First Official Pictures of the Volkswagen Amarok

First Official Pictures of the Volkswagen Amarok

The first pictures and several key details of the midsize Volkswagen Amarok have hit the interwebs ahead of its Dec. 15 world debut.

Unlike the Volkswagen Pickup Concept shown last year, which featured an integrated body like the Honda Ridgeline, the production version of the Amarok follows a conventional body-on-frame layout with the cargo box separate from the passenger cabin. The Amarok's spartan interior styling stays close to the concept's simple cockpit.

The Amarok will initially be available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder common rail injection diesel engine rated at 163 horsepower and 295 pounds-feet of torque. That oil burner will be followed later by a second diesel rated at 122 hp and 250 pounds-feet of torque. A 21-gallon fuel tank is expected to provide more than 600 miles of driving range. A direct-injection gasoline engine will also be offered.

Head-on picture of the VW Amarok

Depending on configuration and powertrain, the Amarok will be able to haul up to 2,300 pounds (1.15 tons) and tow up to 5,600 pounds (2.8 tons). The only passenger configurations that will be offered will be a four-door double cab and a two-door regular cab. There are no plans for an extended cab version.

Three trim packages will be available: Basic, Trendline and Highline. The entry-level Basic trim features manually operated windows, door locks and mirrors. The middle-of-the-road Trendline adds a painted front bumper and mirror skull caps that match the body color, plus electric door locks and mirrors. It will also include a radio and CD player, air conditioning and fog lamps. Both the Basic and Trendline Amaroks will roll on 16-inch wheels. The upscale Highline includes chromed mirrors, painted wheel arches, higher quality interior components and 17-inch aluminum wheels.

Volkswagen hopes to sell up to 100,000 trucks annually in the competitive global market for small pickups. The Amarok will be produced at a VW plant in Pacheco, Argentina and sold in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. There are no plans to sell it in the U.S.

VW Amarok Rear Three-Quarter View

Three driveline choices will be available: Full time all-wheel drive, part time all-wheel drive and rear wheel drive only. In the all-wheel drive version, a Torsen differential will distribute torque at a 40-to-60 ratio to the front and rear axles. Hill hold assist, hill descent control and a rear differential lock will be optional features.

VW Amarok Interior Picture

VW Amarok Interior Picture

[Source: Volkswagen]


Looks great IMHO. I even like the 80's stylin' double chrome rollbar in the back. I'm kinda surprised at how well they were able to adapt the corporate VW face to the truck. It's a shame it won't be offered in the US though, especially with those oil burning powerplants. Not sure that I like the Honda Pilot tail lights though...

Dang! All the good trucks are sold overseas and NOT in the US! I call it love at first official sight...absolutely love it! And it's a COMPACT...I'm not hauling anything heavy; I would drive one. Mahindra TR look out!

Diesel engine(s) is all I needed to hear! Looks great and is a capable little pick-up from what this report says.

Its a shame that it wont be sold in the U.S.! Though im not suprised....sadly. The U.S. gets shafted when it comes to diesel diversity. I love our diesel trucks, but a bigger mix would be fun. The more diesel the better IMAO.

Not sure it would sell well, but then again it just might. I would be interested to see how it would do.

It really is too bad this isn't coming to N. America. For light-duty stuff, that looks like one very nice truck.

The greenhouse, side view, and rear view look like a Colorado/Canyon ......

It looks nice, I'd prefer this vehicle over the Mahindra. Too bad it won't be offered in North America. I wonder if it would require the same DEF and DPF emissions equipment that the full size trucks are burdened with? I bet that's the main reason why you won't see it here.

This is basically what Ford should bring out for the F100.

It has plenty of towing and hauling capacity for the average consumer, it should get good fuel mileage from the small diesel (or even the probably small DI gas engine), and it offers a choice of stick or automatic, AWD or RWD, and four door or two doors. It's simple and it fills a perfect niche.

Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever see anything like it over here....and if we do, we'll probably only get a version that is gas, automatic, and has four doors.

I'm glad everybody has already decided this is a good truck, when it hasn't even been released. Anyhow, if VW did sell this thing here in America, it won't be around the Ranger/Dakota/Colorado price range, it will be more the F150/Ram 1500 price range... and just as you pull out your wallet to buy one, a new F150 Lariat will drive past, and you will put your wallet back in your pocket and drive away from the VW dealer.
Having said all that, if VW wanted this to work in the US, it needs a longer wheelbase version to offer a larger pickup bed, and a couple of bigger power trains. 3L V6 diesel from the Touareg, and 4.0L V6 gas motor from the Routan. Keep the pricing competitive with the rest of the midsize, and VW just might have something to offer to have the best midsize in America.

Too bad no north amerca, if it's a diesel suv then it's perfect for me. Vw tiguan is too girly and it's a toy ute not suv... Need tdi mid size affordable suv for guys....

We already have the best truck: F-series, Raptor, Ram, Silverado. More good trucks are coming like the F-100. Amarok will be good for an appearance buyers, but those have dipped to about 6% in 2009, down from 30%in previous years. It won't cut it for the average hauler or tower. The Bed is too small for hauling and the 5k towing capacity and 163 hp will not be suited for towing. Amarok is nothing special. Mahindra is a joke and doesn't even deserve to be called a truck. I will let you have the last word....

Looks OK but engines are too small to be competitive against the Asian opposition. Price should be competitive with the other Asian Pickups.

I wonder if Volkswagon is going to offer longer beds and some other engine choices for Australian makert. The Ford Ranger with say an optional 4.4 diesel would simply blow this away.

I don't like the design - front-end looks softy and as far I can see the interior - seats are similar to European VW's = hard upholstered and uncomfortable for longer routes...

BRING IT TO THE STATES! So much better than the Honda Ridgeline or the Dodge Dakota midsize offerings here.

It is shame it is not going to be offered in the states. I would for sure have it high on my list to check out, next time I am in the market for a new truck. I really like the looks of this truck.

I like it, hell of alot better then the Ridgeline thats for sure.

Why bother showing/telling us about this pick-up wannabee if it's not gonna be available here.........

It's a runabout - not a truck for working in. The bed may haul 2,300 pounds but most real hauling takes a lot more room. And the roll bars would just get in the way. Leave this one overseas if you need a hard worker. I'm betting the F100 will be put together with this in mind.

I am very disappointed that this truck will not come to the US. We need more compact truck options with affordable Diesel engines. VW makes great cars. I am sure they would make a great pickup truck.


vw please make sat nav as an option if you want to get in with the rest in the UK . cheers

If VW brings this over, it would probably have the ZF 8hp45.

VW doesn't make (pick-up)trucks, they're either re-badged Toyota's or in this case a Mitsubishi.

Not in this case . they have started from scratch. they seem to have got the drive train right but 2.0 engine . not sure about that one when the 2.5 and 3.0 pickups are still not enough power in some cases. No auto box in the UK when all of UK sits in traffic all day. big big mistake. huge ....

I think this would be closer to the Explorer Sport-Trac in size? If so sign me up, I bet it gets better mileage & you can actually get a manual tranny. The US has no light-duty truck diesel options AT ALL.

This is awesome. The South African Market wil take this up big time. Big competion for Hilux I think. And also, I like the fact that they are going as emssion friendly as possible. That is probably why it wont hit the US market as the american drivers want trucks that guzzle fuel as they always have. Have not had the mind shift yet.

