Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty

Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Heavy Duty
Top and Middle Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

After months of catching 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty test trucks, our spies have finally caught the production version. These pictures follow last week’s shots of its GM twin, the 2011 GMC Sierra HD 3500 and Sierra HD Denali.

This one-ton Silverado 3500 dually sports a grille that’s remarkably similar to the current 2007-10 Chevy HD, except for what appears to be a slightly smaller top inlet and marginally larger Chevy bow tie. The huge metal flares at the corners of the front bumpers have been softened by reducing their height and extending the plastic front air dam the full width of the bumper at the bottom.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado Spied

The inlet in the middle of the front bumper that feeds air to the truck's transmission oil cooler is about a third larger than the current inlet – likely for increased cooling needs related to the Silverado’s next-generation 6.6-liter "LML" Duramax V-8 under its hood. In June, we reported word from a source that GM is expected to target over 700 pounds-feet of torque for the LML Duramax.

GM's 2011 HD pickups are also expected to ride on an all new chassis. There’s been some debate among readers about whether GM will keep its current torsion bar independent front suspension or move to a different setup like the Ram HD’s multilink coil-over shocks and solid front axle or Ford Super Duty’s coil sprung SFA. Looking at the side shot, it appears that GM is satisfied with the current front running gear. We can just make out what appears to be torsion bars.

2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD Production is expected to start in the first half of 2010.

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Dually


Thank you Tim ! I couldn't have said it better myself... finally someone who knows what they are talking about.

the 6.0 is a very reliable engine when it is used how it was designed to be used. that means no performance mods. if you put head studs on a 6.0 and better gaskets it will withstand alot of use and abuse. no engine put out by any manufacture was designed to handle the power that everyone is trying to get out of them. im not saying the 6.0 is the best engine, just stating that it isnt as bad as people make it out to be.

2009 JD Powers Quality Ratings

Chevy Silverado HD
Powertrain Quality - Mechanical: 2 out of 5 stars or below average

Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty
Powertrain Quality - Mechanical: 5 out of 5 stars or the best.

Correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't the 6.4 a left over design based off the Navistar built 6.0? This new one (6.7) was engineered all in house. They aren't getting rid of the 6.4 because there is anything wrong with it, but because their lawsuit ended any relationship with Navistar and they would have been left without any source for a diesel engine.

too bad it will cost an extra 10 grand. I'm sure that will make a lot of people think twice...

And good riddance to the 5.4 V-8. What a gutless POS that engine is!

Chevy is plain ugly,GMC much nicer. New Ram Heavy Duty will put GM's to shame in the work department. GM is a car with box, wimpy looks and crappy IFS with torsion bars. Real trucks use solid front axles. New 2011 Super Duty will have so many problems and bugs to iron out that they will fall behind AGAIN. Cummins all the way.

Cummins makes the best Diesel hands down but the Dodge truck wont hold up. To many problems with the rear and tranny and the truck just falls apart. But the Diesel will still be going strong though. I know enough people who own them and they always have to replace their trucks before my friends with Chevy's and Ford's do. As for the Ford the 6.0 was a great motor... once the mechanics became fully briefed on the beast. At the half way point of 06 model year when Ford made some changes to the 6.0 it actually had the lowest mechanical warranty issues of any Ford motor to date. The big problem there is the 03 through first half 06 model years with the 6.0. It developed a bad reputation... one that was warranted at the time because International didn't want to deal with it and Ford Techs still didn't know what to do with it. After they became fully trained on it, it was a great motor. The 6.4 was a better motor but it wont meet the new diesel emissions for 2010. Which leads us to the new 6.7 powerstroke. Who knows how this motor will do but one thing to point out is that Ford is building this motor and International doesn't have anything to do with it, which should be a good thing but if its not and turns out to be a lemon then all the die hard Chevy fans can have a field day with it. The Duramax is a great diesel motor. It has plenty of pulling power and very little warranty issues. The problem here is with the truck. Like a lot of people above pointed out, If you're going to give a truck a great motor and a great tranny then upgrade the rest of the truck for greatness to... but since GM (government motors) is broke and has no money for a redesign they keep using the same tired design. Another reason Ford and Dodge are pulling ahead in market share... they redesign every 4 - 5 years and they usually raises the bar each time!

