Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty

Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty
Top and Middle Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

After months of catching 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty test trucks, our spies have finally caught the production version. These pictures follow last week’s shots of its GM twin, the 2011 GMC Sierra HD 3500 and Sierra HD Denali.

This one-ton Silverado 3500 dually sports a grille that’s remarkably similar to the current 2007-10 Chevy HD, except for what appears to be a slightly smaller top inlet and marginally larger Chevy bow tie. The huge metal flares at the corners of the front bumpers have been softened by reducing their height and extending the plastic front air dam the full width of the bumper at the bottom.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado Spied

The inlet in the middle of the front bumper that feeds air to the truck's transmission oil cooler is about a third larger than the current inlet – likely for increased cooling needs related to the Silverado’s next-generation 6.6-liter "LML" Duramax V-8 under its hood. In June, we reported word from a source that GM is expected to target over 700 pounds-feet of torque for the LML Duramax.

GM's 2011 HD pickups are also expected to ride on an all new chassis. There’s been some debate among readers about whether GM will keep its current torsion bar independent front suspension or move to a different setup like the Ram HD’s multilink coil-over shocks and solid front axle or Ford Super Duty’s coil sprung SFA. Looking at the side shot, it appears that GM is satisfied with the current front running gear. We can just make out what appears to be torsion bars.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD Production is expected to start in the first half of 2010.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Dually


I'm really curious as to how this chassis is "all new". GM has really dropped the ball not putting a SFA under these trucks. Their IFS setup is okay for what it is but they will never outsell the Super Duty in the commercial market.

ummmmmmmm kind of uneventful IMHO. not tryin to start an argument but i dont see anything special bout this new truck.. by special i mean, doesnt look like much has changed except for the DMAX, of which i cant wait to see it up against the new Powerstroke

Its a good looking truck, but so was the last model. They looks pretty much the same, besides for a few slight changes.

I think Ford and Dodge has GM beat easily once again.

Thew new LML is said to have over 700 lb-ft of torque and we still dont have numbers for the Ford made 6.7L Powerstroke.

The ISB 6.7L Cummins has ratings up to 750 lb-ft from the factory (Cummins fact.) when in medium-duty trucks. So the 6.7L Cummins in the Ram could easily be turned up to be more powerful than the diesel engine's Ford or GM is putting out.

Not to mention Cummins have always been over built and under rated.

whoever came up with plactic peace on the hood idea,I wanna know how much GM pays you for that great idea.

Good Luck GM. I will pray for GM's survival to keep people employed.

Again, GOOD LUCK!!!!

Government motors will never return to general motors unless they start changing things and this is not a good start. Sorry GM,Ford super duty and Dodge or should I say just Ram 2500 have you beat.

Dang! I was hoping that part-time 4WD models would get the solid front axle...if they must have the independent front suspension, put it on the full-time 4WD/AWD models.

This is proof that GM,s market share in the pick up segment will continue to slide.

@dandjslats Dont rush to judgement just yet. Wait until you hear the details about these trucks, first.

I'm still a GM truck fan but.....this truck is just to plain vanilla looking. I agree GM's loosing it as far as truck designs.

All I have to say about GM trucks now is...meh. The previous gen (in relation to the current gen) were much more exciting. They also showed the most separation between the GMC and Chevrolet lineups. Now GM seems to be just trying to cover their asses and keep costs down more than ever.

Don't see anyone swinging for the fences here. No Raptor, no Cabelas edition, no Harley or Platinum edition. No Powerwagon edition. Plain vanilla play it safe and the same old same old that augered 'em in in the first place. Of course, there's the business plan: Take any profits and tax dollars and go bail out Opel in Germany and build plants in China. No more GMs for me.

I tell you what I want to know... how to I become a spy for pickuptrucks.com?? Probaby helps to live somewhere you might actually see a test mule vehicle. lol.

Wow lame is GM's new nickname , torsion bars suck .

This is very dissapointing. Just like with the Sierra they could have done better with this truck.

