Ford to Offer Graphics Wraps for F-Series and Ranger Pickups

Ford to Offer Custom Graphics Wraps for F-Series and Ranger Pickups

Via our friends at Autoblog, starting in 2010, Ford is partnering with Original Wraps to offer custom vinyl exterior graphics for the Ranger, F-150 and Super Duty pickups trucks. The graphics, which are similar to the 'digital mud' decals already offered for the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, feature a thin, photo quality protective membrane that adheres to body paint and helps protect it from occasional nicks and scratches without voiding a truck's warranty. They're expected to cover small portions of the truck to full body panels.

There are a few caveats that buyers should be aware of before putting the wraps on their trucks, according a FAQ page that Ford has published for the new Fiesta compact car. Owners with wrapped vehicles should avoid car washes that use brushes or high pressure nozzles. Hand washing is recommended over automated washes. Wax shouldn't be applied to the stickers either. When cared for properly, the graphics are designed to last anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

Custom wrapped F-150

Ford says the F-150 wraps will be available by Spring with Ranger and Super Duty graphics to follow sometime later in 2010 at Ford dealers.

For now, visit the Ford Custom Graphics website for a sneak preview and additional information.

[Source: Ford via Autoblog]

Custom wrapped Super Duty


So is Fix or repair daily
Found on road dead
F&^#ed on recent deal available as a graphic?????

Wow, this is so news worthy.

The OEM's keep moving more and more into traditional aftermarket areas. If an accessory is popular why not offer it to your customers first. Ford seems to be the most "on the ball' when it comes to offering their clients the most choices. It is no wonder that they are #1 in sales.
Taiwon - you took it easy on Will Dawg this time. I killed myself laughing the last time you made a post. I like this one too;)

Hey Will Dawg - how about :
"F"inancially "O"rganized "R"eliable "D"rive
I think that works better than:
"G"overnment "M"oney "C"orporation or
"F"imancially "I"n "A" "T"oilet

@ Lou N

Dodge was offering graphics packages back in 02 already. They still do. I didnt see that making news headlines.

As for your cheep shots and Chrysler and GM, Remember: Ford didn't take any government money, but they did take out HUGE loans at interest rates much higher then GMs or Chryslers government rates. When these loans come due Ford will be in the white house's front steps too.


This site is getting more Ford Biased every day, which really become annoying. I bet most people come to this site to get news about pickuptrucks, not Ford's new graphics packages. I would much rather see no news, then a "bending over to Ford" atricle every day.

@Dumb: It's the weekend before Christmas and truck news is slow right now. This factory truck wrap thing isn't big news but it's notable because it goes way beyond what's been done in the past.

WRT to Ford bias - sure, that's why Monday to Friday last week we published a Suzuki Equator blog about our road trip from Texas to California. That's also why we've given the Ram Power Wagon lots of coverage on the site recently plus VW Amarok and Mahindra.

If you're talking about 5.0-L V-8 and Ford holding the line for 6.7-L engine pricing. Those are both very newsworthy items.

I've got lots of details on the 2011 GM HD pickups but I'm under an embargo that says when I can deep dive into the information. It's not now.

Ford bias? Give me a break.

I almost forgot. We're planning something big for 2010. It's definitely not Ford-related. Stay tuned.

Don't waste your breath Mike. The vast majority of PUTC readers know you're doing an outstanding job, and look forward to your articles and appreciate the time you put into this site. There will always be one or two losers in the field. Keep up the great work. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

First to offer graphics and a$$. My 05 duramax came withfull wrap on bottom body panels four years ago. My wifes 09 Vibe also come with large graphic package. I don't think this site is Ford biased at all. Ford happens to be releasing new vehicles lately and Mike L. and crew are doing their job and reporting on them. Ford is a big company that needs to try lots of things to try and get new customers because of past scew ups with their worst in class diesel trucks(absolute junk). Ford needs graphics on their trucks so at least they look good when they are being towed to Dealership. Hey Lou N. around these parts ranchers and loggers are useing GM and Dodge Heavy Duty trucks way more than Fords now. Our family atends as many Rodeo`s as possible and we all have noticed way more dodge trucks in the RV/horse trailer parking section than Ford truck,and it wasn`t long ago that Ford was the majority. Goes to show Ford is losing more in the Heavy Duty segmeent.

It's not Mike's bias. It's just that Ford arguably builds the best trucks. The F-150 won the shootout. Mike wants a Raptor in his garage. And the F-450 is in a class all its own. He is just telling it like it is.

Seeing as how the goverments of 2 countries have invested "YOUR" money in these companies, you would be STUPID to not fully patronize them , thus protecting your investment, and supporting any hope of success. Or , you could keep supporting the foriegn manufactuers that continue to take your money out of the country, under the guise of "we assemble a few models in the USA , or Canada, therefore we are not foriegn...WAKE UP, and PULL the ROPE in the SAME DIRECTION! The choice is yours.

Oh Ya....The sticker thing is cool too. You can rewrap instead of repaint....they just have to find a way to do it reasonably...quick, but not cheap!

Scion offered large decals on XB models years back.
That big "XB" decal behind the front wheels.

I don't like graphics on my trucks, keep it clean looking.

What Mike has the info on the 2011 GM heavy duty trucks ? when is the embargo over ? Oh and as to the wraps I think real tree camo would be sweet .

