Behold, the Christmas Truck

Behold, the Christmas Truck

For the last 25 years, generations of "The Christmas Truck" have brightened the holiday season, figuratively and (blindingly) literally, for residents of central Iowa. The mobile beacon of holiday cheer is born from the genius of Kris Marshall. Each winter, Marshall combines a portable generator, a few strands of Christmas lights and a used 2WD GMC pickup.

"It's not very scientific,” Marshall said. “It's a hideous site in the daylight, there's black tape and wires in the daytime."

At night, though, it's amazing. Marshall has used eight trucks and added dozens of strand since he started the tradition, though it's always a 2WD Chevy/GMC with a regular cab and eight-foot truck bed.

"[It's] the way a truck ought to look," he said.

Our hats off to you Mr. Christmas truck decorator. For the full story and more pics, head over to Jalopnik.

[Source: Jalopnik]


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