F-150 Designer Leaving Ford for Whirlpool

F-150 Designer Leaving Ford for Whirlpool

The man credited with designing the last three generations of the Ford F-150 is leaving Ford to take on a new role at appliance maker Whirlpool, according to PickpTrucks.com sources.

Pat Schiavone, Ford’s North American Truck and SUV design director, has worked for the company for more than 20 years. Schiavone also designed the 2002 Ford F-350 Tonka Truck and Ford F-150 Lightning Rod concepts.

Schiavone is the latest in a string of recent departures of Ford’s senior designers. Earlier this year, Camilo Pardo, Ford GT designer, parted ways with Ford after 24 years. Peter Horbury, executive director of Ford Americas design, announced his return to lead vehicle design at Volvo, which Ford is trying to sell.

Schiavone is expected to wrap up his duties at Ford in early 2010.

Here’s video of Schiavone walking us around the 2009 Ford F-150 that was filmed in December 2007 at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant.



Leaving Ford for an appliance company.... I'm surprised that the Ford jokes haven't started yet.... The guy whining about a Ford reporting bias will be chewing his shorts once he sees the lastest news. LOL ;)

Good one Lou. Next PUTC will be bias for whirlpool... I hope that guy don't read this bit of news today!

He did a great job with the last two F-150's and will be missed. Now who is going to replace Pat and what will happen with the 2012 total redesign?


Good news for Ford! Can't wait to see a Whirlpool washing machine with an oversized grille and giant headlights!

Why is that good news for Ford? GM boys can keep on hating but this man hit homeruns every time he designed the F-150. I always love the video where Pat Schivone talked about "the height of fashion" and the Platinum F-150. He will be missed for a long time.

I think it is good news because I really didn't think the guy had any talent. Automotive styling is of course purely subjective, and I am sure that there are those that think his designs were good, but I for one (and a large number of my friends) think that Ford trucks are simply not good looking, and have not been for quite some time. The oversized block grille, the silly beltline dip in the front side windows, oversized headlights, round wheel wells to me looks garish and overdone, and does not portray a tough or efficient design. Granted, it's a lot better than the current Toyota Tundra, but clearly not in the same league as the GMC Sierra or Dodge Ram. I sincerely hope he does well at Whirlpool, and I hope Ford takes a different design direction with their trucks. Soon.

If you think the F-150 is Ugly wait till you see the 2011 Super duty this is the height of ugliness. Grill is way to square and out of proportion. not to mention how the hood almost sinks lower than the grill

Everything i read about design from people on the internet is "out of proportion." It's like that term is used to describe anything unlikeable by the person describing it. The grille is out of proportion with what? It can't be out of proportion on it's own. Or do you just mean the Super Duty has a relatively large grille compared to other pickups?

It's that brand loyalty thing again. The grille or whatever they are talking about is out of proportion with their brand loyalty to GM. Every post about Ford they have to write something negative to get off and make themselves feel good about their truck. Whatever floats their boat I guess.

Although, a change in designers could be good but not for the reasons these guys are saying. I can't wait to see what the new designers come up with for the 2012 F-150.

Big T,
I also think the 2011 Super duty Grille is Hideous looking and i am a FORD guy, have a 2003 and 2007 Super duty and have had troubles with both but i am so loyal to brand that i fix them and keep with them. Out of proportion is a good desciption for the new FORD grill and lights, not to GM or Dodge(nicest grille now) but to the shape of the hood and the rest of the truck it sits on.Buy the time i buy my next Ford i hope they don't look like the new ones of late. Dodge hit the nail on the head with their new truck with a huge grill but suits the hood design.Hope the new ford 6.7 is better than my 6.0L deisels.

Riley, Well I wasn't talking about you. I didn't know we were talking about the new Super Duty here. Pat didn't design that. If you are a Ford guy and think the new Super Duty is hideous, good for you. I also find that a lot of the guys with the older trucks tend to think the new models look bad every time they come out with a new model because the new models make their truck look, well, old. Buy what works for you.

