Toyota to Fix Gas Pedals in Tacoma and Tundra Pickups

Toyota to Fix Gas Pedals in Tacoma and Tundra Pickups

Toyota has announced that it will fix the gas pedals in 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles to prevent the pedals from becoming stuck against the floor mat and causing unintended acceleration. The recall includes 2005-10 Tacoma and 2007-10 Tundra pickup trucks.

The fix will involve cutting about three-quarters of an inch from the length of the gas pedal. Vehicles with any genuine Toyota or Lexus accessory all-weather floor mat will also be provided with newly-designed replacement driver- and front passenger-side all-weather floor mats.

Toyota Dealers will start fixing pedals in early 2010. Initially, dealers will only reshape the accelerator pedal for the repair. Replacement pedals are expected to be available by April 2010. Customers who have their pedals shaved will have the opportunity to receive a new pedal if they desire.

In the meantime, owners of the involved vehicles are asked to take out any removable driver's floor mat and not replace it with any other floor mat until they are notified of the vehicle-based remedy, as notified in the consumer safety advisory and the interim notice.

Customers with questions are asked to call the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1 (800) 331-4331.


Makes you wonder if Toyota will also do a slight of hands engine contoller software upgrade to address some driver safety issues.

This is by far the stupidest recall of any sorts!

A state trooper in Cali should have known better how to drive unless their standards are much lower which I would not be suprised!

Driver error is the root cause, sheep just do not know how to react when a situation presents itself.

I have 2 floor mats on my 2005 Tacoma, the original and a store bought one to protect the original and with over 54,000 miles no issues!

Part of my pre-trip as I get the truck up to optimal operating temps if I notice and feel the floor mats moved up, I adjust them back. If it happens on the road while driving, my head stays focused on the road, left hand on the steering wheel, I reach down with my right hand and quickly adjust if need be on the road. Takes a few moments but I guess most people out there they are not capable of this...

These are probably the same people that use their cells phones while driving, text while driving, while going slower in the left lane they stare at you through their rear view mirror insteade of paying attention ahead and finding a way to move over and in no way pay attention to their surrondings!

I see bad habits all the time instructing students at higher speeds, staring at their mirrors not paying attention to the course ahead or corner workers.

When driving on the track or on the road (which is more dangerous) you have to focus as much as you can. Driving should be taken more seriously and knowing your ride is key to that!

I have been to Europe and those guys know how to drive, they laugh at us with our painted wider roads and yet we still have so many more accidents and deaths! And we have mostly handicapped vehicles better known as automatic transmissions here on top of that!

I still run my 2 floor mats and will never change that!

This is just a cover up by Toyota. There is nothing wrong with the floor mats or the gas pedal. It was an electrical problem. This is just a cover up.

Hey - is that a hand I see there lifting the carpet up???? Well there's the problem right there.

Chrysler minivans have gas pedals mounted high off the floor,and have a square plastic piece screwed to the floor itself.All the factory mats have cutouts in them for the square block to stick thru.Eliminating this sort of thing.
I urge all Toyota owners to crush their current vehicles and buy 1996-current Chrysler minivans.
Its the patriotic thing to do.

I initially thought the same thing about the CHP driver - should've been tested under fire, able to drive at speed, etc. But reportedly the ecm software doesn't disable the throttle when the pedal is floored with heavily depressed brakes, some reports are the vehicle wouldn't shift out of drive either. Most car manufacturers ensure basic safety features are designed in.
Ken - most cars and trucks do not have programming that disables the throttle when there is heavy braking. Vehicles generally speaking are designed to go into neutral easily. Some are more complex than others. Please see the second link. Consumer report has a good video clip on what to do if your throttle sticks.
Frank - sticking floor mats and the surging/accelleration problem are separate problems. Please refer to both links I've provided. There is a link to the NHSTA accident report on the California crash.
oxi - I would suspect that a stuck floor mat or some other vague, yet to be discovered problem may exist. These issues are a small part of what caused the crash. I have to agree that in most instances driver panic and/or gross incompetence turn a minor problem into a catastrophic problem. Like I said in a previous post - approximately (1/3)33% of drivers should not have a driver's licence. Roughly (2/3) over 60% are only fair to average with their driving skills. The remaining 6 - 8% are good to excellent drivers. Drivers in this category are usually professional drivers or professionally trained drivers. That is why I find it hard to believe that a 19 year CHP veteran would get into trouble. Unfortunately, we'll never know what he was thinking.
Paul - I hope your are kidding. I had the severe displeasure of owning a Dodge Grand Caravan. It was very unreliable, I had multiple problems with the throttle loosening up, crappy shifting, poor brake life, and on and on...

