Update 1: Ram Trucks To Be Separated From Dodge Brand

Ram Truck Brand To Be Separated From Dodge Brand

Update #1 November-4-2009 03:30 EDT:
Chrysler's newly separated Ram truck brand will make its national debut on TV this evening when it kicks off a new ad campaign called "My Name Is Ram."

The campaign will feature iconic photos of Ram pickups working hard and famous people, like Albert Einstein and Muhammad Ali, that are meant to reflect the strength, individuality and determination of Ram truck owners.

Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram vehicles, says the brand could also grow into new areas, like over-the-road semi trucks and tractor trailers.


As expected, Ralph Gillies, president and CEO of the Dodge brand, has officially announced that Ram branded trucks will be separated from the Dodge brand, which will be focused on lifestyles.

The Ram brand will oversee the development, marketing and sales of pickups and commercial vans. Ram trucks will still be sold at Dodge dealers.

For a thorough look back at the long, strong history of Dodge trucks, please see our historic chronicle of these vehicles.


Retarded. I don't think anyone confused Dodge trucks with Dodge cars previously. When I think of Dodge trucks, I think tough. When I think of Dodge cars, i think of cheap plastic crap like the Neon - even the Journey and Nitro seem a bit cheaply made to me. One of the worst decisions Chrysler has ever made, having the trucks and the cars under the Dodge brand probably improved the image for Dodge cars. Now Dodge will be as useless and pathetic as the Pontiac brand.

so its no longer called a dodge ram? this truck is no longer a dodge? i dont get it

Ram - Iveco rhymes with Mexico. Sorry - I couldn't resist.
According to Consumer Report Dodge Ram's reliability has improved to average. The Dodge car line sucks big time when it comes to quality and reliability. This might be a good thing for the Ram line of trucks. They might be developing their own corporate culture of quality built vehicles. It probably will make it easier for Fiat to ditch many lame car products and replace them with Fiat vehicles. Time will tell.
Good luck Dodge trucks --- correction: Ram trucks!!!!

Buy trimming Dodge to only Charger/Challenger and Journey,they have a loophole to get rid of the brand entirely.When sales of those 3 tank,Dodge is history.This is a quick way to do that.

Now it's a Chrysler truck !!!

Great job now the confusion starts !!!!

Still think it should be a Dodge Ram !!!

Ram I dont know,its missing something..like..DODGE !!!! Dolts!!!

I'm still laughing from the Ram Ram joke...

Well, I've been a lifelong Mopar guy, owned four Dodge pickups including a couple of Rams and a nice 98 5 speed V-8 Dakota that gave me all the towing of a half ton in a tidier package with better power to weight. The Dodge nameplate is almost all that is left of the golden days of Mopar muscle - if they ditch the Dodge brand, I'm not going to be shopping in Fiat's "Ram" line. Call me cantankerous , conservative, and resistant to change - HEY! I'm an American pickup truck buyer! Fiat might want to research this market segment a little more thoroughly, because there are some passionate brand loyalists out there, and we don't take kindly to eviscerating even the old American brand names! if I were them I would NOT start out by alienating what customer base they have...

Fiat, since you are apparently charging ahead with this particular bit of marketing BS, you will be losing me as a customer. Guess it's going to be an F-250 next time around!

I have kicked this around a lot and I think they should name their entire truck line DODGE. Just too much to loose letting it all go. Then they should get rid of the Dodge cars. Dodge trucks should survive, the Dodge cars not.

What I am gathering from this is that since they are adding commercial duty trucks in the future the division would have grown too big. If they are going to be brining the Iveco trucks over here and branding them as rams well it might not be such a bad thing. If they produce them over here it would mean jobs and right now thats nothing to bitch about.

Italian "Ram" brand trucks. So it won't even be a Dodge anymore, technically. This is the last Chrysler product I'll ever own then (my '06). I hate all these marketing dopes obsessing over branding. These people are thinking way too hard. It's the third best selling pickup in the U.S. Why mess with a good reputation? It really does sound like Fiat is gearing up for Chrysler's failure. Supposedly cancelling the 200C, waiting for the Challenger to become plentiful in the resale market (so they can stop making it eventually, IMO), and eliminating other models from all of Chrysler's brands right off the bat. Sounds like the only thing Fiat wanted in this deal is the pickup trucks. Can't believe I'm saying this, but Daimler doesn't sound like such a dirty word anymore.

Eliminate the Dodge name? Hey Fiat, you are supposed to be fixing what is WRONG with Chrysler. Just think of the other names for trucks on the market, and as you say these names, notice how two words flow from your tongue nicely.... Chevy Silverado..... Toyota Tundra..... Ford F-150...... RAM???? Seems silly, like it only is half named.....

"Dodge" Ram trucks won't change other than you won't see "Dodge" emblems on the truck anymore. They will still be sold at Dodge dealers along side the cars. Remember Fiat only owns 20% of Chrysler thought they do have full management control. Ram trucks won't become Fiats, so if you are a loyal "Dodge" truck buyer, you can still be when buying a new "Ram" truck.

Don't forget about the caravan. They are still the best selling minivan in America. Will they be Ram or Dodge ? I still love my 98 Dakota, best truck I've ever owned. I would like to buy a new one but not until I'm certain they're still going to be around.

no Dodge, no Ram, you con't separate these things, if i will buy Rum truck i will go 2009 and below

well what i think is that since the brands have "separated"
the "RAM" brand will focus only on the trucks"

and the dodge brand will only do the cars...

instead of having the same interior as in the cars...

but....to me....its a DODGE RAM!!!


its not how it statered....i think i read it somewhere....it was just a dodge.....and then they became dodge ram..

Man do I love Dodge trucks. The new look is great. I also love Jeeps and hope they build a Jeep pickup based on the Ram. Good work Dodge.

GO Dodge Ram. I am glad I got the last truck with Dodge still on it.

Over the years, Dodge has become at least as well known for its many truck models as for its prodigious passenger car output. In 2009, trucks were spun off into the Ram brand, named after the brand's most popular truck, the Dodge Ram. However, it should be noted that even though the Ram trucks are marketed separately from Dodge cars, Ram President Fred Diaz has stated that "Ram trucks will always and forever be Dodges. Ram will always have the Dodge emblem inside and outside and they will be 'vinned' (from the acronym VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number) as a Dodge

The only place my '06 says Dodge on it is the key fob, the owners manual and on the Cummins engine under the hood.

My input on Ram trucks. IT'S A TRUCK! Shut up and drive. If you don't like the name change...... Don't buy one! Or maybe we could take this up with Dr. Phil to settle this emotional debate. Lol!

"If you can't Dodge um Ram um "

Does it matter - You all act like a bunch of gossiping old women

Funny how people think its OK to buy foreign autos and such since it brings jobs to the US, it does bring jobs to the US but that's it. The majority goes back to Japan or where ever, no taxes, no real stimulation to the economy, if your willing to buy a Fiat Ram then don't complain about the poverty level in the US, kids that go hungry every day, and the unemployment rate in the US. Just buy your Italian car and shut up.

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