I ditto with BigBob, However, if I wanted to stand out I would like changeable graphics for my car.

@ Dumb Of course they're going to talk about Ford; they have the number selling trucks in America. They're all the rage this Christmas with boys and girls...F150s and Barbie Dolls...Hey I'd like to see Barbie in a pink F150 with Barbie graphics!

All I want for Christmas is a Diesel Ford motor that is as reliable or more reliable than the ole 7.3L was... Which gets me to thinking, if these new motors are all less in displacement then why couldn't Ford or International crank up the horsepower and torque with those motors? Instead they built the 6.0 (which was junk until they figured it out) and the 6.4 which is having a hard time making it to only 100,000 miles... and did in the Ford / International relationship. Other than the ole Dodge Cummins was there ever a more reliable Diesel motor in a pickup? I want one of the new super dutys when they come out but I will wait for a year to see how everyone is making out with it. I love the Dodges, prettiest truck on the road and the cummins in first rate but the Dodge just don't hold up as well as the Chevy's and Fords do... at least where I live.

I have a 1999 Ford F 150 XLT, its been a great truck etc!

But I needed to get a set of the lower stripe on the two tone paint, the truck is white and has harvest gold bottom! They made a lot of trucks with this color combination from 1999 to 2003!
I called a local Ford Dealer and he said they quit carrying the pin stripe, I got a Ford Motorcraft online service and got the same reply!

My point is if Ford is going to discontinue parts that quickly plus they never gave a alternative source I would be hard pressed to order graphics or other striping on a Ford Product!

@ Mike

I didnt mean to attack you. I think you do a great job with the site (I've been watching this website for years). It just makes me mad that latley most of what is posted on here Ford small news stuff. It seems to me that only news you see from GM and Dodge is big news stuff.

I know that pickups are more then just domestics brands these days, but they are the only ones I care about, so big long articles about VW's just don't tickle my fancy. More my fault then yours, but it seems like every other day there is a small article about something Ford has done, or not done in some articles. I ask, why isn't there as many articles about what GM or Dodge has done or not done?

@dumb - why do you consider my acronym's a cheap shot but not Will Dawg's? If it makes you feel any better: I apologize for stooping as low as many of the people on this site who partake in childish brand bashing!
I didn't say Ford was the first to offer graphics packages, I said, "Ford seems to be the most "on the ball' when it comes to offering their clients the most choices." I find it laughable that anyone would think this site is Ford biased.
@oldfrt - " Or , you could keep supporting the foriegn manufactuers that continue to take your money out of the country, under the guise of "we assemble a few models in the USA , or Canada, therefore we are not foriegn...WAKE UP, and PULL the ROPE in the SAME DIRECTION"
- now then:
Do you realize that Hummer just got purchased by the Chinese?
Do you realize the deal Fiat has with Chrysler and the US government will give Fiat (Italian) controlling interest of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep in a few short years. That would then make them a foreign company. Any domestic company who makes their vehicles in a foreign country hurts their home country. Are you willing to stop buying many Ford, GM, or Chrysler/Dodge products to support the "truly" American or Canadian made products out there?
Even vehicles that are considered "domestic" have roughly 75 - 85% Canadian and American made parts. Here are a few links you should look at:
People will not support products from companies with uncertain futures. JD Power released a study stating "Among brands that were avoided due to concerns over their future viability, the top five are domestic brands: Chrysler, Dodge, HUMMER, Pontiac and Saturn". The report said 1 out of 5 (20%) of buyers will not buy a vehicle from a company with an uncertain future. I think Dodge with it's "Ram" name change is contributing to the uncertainty around this brand.

I support my DODGE (Don't Over Do Granny Engine) LOL and my FORD (First on racing Days}. Its ashame some of these folk don't know how to read and then make a negative talk. All 3 Truck are good. Anything more on the Nissan Titan Body styling? Mike you doin such a good job on this site and keep it up.. Merry Christmas Buddy

@Dumb: Ill see what I can do to find the smaller stories about Dodge, GM, Toyota and Nissan. Stay tuned. Ive got two GM stories lined up for the coming week.

sounds good mike.

So you can't wax where the vinyl is and it only lasts 3 to 5 years????? So what happens after that, it looks like s**t and it probably won't come off, just what I want on a 40,000 dollar truck.

It's a neat idea but the durability issues make it not a very appealing option

I just love how people label themselves.

Dumb & Stupid, got to love the honestly

I get the impression that the whole idea behind the graphics is that they are a changable accessory. If a few years down the road , you don't like them any more you remove them.

Ford,the only company not asking for a hand out.Right on Ford

@Frank - how right you are;)

I just love how all these negative comments keep coming in towards Ford. Probably some of the people on here talking bad about them either A. Isn't old enough to buy a vehicle, or B. Doesn't have the money to afford anything more than an old beater. If Ford Trucks were crap like all you whiners claim, then why have they been the best selling for over 30 years straight. I worked at a shop with GM guys and they said they love GM to death, but when it came to Heavy Duty trucks, none could compare to Ford. Sure, their Diesel engines have had problems, nothing is ever going to be perfect. Dodge has had numerous problems with Transmissions that no one on these comments has mentioned and so did GM until they went to Allison. There's a difference there, Ford builds their stuff in house now. They no longer go out and buy other company's products, stamp their names on it and put it in their truck like GM and Dodge. Stop Whining you babies.

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