As I said before.. it's not the pedal. It's not the floormats. It's the ECU. The sensor set up they have to monitor accelerator placement only uses one sensor with no failsafe. I thought this little nugget was interesting:

Interestingly, Toyota will also install a a brake override system that will turn off the engine if both the accelerator and the brake are depressed simultaneously. According to Automotive News, this update will occur on "involved Camry, Avalon, and Lexus ES 350, IS 350 and IS 250 models **'as an extra measure of confidence.'"** This action appears to be limited to vehicles that employ Toyota's push-button start system, but interestingly its hybrid-only Prius has apparently been excluded.

I think that's closer to the real problem right there...

LOL !!!!
Anyone who still thinks Toyota is better than any other car company is obviously a you still believe in Global Warming to !!!! LOL !!! LOL !!! Hey, my truck has no rust nor a random exceleration problem...your Toyota..not so much !!! LOL !!! LOL !!! I would be embarrassed/ashamed to own/riding in a Toyota product !! LOL !!! Got Rust !! Got random exceleration !! Got sludge !! Yikes !!!...Yes its the floor mats,who can trust Toyota after that line ? Clown cars/trucks they make..Clown Cars/Trucks is Toyota !!! Clown Cars/Trucks !! LOL !!! LOL !!!

Yep, slight of hands just as anticipated. Can't give impression of wrong doing.

@ premier,Ken, floor it - The analysis of the MVC in California showed that there was no attempt to shut off the engine. This vehicle had a push button start. To shut off the engine one needs to hold the "start" button down for 3 seconds. This MVC was definately a stuck floor mat. Read the accident report. It is extremely obvious. The driver also made the mistake of standing on the brakes and caused them to fail.
The surging/random excelleration thing is a separate issue. It may be an computer issue or it may be a stupid driver problem. Either problem is hard to prove.
The reason why cars/trucks get safety features is because of drivers with poor skills. Over 90 % of the motoring public would have no idea how to save themselves in a crisis situation.
Why do you thing the following safety features exist?
1. Auto transmission gear engagement lockout - you have to hit the brake to put it in gear. Dumb people were putting vehicles in gear and getting into crashes.
2. manual transmission start lockout - vehicle will only start with clutch pedal depressed. Dumb people were starting their vehicles while in gear and getting into crashes.
3. ABS brakes - majority of drivers have now idea how to safely, and aggressively use brakes.
4. stability control systems (will be law 2012) - majority of drivers have no idea how to control their vehicle in a crisis situation.
5. Trailer stability control - majority of drivers have no idea to correct stability problems.
6. Brake and gas pedal simultaneous depression disengagement - people accidentally hit both at the same time, or in a run away accelleration situation will stand on the brakes, overheat them and loose all braking.
This is not an exclusive Toyota problem. Ford had a recall years ago to move the brake and gas pedals further apart due to morons hitting both at once.
7. Why do you think most pickups do not come with manual transmissions - most would argue they like the convenience of an auto transmission, but how many people would be able to properly use a manual transmission while working the truck hard?
Toyota has some problems to fix, that part I do agree upon. They need to get their sh-t together or they will end up just as bad as the Detroit auto industry. Ford is the only Detroit based company heading in the right direction with quality control. Toyota needs to prevent a further downward spiral.
The sad thing about all this is that dispite Toyota's problems they still rate at the top of the industry in overall quality. This should show you how pathetic the auto industry has become. Every manufacturer makes mistakes. Toyota can find redemtion by taking the "high road" and openly accept their mistakes and openly correct them.

Thanks for posting Premier.

