Toyota's Response to Tundra Frame Rust Investigation Due

Toyota's Response to Tundra Frame Rust Investigation Due

Toyota's response to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's probe into reports of severe frame rust and corrosion problems in 2000-01 Tundra pickups is due to the federal agency on Friday, Nov. 20.

NHTSA opened the investigation in October, after receiving 20 complaints related to the spare tire mount rusting to the point where the spare tire fell off the vehicle and broken brake lines leading to brake failure. But as of Nov. 19, NHTSA had published nearly 300 complaints to its website. More than 70 complaints have been reported since the investigation was announced.

Toyota has been asked to turn over all documentation that it has collected or generated internally related to the problems, including field reports, consumer complaints and lawsuit or third-party arbitration summaries.

Rear Of Frame Looking Forward

"The information requested by NHTSA in the Information Request dated 10/9/09 is due today, not necessarily a response [to the complaints] from Toyota," said Brian Lyons, Toyota's Safety and Quality Communications Manager. "The requirements per the Information Request have been fulfilled."

Toyota has been studying the issue for more than six months and has repurchased several Tundras from owners as part of its investigation process, though no formal repair program has been put in place.

Most rust-damaged Tundras have been reported in what Toyota defines as 20 severe cold-weather states, like Massachusetts, where brutal winter road conditions can take their toll on under-protected metal.

2000 was the Toyota Tundra’s first model year as a replacement for the earlier Toyota T100 pickup. The first Tundras were built in 1999. In 2000, 100,455 were sold, and another 108,863 were sold in 2001.

Tundra frame rust complaints are the latest ding against Toyota. In September, Toyota issued an urgent warning to remove driver's side floor mats from 3.8 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles after a family was killed when their Lexus ES350 experienced sudden acceleration.


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After looking at that pic again I can't help but think that the spring mount is also distorted from what appears to be impact. Look at the inside portion. It looks like something from the left hit it towards the right. The inner side of the spring mount is damaged. If it were just the frame rot causing the problem that mount would still look normal, just rusty. FWIW I find it funny also that the NHTSA is investigating this on 300 complaints that were based on the spare tire dropping or rusted and breaking brake lines on 10 year old vehicles. I had the spare tire carriers on 2 Rangers rust so bad they could not be dropped. So? Should there have been a recall because I couldn't get my spare tire down? Toyota was selling roughly 100k to 150k Tundras a year. So far there were 300 reported and only 70 after the NHTSA opened the investigation? I like those odds thanks. BTW for all of you, the NHTSA website just takes complaints and makes no determination as to if they are true or false. Out of that 300 many may have been unsubstantiated. How many were actually owner abuse? NHTSA has no real way of knowing as they haven't actually investigated this issue yet apparently. They are just beginning.

oxi - looks like there are 110,000 lazy Toyota Tundra owners out there who didn't wash their trucks in the winter, or maybe its all part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the Detroit auto industry? , or poor driving skills, they panicked and hit every slushy pile of snow out there.

I have an 02 tundra with 150,000 mi. I am so disappointed, I cant find ANY rust on the frame ANYWHERE!!!

Hey guys us true Americans love american trucks and that is not going to change. We also take offense to a country who was once our sworn enemy, who is now trying to destroy our economy through deceptive trade practices and tarriff free trade when their own tarriffs on our products are sky high. Yes we all know that despite the media bias in this country that Toyotas are generally poorly built death traps with owners who hate to admit they have had a problem. For all of us Americans who take pride in our country make sure and boycott these companies like Toyota, Honda, sony etc. Just dont buy their products. If you dont like American buy a german or european built car that comes from a country not bent on world domination. Im sorry but these countries from asia hate america and laugh at their perception of our incompetence. The American owners of these cars Im sorry to say are just as insane as the builders of the vehicles. They like Toyota flavored koolaid. I stay away from them as much as possible. Buy American.

One more thing. If you look around you will notice that most japanese car buyers are from foreign countries recently like first generation immigrants. These people do not understand the importance of a strong manufacturing sector and willingly commit economic treason by purchasing one of these inferior vehicles based on a controlled media. The problem with the media is they dont realize that eventually the truth comes out and yes we americans have a duty to our country to not only post these problems on the internet on a regular basis but to tell everyone we meet about the problems with Toyota. I know not a day goes by when i dont inform someone about the issues Toyota is dealing with. I dont do this because i hate Japan or Toyota I do it first of all because i like truth, and secondly because i feel about my country the way the Japanese feel about their country. I will stand by my country in the right ways to support her. That does not mean that I get drug into any argument but rather that I view the situation with an open minded and logical point of view and take the action that will make the world and this country a better place for my children. Toyota needs to be stopped at all costs. I personally distibute fact based circulars about Toyotas issues to several states because the media is not doing its job. Stand by your country!

@vivi - are you truly serious? you got to be kidding. Obviously your view is so egocentric that it would be impossible to see another point of view. Economic treason - that is so incredibly laughable. Read this:

Toyota: America's Car Company (TM)
Joe Weisenthal|Jul. 5, 2009, 9:38 AM | 3,390 | 23
Tags: Cars, Japan
TM Oct 30 2009, 06:40 PM EDT
A new study from sheds light on the absurdity of thinking cars have a "nationality."
When you consider that even a post-bailout GM will expand its use of foreign labor, it shouldn't be that hard to understand how an "American" car isn't really so, just because its maker was founded in Detroit.
And more generally, there seems to be little reason to think that American cars are really more American in any metrics that matter: Namely, labor and parts inputs.
According to the new survey, the most American car in America is the Toyota Camry, containing the highest percentage of American inputs, even surpassing the Ford F-150. Actually, Toyota utterly dominates the top 10 list, with a Honda thrown in for good measure.
Now some might object to this, saying that even though these cars are "made-in-America", the value still flows overseas, but really, even that's not right. Toyota still pays taxes in America. Its stock is traded in the US, and is no doubt owned by individual retail accounts and mutual funds.
If you insist on coming up with some definition of "American" that limits that moniker to the Big Three, we suppose it's this: Only Chrysler, Ford and GM have the political clout to win a bailout if needed. We really can't imagine Toyota or Honda receiving so much political support. Of course, this is a circular definition that still doesn't say much, but it's the best you can do.

