Report: Toyota Expected To Fix Tundra and Tacoma Accelerator Pedals

Toyota To Fix Tundra and Tacoma Accelerator Pedals

Toyota is expected to soon issue a recall notice to fix the accelerator pedals of 2005-10 Tacoma and 2007-10 Tundra pickup trucks that are subject to the company's largest ever safety recall, according to a report in the Kyodo News and by Reuters.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a wide-ranging recall of 3.8 million cars and trucks in September that directed Tacoma and Tundra owners, plus other Toyota owners, to remove the floor mats, citing an unintended acceleration scenario where the mats could become stuck under the pedals. The defect is suspected to have played a key role in one recent fatal accident.

The cause of the unintended acceleration problem may turn out to be more than an issue with floor mats. Reuters says that NHTSA has discussed "several vehicle-based" factors that may contribute to pedal interference and a driver's ability to control and stop the car when the accelerator gets stuck.

Owners with questions or concerns, should contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center (1-800-331-4331) or Lexus Customer Assistance Center (1-800-255-3987), or consult the information posted at and

[Sources: Kyodo News and Reuters]


Toyota lied !!!!!!

They LIED to everyone saying it was the floor mats !!!!

I will never buy a Toyota product ever !!!

Who can trust them,liers,liers,liers !!!!!

They denied rusted out frames,smoking sludged engines ,and other problems !!! Who can trust Toyot/Lexus these are death traps on wheels !!!

Feel sorry for Tundra guys,try to hold your head up,friends LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toyota is no different than any other company.You think Chrysler is bad,well,here's "everybodys" favorite car company in deep trouble.Remember,when it comes to millions of dollars,every manufacturer tries covering their own butts.This is not the end of Toyo(d)a's troubles...mark my words,they will have to recall millions more and its going to cost a fortune.
And Toyota sales were up last month.....WHY????

This is not a real ad/promo, but it should be.

Now for a limited time, you can get a free tetanus shot and a parachute with the purchase of a new or used Toyota truck or SUV. Toyota. Moving (Fast) Forward.


Paul..Toyota is different than any other car company..3.8 million recalls just for this....and they b.s everyone by saying its only a floor mat !!! Rust issues millions of trucks,sludge issues again millions of cars..but people see a Toyota and sniff it's exhaust,put their nose up in the air and think they are so great because they bought an import !!

My aunts 18,000 mile 2003 Toyota Sienna's engine blew up due to sludge and Toyota falied to repair it saying she never had routine maint...she went to the same dealer for all her service work..She swapped it for a 2004 Caravan 3.8 L and drove it 75,000 trouble free miles.....and performes flawlessly !! Also Toyota had issues with its Minivans for rusting in 6 months also the Toyota Echo's floors rusted through in 4 months !!! Quality..think not !!!

Chrysler's main problems were its use of some Mitshubishi engines /transmissions in cars vans..50,000 the trans was shot and the motor was burning oil..No 3.0,2.5 V-6,2.6 4banger..

I've bought Chrysler products,made sure its a Chrysler eng/trans and never had an issue,drive 25-35k a year keep them 6 years...and all of them are still in the family I gave them to my son and nephew/niece to drive..My son has my 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 360 only replaced the trans and heatercore around 300k,so I'd say thats reliable !! And we live in the Pacific North West so 9 months of the year the heater/defroster is running to keep the windows clear ,it rains alot..remember..

i too will never buy a Toyota again , this company should be fined for the cover up telling the American people that it was the floor mat the cause the the acceleration problem and not the pedal assembly, SHAME ON YOU TOYOTA ,

Toyota is living off a rep they got it the 80s and 90s they dont make near as good of a product as they used too. Shame on them for trying to cover up this problem.