Cant wait for the HD shootout and I hope its soon.

Edit: I hope its soon because I am looking forward to it. :)

Shame,shame and shame! No more Chevy and GMC!!!! No more!!!

Hey, those bumper end caps on the '07-'10 HD's are CHEAP PLASTIC!

already being towed? lol and its ugly

It is as Fugly as the current models. I'll stick with Dodge. Cummins best engine by far.

The cheap front bumper AGAIN!!!! You're paying $45,000 plus and getting chrome over plastic!!!! Come On! I refuse to buy a truck that has plastic on the front bumper. And for that person who want a fix axle...buy a TopKick C4500, it comes with a fix axle.

Is this change we can believe in?

Looks almost exactly like the 2009:

Or 2007 I might add....It looks just like the 2007. I guess Chevy is all out of change.

WOW!!!! is all i can say!!!!! i am amazed by this truck!!! i mean look at it! the lines, the curves...everything about it................ o wait, everything is just as it already was. my bad. GM, you are swallowing Ford and Rams black smoke right now. sorry

How fitting that its being towed. I am not surprised to see the torsion bars because they dont have the money for it (sfa)right now. Looks like there are only 2 true players in the hd market. Ford and Ram know what buyers want and thats why they are seeing their market share increase.

don't you love how the manufacturers over use/abuse the term : "all new". May be it means it's made from "all new" parts??? or made by the"all new" GM = government motors?

It's difficult for GM to change much these days when they're bleeding money and had to lay off staff. Time to turn out the lights GM.

Gov. motors.... looks like they are just recycling the left over trucks from all the shut down dealerships, and trying to pull the wool over the consumers eyes. Sad...sad.

Geo Metro called, it wants it mirrors back.

are all you people retarded are what ? this isn't supposed to be a new design, GM isn't redesigning their trucks until 2012-2013....this is just a refresh of the current model

and yea GM is really eating dodge's smoke... i mean just look at the sales, dodge is killing them ;)

@los: Topkick and Kodiak trucks production has been suspended.

Torsion bars suck big time, I won't be getting a GM truck in the future unless they offer a solid front axle and a manual transmission option.

You guys are right, it is in fact being trailered, but unlike the Powerjoke the transporter will be both the Silverado's first and last time being hauled off. My friends 05 F-250 has had over $9000.00 in repairs with only 65k on the clock. If that's Fords idea of blowing away the competition then color me unimpressed! Sure I too wish Chevy would have been more aggressive with their refresh, but given their financial situation at the time this decision was likely made I can see why the refresh is on the mild side. My Duramax's have treated me very good, and I refuse to be a Guinea Pig for yet another all new diesel from Ford.

haha all these people ripping on the Duramax are just clueless ford and dodge homers, The Duramax has easily been the most reliable diesel over the last 5-6 years, we all know how much of a turd the 6.0 powerstroke was and if the 6.4 was so good, how come ford is already replacing it ? I can't really diss on the Cummins, though i think the 6.7 isn't anything special, its had its fair share of problems. The Duramax is not only the most powerful but i think it could be argued has been the most reliable diesel over the last 5 years or so.

Too bad, no solid front axle... Good for 2 wheel drive on pavement and pulling loads on pavement though. Unfortunately, the 4 wheel drive, off road users, construction site users etc.. will find nothing but disappointment with those Junk torsion bars. Ford and Dodge heavy Duty trucks will continue to dominate the market because GM refuses to put a good front end on these things. Great engine, Great transmission, Decent looks, Junk suspension....

mason !!!! Did you know something about Diesel? Powerstroke? Cummins? Or you only " know " "something " about Duramax.Hmm,I think you know NOTHING !!!! Good day.....!!

Dodge has constent transmission failures and the cummins diesel is kiddie engine, ford has poor quality with break down issues and neither can out pull the Allison tranmission or get better mileage. GM's gas engine heavy duty will be beat by ford all the time but without the Allison automatic ford and dodge's mexico trucks are inferior to the GM truck. Considering this is on the 900 platform GM will continue to have the best heavy duty diesel on the market.

tj - Another one who know nothing about trucks.