The cummins is a hell of an engine but the dodge truck has always been junk ever since the start of their gen 2.
The duramax is the best of all worlds with exception of the 4wd front end.
The ford well 6.0=junk, 6.4 not that much better, their new diesel ehhh too early to tell. the rest of the ford truck is pretty good though.

if a comfortable ride is what your looking for, then gm's your truck. however, up here in the northeast with lots of snow the wimpy front ends on these hds just don't hold plows that well. iown a silverado hd my first and last gm truck. great engine and tranny crappy front end

Cheap plastic front bumpers....tell me that they are not! Otherwise IMO...they will be made of plastic. GM is penny pinching every single dime. GM's will be plastic and GMC will be made of metal, so they came drive buyers to GMC. Thanks to GM, I now own a discontinued truck...4500 Topkick....Ford and Dodge have a 4500 and GM is sucking last with a great big goose egg! I have own RAM's, Silverado's, TOPKICK's and so now I'll have to wait until Fords new engine and trans will be known to be reliable. Will GM have an answer for mid size truck again?

there's like no difference from the 2010's to the 2011's! the exterior is the same! not a smart move in my opinion, also, the ford's need to change their rear end, they've had that forever! the dodge's dont look to bad, though, not bad at all.

the only reason people by super duty 450 is the frame ,so they put a flat bed or box etc,,is not because the engine because this is not the best puller..

Look at all the truck magazines the past few years including Consumer Reports and the pick is the GM HD trucks. The Duramax/ Allison combo is the best going! I manage a fleet of trucks for a large firm and the only reason we buy Fords is because they are sitting in the lots and are easier to get when we need them and we carry open ended leases so we can get rid of them asap.


i have had all three dodge2500 2005, ford 3500 2006 , chevy 2500 2007, over all i like the chevy for power and transmission, the frontend is worthless i have alignment problems alot and had to replace ball joints at 20000 miles the ford motor was crap, i love the cummins but the dodge transmission was crap, why cant these idiots figure it out do they not listen to what the working man has to say if you had a ford put a allison transmission in it with a cummins motor you might have something to talk about . i did test drive the new dodge and i really liked evrything about it if the transmission will hold up i love the big brakes and exhaust brake they finally put a integrated break controller and the interior is great ill probably be purchasing a new dodge

how about a 6.7 cummins with an allison tranny on a ford frame.

i know they couldn't tie together, but just imagine.

they all have plus and minus

question..... did anybody remember hearing that the 6.4 was a temperary replacement on the 6.0 to meet standards or something.

purchased a 2001 dura max 4x4 dally 4 wd new only have 70,000,its been the biggest pc of junk i've owned no more chevy after 13 new trucks all chevy no more.

This is what the 08 chevy can do actions speaks more than words!!! not insulting ford, i got an 08 f450 power stroke twin turbo diesel hauling a 26' gooseneck trailer grossing 38,000 to 40.000 pounds and it takes almost twice of fuel traveling from south florida to north carolina both of the trucks are straight from factory!AND LET'S SEE IF THE NEW FORD CAN REALLY BEAT THE NEW CHEVY!!!

the city where i live has 300 6.0 f450 buses for after hours service my neighbour just happens to be a mechanic for the city transit. the f450 are 2003 & 2004 with 500 thousand to 600 thousand miles and no major problems with these trucks & engines just done a super job.

I am a Chevy man & always will be. Chevy has made big improvements on there '11 Silverado HD. Duramax deisel has quick injectors now, more HP & Tq. Best tranny out of the other ones from Ford or Mopar. Although I fail to understand why the allisions 2nd gear drum doesn't get oiling until the shift is engaged. That sounds like a weakness. But it's still a great tranny. As for the torsion bars, toughness is debateable. Of course a solid front axle is better, but I've seen no flaws in toughness. As for the leaf spring setup, chevy has increased the diameter of the springs. Being wider there's more carring capacity. Their frontend is stronger by far. Ford has proved vnothing to me & Mopar is still trying to catch up. Though the cummins is a great running deisel. All you guys that crack on chevy haven't been out there in the real world driving. I have and had to pull my fords out of ditches and mopars out of snow banks with my 2001 Silverado dually. I'm going to puchase their fantastic 2011 Silverado Dually HD Deisel. Keep on truck Chevy. chevy doesn't need to keep changing. They make the proper improvements, while Ford makes stupid deisel engine partnerships that go wrong. They finally manufactered their own design, and I have to admit it's a good one, just like their tranny, finally a good one. As for Mopar, their Cummins deisel will always be fantastic. They just need to improve on their transmission or put an allison behind their cummins.

GM should add 4 wheel disc brakes rather than the cheap drums they use on the back. The 2010 crew cab side impact safety rating does not exist?? Looks like a Ford this time...

I like it a lot. I think that the truck has been improved all the way around in both capabilities and looks, but I would personally buy the GMC HD version.

I currently own a 2008 F-350 6.4 Powerjoke, I could not be more disappointed with this piece of junk! My truck has been to the dealer no less than 30 times. It has never been abused a day in it's life, maintenance has been the highest priority of mine. Ford Motor Company has driven me to Chevrolet... Quiet frankly I don't think Ford cares either. I'm telling you that I will never buy a Ford product again. Now, I'm liking the 2011 Chevy HD, I'm placing my order within the next 30 days. Everyone I work with has the Chevy and not one of them have a bad thing to say about their Silverado or the Duramax powerplant.

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