I can't believe anyone would say that a Toyota guy should feel ashamed for owning one.
This is coming from a guy who's only owned Ford's and GM's.
Toyota should be held accountable for engineering mistakes.
They are a big profit driven company. They are no different than GM, Ford, or Dodge.
You guys must have very short memories.
Ever hear of the Ford Explorer?? It was built too narrow. Ford engineers pointed out to the corporate bean counters that it would be unsafe. They built it any way. How many people lost their lives in those things?
It was never recalled.
How about GM/Chev and their "side saddle" fuel tanks? Remember those pickups - they had their gas tanks on the outside of the frame. They would explode from a side impact.
How many people died from those things?
You don't need an engineering degree to know that was a stupid idea. Why did they make it that way? To save money.
I read a post where a guy on this blog was upset for being told they sounded like morons. Guess what? The guy who wrote that was wrong. You guys are morons!

Umm yeah, we are morons and you are the one still brining up the Explorer which is old news and doesn't pertain to pickuptrucks. I haven't seen Ford make similar mistakes on any car/truck launched within the last 6 years, therefore I will reiterate the assertion that it's old news. Ford isn't doing stupid crap like that anymore, therefore it's like "lesson learned.... moving on. On the other hand, Toyota is still doing stupid crap. The Toyota brand loyalty guy who was calling people morons was the one who claimed it was just the floor mats and nothing else, well guess who is the moron now? Oops I said moron.

I have a buddy who believed the reason why Toyota quality has gone down hill is because they are making most of their cars here in the US. He feels we've lost our work ethic, our values, and our direction. Makes you wonder!

Hi Dave, I had you pegged as a Dodge guy not a Ford brand loyal guy. Don't you find some irony in the whole brand loyal name game? The Ford Explorer is unfortunately a dark chapter in Ford's glorious history. Many other bloggers have mentioned the Explorer. Is it a coincidence that it topped the "cash for clunkers" trade in list? As far as Ford not doing anymore stupid crap - please read the following exerpt,
"On October 13, 2009, Ford Motor Co. expanded its largest-ever recall by about 4.5 million vehicles equipped with a faulty cruise-control switch linked to at least 550 vehicle fires nationwide, and the destruction of many homes and other properties. Ford has now recalled more than 14 million vehicles in eight separate recalls over a 10-year period because of the problem.
The new recall includes:
• 1995-2003 model year Ford Windstar
• 2000-2003 Ford Excursion diesels
• 1993-1997 and 1999-2003 Ford F-Super Duty diesel
• 1992-2003 Ford Econoline
• 1995-2002 Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer
• 1995-1997 and 2001-2003 Ford Ranger
• 1994 Ford F53 Motor home vehicles equipped with the Texas Instruments speed control deactivation.
What is the Ford Fire Recall?
Since 1999, the Ford Motor Company has recalled over 10.4 million Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars, SUVs and pickup trucks due to faulty cruise control switches, which can corrode overtime and catch fire. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's (NHTSA) has reported receiving 1,472 complaints connected to the defect, including 65 fires.
Ford is still sorting out it's stupid crap.
Ford has done a wonderful job improving the quality, reliability, durability, and safety of it's products.
They also have done a good job (so far) of navigating the stormy financial mess the world is in.
Truth be known, if I had the cash in my pocket, I'd buy a Ford F150.
I did not say Toyota's acceleration problem was only a floor mat issue. I said that the problem needed to be thoroughly investigated. Obviously investigations carried out by NHSTA and other investigations are complete if Toyota is issuing a recall.
Toyota should be sued from here to Tokyo for any deaths or personal injury caused by this problem. If any Toyota executives tried to cover up or white wash the issue, those executives should have their scrotums nailed to a a wall, and be fed their own "prairie oysters".
The same goes for the whole rusty frame issue. It should be investigated. Who is to blame? Is it engineering specifications? Was it the fault of executives trying to save money? or was it the frame manufacturer's fault (Dana Corp)? If it was Dana corp's fault Toyota is still responsible for quality control.
Will these problems stop people from buying Tototas? Probably not. Will it stop me from buying a Toyota? It will make me more cautious!
Ultimately, it boils down to the doctrine of "caviat emptor" - let the buyer beware!

