TV Commerical Announces Arrival of the Ram Brand

TV Commerical Announces Arrival of the Ram Brand

The first commercial for the new Ram brand debuted during the last game of the World Series on Wednesday night. Chrysler is moving its pickup trucks and commercial vans under the new mark, which is expected to focus on commercial and traditional truck buyers. Passenger cars, SUVs and crossovers will remain under the longstanding Dodge brand.


Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram, unveiled the spot during Chrysler’s 2010-14 business plan presentation at Chrysler’s headquarters earlier Wednesday.


The commercial sounds like some kind of lame political speech. Good luck Ram, you'll need it.

Wow, that was the most boring min. of my life!

this is the "real" Lou. re. post of Nov 6, 2009 4:51:35 PM
That wasn't me. Like I've said before - I can get into all sorts of trouble all by myself;)
Some people might find it funny: Chev, Ford and Toyota guys!
I doubt any Dodge..... sorry... I mean Ram guys would.

My Name is Ram and I may no longer be able to Dodge what I can't Ram, but at at least Uncle Sam still gives a Dam about the Ram and my cams.

Like I said , I wasn't the one who made the "I am Ram" post.
I'm not an angry Ford guy.... everybody thinks I'm an angry Toyota guy. LOL ;)
I guess if I was an angry Toyota guy I'd have reason's to be angry - rusty frames, cardboard thick tailgates, lethal floor mats etc. ect. ect. ;)

My name is Ram and im full of s###! Spilting Ram from Dodge is one of the stupidest most uneccesary moves the morons at Chrysler have made. That commercial sucked! It was like a bad movie trailer.

Please dont mess with the DODGE Ram!!



I just cant believe they actually thought this was a good idea !!!

Diaz is going to be looking for a job next year because his performance will look bad because Dodge boys are pissed and wont buy a RAM !!!!!! wham wham ram...I see 5,000 units a month tops in future months...I was a "PROUD"DODGE TRUCK not so much...I feel embarrased to drive a Dodge Ram now,This weekend my Dodge is going to be tradded for a Chevy Silverado,no more loyalty for me !!! Multiple Dodge trucks and cars Charger,300,Dodge Ram 1500's now they left me with no truck..Hello CHEVROLET !!!!!And if you knew me you would be absolutely shocked !!! Was 100% Dodge truck guy,now they totally pissed me off... Chevrolet tommorow,then 2 years from now Ford,then Toyota,then GMC then repeat..NO more brand loyalty !!! My Dodge Coronet R/T drag/Show car will be trailered by a Chevy ....My wife wanted to trade her 2006 Charger for a Challenger for her 30th b-day,now it will be a Ford Mustang GT (lower price anyways) No more Mopar for this boy,Dodge Ram ruined it for me..Yeah my loyaly will be pre-1979 Mopar otherwise new stuff no more Chrysler/Fiat because of the Ram blundering !!!!

Anybody who changes brands because of a name change is an idiot.

That was fooking stoopid!!!!!! I'm proud to say that I own a 2006 DODGE gosh darn RAM! It's just terrible branding. Hey "Ram"... please see "New Coke". Ummm, Ram... YOU FAIL!!!!!

Second new RAM commcercial:
Must see!
Posted by: The original Lou | Nov 6, 2009 6:07:04 PM

Another fake Lou - I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;)
The real, original, one and only Lou......

The name change is stupid, but all the people who are trading there DODGE rams in because of it are stupider. The Rams build to date (and till 2012 where they HD's will get a major update says Fiat/Chrysler) are great trucks!! They have the best engine avaliable in a personal use vehicle ever! The B-series Cummins! An engine capable of 2000 rwhp (extreme sled pulling engine)!

I could care less what Fiat does with the 1500 Ram. I dont consider anything truck smaller than 3/4ton or that has a gasser engine a real truck anyway.

Just leave the HD Rams alone and dont even think of touching the Cummins engine.