The F-150's look way better GM Silverado... Look at that Sierra its look like a Ford in front and Tundra copy Dodge. But I'm not putting down none of them, To me is what u like u get but don't talk trash.. Me I drive a 99 Silverado extended Cab 3 door and I love the look than I do of the 2007 through 2010 hopfully they we do better next design. But that my opinion. But I'm not gonna talk trash and I don't have to agree with you either.. If they would just build 1 Truck than we all wouldn't have nothing to argue about... RIGHT!!! LOL

Ford, GM, Dodge ect. spend millions on new designs even before they start production. Focus groups get to look at the various choices and get a say in what they like or don't like. They are very careful in trying not to alienate their loyal customers. Pickup guys are extemely conservative, so it makes the process of introducing a new design even more risky. No one wants to make another Edsel. I would suspect that one of the reasons Schiavone left is because Ford wants to head in a new design direction. The design of the next Ford F150 and SD probably started shortly after the current design hit the streets.

Can you say creative differences? I'm sure Ford wanted to go one way and he wanted to go another. I'm not gonna say the new F150 or the new SD is ugly but they could have been better looking. As for why they don't look like the earlier SD and have a larger grille is because of the new Diesel requirements for cleaner burning diesels. The grille is that big to help with the cooling required. I think Dodge got it right with the look of their truck but who is gonna buy a Dodge with all the trouble they are having now? Only a die hard Dodge fan! And that new Chevy boxed look... Ewwww. I think its worse than the Ford. If I had to take a guess I think Ford has been reading PUTC and a few other sites and sees what all us guys are saying about how much better looking the Dodge is and wants to go in that direction and Pat Schiavone didn't. It's that simple.

Making fun of Ford for one of their guys going to an appliance company? Who do you think owns Fridgidaire. That would be GM and now you know where their parts come from.

Truth is that rarely do these guys have success for extended periods of time. You have some success one maybe two home runs, couple singles.. Manufacturers can't afford a strikeout. Like a songwriter. Good album or two, then it dries up and your done. Unless its country, then you just buy another hit and sing it like you mean it.

We need Chip Foose to be the next designer... If you remember he made a F-150 with Duals out back with cuts in the rear bumper, thats where Dodge copy from his work... LOL I was gonna buy a Dodge Ram but when I found out there was no 6 speed Tranny yet. Aww Chuck But waitin on the new 6.4 Hemi comin out in 3/4 ton Ram heard its a 450 HP. Gosh thats WILD!!! Happy Truckin...

I`m sorry to see the exodus from Ford,the only US auto maker not with their hand out.I take inspiration from this company and the realistic vehicle`s they are trying to interest the American buyer in.The US buyer`s are terribly narrow minded on the auto`s they prefer.But Ford is doing a great job of producing attractive , efficient vehicle`s.Cuddo`s Ford.Keep up the good work.We are paying attention. Paul Van Wagner USMC Veteran

na. don't like the news. to bad he isn't going to stay, thats a shame, and Ford should not sell volvo, it has helped them gain in expertiece. they should also buy to where they own at least 35% of mazda rather than 13-15%.

@Greg: You do realize that GM sold off Frigidaire like 30 years ago, right?

Schiavone was a good designer, but I don't much care for what he's done to the F-150 or the Super Duty over the past few years. And mind you, I was a loyal Ford man and ran up 200K+ miles on three Fords from 1987 to '97 models. All three were damn good trucks, but I won't buy another. I traded the '97 for an '03 Ram with the V6/stick and 170K miles later, I'm still satisfied.

Sure, I want a truck to work hard. But I'd like it to have some style, too. "Daylight doors" and making the thing look like the box the Ram came in just doesn't work for me.

Yeah Electrolux owns them now and who cares if this guy switches jobs. Its none of our business as I am sure he had his reasons. I personally didnt like the direction he took the 150 but that doesnt mean he was a crappy designer. Your never going to please everyone, thats what makes us human.

Ford trucks has shown loyalty over 33 years and has shown leadership over other manufacture companies on dificult times and has resolve problems by themselfs this shows that no other company has the same reputation as ford trucks and do not compare to other companies ...ford trucks always has been the best and always will be Thank you ford for building such great truck.

Bummer for ford. I hope He is doing well at Whirlpool. They're lucky to have him!

not a super common name where Pat born

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