Here is something else for you to consider:

I had mentioned the whole Pearl Harbour thing as one explanation as to why some people hate the Japanese trucks, and some people thought I was nuts making that comment. Some people actually believe that crap. Scary isn't it!
If you want to buy a vehicle that benefits the US economy buy one made in the US by a US company. Just because it comes from the Detroit 2.5 (formerly 3) doesn't mean it helps the US economy.
Here is a very over simplified explanation, don't hurt yourself trying to understand this!
You have 2 vehicles (vehicle A and vehicle B) with a 40,000 MSRP.
They both cost 30,000 dollars to manufacture.
$4,000 goes to the selling dealer,
1,000 goes to taxes and miscellaneous fees,
and the remaining 5,000 dollars go to the corporate head office in profit.
Vehicle A is made in Canada by an American based company. That means 30,000 dollars leaves the US economy and goes to Canada to pay for the assembly plant, the running of the plant, the parts, and the wages of the workers. That means only 10,000 dollars stays in the US.
Vehicle B is made in the US by a Japanese company. 30,000 dollars stays in the US to pay for the assembly plant, the costs of running the plant, parts, and wages of US workers. The local dealer has 4,000 dollars to spend in his home town; 1,000 dollars go out to government agencies. That means only 5,000 dollars leaves the US to the head office in Japan as profits.
Which one benefits the US economy more?????
Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan etc. all import vehicles into the US and they all make vehicles in the US. If you are going to wave the flag you had better be sure you are buying the right vehicle.
If benefiting the US economy is your priority for purchasing your brand, than this is how it breaks down:
1. American made/American owned: Ford light and HD, GM light and HD, Ram light duty (until Fiat gets controlling interest)
2. Foreign owned/US made: Toyota, Nissan, and Hummer H2 & H3. Ram light duty will eventually fall into this spot.
3. US owned/foreign made: Ford Transit van, Ram HD
4. Foreign owned/foreign made - eventually Ram HD, Mahindra until they open a plant in the US.
Please note: this only applies to pickups.
"That does not mean that I get drug into any argument but rather that I view the situation with an open minded and logical point of view and take the action that will make the world and this country a better place for my children" that is your exact quote. I doubt logical or an open minded would be words used to discribe you. Zenophobic, and egocentric would be more apppropriate!

Joe wiesenthal, sorry to inform you that even as well intended as your comments seem to be you are a victim of a propoganda machine intended to weaken our country and push into full force a new world order of 3rd world countries with no input whatsoever in the political or economic decisions that go on in this world. The percentage of toyotas and hondas built in this country are so small that it is really meaningless. Probably 3% of toyotas total production is actually performed in the us. Even less than 3 % get a fair price because we all know too well when looking at toyotas products how they like to cut costs. Your problem in general is that you are intelligent enough to use a computer and quote someone elses mindless drivel but not quite intelligent enough to look at the larger picture. I think idiot or moron would be the correct word to describe someone like you who wishes to weaken our own economy by spending 30,000 on a camry. Even if it is one of the 3% actually produced in this country 97 % of the profit still benefits Japan. So please pull your head out of your ass and plug your brain in. Your job if you still have one could be next. Our country has double digit employment, and incredible trade deficit, and a failing manufacturing sector fed by a propoganda machine of such publications as consumer reports and almost all print media. But the greatest weapon in this fight to bring down the greatest country in the world is the mindless idiots who call them selves citizens such as yourself. Our government asks us to support an endless and pointless war based on lies and greed and at the same time feeds the American people with misinformation intended to destroy what freedom we have left. Sorry but a child would know better.

@vivi...You are very misinformed. What does the term Gross Domestic Product mean to you? I'll post a simple defintion for you since you have no comprehension of macro-economics: GDP measures output generated through production by labour and property that is physically located within the confines of a country in a given time period (usually a year).
My example of where a vehicle is made simplistically explains the concept of GDP. If it is made in the US it contributes to GDP. If it is made outside the USA it therefore contributes little to GDP. Japan is not a third world country. Do you actually know what the terms:1st world, 2nd world or 3rd world actually refer to? Please re-read the post. Most of the Toyota products contain greater than 75% domestic products. That means they are made in the USA,using USA made parts, by USA men and woman. Look at Dodge in contrast. THey will eventually be taken over by Fiat (Italian). They make their heavy duty pickups in Mexico. That doesn't help any unemployed Amercans! Hummer just got bought out by the Chinese. You are the one unable to see the big picture. Your idiology is what chokes the life out of a country.
Another excerpt form your rant is very disturbing: "If you look around you will notice that most japanese car buyers are from foreign countries recently like first generation immigrants". Bigot, and racist are other words that can be used to describe you. Try not to think to hard, you might cause yourself harm. Oh, and one last point - what does your interminable, almost incomprehensible drivel have to do with a rusty pickup frame?

I am a contractor in Az. My 07 Tundra with 5.7 is a far superior truck then my Fords or Dodges. I work my trucks hard. The other trucks cannot compare with power, braking, or towing. It's the first Tundra i have owned, so far it's perfect. I Really like the performance. It's built in the USA, unlike my mexican built, repair all the time Dodge.

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