Hey, at least Fiats keeping the Ram name and not giving it a new name that suits there liking. I'll and always call the Ram a DODGE Ram, and so will most Ram owners I think.

thanks for pulling the "I am Ram" post that was attributed to me.

Dodge Brand President and CEO Ralph Gilles presented design plans he was excited about, with hopes the revamped stylings will inspire new buyers and bring out their "mojo." (

Ralph Gilles and Fred Diaz - you had better inspire new buyers because your going to lose all your "old" ones.

This Ram commercial sure does bring out my "mojo". :(

Please stop whining and trying to get posts pulled.

This is not just a name change for Dodge. The WHOLE company is about change. The name is just the beginning. Brand loyalists who think this is only about a name, need to wake up. The new Fiat (Italian owned) Ram is coming.

This post was not attributed to you.

Second new RAM commercial:

Must see!

Posted by: The original Lou

WoW!!!!! This isn't good. Im a Ford man but also love Dodges too and I dont like where this is going.

I won't dump my Dodge Ram, but I certainly won't be buying any (Fiat) Ram. Maybe this means my DODGE Ram will be collectible!!

So there are 2 Lou's on this site. Lou and original Lou. I just assumed someone was using my name to stir up some sh-t.

I just looked at my 05 Dodge Ram and I can not find a Dodge badge anywhere on the inside or outside. Maybe this has been in the works for a while?

Ray,Yeah in 2005 they stopped saying Dodge on the tailgate,my 2004 said Dodge and my 2009 Dodge Ram says Dodge on the tailgate emblem and on the dash...but the 2005-2008 Dodge Ram 1500's dont say Dodge at all,as my 2007 Charger doesnt say Dodge but the 2009 + say Dodge on the trunk many Dodge's never mentioned Dodge at all for a long time..Caravan no Dodge nameplate..

As for the Ram brand wish it still a Dodge truck,but it is still a MOPAR and MOPAR'S RULE !!!! Hurry up and buy a 2010 if you want the Dodge name on it !!! Some are out there...A buddy was pissed about this ,I was concerned but I dont want a Ford no GM no Toyota... "I AM MOPAR" hope they have a 6.4 Hemi Ram...then I am back in love...

Sounds like they are trying to convince themselves! The public is not going to accept this crap. GM is trying to consolidate its brands, why is Chrysler doing the opposite?

this commercial is so dumb, its a shame what dodge is doing, hey its got a full tank, does that mean its worth more resale? cause it wont be full pulling and hauling all that payload, that fords dominate in. Dodge sucks!!

This is part of what Auto News had to say about Fred Diaz's presentation on the future of Ram.... " a rambling presentation that presented almost nothing of any value".... I am really, really starting to feel sorry for loyal Dodge Ram guys.

Since there are 2 Lou's on this site I'm adding "N" to my name.

Hey other Lou - I didn't whine to get your post pulled. The site administrator pulled it on his own. When I read your " I am Ram" post I thought "the sh-t's gonna hit the fan when the Dodge guys read it, and I wasn't about to take the hit for it.

There is enough brand bashing animosity on this site without deliberately trying to make it worse.

Lou N. formally known as Lou.

The commercial sounds like some kind of lame political speech. Good luck Ram, you'll need it.
Posted by: Lou |

Brother, Like you should talk. You do plenty of brand Ram bashing and you called the Dodge guys names morons on the other threads. At least I try to be civil in my brand bashing. Peace.

I like the name RAM name better than Ford !! Ford is a horrible name !!!! Ford I picture a toothless,fat guy all sweaty saying FURD ROOLEZ !!

I think all the people saying they are Dodge guys and not going to buy a RAM is b.s !!! Why would you want a inferior truck like Ford or GM ? RAM RULES for trucks !!!!!! MOPAR OR NO CAR OR TRUCK !! I AM RAM is better than Ford F-150 anyday !!! The young ladies love them !!! I cruise the strip by the beach in my RAM and the hotties always look at my buddies 2009 F-150 not so much !!!