The latest model on there is a 2003. So the 6 years is correct. Recalls are not what I mean by stupid crap. The coverup is the stupid crap. Toyota has known about this for ages and still says there is nothing defective, and they are not issuing a recall. Therefore they are still acting stupid.

I love this part here...."maintains that the vehicles are not actually defective":

It's not a defect, its a design flaw ;)

With the current apparent recal of Toyota, they still have a fraction of recalls of any of there products over the last 20 years. By far still leading the way in quality. The #s don't lie, I'll stick with the best. TOYOTA

Toyota still makes damn good trucks!

When compared to the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota the Tacoma is the best in class!

On my 2005 Taco, I still have the original floor mats and I bought a heavy rubber one that covers the original floor mats and 54,000 miles later still no issues!

I am not a 'dumb' driver like 99% of the morons on the roads today! If my floor mats get jammed I simply reach down and move them back, I have done this a few times, keep my head up and in control and slide them back unlike the 'dumb' drivers out there that panic and loose control because their idiots!

I have no accelerator pedal problems and my truck handles fine above 130 mph on Road America!

I wouldn't be caught dead in another brand pickup! Toyota is the best out there!

hey oxi,
"When compared to the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota the Tacoma is the best in class! "
you are obviously just stating your opinion cause its not based on facts. If you care about facts then you should check out JD Power consumer report and you will find that the Ford Ranger in fact won the compact truck class for durability so enjoy your 2nd best truck. oh and also if toyota trucks are soooo awesome then why do they have the largest decline in sales for both the tacoma and tundra acording to the numbers that posted and the smallest decline in sales were the f150 and ranger hummm interesting. BTW i highly doubt that the tacoma will do 130mph.

Hey Oxi..

Your 2005 Tacoma.. like many other Tacomas ('05 - '06) have a weak frame that is prone to cracking. Toyota quietly fixed the issue in '07. But as to the purchasers of the '05's and '06's you are SOL.

Oh and the frame defect is also on FJ Cruisers. I think it can still be found on all model years. Not sure if Toyota finally fixed it for those vehicles.

Go to the TTORA forums and see for yourself.

"Oh what a feeling.. F'over"

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Toyota makes the best trucks? Come on, how many otherTruck makers have frame rusting issues, and the accelerator pedal oh I mean floor mat issues, and this is just the beginning. there rep is going down the drain fast. Just goes to show you, you want a real truck buy a Dodge,Ford or GM. Also if any of the domestic automakers tried to cover this issue up they would be on the front page of every paper, and TV new story and also 20/20 in a heartbeat!

All of the auto makers have tried to cover up problems at one time or another. The Detroit automakers learned their lessons the hard way and now it's Toyota's turn. The media and the internet are very unreliable for finding quality information. So be very cautious quoting information from blogs or the mass media. Toyota has had a great reputation for quality. That reputation has taken a beating. Ford is the only Detroit automaker that has improved their reliability to rival the best in the industry - Toyota and Honda! Toyota still rates at the top of the industry in overall quality and reliability despite their problems. That statement, is a poor reflection on the auto industry in general. Detroit has had 100 odd years to perfect the pickup. I'm not defending Toyota - I'm pointing out the fact that these big companies are all alike. They've all made mistakes, they've all tried to coverup problems, and they've all made crappy vehicles at one time or an other.
As I stated in a previous post - Ford just had a 4.5 million vehicle recall. This puts the overall recall to fix that problem at over 14 million vehicles.They've been having problems with electrical fires for over 10 years. Ford initially tried to down play that problem. GM and Dodge have had their share of problems as well.
A guy on this post mentioned GM's exploding gas tanks, remember Ralph Nader - he went after GM for huge safety issues in the 60's and 70's.
Fans of Detroit products should not be "high and mighty" about all this. I am not brand loyal - I'm too cynical to put any "machine" on a pedestal.


