Mahindra's U.S. Distributor Says First Trucks On Sale By Spring

Mahindra's U.S. Distributor Says First Trucks On Sale By Spring

Mahindra’s new diesel-powered TR20 and TR40 small trucks will be on sale by the spring, said John Perez, CEO of Mahindra’s distributor Global Vehicles USA. 

“As of today, we are projecting that the vehicles will be on sale in the middle of spring, [2010],” Perez said in a webcast video to Mahindra’s U.S. dealer network.

In August, the launch was pushed back to February.

Mahindra has completed all the testing needed to ensure the Indian-built pickups meet U.S. federal standards, Perez said. The company expects that certification paperwork will be submitted for approval to the government in January and approved by February.

Mahindra TR Series pickups will be offered in two cab configurations: a two-door regular cab and a four-door crew cab. Both will use a slightly modified version of Mahindra's mHawk 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder diesel engine that meets U.S. emissions regulations. It's expected to have fuel economy ratings as high as 30 mpg and 1.3-ton hauling capability. Pricing is expected to start around $22,000.

[Source: Global Vehicles USA]

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Bring it on!

Great if you don't care about comfort... or style... or payload... or towing... or accelerating... or stopping... or handling...or your life... or your dignity...or the US economy...or........

Sweet , i hope someone makes a winch bumper replacement for it that front bumper looks a little busy . the TR20 looks the best of all thumbs up .

I hope it is successful enough that it encourages Ford, GM and Chrysler to make small trucks with small diesels. Simple as that.

Taylor Said
Sweet , i hope someone makes a winch bumper replacement for it that front bumper looks a little busy . the TR20 looks the best of all thumbs up.

We still don't know what the truck will look like. If you pay careful attention in the video Perez shows us a foreign version Pik Up. Wonder when we will get to see the final version.

(I really want a TR20)

Most of the changes being done now, and over the past few months, are under the skin. I don't think there'll be alot of difference from what you see above, except for the brush bar on the front bumper, as seen in the link below:

I expected a demo tour announcement a few months back.

Mahindra&Mahindra.... When you just dont care anymore

Oh, just wait for the new totally retooled 3.6Lt V6 Colorados or Canyons coming out in 011 or 012. Tacomas up for retooling also. Help the USA!

@ Alex, Nope I don't care bout none of that stuff ! I JUST LIKE THE TRUCK! Vast majority of truck owners never use one tenth of their trucks capabilities!And SAFETY IS FOR GIRLIE MEN!!! GIT-R-DONE!!!!

Lets see. Would I rather support an independent businessman willing to put up his own money bringing in useful, fuel efficient trucks from the world's biggest Democracy or throw my money towards a socialist company like Government Motors.

Py, you say you don't care now, but IF you survived a severe crash in that thing, cos it will crash when it can't handle the corners and slide off the road.. having the cabin crush you might make you change your mind... you might not feel so tough then :-) Man just looking at that ugly POS makes me wanna smash it LOL.

You know what makes me go huh is why didn't Toyota federalize a new Hilux as a work truck and bring it into the USA first thereby heading off Mahindra at the pass and a foothold in the USA , if Toyota sold the Hilux RCLB 4x4 I would absolutely bust my a$$ and my bank account getting down to the local Toyota dealer to throw down my money on new Hilux but i wont even consider a Tacoma / Tundra now . as it stands now Toyota USA has nothing that i want even if it ate into Tacoma and Tundra sales it would still get people like me who wont even consider a Tundra / Tacoma

Mahindra&Mahindra.... When you just dont care anymore
Posted by: GM88

lol. exactly.

Not everyone needs a 3.6-liter V6 that gets MAYBE 20 mpg highway. The Mahindra's 2.2-liter engine is good for around 235 pounds of torque, good enough to tow maybe maybe 4000 pounds or a little more, and get 30 mpg.

The Mahindra TR20 will not be competing against the Colorado or Canyon. Some prospective buyers will compare it to the Tacoma and Ranger, and it will beat both of those in towing power and fuel efficiency.


"Great if you don't care about comfort... or style... or payload... or towing... or accelerating... or stopping... or handling...or your life... or your dignity...or the US economy...or........"

Actually, the payload and towing capacity are excellent for a small pickup truck -- the Ranger and the Colorado are about the same size. Also, the MPGs are excellent. Trucks are for hauling heavy objects and getting work done -- and, according to my brother-in-law who builds houses for a living, it's not a real truck if you can't clean out the interior with a garden hose. If your main requirements for a vehicle are comfort, style and driving-fun, and crashworthieness, why are you looking at a pickup truck?

