Report: Next Generation Global Ford Ranger Not For US

Report: Next Generation Global Ranger Not For U.S.
Ford Global Ranger mule spied by Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company

Ford CEO Alan Mullaly says that there are no plans to sell Ford's next-generation global Ranger compact pickup (code-named T6) in the U.S., according to a report in Automotive News.

Ford sells two version of the Ranger - the U.S.-built Ranger that's sold domestically and in Canada, and a Thai-built Ranger that shares only its name with the North American Ranger. Production of the U.S. Ranger is scheduled to end production by 2011.

Mullaly previously said that the next-gen global Ranger was under consideration for sale here.

So what might take the U.S. Ranger's place after 2011? Our sources say that Ford is seriously considering reviving plans to build the shelved F-100 midsize pickup to help meet tough new fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions regulations that are to be phased in by 2016.

The F-100's footprint is said to be significantly shorter but almost as wide as a current F-150 half-ton and larger in all dimensions than the T6 Ranger.

At the 2009 State Fair of Texas, we asked Mark Fields, Ford's president of the Americas, about the F-100. His coy response instead of dismissing the long-rumored truck?

"We have nothing to announce. We don't talk about future product plans," Fields said.

Ford F-100 Concept Rendering
Ford F-100 illustration by Mark Stehrenberger

[Source: Automotive News]


This way Ford can add F100 sales in with F150/250/350.....

Isnt it amazing how things change but eventually go back to where they started? In the beginning there were Datsun,Toyota and Mazda/Toyo Kogo.The domestics came along for 1982.S10/S15 and Ranger.Now when Ranger goes away and Colorado/Canyon get axed,it will be up to the Japanese once again to provide compact pickups for America.

Compact trucks…that’s funny! Toyota’s Tacoma moderately equipped is close to 4,000 lbs. and Nissan’s Frontier (a neutered Titan) is also at 4,000 lbs….so is the outgoing Chevy Colorado… Compact? At around 3,500lbs. you have the 20 yr old ranger & Mazda pickup too choose from. Gee, nice selection …not! The previous Toyota Tacoma was a little under 3,000lbs with a four cylinder and a little over with the six….great truck, had 3 of them. The original compact trucks (Datsun, ford Courier, Mazda and Toyota ….) were around 2,500 lbs. Funny thing is the Mfg’s say compact truck sales have been down …, wonder why ! Maybe because there are no compact trucks offered.

my ranger is 4100 with 3/4 tank of fuel. how are they gonna make the f-100 fit the same amount of people as the current ranger if it's shorter? i can fit 4 and crame 5 in my truck now. do i want to? no. i'd hate to think if it was shorter what the guys in the jump seats would b saying.

This is great news if Ford will deliver on a sub F-150 sized F-100. The biggest challenge they're facing is getting this truck to market. 2016 gives the competition a lot of time to respond... and just imagine the sales Ford will miss if Toyota slapped a small diesel in a Tacoma.

Matt, you must have read the article pretty quickly. Reread it. You might be pleasantly surprised :)

Give me an F100 XLT/FX4 with the 3.5L EcoBoost, an extended cab, 4 wheel drive, and a 6' bed for about $30K and I'll be more than happy to buy it. I'd be even happier if it came with a black interior and a hard plastic floor. I'd wish for a manual trans too, but that just isn't realistic.

Gosh! Do people fully read the article before commenting? Glenn, it says "what will replace the current Ranger after 2011?" 2016's emssions is a motivating factor, but it's not what was said when the truck is to be released.


A truck as wide, but not as long as the F150 would look a little silly in my opinion. However, whatever happened to the "globalization initiative" of Ford? The global Ranger would be a significant boost in sales, unless the taxation would ensue, but keeping the current Ranger plant open would save jobs and Ford money to sell this thing here.

Yes...a big yes to the F-100. I think that's just where the Ford smaller truck needs to be. It needs to be as soon as they can and while they are at it hit it out of the park and make the others chase it forever. Also make cool work truck versions that leave the bling out and the tough and useful in.

Ya Ford morons just what we need another big truck , fail . maybe the Chinese will come into the USA and start building small trucks again then they get my business .

Again the US gets the short end of the stick with cool compact pickups.