This is what i have been waiting for in all double Cabs. It is beautiful and superb. I can't wait for the price,have been contemplating of buying a car but not anymore,i will wait for Amarok

Offer a small diesel pickup with optional AWD that gets 35mpg+ in the U.S. and you will sell more than you can make. Towing, horsepower etc. are thoroughly covered by American manufacturers. Four cylinder, high mileage pickups, are not available, yet the market exists. Just look at the asking prices and availability of older four cylinder pickups for confirmation. Why are American manufacturers producing small trucks that will fit in the bed of my 7800 pound F-250, but get about the same mileage? If you wait until Washington grants us $4.00 a gallon fuel, we won't be able to afford them, due to a complete lack of work.

someone has to tell those guy to sael it n the us

Currently own 2 Dodge cummins and a volkswagen Beetle TDI. As a long term VW diesel owner and serious pickup owner, this is one of the best ideas I've see in a long time. As someone else pointed out, a midsize/compact pickup that actually gets good mileage will sell like hot cakes as long as the price isn't too greedy. I personally would love to replace one , or maybe both, of my Dodges with a pickup that can tow 5k and get 30 mpg or better (empty) on hwy. My needs are like many folks, moderate towing and ability to haul reasonable cargo that is messy or smelly. I had my days being a knuckle headed ki with my "go fast and make noise" days. I want adequete, thrify, comfortable, good quality. VW appears to have something that might fit the bill. Ford could but isn't, GM could, but isn't, Dodge could, but isn't. If Honda had put a small diesel in the Ridgeline, I would own one.

Here the first video of the Amarok in the parking area of Rally Dakar filmed on December 29, 2009 in Buenos Aires.

what is the price in south africa Please urgent

looks ?????? Great

Get with the's a very economical diesel, the US attitude that pollution is Ok must die. Over consuming of the worlds resources because of the 'we've always drived gas guzzling V8's' in now considered obscene for no real performance advantage and selfish by the rest of the world. You'll never ditch the rest of the world's colocquilism of 'yanks', unless this attitude is dropped. Get a grip on who really controls your country (big oil and big business) makes you all and your politicians....puppets or in your terms muppets!!!
Glad I'm not a yank and I sleep real well at night!

Cheers Vaughan

I sure hope VW sees the light and offers this vehicle in the snow belt and Canada. Torsen center differential with rear locking differential is just what we need in the winter. I love the non-gimmicky clean interior look.

What are the interior and the exterior dimensions of the VW Amarok?

Us consumers don`t understand this is a direct competition to the hilux/navara/dmax and all those japanese diesel trucks sold all over the world.
VW will sell this truck like hot pancakes.

The car looks good, but I find this is very similar in design to most bakkies that you get on the SA/Nam market.
If this car lasts anything as long as e.g. a Toyota Landcruiser & is also good for off-road driving it would be great. Only time will tell. It's the first car of this type that they would be bringing out in our market plus if some exorbitant price then you would rather not have it scratched while driving off road. Maybe not a workhorse? I agree thought that it would be competition for Hilux/Navara etc. - depending on the price range they would be bringing it out at.

maybe if we swing this volkwagen pickup to the OBAMA ADMIN.volkwangen sold diesel pickup trucks in the late 1980's why not now since our county so dependence on other country oil american need a break on small dependable diesel pickup truck especial those that commute over five-hundred miles a week.let us write our congressman/woman about this need for consumer that wants this vehicle. thank you

well, i have 2 test drive 1 soon, to discover the power of this bakkie

Maybe they wont let a small diesel into the U.S., but was wondering why they could'nt put some sort of pick-up chassis on something like the new Chevy Equinox with a.w.d. that still gets the 30+ highway they're advertizing on the new ones w gas engine

First VW since the Thing I've been excited about. But sadly, I cannot get one new, either. VW Just doesn't market to Americans. The Truck is what we want. Gas and Diesel options... The mid-west would be the place to try a sale or market research it... But I have friends on the West Coast that love their mini trucks... So...

Why won't we be able to get this in the U.S? Smells like a bak door deal to me.

I love the vw product lines and the amorock p u I know it would be great for USA to be blessed with this truck but oil powers wantbto build more gas guzzlers to keep robbing Americans and europe as well ...not about clean air it's about greed.thanks...

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