It sounds like you really want a luxury car or a sports car from an American nameplate... May I suggest a Cadillac CTS or a Ford Mustang?

Why does everyone automatically assume this truck will be inferior to other trucks already on the market? Mahindra has engineered it to meet all the same federal standards that every other truck needs to meet. And from the published specs, it's going to have a better engine, transmission, and payload than every other compact truck on the market.

As for styling, REAL truck guys will love the "form follows function" styling on this truck. For those who use a pickup as an image/style accessory, it's probably not the sleekest, swoopiest bubble-mobile, but that's what all the other over-styled, under-performing pickups are for.

My biggest disappointment with the Mahindra (besides the delays coming to market and the decision to drop the name Appalachian) is the lack of a solid front axle on the 4x4 models. If Mahindra wanted to be taken seriously by those who really use and abuse their trucks, a Dana 60 rear and a Dana 44 front axle would be the ideal setup. Independent suspension is for mallcrawlers and 2wd vehicles.

Luke, the point is, my old F150 does have all the creature comforts, AND performs better as a truck. Ok it weighs more and has a gas V8 too, so naturally better for towing, and I get higher fuel consumption, but to use one of your arguments... you dont buy a truck for fuel economy, you buy a Mini.
Geoff, the Chinese and the Indians haven't exactly been known for their crash tests - or styling... or comfort... or technology.... or..... Not every car on the market meets the same standards. That is why Volvos and Mercs do well... and Mahindras don't.

Ahh, the old switchiroonni trick. Your 150 is better than a compact truck. To paraphrase your argument. Why would any body want to buy a Ranger.

Really I'm glad that someone is trying to build a true compact, fuel efficient pickup. If those masters of industry with Detroit Lockers for brains would have built what some of us want instead of leaving it to the Asians I would not be looking an an Indian truck to replace my F250

Dave, you would have had a point. IF I actually compared it to a Ranger to begin with. I didn't. I just said I hated it. I did before, I do now, and I will still hate it a year from now. No switcheroonies, no tricks. I just don't like it. Don't like my opinion? Deal with it. Though local manufacturers should offer diesel options on all the domestic light duty trucks, that is one thing the Mahindra may have to itself in the US. In Australia, where small diesel trucks are everywhere, the Mahindra has gone on the market unnoticed.

Alex, Mahindra's tractors are well-known here in America and have a great reputation for being solid, well-built machines. Mahindra looks to be planning to primarily market the TR-series pickups to the same people who own those tractors, and expand from there as other people discover this established brand.

Just because it's from India does not mean it won't be well-built. Just look at all the Indian-built Maruti Suzukis as an example of that - they're every bit as good as the Japanese-built Suzukis, which top anything from Toyota and Honda in end-user quality surveys.

All I'm saying is people should give the truck a chance to prove itself before passing judgment on it. When Honda and Toyota first appeared on our shores, they were laughed at with the exact same prejudices. If the Mahindra trucks turn out to be turds, then we can criticize them. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will prove to be all we're hoping for them to be.

Message from CEO, Global Vehicles

Looks like they deleted the video from gv website. But still available from youtube. Take a look before they remove it again. damn - why won't they let the public see it. are the dealers going to keep the car themselves. some ridiculous PR decision.

Don't be afreid of this truck if is well biuld belive me any car or truck meke it this way is ready have you see thos off roads in India

I am so glad someone is FINALLY putting a diesel in a non-3/4 ton pick-up! Great Job Mahindra!

I can look at the pictures and videos that are posted online and see it is not well built. If you want to see the kind of quality they put out, look here:

I also read the first drive that was posted on, and it was not reported to be a quality vehicle.

Quote: "It was impossible to walk up to these Indian vehicles for the first time without thinking they have to have deficiencies and wanting to immediately start calling them out. Quality, design, power, driving feel – you name it and the concern exists."

Also, you're spending about $4k more than a Ranger and get a truck that is far less refined, with questionable quality, iffy build quality, and marginally better fuel economy. The Ranger gets 27 mpg, so 30 mpg is only a small a boost in economy over an antique engine that is due to be replaced soon.


Those with longer attention spans than four paragraphs read the whole article. While the quote in Rodgers post is accurate, it comes before Mike has seen the truck. (And not the truck to be sold in the US but a foreign version, less refined.)

Here are some quotes from later in the article: (And yes I know that Mike has some concerns, that's why M&M are refining the car.)