The current Ranger does not meet new roll over protection rules as well. It will be more fiscally prudent for Ford to bring in a new compact or midsize truck then to try to upgrade the current Ranger.
I can't see how they could make a "compact" p/u much shorter than the F150 and keep it functional.
Guys need a box that we can put stuff in. The Explorer Sportrack's box is a joke.
Maybe a unibody Avalanche clone with a midgate to offset a really short box??
Ram is talking unibody for the Dakota replacement !
The only other way to shorten it would be to build it with a very stubby front end.
The term "compact" should be retired since there isn't anyone that makes one (at least available in North America).
Mahindra seems like the most likely candidate to be able to fill this void.

this either means one of two things

1) fords hot streak finally ended
which I hope it didnt


2) they started the f100 again! I hope so though i REALLY hope its smaller than the tacoma or frontier so its A TRUE COMPACT

o and diesel!

F**K the Thai-Ranger, FoMoCo - please, build immediately the F100!!!

I was hoping for this new Ranger. All I want is something about 4-6 inches wider and 6 inches longer than the current Ranger. I need rear seats in an ex-cab that I can safely haul my kids. Give it rubber floors a 5-speed tranny 4x4 with a 2.0 EcoBoost that puts out 225-250hp and gives me about 25mpg on the hwy. If it could tow 5000 lbs it would serve most of us fine. I really can't believe Ford isn't going to take this global approach.....

Believe it. This will be a million times better than the global Ranger.

The Thai-build midsizers suck! Listen to someone that has lived in Australia which imports many of them, and now lives in the states. The US models are much better built and better equipped.
I would like to see the F100 and other F-series go global.

f,100 this is marketing,f series 100.150,250,350,450,etc etc,,

I am glad that Ford is at least reconsidering the F100 platform. Ford, may be able to save on development costs but making a 3/4 scale F150 (ala Nissan with the Titan/Frontier). I would truly like a compact truck, however I understand that newer economy/greenhouse gas requirements and/or safety requirement overrule a global platform. Throw in an efficient engine, shave some weight, and keep the price competitive and it will sell.

F100? Midsize? The current midsize trucks are the same size or larger than the f100 25 years ago. Try full size & over size. True it needs to be a tad larger to allow full 4 doors. Even if they plan on the F100 you need to keep the Ranger name. I have owned my Ranger for 15 years and it's perfect for my 6ft frame. Keep the Ranger going Ford. Please!

Finally, a tough Ford truck that is smaller than the F150 but will be big enough for a real back seat and 4 doors. I'm in love. But Ford, I can only wait so long to consummate my future relationship.

simply put the cost of bringing in a pickup with the tarifs is to costly--which is a good thing---thats why the transit comes to the usa as a car to beat the tarifs--how do they do that---ask and i will let you know

I love ford f-150s through the 750s but never been a big fan of the ranger i think the f-100 will be just what ford need to revive thier small truck program.

If this is true I will be so very disappointed in Ford.

The Thai built Global Ranger will be better than the current model with a much wider body. The F100 maybe built, but highly unlikely. Ford will concentrate on the full size models in the US.

Ford would be making a huge mistake getting rid of the Ranger. They have the market cornered for compact pick-up, the only thing missing is a 4 cyl. diesel.

so what am I gonna buy to replace my '99 sb std cab? Mahindra? come on ford I want a SMALL truck not a sawed off f-150!

I hope Mahindra comes in here and kicks the crap out of the big three truck builders!!! They have ignored the need for a small to medium, light diesel forever, missing the market once again. And now that Cash for Clunkers is history, they're right back to marketing their big, overpriced, overweight, GAS GUZZLING monsters. Not everybody needs an F-150! Come on you dinosaurs how about a little good old fashioned AMERICAN ingenuity?? I have almost given up on that concept…….I'll be ordering a Mahindra because it gives ME what I (THE CUSTOMER) want, a small truck with fair towing capacity, that uses highly effiecient DIESEL. its a no brainer.

Dumb. No other manufacturer can waste potential like Ford.

The Ranger is the most fuel efficient, best selling, and ONLY compact pickup truck for sale in the USA. If the brain trust at ford invested a pittance in redesigning the cab to meet roll-over regs, improve the interior, strengthen the frame, and spec it with the 2.0 and 3.5 EB motors they'd sell the pants off of the existing Ranger.

That said, F100 = Bronco = :)

Well crap. I guess all good things must come to an end. I don't see why the Ranger has to come to an end though. It's such a good truck!! It's actually sad really... Why the Ranger dangit??? Frustration of all frustrations.

we need the ranger full four door , small family's need a
truck like that, to go against toytoa.

Here's an Idea Quit Jerking us off and bring the Australian Ford Ranger with it's beautiful Diesel Engines....

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