"When compared to the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota the Tacoma is the best in class! "
you are obviously just stating your opinion cause its not based on facts. If you care about facts then you should check out JD Power consumer report and you will find that the Ford Ranger in fact won the compact truck class for durability so enjoy your 2nd best truck. oh and also if toyota trucks are soooo awesome then why do they have the largest decline in sales for both the tacoma and tundra acording to the numbers that posted and the smallest decline in sales were the f150 and ranger hummm interesting. BTW i highly doubt that the tacoma will do 130mph."

Ohhh I forgot Ford still makes compact trucks, so you can take your compact winnings against the only other truck which is the Colorado in class.

I should rephrase, mid-size truck and Ford does not even qualify in this category!!!

Tacoma sales are where when compared to Ranger sales? You can double the Ranger sales and yet you will not hit Tacoma sales! Then add HiLux sales globally and you better just stay home with the compact boys...

Doubt a Tacoma can go 130? Well I have a 2005 X-Runner purposely built for road courses and modded to survive lap after lap. And yes I bury the speedo going into turn 5 at Road America as well as through Kettle Bottoms going into Canada Corner which is turn 12. My speedo is 120mph!

And that is with my engine governor kicking in, their is a kit to by-pass that and I estimate I should have no problem hitting about 145mph with my truck on the straights!

Gadget from URD has a similar truck with his URD supercharger and he has exceeded 170mph with his Tacoma. But I do not care about top speeds, I look to do damage in the corners like exiting the carosel at Road America at 100mph and hitting the kink (non-bike) at 115 mph in a right-hand sweeper just to name a few!

I run my Tacoma on road courses like Blackhawk Farms, Autobahn Country Club, Milwaukee Mile and Road America as well as the occassional local parking lot auto-x...

I am a drivers instructor and maybe I can teach you a few things about car control. By the way I have also competed in 7 desert off-road races with my old 86 Toyota pickup back in the day. I am a well rounded driver and I choose nothing but Toyota's because I do not want things to fail at over 100 mph on the road courses...

"Your 2005 Tacoma.. like many other Tacomas ('05 - '06) have a weak frame that is prone to cracking. Toyota quietly fixed the issue in '07. But as to the purchasers of the '05's and '06's you are SOL.

Oh and the frame defect is also on FJ Cruisers. I think it can still be found on all model years. Not sure if Toyota finally fixed it for those vehicles."

Hey Dave:

If I had a weak frame prone to cracking I should have been dead by now running hard and fast on road courses like Road America?

Do you have any idea how much abuse my Tacoma takes on a typical track day at Road America?

Fast acceleration, high speeds exceeding 120mph on the straights and the extreme heat buildup of running high speeds, hard braking into the turns and downshifting, hitting the apex to maximize the lateral grip, fighting traction issues from the rear diff to the tires, suspension under full load in corners, the engine running constant above 4,000 rpm to redline at every turn for max power from the engine and so forth...

So again where is this frame issue you speak of? I have over 54,000 miles on my Taco and many laps and miles on various road courses and yet you claim something that I should have seen before anybody else the way I run my truck...

Just a comment about Toyota "quietly" fixing frame problems. All the manufacturers "quietly" improve or correct issues that arise in their products. I've mentioned the Ford frames of 1980 several times. That problem was quietly fixed. GMC had problems with frames cracking and/or breaking in the 90's especially with snow plow applications. They quietly fixed that problem by adding gussets to the frame. I've heard of Dodge HD frames bending/breaking as well.
There is another thing to consider when any damage report hits the internet or the warranty department - what was the driver doing when the problem occured? What ever happened to a person accepting personal responsibility for the trouble they get into?
When I was a kid I used to badly abuse the pickup I owned. I didn't tell the warranty department the whole story as to why the box cracked open or all the other stress failures that occured due to abuse (it wasn't a Toyota).
How many people are honestly reporting why they cracked the frame on their pickup?
My brother works in heavy industry and he's had frame failures in Fords, Dodges, and Chevs. These were all caused by extreme environmental conditions. When the company he works for buys pickups from any manufacturer the warranty is automatically void.
If you are going to brand bash, take a close look at your favorite brand's own history. Like I said before - Detroit has had close to 100 years to perfect the "pickup" and they still manage to screw up.
I doubt "oxi" goes crying to Toyota about any abuse related damage inflicted on his Toyota.