*Mahindra has strengthened the looks of the front bumper..

*the bed is impressively deep and wide enough, at 5-feet 3-inches, easily handling 4x8 sheets of plywood.

*Overall, ride quality and noise, vibration and harshness is very competitive with current U.S. midsize pickups, if not superior to some. Shocking, we know, but it’s true

*Overall, we’re impressed with Mahindra’s four-cylinder diesel pickup truck – much more so than before we drove it.

Mike's review was favorable enough that some of us on these board are putting off buying a new truck until we get a chance to see on in person. That's what the pre-test-drive was intended to do.

Re: The comparison to the Ranger being lots cheaper for those of us who want a TR20 4WD

First of all there is no Ranger that has two doors, a long bed and 4WD.

The closest you can get is an XLT model, with 4 doors, a short 6' bed and a V6 that only gets14/18 12.2 combined. That for $26, 450 for the base model.

So lets see, thats as much or more and we get 2 doors that we don't need, a shorter bed with a gas guzzler that Ford will be stopping production on.

For me the Mahindra wins hands down. But I'll still wait until I see one and read Mikes review.

It is basically the same truck with the same sheet metal as per the article. I think you're only fooling yourself if you think this is quality. Just look at the pics. Enough said.

"First of all there is no Ranger that has two doors, a long bed and 4WD. The closest you can get is an XLT model, with 4 doors, a short 6' bed and a V6 that only gets14/18 12.2 combined. That for $26, 450 for the base model."

Wrong. There is no 2 door? So there is only 1 door? You don't know what you're writing. As for the 4 door Ranger, it is $22k and gets 21 mpg highway.

Speaking of attention spans, the article states the Mahindra STARTS at $22k. That means it will start at $22k. You're comparing the higher trim level XLT with 4 doors to the starting price of the stripped down base model 2 door Mahindra and claiming it costs more.

The article also says the Mahindra will get UP TO 30mpg. The keywords are "as high, up to." That means not all of them will be *UP TO* 30 mpg. So the mpg is comparable to the antique Ranger. As Roger said, the Mahindra will have maybe a year before Ford or whoever comes out with a Ranger with comparable economy and an all around better package at a better price.

Boy it's hard to communicate with none English speakers.

I said: "Re: The comparison to the Ranger being lots cheaper for those of us who want a TR20 4WD." and "First of all there is no Ranger that has two doors, a long bed and 4WD. The closest you can get is an XLT model, with 4 doors, a short 6' bed and a V6 that only gets14/18 12.2 combined. That for $26, 450 for the base model."

If you actually read the Ford Ranger site. (You may have to get a translator.) you will notice that 1. there is NO long bed rangers, only 6ft. In order to get a four wheel drive you need to purchase a 4.0L V6, and a Super Cab 4 door. Add $6,150 to the price of the car.

And if you actually read the US Government fuel economy site (it's in English, sorry) it states that the Ford Ranger 4WD gets 14 city, 18 highway, combined 15

I want a long bed, 4WD two door. Mahindra will make the only one I can find.

I think this is the ugliest vehicle I have ever seen. They are going nowhere with this truck. Look how long it took Toyota to get a decent foothold on the U.S. truck market. And they are a pretty well respected car company.
Does Mahindra really think it has a chance to jump into the U.S truck market with this hideous looking thing?
Do they know that truck owners are very loyal? They are going to have to do a lot better than this, to break into the U.S. truck market.
This truck is going to be a colossal failure.

if it fails, if will fail not because of the product but the distributor they have chosen.
Global Vehicles sounds like a scam artist in the making.

In a time when brands are shutting down and the car market is trying to find "normal" again, now seems to be a risky time to bring more competition into the arena. However, the Mahindra's diesel offering (and capabilities) may indeed set ti apart...and we'll see if that's enough to make a difference. After such a long wait, this Mahindra product really needs to shine and have extraordinary appeal.

I think that assuming one way or another is foolish. I am hopeful that this is all that it's cracked up to be...but i'm certainly not holding my breath considering all of the delays and negative press associated with the vehicle itself and Perez. But saying it's junk based on pictures seems kinda ignorant. Maybe just hoping it will be junk in some misplaced show of nationalism and loyalty to American brands. As has been said before, if the U.S. manufacturers had built vehicles that people want, then no one would be excited about this product(as referenced by the comment about it going unnoticed in the Australian market). I am excited about this, and would be about a frontier, ranger or tacoma(or even Hilux) diesel...I signed up for one of the early test drives of one of the M&M trucks, we'll see.