The 2005-2008 Dodge ram's didnt even have the name Dodge on them and people still bought and loved them!!

It's a MOPAR,Ford,GM guys are just jealous and pretending to be Dodge guys that are upset...Wait till the 6.4 HEMI RAM comes in !!! MOPAR RAM FOREVER !!!!, Motor Trend, IIHS, Texas Auto Writers Association, North American International Auto Show, KBB, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Popular Mechanics, and SEMA disagree with you on the Ford being inferior.

Leave it to Mopar Guy to judge a truck buy how the ladies look at it on the beach. Do you think should add that test to their next shootout? That would be interesting. ;)

This whole (unnecessary & dumb) situation with (RIP?) Dodge trucks reminds me Aronofsky's interesting movie about a wrestler called Randy "RAM" Robinson (played by Mickey Rourke) - better the new RAM don't end up like the main movie character...

My name is RAM, not Dodge, and while my tank is full of gas, my parent company Chrysler is full of s**t ...

I am fueled by the optimism that maybe, just maybe, Fiat will not tamper with my DNA ...

I am driven by politics ...

And stopped by ludicrous ideas ...

I am a can do spirit in a future get it done Fiat designed unibody ...

All brawn ...

All brain, my parent company Chrysler? Not so much ...

I am built not to last, but to outlast this atrocity ...

Not to achieve, but to overachieve, hopefully Chrysler will do the same ...

I am built to reward the doers who climb behind my wheel and remain loyal despite Chrysler & Fiat’s stupid decision to separate me from the rest of the Dodge family ...

My tank is still full, and Chrysler? Still full of s**t ...

I carry a full payload, none of Fiat’s trucks can say that ...

The loyalty of my owners, hopefully ...

The accolades of my industry and the tons upon tons of bad choices Chrysler has made (and people say I have no payload capacity, the nerve!)

I carry the bad reputation of Chrysler ...

I carry the livelihood of Chrysler ...

And I deliver the bad news without fail ...

My tank is full, and Chrysler is ... Well, you know ...

The road ahead of me is long and depressing ...

But I know I am not a Dodge now ...

I will not yield, because Chrysler doesn’t know how to drive ...

I will not down shift, because my future transmission will be from Fiat, and it’s unreliable ...

So I will eventually coast to a stop, sorry ...

My name is RAM, again, its not Dodge and my tank is full.

crazy lou or what ever your name is? I said that many of the arguements on this site made them sould like morons. It may be semantics to you - but it is a different thing. I wasn't slagging Dodge guys just poorly thought out posts.

Whatever happened to the two Rednecks that tried to race the ram a few years back now those were awesome commercials.

"That thing got a hemi" for some reason I always got a kick out of those.

Lou N. or whoever you are,
I guess for you it depends on what the meaning of the word is means. If you said the Dodge owner is a moron that is not ok? But if you say the Dodge owner's argument is making him sound like a moron that is ok?

Some people are smarter than others. There is no need for name calling.

David - point taken about name calling.
I was using Dodge and Toyota to counter some posts concerning "buy Amercan", or profits leaving the USA to foriegn countries, or stuff made in the USA being better than foriegn stuff ect.
I have had bad luck with Dodge and I doubt that I would purchase another vehicle from them, but it doesn't mean that I don't care about what is happening.
Various posts show that most guys have very strong feelings about their favorite brand, and are very loyal to their favorite brand of vehicles.
Many of these posts also show many men are very upset and disillusioned by what is going on to their favorite brand, in this case Dodge Ram. These guys view Dodge as an interwoven part of their lives.
Fiat, Dodge, Ram, the US government or whom ever is in charge is making a huge mistake by underestimating the harm they are doing to the very company they want to save. You can not hope to survive if you alienate your most loyal customers.

how is it any different rom the old ram brand...?

