I'm not saying Fiat can't build a good diesel. I'm sure they can; I just don't see waiting on it when guys are chomping at the bit waiting on a 1/2 ton diesel pickup to come out.

I agree with you Tony. Why wait on a Fiat diesel when the Cummins is ready? The Cummins being attached the the Ram HD is what really sells Ram HD trucks. Throw a Cummins in a half-ton and it too will sell those trucks for you.

Fiat needs to keep their name as far away from Ram trucks as they can...or the Ram will for sure lose all the ground they have gained since 1994.

I for one am going to sit on the fence on purchasing another Ram until this all shakes down. My current is an 07 2500 Cummins and I love it, but I really think the best truck for the next gen is going to be the Ford Super Duty. I think Ford has outdone themselves on the 2011 model. I am glad to see the new Powerstroke is inhouse...hopefully they can gain the trust back that was lost with all those worthless Navistar engines.

Ty, i'm in the same boat as you, ford body, cummins engine with a allison 6 speed, go to destroked.com they make those dreams come true

Can you say 6.4 Litre Hemi with MDS and VVT producing 475HP and 495 Ft lbs of TQ while getting 17MPG? A re-tuned 6.7 Litre Cummins producing 400HP and 775 Ft lbs oTQ? Half ton configurations will remain essentially unchanged minus some simple trim level changes.

I drive a diesel Fiat Doblo. It's like a Honda Element. It gets close to 50 mgh. I wish they would sell it in New England. How many people need to tow huge boats. The 1.3 Diesel carries everything I need and a small trailer.

Didn't really read all comments but does no one remember the old CK model Chevys in the mid 90's that had the 6.0litre deisels in them? They didn't last long and I'm sure rams LD deisel won't either.... There not practical..... Less gvrw and no more towing capacity. I can't even beleive Chrysler would conjur that idea... With there already bad rep for death wobble in there new 2010 HD models and 2003 - 2009 HD models due to frame flex and poor engineering( had to get rid of my 08 dodge because of it ) now maybe I'm out to lunch but hey, it's my two cents.

Here's hoping one of the major modifications is greatly improved side-impact safety (and overall safety as well).

According to the IIHS, the 2010 RAM received the second-worst grade possible (Marginal) in the side impact test, and "measures taken from the dummy indicate that rib fractures and/or internal organ injuries would be likely".

Source: http://www.iihs.org/ratings/rating.aspx?id=1087

Come on Dodge give us a safer truck in 2012!

Comparing a v-8 diesel to an in line 6 is like comparing apples to persimmons. Look under the hood of any big truck....very,very seldom find a v8

I have owned 4 hd dodges since 1998. my last and best was my 2007 dodge 3500 drw 4wd automatic. cummings deisel. it pulls my 38 ft 5th wheel camper. i would not own anything else !

Anybody wanting a small diesel in a V8 might want to take a look at the Ford F150 with the Eco Boost. Yeah, it's not a diesel, but it makes some impressive power, and should get good mileage to boot.

Oops....I meant anybody wanting a small diesel in a half-ton.....

I would like a bigger HEMI in my truck,they put them in their cars, now how about the trucks. LETS WAKE UP MOPAR TEAM

Give me a bigger HEMI and i'll buy

for the 1500 they should have the pentastar v6/ hemi 5.7/ and srt8 6.4 engine for the 2500 they should have the hemi 5.7 and a v8 cummins diesel
there is no reason for a 4.7 anymore it has low hp and gets the same fuel economy as the hemi 5.7

They are the best truck on the road and the strongest truck. We are going to buy a 2500 and a 3500 dodge ram mega cab with cummins engine!!

6.7 diesel is designed by Cummins and IVECO . Iveco is owned by fiat. The 6.7 engine is also used in tractors, (with small changes) . They left the iveco name off the engine in trucks for marketing reasons. really like the engine but all I really need is a diesel in a 1/2 ton that makes 30 mpg on the road! How about putting in a 4 cylinder (that is also used in tractors) then add 50plus lbs of boost .

PLEASE make a light duty, 4 x 4 truck with a four banger DIESEL engine that gets 40+ MPG. Also it needs to be equiped to handle bio diesel. I would be first in line to buy one of these trucks. It would be the everyday truck and my Ram 3500 with the Cummins engine could be saved for the really heavy work.

Forget Chrysler coming up with a powerful diesel that gets 40 mpg. I have a 05 Liberty diesel and am lucky to get 25 out of it. Not to mention their transmission wasn't strong enough to handle the engine so as a fix they detuned the engine and changed the shift points so you can't drive it in overdrive until 62 mph. Been in the shop many times. Rumor has it that this engine was built by Fiat.

Oh what a CROCK! Since Cummins is already contracted with dodge, they should make a small block diesel from cummins.
a newly designed six-cylinder 3.9 litre diesel from cummins would be sweet on the 1500's

So far I like everything I heard about this Chrystler/FIAT/Ram merger I like, but dropping the Cummins diesel in favor of a Fiat diesel is a HUGE mistake on many different levels. I don't ever see myself buying a Ram that doesn't have the big "C" on the side. What des Fiat know about building diesels for big trucks? By the time they design and build a new diesel they could already be behind Ford and Chevy not to they don't need anouther 2007 6.7L disaster ( i know because i had one that they bought back and lots of others) why take the chance and give them a bad name. what i'm trying to say is they have a tremendous opportunity, much like in 94' when they got it right with the Cummins, to set the market again. We've been waiting years for a Cummins' powered 1/2 ton Ram. Please Ram don't let fiat take the Cummins away. Just the thought of a Ram with a fiat diesel makes me cring

@ bri - Fiat's heavy truck division is a global player with many premium quality engines. They are unknown in the NA market. The only thing that would hurt Dodge going to Fiat engines would be narrow viewpoints like yours.

@Lou correct IVECO is growing by Leaps and bounds. The Fiat 5.9 Litre "Tector " engine is the same as the Cummins ISB diesel. Fiat used to provide 5.9 Litre blocks to Cummins.
"These are engines developed during the late 1990s under the EEA (European Engine Alliance) joint venture between Fiat and Cummins. The first Tector engines were virtually identical to their Cummins ISB counterparts, differing only in their fuel system electronic controls. "

I think the engine they maybe offering is either a 3 Litre Fiat or 4.3 Litre IVECO.

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