New Ram Trucks Website Quietly Debuts

New Ram Truck Website Quietly Debuts

Last month, Chrysler's new Ram brand debuted nationwide with a splashy 60-second television commercial during the World Series but the brand's new website has apparently gone live without as much as a peep from Auburn Hills.

Typing into a browser brings up the dedicated truck site that showcases the Ram 1500, Ram 2500 & 3500, Ram Chassis Cab and Dakota models. The Ram and Dakota models can no longer be found on Dodge's website. Instead, a link redirects visitors to

Even though Ram trucks now have their own unique destination on the Internet, the trucks will still be sold at Dodge dealers.


Still makes no sense! Yuck...

I still hate it. At least Daimler (although they weren't any better) didn't think to do something this stupid. I miss DODGE trucks. This is just Fiat's greedy, self-serving intentions. Because of things like this, I really do consider "marketing" a dirty word. I hope "RAM" fails.

I do not hope Ram fails..I would be stuck with a ugly truck...

Diaz just said in a recent interview that Ram will still fall under the Dodge umbrella and that the Dodge name will be somewhere on every vehicle,but not in advertising for the trucks..I too want the Dodge name on the Ram and I wonder where it will be...

This change from Dodge Ram to Ram doesn't make any sense. What exactly is the point of this other than making the name Ram sound funny? I also notice that the Dodge logo is still on the trucks and cars, so why separate the Dodge brand, but still keep the Ram logo?

And to top it off, I think the new Chrysler Commercials for the new "Ram" are the dumbest, cheapest, cheesiest powerpoints I've seen in a while, and the narrator in the background makes the truck sound tired and old.

just buy a titan and be done with it! :)


Apparently Dodge name will be on the trucks somewhere,look at the Detroit news article..Diaz just said it..

Also Jon, it takes time before they change the emblems on the cars,retool ect...6-12 months so by the 2011 model year the new emblems will be out..Yes dumb commercials,but it keeps you thinking how dumb the commercials are and it keeps the brand fresh in your head,and you go out and buy the product..ever notice 99.9%of the commercials are stupid,irritating..they do it for a reason..I cant think of a commercial I actually like..

DANIEL...a RAM is a hell of alot better than a Titan....or any other truck for that matter.

how is ram better than Titan?

I still think we all need to just keep calling it Dodge Ram, so Chrysler realizes its plan is failing and nobody is going to drop the Dodge thing.


A Ram is better than a Titan..

Ride Quality,looks,interior,body,chassis,tow rating,performance,reliability over all appeal with people.

Remember even Nissan knows the Ram is better than a Titan, they wanted to have a Ram rebadged as a Titan..

Dodge truck are not made in Mexico only assembled therefor keeping labor cost down due to our lovely Union costs. This is why foreig Co build there trucks in non UNion states. And where do you get the idea that 75% of Dodge parts are foreign made????? Proof???? I am not a fan of full size foreign trucks but lets get the facts straight before we go talking trash!!! Competition only makes us ALL better!!!!!

I agree with you Roc, I just wish they'd leave the Dodge a Dodge....I guess that shouldn't really matter to me being as I drive a chevy (I'm just a car nut). I get what your saying on the commercials too, they're like those annoying head-on commercials you use to see on TV.

I really can't understand why some of you guys are even upset about this. Please, help me understand.

Because the way I see it, it is still a Mopar truck, designed by the same people, built by the same people, coming from the same dealer, you will have the exact same experiences with the Ram as you did with the Dodge Ram. The only thing that changed is NOTHING.

The Chrysler's "Ram" brand is no different then GM's "GMC" brand. If Chevy stopped making the Silverado would GM truck sales drop any? No, because GMC is there.

If you don't like the RAM, just buy a Ford!!!!!

@d57h -Here are the facts: the Ram 1500 has less than 75% American made parts not 75% of the parts are foreign made. Even vehicles with high American made parts content rate around 85% American. A Canadian made part or vehicle counts as American made!
See the following link:
Excerpt this web site:
2010 Ram Heavy Duty Production Starts In Mexico
The Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickups are being manufactured at Chrysler's Saltillo Assembly Plant in Coahuila, Mexico. The Saltillo plant also produces the Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs.See the following link:
d57h - I agree that competition makes vehicles better. It doesn't bother me that Ram makes trucks in Mexico, just like it doesn't bother me that Ford's new diesel is made in Mexico. I also don't care if Hummer is owned by the Chinese. I also don't care if Toyota, or Nissan are Japanese. I do care about arguments or posts that make sense. I also agree if there is going to be "trash talk" one had better get their facts straight.

Who cares whats its called, its the same truck undernieth!

Ok so the ram coms in at 74% American made parts tho the Ram has more North american (USA,Canada,Mexico) made parts than pretty much anyone. As far as a mexican made truck goes you said it yourself "Chrysler's Saltillo ASSEMBELY Plant in Coahuila, Mexico" Assembly being the key word here, NOT made. This is why Dodge Ram's cost less while being #3 truck MFG.