Check this out:

Like the bit about Consumer Reports sucking up to Toyota, they have egg on their face now most folk already knew Toyota suck. Most bias Toyota owners l know are very unpractical people, car washing is about as technical as gets, and most don't even do that if they can pay someone else. Other owners are more practical, more critical much more honest because they know more, do more to their cars which does not fair to well in Consumer Reports.

Toyota are a tarnished brand that can't be trusted to inform you when they have serious life threatening known defects in their cars, how can they ever be trusted again. Everybody has faults from time to time but to cover up, hide it under the floor mat play poker with folks lives is just absolutely unforgivable.

Toyota can't be trusted - they would be last brand l would ever want to buy, in fact l would rather catch the bus than risk my life in dodgy Yota that don't keep its owners informed on safety issues.

Lou N & Toyota People,have some pride..accept Toyota's downfall with grace.....The globe is you rust away at full throttle.....

Just STOP trying to justify Toyota's 4 million recall for UNSAFE vehicles....IT IS NOT THE FLOOR MAT !!!!!!!!!

Top for quality...remember the rust issues on Tacoma,Tundra..yet no recalls for the Echo's floor boards rusting out in 6 months,Sienna's body rust after 1 year...And years of denying/dithering of being at fault for millions of sludged engines=blow up need rebuild & Faulty ball joints on trucks/suv's !!! They finally recalled them...

As you say Toyota is taking the high road by openly accepting their mistakes...WHAT !!! Are you serious...Years of denial, arrogance,refusing any responsibility and you say they are taking the high road..Once again you cant be seroius !!!!Toyota denied any fault at first,with all their recalls...Who can trust Toyota ?

I am a cetified mechanic and they are NOT the most reliable far...NOT !!!!! For trucks I believe Chevrolet is most reliable then Dodge right behind it,and for Heavy Duty trucks Dodge is the most reliable as is their minivans after 3 years of use..not after the initial 30-60 days Toyota brags about their reliability...30 days !!! Please WAKE UP !!!!

I am sorry you were brainwashed by the journelists and politicians that the imports are most reliable...Its not true..
So,Toyota stand up and take it like a man/woman or manwoman if that is the case,you have been getting praise for building turds for years,now man up !!!! And stop crying like little school children !! It's laughable to us other brand truck owners,that you people look down on us with your wierd looking smirks,and thick black glasses thinking you know better because you have an so-called allmighty Toyota !!!! The laugh is on you !!! Man up and take it ,4 million recalls (not for floor mats)...LOL !!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!

floor it - did you actually read my post? I don't think so, did you look at the NHSTA report on the California Lexus crash? I don't think so. I did not say Toyota has taken the high road - I said ,"Toyota can find redemtion by taking the "high road" and openly accept their mistakes and openly correct them." Toyota has f--ked up and they need to stop making mistakes. The Detroit auto industry has made the same mistakes in the past that Toyota is now making. I find it hard to believe any one would think a Dodge minivan is reliable. I owned one and it was a piece of crap. Every friend who's owned one says the same.
The quality and reliability of a vehicle brand varies from model to model or product line. I've seen that happen with every brand out there. It seems to be Toyota's turn .
floor it - you need to be open minded as much as the Toyota fans need to be open minded. Re-read my post for you obviously missed most of what I was trying to say.
Mark - every manufacturer has hidden safety problems. Detroit learned the hard way. Now it's Toyota's turn.

In another post I had a guy ask me what vehicle I drive - this was my reply:
I currently drive a GMC van. I'm in the market for a new 1/2 ton crew cab 4x4 pickup. I'm not sure what brand I like enough to purchase. That's why I got interested in this site. I have absolutely NO brand loyalty. GMC was my number 1 choice until they went to the government for bailout money. GMC is also hit and miss when it comes to quality control. GM is showing signs of heading in the right direction financially. I'm leaning towards a Ford as they have improved their entire product line, they are doing very well with quality control, and seem to be heading in the right direction financially without government help. I was interested in Toyota but I've changed my mind since they have been having quality control issues and I fear they may be in a downward spiral. Dodge has many problems and they haven't really shown any signs of getting their act together. Nissan doesn't even register on my radar. Honda makes good vehicles but they don't make a legitimate pickup.