Has anyone seen an actual report stating what was causing the "run away exceleration" problem? Does anyone know how the problem is going to be fixed?
To this date it's all been conjecture.


This all started when a couple was killed when the floor mat jammed the accelerator pedal down which resulted in a crash and both of them being killed.

A hot shot lawyer sees $$$ and sets up a lawsuit that spun out of control and now we have a recall that I bet all manufacturer's will have to follow soon!

The issue in reality is DUMB drivers that panic and loose control of their vehicles which was the case with this one in California.

It does not matter the make, if the couple was in another vehicle, same outcome with this lawyer.

Inexperianced and dumb drivers is the problem, not the floor mats!


"I doubt "oxi" goes crying to Toyota about any abuse related damage inflicted on his Toyota."

You are right! I lost my clutch at turn 3b at Blackhawk Farms earlier this year, my fault for relying on the stock clutch for so long when the 4.0L motor is producing 330hp at the crank. Luckily the center broke off so no major damage except pride.

I purchased a stage II clutch from URD and had my favorite tech from the dealer help me out and even installed a URD short shifter. 2 weeks later I was running on the 10-turn road course at the Milwaukee Mile.

This Toyota tech is the only one that works on my truck if I cannot do it at home, he is the only one that sets my alignments the way I want it to be for the track and knows all the inside stuff about what really works and does not for Toyota's. He works on them everyday.

where should i start? ok the tacoma xrunner is not that fast for a starter cause i have raced a few with a mazda3 with only a CAI and it was dead even all the way to 115 mph. Anyone can modify any vehicle and race it so the racing it thing doesnt prove anything at all. thats cool that u have been doing all that racing but no one asked for your Resume and i dont have to prove my racing skills with someone i dont even know.
Everything i said in my last post is completely true and u obviously didnt look any of it up because it you go to and click on ratings, Dependability Ratings by Category and then click on MIDSIZE PICKUP then right there in black and white it shows the Award Recipient is the Ford Ranger which is the entire point i was making, so once again i say enjoy your second place truck.

I think every car company has it's troubles, because they are built and engineered by humans, and humans aren't perfect. I think if we buy new car, no matter what brand, we are rolling the dice and taking a chance, you just have to go with the company who has the least amount of recalls.

This link shows part of the NHSTA report on the Lexus crash in California. They are still investigating but several points stood out in my mind:
1. The driver was a 19 yr. veteran of California Highway patrol.
2. Brakes show signs of excessive heat buildup consistent with a long period of hard braking (he must of "stood on the brakes to try to slow down).
3. The car was loaned to him - does this mean he was unfamiliar with the car?
4. The car had a "push button" start switch that must be depressed for 3 seconds to shut off the engine. Even if the driver tried to shut off the engine the car would of travelled the length of several football fields before it shut off. Apparently there was no attempt noted to try this.
There was no documentaton of an attempt to put the car in neutral.
5.a.The car's floor mats were not properly anchored/clipped into place
5.b They were the wrong kind of mats for the car
5.c The bottom of the gas pedal was melted into the floor mat post crash
5.d The pedal is rigid with the only pivot being the main pivot
6.Part of the 911 call indicated that attempts to free the stuck pedal where made and failed.
The information from the vehicle data recorder has not been released yet, and the NHSTA has not completed it's investigation.

It does look like a stuck floor mat. A change in pedal design may of prevented the problem.
It will be interesting to see what the NHSTA recommendations are.
Here is more information on the Lexus crash and a very good video on what to do if your throttle sticks open.


My X-Runner is modded over the last few years, it is much quicker than stock! And yes driving in a straight line certainly proves nothing of value, try a over 4 mile road course like Road America to test your vehicles overall capabilities!