Love how they forgot to mention that "Ram's" have the worst transmission in the class :-P

Unlike most things in the auto industry, this ordeal isn't love or hate. It's just hate!! What a friggin stupid idea. I hope these trucks flop from the name change.

This is no different than back in 1980.Lee Iacocca in his struggle to reorganize then Chrysler Corporation/New Chrysler Corporation,relabeled the Dodge truck/van lines "DODGE RAM".The pickups were reskinned and tailgates boasted in large size font "Dodge RAM".Now Marchionne is looking to reorganize Chrysler Group LLC,and now the trucks that used to be called Dodge trucks,and Dodge Ram trucks will now be RAM trucks.
I challenge anyone that thinks just cause its named RAM,it can actually RAM anything and survive without damage.Dont real Rams die after a battle??

Alright! Ram for president in 2012. Move over you other two animals, Donkey and Elephant. The male of the sheep is making his way to the white house. He might even haul it to St. Louise himself.

I work at a transmission shop and Dodge does not have the worst transmissions...It depends on how the person drives his vehicle,overloaded ect...I see more Dodge trucks with higher mileage than anything else..It's like the Dodge Caravan I laugh when people complain about those,then they have 8 people ,loaded with luggage its overloaded plus pulling a overloaded travel trailer, then they come in and complain how bad the transmission is from the factory..Then when they have a new rebuilt transmission they back up and shift it into drive when the vehicle is still moving backwards at 5 mph !!! And they wonder why they dont last !!!!

**********RAM should be a Dodge it doesnt make any sense...They say they want the Dodge car brand to be a youthful brand,ah they still have the Caravan,Journey ..The Dodge Ram attracts many young people,look how many under 30 year olds drive a Dodge truck !!! Yes,alot are used pre-2005 Dodge Ram's but when they get older/more money they will buy a new Dodge Ram and be loyal to the brand as many truck owners are..

Paul..Dodge trucks were NOT renamed Dodge Ram in 1981..It became the model Make:Dodge Model:Ram.

The Dodge van and truck's hoods said Dodge,fenders said ram and the tailgate said Dodge ram but then the late 1980's -2004 the Dodge trucks said DODGE,the 1990-1993 said DODGE full length of the tailgate,the 1994-2001 said Dodge in the mid to upper driver's side,then the 2002-2004 said DODGE in chrome badging on the lower driver's side...2005-2008 no mention of Dodge anywhere,the 2009-2010 say Dodge on the middle tailgate emblem and on the dashboard !!!

Did anyone notice the website for the new Ram brand is If Chrysler was going to divorce Ram from Dodge, you'd think they'd at least give Ram it's own website.

End of the day, most people probably won't even realize it's not the Dodge Ram anymore. I bet in a few years Ram is quietly folded back into Dodge, and the whole Ram brand fiasco goes down as a laughable marketing strategy next to Edsel and New Coke.

ONE WORD.........LAME........
Changing the name was a bad idea and try to back that up with a very LAME comercial is unreal.....
what is this? they couldnt find better voice??
sounds cheap and stupid!...........

I'm a Silverado guy, so I don't care what Dodge/Chrysler/Fiat/Obama does with their trucks. What I do care about is stupid commercials. And the "My Name Is Ram And My Tank Is Full" is just that - full of it! I hated this spot the first time I had to endure it, and by now, I'm ready to destroy my big screen every time this masterpiece comes on. Do you think the new Chrysler group would be interested in making an Edsel or a Yugo?

I am Ram. I have more style than all the the other full size trucks put together. I am Ram. Dont give a crap what I'm called. I am Ram.

This is the stupidest commercial I have ever seen. It sounds like something written by Mya Angelou. It's a truck, for crying out loud.

My name is Ralph, and I won't buy a Ram at half the normal price as this is the dumbest commercial ever. This should have never made is past the agency presentation to the client. I wish I was more ambitious to confirm who the agency is (RG?), so I could throw them under the bus (or the Ram in this case). Also have heard this was a retread of a campaign they pitched to another client that laughed them out of the bored-room...


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