I'm not defending Toyota - I'm trying to present more information as well an other points of view any logical person would consider!

Floor it,
Since Lou will not admit it, I will for full disclosure: Lou N owns a 2010 Toyota Sienna. That is where his brand loyalty to Toyota comes from. He will try to hide it by throwing in a few backhanded compliments to GM or Ford. And he probably won't buy a Tundra for his next truck, but the loyalty he has because of the 2010 Toyota Sienna purchase he and his wife made is still there. You can't change what your don't acknowledge.

The worst thing to come out of it all was Toyota let 1,000's of its buyers experience the problem, 19 died, and the runaway problem was ignored by Toyota. That is just unforgivable.,0,2472257,full.story

Truth - my wife owns a Toyota Sienna. It boiled down to choosing between a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. She had a Dodge Grand Pile of Crap prior to that. My wife prefered the Sienna. I buy my vehicles on a case by case basis. I am not brand loyal. If I am loyal to Toyota, I would be looking at a Tundra or Tacoma only.
Now, "truth" in the name of "full disclosure", why are you being a coward and not providing your name.
I have stated that the "floor mat" problem and surging/accelleration problem are separate issues. The link I provided shows part on the NHSTA report on the CHP officer's MVC. That incident was clearly a stuck pedal.
In relation to sudden acceleration problems, that area is still under investigation. It may be an computer issue or it may be a stupid driver problem, or it may be both.
Being vehemently anti - Toyota is irrational. Being pissed off because I have stated that Detroit has produced it's fare share of crap is irrational. Ford is the best Detroit Company out there. That is not a "back-handed" compliment, that is the statistical truth. GM's quality is hit and miss, they have alot of work to do to improve themselves fiscally as well. GM does predict that they will start paying off their "bailout" loan 5 years earlier that required. That is not a "backhanded compliment". That is fact. Toyota has f--ked up bigtime and needs to be open and honest about fixing the problem. That also is fact. They still rate at the top end of the industry. That is also a fact.
Ranting and raving about information that doesn't jive with your own opinion isn't going to change my mind about anything. Ranting and raving about something without any concrete evidence is an exercise in futility. I like to see evidence. That way I can make up my own mind. Truth is what is needed from Toyota. Truth is what is needed to make any infromed decision. Truth will set you free.
As for the "truth" coward who made that post - you had enclosed an interesting link with some valid information. Too bad you discredit yourself, and any opinion you have by being a coward. You are no different than the Toyota Executives who are hiding Toyota's safety problems.

@floor it - that you people look down on us with your wierd looking smirks,and thick black glasses thinking you know better because you have an so-called allmighty Toyota.

You sound very insecure, and perhaps paranoid. That would explain your pent up anger. You need therapy!

I agree that Toyota sucks because Honda rules!

jerri - Usually people who buy import vehicles think they are smarter (thus drive around with weird smirks on their faces glasses or not the guys may have a scarf) because they bought a vehicle that gets unwarranted praise by so-called journelists ,so they are the ones who are insecure....

I have no pent up anger,obviously you are talking from experience,as you must be insecure and full of anger from your incoherent post...

As you like Honda's another recall a minute..bad transmissions,bad fuel pumps,Cracking blocks,bad waterpumps,faulty head gaskets..hell even worse than Toyota,we repair tons of low mile Honda's and people always say how come it broke,they are supposed to be reliable...I laugh to myself..keep buying them,keeps me busy..

Lou N...J.D power rated the Dodge Caravan most reliable beating Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna giving it a higher reliability rating, even better than any full size or mid size van !!!

The Dodge Grand Caravan was rated most dependable Van !!!! Even beating Toyota and Honda !!!

The test covers 3 full years for a better measure of long term reliability ,instead of the initial 90 days the imports brag about !!!

Being a mechanic these vans with the 3.3,3.8 are bullet proof,200,000 miles on the engine/trans are not uncommon...but problems are plenty with the Mitshubishi 3.0 V-6 probably built half with that motor/ thats where the people say the Caravan is no good..With the 3.0 Mitshu it is a lemon,but very reliable and very minor problems with the 3.3 and 3.8 !! I have personally known people who had Caravans with the 3.3 and 200,000 miles on the original motor/trans and nothing ever went wrong with them,the 3.0 50,000 and the motor smokes,trans there you go !!They stopped using the 3.0 a few years ago ,and what do you know...with the 3.3/3.8 its the longest lasting/most reliable van !!!