I hope this will serve as a wake up call to GM to start production of the 4.5L Duramax for the half tons. Don't Ford and Dodge both also have a light duty diesel engine in the works? The Hilux diesel would be the best if Toyota figured out how to get it over here.

I'd like it a lot more if it had a manual Trans as an option.

I will need a new work truck (solar energy the past 33 years , will need to attach rack) and am looking for the most fuel-efficient light pick-up . Am open to all ideas , yet can't handle using a heavy-duty American heavy-duty diesel truck for my work .

trying my best

i don't know why everyone is spazing out over this truck. we were bound to get something form india or china sooner or later. If this truck can get deliver on what it says then if nothing else fleets will buy it up. If it delivers then maybe we can get some decent mpg out of compacts. if it delivers on payload i will be freaking amazed over a ton is a lofty goal but hey if it delivers then awesome. If it fails then it fails. People keep preaching buy american but thats not the basis of a free market economy like the one we have.
if it delivers great if it fails it fails.

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Maybe some need to get over the fact that this truck will rule the midsize market.

I'm a huge diesel-power advocate for applications in lighter duty applications. Not only can one get a 20-30 percent, empty-bed improvement on fuel economy, but there are other advantages. Small diesels offer the opportuntiy to improve fuel economy almost 60% when used near utility capacities. Small diesels can out perform similarly-displaced, gas-powered units in the area of low-to-medium RPM range (the range in which people really need the power/torque but don't realize it until they actually drive one). Added to that, small diesel applications have the opportunity (if design and quality are up to par) to provide much better durability when used for high-utility applications, since they can haul and tow without the high RPM required from similarly gas-powered units.

To put this in more simple terms. If this truck is well designed and engineered up to the level of other manufacturers' products, it will revolutionize the medium pickup truck market. People in America will begin to learn why diesel power is so popular elsewhere in the world. But if this product is inferior in performance and quality than is possible in today's market, it will have the opposite effect regarding the opportunity for small diesels for America.

For the sake of America retooling for superior, diesel powertrains, I hope it is hugely successful!

I like the truck. If the big 1 and bankrupt 2 cared about the U.S economy maybe the would sell the diesel rangers and canyons they sell every where else in the world except here in the U.S in the U.S.( Maybe to much competition for the 20 - 22 mpg F-150's and Sierras). I seen a beautiful TDI 4 door ranger in Germany this summer and wondered why the europeans can get them and not the U.S. I hope the truck does well that will make everyone else step up and gives us the consumer more variety.

I would buy the 4-door in a heartbeat. Looking forward to the HYBRID model next year. I love the all-around capabilities:
-Go to the mountain to play in the snow
-4X4 long bed for those honey-do lists
-can use with veggie oil
-hauls kids + mattress in the back for the drive-in
-can tow wood splitter, small machinery, firewood

In other words, this truck caters to the AVERAGE American, not just the contractor.

A brief hypothetical dialogue:
The World: Hey USA, why do you insist on being so inefficient? Our diesel vehicles are 30-70% more efficient.
USA: Oh, because we own the world's oil supply and are milking the consumers for what we can get before the supply runs out and we have to change. It's great!
The World: Stupid question, we knew that.

I am an American. In a true free market economy, inefficient companies would die without government support. I would love to buy American, but the BIG 3 insist on being backwards and won't cater to change. My two diesel cars run on vegetable oil, which further touts the capabilities of diesel.

We are so ignorant. If you've traveled at ALL, you know that the Hilux is the best pickup out there, with Ranger and every other "American" truck catering to the international world's wants for diesel and efficiency. But they won't consider their home turf because we insist on being ignorant and will keep buying their gas-guzzling profit-making embarrassing vehicles.

Keep to the facts:
1. A diesel is at LEAST 30% more efficient than gas.
2. Can be run on renewable resources (ever hear of biofuels?)
3. Is FUN to drive. Ever hear of torque? Try it out.

-Ben Madison
Oregon native

-Ben Madison the Oregon native could not have said it any better! I hope we see some change, the USA needs it. And I need a small Toyota diesel pickup! My neighbor still has his 1984-85 toy diesel 4x4, still going strong. For those that dis-believe, just go on ebaymotors and do a search for a Toyota diesel pickup and see how high the demand is... Can't wait for the Mahindra, esp. if it brings us closer to more small pickups with diesel engines in them!