That truck has all of it's decals on it (3500 hd, Duramax label on the hood, etc.), so where is the 4x4 sticker on the fender. So is this truly a 4wd truck? Instead of torsion bars is that a deep transmission pan for the Allison transmission (extra fluid to keep temps down with the added power of the Duramax?)

If this is just a 2wd version then fine. I'll be impressed enough to buy a GM truck again when they put a real front end on them again like they use to have. Solid Front Axle with coils. C'mon GM, with your great drivetrain why do you limit the rest of the truck? You're Letting Ford and Dodge stomp you for No good reason! Make these truck Heavy Duty again like you use to and people will buy.... I'd never purchase a 4 wheel drive HD without a solid front axle. That's a total waste of money.

the allison tranny is not that strong. its ok for a stock truck put not for a modded one. fords torqueshift is alot stronger than the allison. ford is still the better truck overall. dodge wouldnt sell any heavy duty trucks if it werent for the cummins. the cummins is still the better engine but the gap is getting closer.

dan , I completely agree with you!!!

at dan,

who cares if the Allison can't handle a modded engine ? what maybe 10 % of people who buy diesels mod them out ? its prolly even less now with all the new DPF equipment they are putting in the trucks. The Allison transmission is the best tranny of any stock truck, just read this sites diesel shootout, they don't seem to think the Allison is just ok....

hey VFBT, show me one thing in my post that isn't correct, and then lets see who knows nothing.

to mason : OK: 1. "Duramax has easily been the most reliable diesel over the last 5-6 years" - Wrong! The answer here is Cummins.
2. "we all know how much of a turd the 6.0 powerstroke was and if the 6.4 was so good, how come ford is already replacing it ?" - The 6.0 is good engine,and here you have no point.The 6.4 is much better then 6.0.
3. " I can't really diss on the Cummins, though i think the 6.7 isn't anything special, its had its fair share of problems." - Again,Cummins is much better diesel than Powerstroke and Duramax.
4. " The Duramax is not only the most powerful but i think it could be argued has been the most reliable diesel over the last 5 years or so." - The most reliable is Cummins and,of course,7.3 Powerstroke.But i like Cummins more.And,I think,the 6.7 Powerstroke should be way,way reliable than Duramax. Cood day!

Look @ the wheel hub; not a 4X4

What happened to the partnership between ford and gm to design a transmission to be used in hd applications?

As for reliability there is no contest. Cummins wins hands down. There is a reason why their warranty is a 100k longer. The duramax is not without its gremlins but ford has for the most part had the most trouble. I mean seriously how much time and money did they waste on their failed diesel engines of late. Why should anyone think anything has changed.

As for transmissions dodge will gain more market share because there are a lot of us who still like to throw thir own gears and dodge is now the one and only to offer a manual.

I hope someone from GM reads these blogs 'cause here it comes.
I am and have been a die hard fan but now I have had enough.
Enough with the torsion bars.
Enough with the rattling steering linkage.
Enough with the small fuel tanks.
Enough with independent suspension.
We get it.It gives a smoother ride.
Its a Truck.
Ford is kicking your ass.
Build a platform that works and works well.
Look at what municipalities or cities use for heavy equipment.
They use Ford,Why? Because of payload that is accomplished using solid axles.
Ps.My next truck is a Ford.

Mitch , 100% agree with you !!!

los: What the hell makes you think the bumper on this new 2011 is a plastic bumper that's been chromed?! There's nothing indicating that that's what it is.

Yes, the 7.3 was reliable, but they were last made in 03. We're talking new engines here, and I would say the Dmax has been the most reliable. There is no way you can say the 6.0L was reliable with a straight face. The 6.4 was better, but remember the flame thrower? 6.7L Cummins has had a ton of turbo and EGR issues as well as cracking DPF's pretty often.

I'm pretty sure the 2011's are getting bigger fuel tanks (at least on the short beds).

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