Also on Chrysler's cars they used Mitshubishi motors,2.5 V-6,2.6 4 cyl,3.0 and they always are the ones in the shop,low miles and junk..but with the Chrysler powerplant usually high mileage and very reliable...Look at the new Sebring it is based on a Mitshubishi platform and it has awfull reviews !!

So enough about minivans..and good day !!!

The one my wife owned had a 3.3L. It needed lifters at 59,000 miles. The transmission never shifted correctly. Sometimes it would downshift so bad that it felt like we were hit from behind. Multiple brake jobs, all of the power doors failed, the back hatch failed every 18 months like clock work. The A/C failed , and it was starting to rust. Several of our friends had the same van and experienced similar problems. The CV joints, ball joints, and power steering all were failing when my wife traded it in. The residual value was horrific. Like I said, everyone we know who owned one will not go back to another Grand plie of crap. Nice to see that you have an un-biased opinion.

@floor - it , thanks for the JD Power idea. I was looking at JD Powers site. That survey was for 2006 vehicles. If you look at the site the Grand Caravan rated 3/5 for engine and drive train. JD Power rated the Toyota Tundra number 1 - most reliable pickup.
Here is an excerpt about the top 5 -
Buick and Jaguar each rank highest in vehicle dependability in a tie, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS) released today. Buick improves from a sixth-place ranking in 2008, while Jaguar improves from 10th place. Following in the top five rankings this year are Lexus, Toyota and Mercury.

Toyota garners five segment awards—more than any other nameplate in 2009—for the Highlander, Prius, Sequoia, Solara and Tundra. Lexus follows with four segment awards for the ES 330 (in a tie with the Acura RL), GX 470, LS 430 and SC 430. Lincoln captures two awards for the Mark LT and Zephyr. Models by Acura, Buick, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mercury, Nissan and Scion each rank highest in one segment.
I love sites like JD Power or Consumer Reports. Anyone else have any sites with good vehicle information?

I threw away my notice of fixing the floor mats!

I am not a sheep and I refuse to alter my truck because some moron in Cali. does not know how to drive properly!

I run 2 floor mats, my oem one and a store bought one above that with NO ISSUES!!!

Lou N,

Yes ,but JD took Toyota off because of the faulty new Tundra's..and most recalls for the 2000-2006 Tundra didnt apply until late 2006-now...

The single owner Caravans we usually repair have higher mileage than any other van,and owners tend to be extremely happy with them....and it depends on how you drive them..residual value also is lower on average because alot of Caravans were fleet use ,thus resulting in more wear/tear/mileage..To buy a low mile mint one you pay more than what people think...

The Caravan I believe has one of the highest repeat buyers...I work with a large chain of car dealers and thats what i've heard...

Sounds like alot of problems with your van...make sure your wife comes to a complete stop before shifting it from reverse to drive..bad for transmissions,cv joints ect....The people I know with these vans have very good luck with them..Toyota has a major problem with sludge engines and bad transmissions and Honda has major problems with timing belts,water pumps,transmissions..The Caravan has the least major problems in my years of mechanic work..

I've owned vehicles from just about every company and I have always been above average happy with Chrysler products..

and i thought GM was bad, this is the biggest line of BS i have ever heard though not so surprising coming from toyota

@floor - it... Good to hear you've had good luck with Dodge. I, on the otherhand, have not had good luck with Dodge products. I also don't like the local dealership, and I'm not prepared to drive 80 minutes to get to the Dodge dealer in the next town. Toyota's quality had been dropping over the past few years. They had better sort things out or they'll be in trouble like the Detroit automakers.
In the end, the only thing that matters is that a person is happy with the product they've bought.