I wish everyone would stop trying to compare this truck to a ranger or any other midsize in the US. They don't compare, no one in the US makes a "small" diesel, quad cab that can haul 1.3 tons, tow at the "full" size rated trucks capacity, or do this at less that $30,000...The ranger spec'ed at as close to the TR-40 is "not" cheaper and "cannot" do what this truck can. And as far as quality this company has been making JEEPS for every country but the US since WW2...

I am a U.S. citizen expat and a veteran. I have lived and worked in several countries throughout the world. I currently work in Afghanistan. This truck makes the most sense to those of us that have had the opportunity to utilize a small truck with a diesel engine and to those who understand the advantages diesel engines.

I am like many others here. I want to buy American, I truly do. Unfortunately, the Big 3 have produced nothing but gigantic pieces of garbage for far too many years and, IMO, charged too much for inadequate quality.

I applaud the Big 3 for addressing their quality issues and they are currently producing very nice vehicles. Well, except for Chrysler, that poor company builds SOME vehicles very well but others are just not built to the quality that Ford and Chevy are currently producing.

I personally will not purchase a Chrysler or Chevrolet product. Not until they cut me a check for bailing their sorry a**** out.

My first project, many years ago, landed me in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our company had a fleet of these small four door Mitsubishi trucks. They were all 4X4 5-Speed with 4 cylinder diesels. I had never seen a truck like this before. I drove the absolute snot out of them. I was so impressed with their performance and fuel economy. They would go forever on a tank of fuel. And they were great off road performers.

I would have loved to bring one of those trucks back to the U.S. For me, it was the perfect vehicle. I wondered why in the heck we didn’t have these great little trucks in the U.S.

I believe that there is a market for this kind of truck in the U.S. Much more so than many people here think.

I read a lot of negative comments about the price and that will be left to debate until the trucks actually appear on dealer lots. Everyone wants a quality truck with a 10K sticker price. Seriously, how often do you get your cake and get to eat it to?? In most cases, you get what you pay for. If you haven’t learned that lesson in life yet, you need to re-evaluate your learning process. None of us will know if the truck is worth the price until they are here.

The replies about it being a POS are based on what?? Pure ignorance is my guess. I wish the oxygen thieves would just keep their opinions to themselves. Just because you have the right to an opinion doesn’t necessarily mean that you should give one….

From what I have read, this truck will have a U.S. exclusive interior that's been designed to American tastes (and sizes) by Michigan-based supplier Lear Corporation. It also has to meet U.S. safety and emissions requirements.

If the truck is a hunk of junk, we will all know about it within the first 6 months to a year after it arrives. I am looking forward to this truck and I hope it is everything that is being advertised because it’s EXACTLY what I need. If it isn’t, then I’ll exercise my right as an American to buy something else. Good luck Mahindra....

Yes it get 30 mpg, a ranger gets 28. They claim the payload capacity is 2765 lbs and a 5000 lb towing capacity... and people say Ford exaggerates payload and towing capacity? They say it starts at $22,000, the ranger starts at $17,820. All that you still can't fit a sheet of ply wood in the bed...


No one knows if the payload capacities have been exaggerated. If you want a Ford Ranger, then buy a Ford Ranger. It’s your choice. According to this article ( this little truck will hold a 4X8 sheet of plywood; just saying…. Sure, you can’t close the tailgate while it’s loaded with the plywood but who cares? You can easily secure such a load. Besides, how often does the average person load a truck with plywood? However, it’s nice to know that it will.

The Ranger starts at $17,820 and with destination charges, more like $18,500. Okay, that’s around $3500 less that what Mahindra wants for their base model. So, what kind of a Ranger do you get for that price? I built one on the Ford website. You get and truck with a vinyl seats, manual transmission (not necessarily a bad thing), AM/FM stereo, 143 horsepower and 154 pounds of torque.

The Mahindra starts at a claimed $22,000. So, what do you get for that? You get a 2.2 liter diesel with 140 horsepower and 236 pounds of torque (possibly more). More payload capacity, A/C-heat, disk brakes, electronic stability, power windows, locks and key-less entry, AM/FM/CD/USB audio system with MP3 playback, SD card slot and iPod adapter, and a six-speed trip-tronic/automatic transmission. Hmmmmm, let me think….

I’ll pay the extra $3500 for the truck that I want (if it is all that it claims to be).

Some people don’t want all of those extras and maybe you are one of those persons. If you are, then you should be completely happy with the base Ranger, enjoy it.

I however, DO want those features in a truck and if it cost a mere $3500 bucks more than a completely stripped down Ford Ranger, I will stand in line to buy one. JMO….

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