I doubt the Mazda3 will exit the carosel on Road America over 100mph or hit the kink at 115mph... my top speed is limited by the governor at around 130mph so it is capable of close to 145mph with my setup...

The Baja 1,000 starts soon, so yes racing can and does prove the product!

The Ford Ranger is a compact truck, it does not compete against my Tacoma which is a mid-size. Nice try but its apples and oranges! And looking at sales figures Ford should just scuttle the Ranger... oh wait Toyota does need some competition so they should continue to occupy the bottom end...

Well aparently you havent been reading anything i have been writing because i have proved outright that the ranger IS in the same class as the taco and your the only one that thinks not and on top of that i have also proved that the ranger is a better quality vehicle acording to consumers which in case u didnt know are the people who drive them. But aparently FACTS dont mean anything to you. Aparently your own opinion is fact to you which is very entertaining.

Here is another fact that you probably won't believe but i am going to tell you anyways and that is the Mazda3 pulls higher Gs in the corners than an xrunner and that is also backed up by facts so whatever that taco u got can do just think the little mazda3 can do it better. I test cars and trucks for a living and trust me all this is proven. So you can keep arguing if you would like and i will just keep making your points look silly. So once again i say enjoy your 2nd best quality truck and i am sorry you didnt get the number one truck, oh well.

I did not know a Mazda3 could pull 0.96g of lateral grip stock from the factory? Wow it can handle just as good as an Evo which sits at 0.98g stock!

A Tacoma X-Runner can pull 0.96g of lateral grip STOCK, Sport Compact Car magazine ran the tests. By the way my suspension is modded to handle high speeds and I run BFG R1 road racing rubber and have powerful brakes, so your comparison is silly since I compete in modded classes unlike you who just drives a car around the block and think its something special...

I even have a prototype Watts Link and I am testing new larger front and rear sway bars from Hotchnicks...

I am a driver instructer with SCCA Club Racing and I also do flagging and communication at road races likewise, so maybe we should get together so I can teach you how to drive at higher speeds so you won't get lapped or crash into the wall...

I ran 3 laps at Road America with Peter Cunnignham in his Evo-6 a few weeks ago since he was the chief steward, now that's how you test a vehicle!!!

Point is this recall is all driver error and has nothing to do with defective pedals, etc... a money hungry lawyer in a tight economy, sad but true!

once again your Resume has nothing to do with my point, which in case u forgot is that the taco is not as strong or as reliable as the ford ranger which i have proven and can prove further if u wish. Now i was not comparing a stock mazda3 to your modded taco, aparently u missed that point too among others. Once again i say anyone can mod anything to do what u do, its nothing special that your MODDED taco does what it does. Now about the difference in sales figures which is easy to figure out. The ranger only comes in reg cab and ext cab form and if anyone wants something small with a crew cab thats where the sportrac comes in. Now the taco comes in all 3 forms so of course the taco is going to have higher sales figures than the ranger. It would be a more fair to add the sales of sportracs with the ranger then it would be closer. Earlier when i was talking about sales figure i was looking at the %down from last yr and the ranger is only down 18.5% while the taco is down 25.6%. Now i really think that you cant go wrong with either one but on paper the ranger is tougher and more reliable.

BTW Oxi,
My Mazda 3 has something your X Runner doesn't....a Flux Capacitor.. BEAT THAT!!!!!!!

oxi - how do you figure driver error?
Have you read the NHSTA transcript?
I'd find it hard to second guess a dead police offcer!
Transcripts from 911 tapes say "they" tried to free the gas pedal.
(sorry- I had added the wrong link in a prior post)

"Now i really think that you cant go wrong with either one but on paper the ranger is tougher and more reliable."

Reliable? Maybe the same but tougher? NO WAY!

Have you seen the Rangers torsion bars up front? I have never seen such a ridiculous design, it is a major safety concern with them mounted so low to the ground and unprotected!