I have an 06 Caravan with 62,000 miles and not single problem aside from a $100 EGR valve replacment. Both of my brother in laws have drove 05's and put 90,000 on each of them with very few problems. I know Dodge has had some quality problems with this van in the past but you can't make a blanket judgement. Also I paid 22k for the van brand new and fully loaded. A stripped Honda or Toyota was at least 26k. I won't argue that the Honda and Toyota are bad, on the contrary I think they are probably good. (although my buddy's 05 Odyssey had to be rewired due to an electrical issue, costing him 1500 bucks and one of the Odysseys I test drove originally had a tranny that was about to grenade). I'm not biased for or against domestics or imports (I also own a Nissan Frontier) but you really have to do your research before purchasing and always buying a certain brand can get you into trouble especially because you always pay a premium for the Honda or Toyota name.

Jt - thanks for the post. Like I said before - we had extremely bad luck with the Dodge Grand Caravan, and I don't like the local dealership. That left Honda and Toyota. I don't like Kia/Hyundai products. The Toyota was more comfortable than the Honda and slightly cheaper. We both liked the Toyota over the Honda. This is our first Toyota. We'll see over the next five years or so how good a vehicle it will turn out to be. I agree that you must do some research before you buy. It's hard to find meaningful reliability data, and almost everyone has a strong opinion for or against any vehicle out there.

Isn't this an issue that should have been figured out on the drawing board... the truck should have never made it past that until the small details like pedals touched the floor mats were resolved... sort of a foolish flaw...?

my son has a dodge ram 2006 diesel , the truckce excellerated to a high speed and he lost controll of the truck. he was only going 40 mph when his truck shot off like a rocket.according to witness. anyone else have a problem like this with a dodge product?

@jschultz - there was a post to a link stating 19 deaths atributed to "possible sudden accelleration" vehicle MVC's associated with Toyotas. The same article stated that there where 11 deaths caused by "possible sudden accelleration" in other brands. It is a problem that does occur. Try the NHSTA site, or "Google" it for Dodges. I hpe your son is okay!

Brake and gas pedal simultaneous depression disengagement - people accidentally hit both at the same time, or in a run away accelleration situation will stand on the brakes, overheat them and loose all braking
That's not "standing" on the brakes. That is "riding" the brakes until they fail.

If you "stand" on the brakes, the car will stop, regardless of where throttle is (even if it's floorboarded). Iin general, brakes have 9x the force as as the engine.

Try it. Even with a 300+ HP engine, the car will stop when you apply the brakes this way. Then you can calmly shut the vehicle off, be it key or pushbutton.

Much arrogance and ignorance in the first two comments I read as I started to go through these comments. You don't know what all the factores were that caused that state trooper to have an untimely death, along with his family. In addition, no one should have to continuously reach down to pull there matts back in place if while driving. This is why Toyota puts hooks on their matts to prevent them for going forward.

I own two toyotas a corolla and tacoma, both are newer vehicles. The corolla's gas pedal is too close to the floor that it catches on any matts that might be placed over the original matt. I can attest to this as it happen to me while driving, causing my car to quickly accelerate. Having sufficient driving experience, I quickly shoved my car into neutral and reached down to pull the gas pedal up while pressing on the brake and pulling over to the right side of the road. Fortunately, all went well and I replace my matts with ones that the gas pedal could not get hooked up on. If it had been my wife there could have been a possible fatal incident. I found this quite alarming and went to the Toyota dealer who shrugged it off, stating that any car could have this problem if the mat bunched up under the pedal. However, this was not the case. The pedal catches on matts because of it's position. It was until a fatal accident happened and numerous other incidents when toyota began taking these complaints seriously.

Would I buy another Toyota...probably would because they are now taking action to resolve these issues. When I compare Toyota to other vehicles on the market, I still get reasonably good quality. At the pace that all vehicle companies are competing there will likely be more companies put on display as they begin to see there vehicles recalled. Honda and it's air bag issues, Ford and Nissan in their power train issue. Ford doesn't feel it's necessary to recall recent fault found in the joints portion of the drive shaft; whereas, toyota does. These drive shafts were made by a secondary company and sold to Toyota, Ford, and Nissan, but only Toyota is stepping up to the plate.

It's time we start looking at the motor vehicle industry at a whole, not just one company. At least this recent slap in the face for Toyota has made them rethink their customer care policy.

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