I will tell you this the attention to detail on the Mexican trucks is much better than the ones that come out of the states. (Woder why hmmmmm LOL) I will say this as I have seen it alot in my 15 years of working for Chrysler!

I’m still confused about the model name of the full-size pickups.

If the manufacturer is now RAM, why do they still list the trucks (on the new site) as Ram 1500, Ram 2500 and Ram 3500? They list the Dakota’s name all by itself, not as RAM Dakota.

Is RAM supposed to play a dual role and be the full-size pickup’s manufacturer & model name at the same time? Or has 1500, 2500 and 3500 become the model name? Or is it RAM Ram 1500, 2500 or 3500?

Whats wrong with calling the truck RAM. The RAM name has been on the Dodge for years. As an outdoor enthusiast and off raaoder i love the RAM name as it depicts AGILITY, STAMINA, POWER TO CLIMB STEEP GRADES WHILE BEING SURE FOOTED. As the saying goes If you can't DODGE it RAM it!!!!! 2010 RAM 3500 LARAMIE with CUMMINS in my driveway soon

stupid decition, no sense what so ever but that shows you how smart the company is. and for you people saying ram is better than titain, the nissan titain is based on the dodge ram if you don't already know. the ram just looks better and has the best looks of any modern pickup because it copies they tough styling of the 1999-2007 f250.

EagleXYZ, I'm thinking your forgetting that Dodge is the one who came out with the "Tough Styling" in 1994, and Ford copied in 1999 with the look of a large grill and lower headlights....just my opinion. I'm not a Dodge guy either

Excuse me, for you people who says that the ram is made in mexico, it is, as well as it is also made in us... but did you know that gm also builds trucks in mexico, how it sounds cadillac escalade, chevrolet avalanche, silverado, tahoe, suburban?


Where and When did Nissan base their truck off the Ram?

I want to know cause you seem to have insider information.

Please share with the rest of us.

For all of you people wondering why it's a big deal to some of us that they removed Dodge from the brand name, I have a few things to say;

-For those who aren't bothered by it, you're probably not loyal Chrysler fans, and just like the truck for the diesel engine. Just an assumption, and I know I speak for some of you.
-I cannot speak for others who are bothered by it, but the removal of Dodge from the name irritates me because of the heritage behind the Dodge name. Dodge started making trucks (earliest were by Graham Bros. and rebadged) back in the 30s. It's an old name with a lot of history. The Ram name is just a model name, which I would remove first. Let's see Ford drop their name from their pickup trucks, and call them "F-Series". Do you know how many die-hard Ford fans would be pissed off? Guys buy Fords because of it being a FORD, not an "F-Series". Same goes For GM. How about a "Silverado truck". Anybody getting this? Some of you people say it's not a big deal, but to LOYAL Chrysler fans, it is. So please don't come on these pages telling us to stop complaining. Go buy a crate 5.9 B series, and stuff it in your truck of choice.

I see that there is a lot of discussion here on the name change. Technically there is no Dodge - its Chrysler - so in fact it should be Chrysler and not Dodge. So Diamler (oooppppsss - Fiat ) has decided to "truely" remove a name that has not been around for years. So where is the problem ? It wasn't Diamler-Dodge , it was Diamler-Chrysler, and it is now Fiat-Chrysler.

Just my guess here but they may be structuring the company(s) to be sold off - meaning the truck division.

We'll see.....

This last guy (Tim) fell out of his rocker trying to fetch his can of PBR. Maybe he bumped his head. The only think he should be structuring is his can pyramid while watching Jim Bob and Joe Hank drive around the track in a circle 3000 times. Yeeeeehaaaaaa...

Tim is on to something. Tommy gunz is drunk.

Well, you know what they say:

"If you can't Dodge it, Ram it!"

I really like my DODGE Ram by the way.

I've been thinking somewhat along the same lines as the other Tim. It's just a guess, but it sounds like they could be preparing to sell off or kill off the Dodge and maybe even Chrysler cars in the near future and only keep the Ram trucks and Jeep, the two things which have always been the most profitable for the company.
It seems to me to be the only way such an otherwise trivial and silly move makes sense.

Spinning off the Ram into a truck division is good business. One, it allows Ralph Guiles (Dodge President) to completely create Dodge into a sports car brand without trying to mix and match truck to car grills. Secondly it allows a total focus on trucks from lifestyle, to light-duty, to medium and heavy duty to commerical and class 8; as what will be the case with Ram. Fiat owns Iveco, and Ram will enter the commerical and class 8 business. Fiat also owns Case International and New Holland, so there will be a syncing into the agricultural aspects as well. Get over the name hype and relax.

I love my '05 Dodge Ram truck, but my next Ram will be one made in Mexico. I'm sick of UAW radical politics. Screw 'em. Go Ram!

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