And those rear lower shock mounts, c'mon can't Ford do better than that? Don't try and bottom out your rear, those mounts will break!

Tougher? Never say a Ranger is tougher because it is not.

Toyota was also making 4-door pickups in the compact/mid-size class years before the U.S. market realized their potential and gee Toyota made their own truck in this category and did not need to run to Mazda for help in creating the first Ranger back in the early 80's.

And Toyota had the first 4x4 in class before their was even a Ranger!


It is driver error!

They could have slammed it into neutral or park...

If they knew anything about car control they could have shaved off speed by pitching it sideways and find the right spot to disable the front or rear drive with a good hit or better yet shave off speed and force it to get stuck in a shallow and not deep ditch and just let the car kill itself as it remains stuck...

They could have shaved speed down enough to get it into a position of pinning it onto a concrete wall on the freeway and let the dam thing kill itself...

It's all about knowing how to handle a vehicle! That is why I have recommended people to run parking lot autocross with their ride if they can or do a track day on a road course and learn the dynamics of your vehicle so when something pops up like this you will know how your ride will react to your input, etc...

Even if it is not with your vehicle, a track rental one, at least you can understand how a vehicle will respond in certain situations. I love it when I can beat the times of my students the first time I drove their car...

I remember when the rear-end of my pickup got from under me because I exited turn 5 at Autobahn Country Club north road course too fast and the truck went sideways at 70 mph down the middle of the track. I did not panic, I kept the throttle down, kept it sideways to shave off speed spinning the rear tires until I felt the right moment to correct the steering input, regained control, only put 2 wheels onto the grass, made sure the car behind me was not near, re-entered the track and finished my lap!

Most people would have released the throttle and maybe apply the brakes and spun the vehicle all the way around many times and as soon as you hit the grass like that, most times you are done and sliding on the grass and into the wall... seen it many times on the road courses...

Drivers that panic, that is a major problem out there these days!

Interesting points, I agree that people panic, I used to work as a Paramedic and have seen it thousands of times and I've had to struggle to control my own "nerves" at times. I took a look at my wife's 2010 Sienna and there isn't alot of room between the gas pedal and floor board as the pedal gets to the bottom of it's stroke. I don't envy vehicle designers and engineers as to you have to try to account for 1/3 of the motoring public that should not have a drivers licence. They also need to account for almost 2/3 of the public whom think they are excellent drivers but actually fall into the fair to average range. Statistically 6 - 8 % of drivers are good to excellent. These are usually professional drivers or those professionally trained. That's why I find it unusual in that it was an off duty police officer at the wheel.

i am really getting tired of you thinking that your opinion is fact. Acording to consumers and the people that buy them and drive them, the taco is NOT as reliable as the ranger and dont tell me u think its not tough just because it has torsion bar suspension thats just dumb and anyone reading this will agree. I am not brand loyal and i will give credit when its due but the facts and customers experiences says its not as good as the ranger and i hate it when people like you get on here and say otherwise. BTW a little history lesson for you. Ford didnt get any help from mazda when they built the ranger in the 80s because if you knew anything about rangers which i do since i have had 4 of them(2 from the 80s and 2 newer ones) you would know that ford built it just like there succesful full size trucks.

Guys, I'm finding your whole "my truck is better than your truck" shtick childish.
Prove your point! So far it's just been hearsay on both your parts!
Why don't you both post the actually statistics or links to statistics in question!

When Toyota and Nissan were dominating this new compact market back in the 70's and early 80's, Ford did not have a truck to compete with!

Mazda did and Ford went to Mazda to create the Ranger, the first Ranger was a re-badged Mazda, FACTS speak for themselves. Read history!!!

Toyota for their part had the industry's first 4wd back in 1979, years before the Ranger was ever thought of with Mazda in class!

Torsion bars on a Ranger are a safety concern, they are too low for off-roading!

If the Ford Ranger was so great and reliable, wouldn't sales prove its worth? But since the Tacoma is the king in the U.S. market with impressive sales numbers even in a down economy, more people trust the Tacoma than they do the Ranger!

After all it's not even a concideration about shutting down a Tacoma production line while Ford is still planning to shut down Ranger production. Now why is that?


I am actually a high-speed driver instructor, I see all kinds of sports cars yet I prefer to drive my modded Tacoma X-Runner on the road courses. Kind of funny that I can still use it as a pickup when I take off the race rubber!

I have also competed in 7 desert off-road races with my old 86 Toyota pickup last decade and if I am not playing above 130mph on the road courses I will play off-road.

And with those older Toyota's, just installing a 3 inch bodi-lift and I can run 33 inch tires where a Ranger you would have to invest more than the truck is worth to get 33 inch tires under one just does not appeal to me!

Toyota's are easier to build for off-roading, they are coil-sprung up front with no rear lower shock mounts hanging below the axle line and they have a higher stance than a Ranger with dangerous torsion bars.

And for those that seek a sport truck the X-Runner has proven itself to be the best handling pickup ever to come from a production line. 0.96g of lateral grip stock is no joke, it does handle that good stock. Mine is modded with Renton coils up front 2 inch drop and I still run a 3 inch drop block in the rear with stock leaf springs, a prototype Watts Link, an actual Tundra size front sway bar over 1.4 inches and a 1.18 inch sway bar rear, Calvert traction bars rear, powerful TRD brake system, 14 inch rotors (I need the stock size 18's to run these brakes) and converted the rear drums to disc and run a 285/30 on 18x9.5 BFG R1 racing tire.

I also have a custom air dam up front, sealed the bed with a roll-type bed cover and installed a custom rear wing into the tailgate that is adjustable by 30 degrees. I ran with a licsensed road racing instructor has he said my wing was perfect, not too much and not too little, it gives me the right amount of downforce at higher speeds...

The motor cranks out 330 hp and about 380 ft/lbs of torque so it moves on the track! And yes I also run it in the rain doing 100 mph in the rain on Road America is a heart pounder!

So Lou, I am actually more of an extreme test driver and I always prefer Toyota's. The competition just does not build a truck that can easily convert into an off-roader or a sport truck that I can safely run at Road America than what Toyota offers!

Simplicity is what I seek and Ford does not offer that!

Thanks for the race resume. I was refering to any evidence in the media that would back up Daniel's claim that the Ranger was better and in your case evidence that the Tacoma was better. I don't see why it should matter to either of you guys as you both love your trucks and they both do what you want them to do.

Media? You trust them or what they say?

I would not put my trust in what the media says...

I do not care about the vanity mirror or how the knobs feel when you touch them, heated seats, navigation systems, stability control, etc... basically all the crap that a truck should NOT have that the media engrains in the manufacturer's that should be in a vehicle!

The media does not off-road like run the Baja 1,000, they do not run high speeds on road courses to test what they say the truck is suppose to do.

I do not wait around for the media to tell me what is good or bad about a truck. I know enough from my experiances over the last 15 years of off-roading and recently running on road courses.

I am the media...

Thanks for the link to that video Lou. My wife and I recently purchased an extended-cab '09 Tacoma, basically because we both have owned the Toyota brands since the early 90's and have never experienced significant problems with them.

I'm not a professional driver, but I've put a lot of time in on the road. A lot. I wish we knew whether or not the family in the California wreck thought to put the vehicle in Neutral.

I love our new truck, but it's good to know what to do if I encounter this acceleration problem. It's unfortunate it took a significant incident for Toyota to issue a recall, but I figure it would be the same for any other company.

At least the issue is under intense scrutiny now. Let's hope it's resolved before another serious incident.

Thanks Todd. I never gave it much thought until I started reading all these posts. I checked my vehicle as well as my wife's Sienna to see how easy it was to put in neutral. I even had my wife practice it. One post stated there were 19 deaths related to Toyotas for this problem and 11 similar deaths with other brands of vehicles. It happens enough that learning what to do should be a skill we all have.

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