November 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

October 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, November 2009

No. 1: Ford F-Series
365,416 -22.9% YTD
November 2009: 30,494
November 2008: 37,911

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
283,243 -34.4% YTD
November 2009: 22,101
November 2008: 29,534

No. 3: Dodge Ram
165,254 -28.0% YTD
November 2009: 9,787
November 2008: 15,538

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
102,327 -24.2% YTD
November 2009: 7,633
November 2008: 8,648

No. 5: GMC Sierra
99,698 -35.9% YTD
November 2009: 8,371
November 2008: 10,497

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
70,515 -44.5% YTD
November 2009: 6,379
November 2008: 6,607

No. 7: Ford Ranger
51,097 -17.6% YTD
November 2009: 3,271
November 2008: 3,311

No. 8: Chevrolet Colorado
30,614 -38.6% YTD
November 2009: 1,316
November 2008: 2,503

No. 9: Nissan Frontier
25,427 -41.7% YTD
November 2009: 2,007
November 2008: 1,171

No. 10: Nissan Titan
16,894 -47.1% YTD
November 2009: 1,501
November 2008: 1,022


Ah yes, Ford with top sales again.

Amusing how the Ranger keeps soldiering on. It may not be burning up the sales charts, but the fact it stays in the top 10 by volume says it still has some value in its current form.

Given that there are really on 3 trucks not on the list (Dakota, Ridgeline and Canyon), why not just list all of them? I know that "top 10" might sound cooler or something, but when there's just over 10 in total, might as well just show them all.

Ford outsold Chevrolet and GMC combined again for the month. F-series has the least percentage loss YTD beat only by the ranger.

If and when (I doubt) another Mfg would get #1. Will the picture change?

Even though GM sells more Trucks does not make them a better truck line.

McDonalds sells millions of burgers but they suck.

Thats because Mc Donalds has the most restaurants. And how can you compare a burger to a truck? If you went with the cheapest burger/ truck analogy then Dodge should lead sales by a long shot.

Dodge is like Carls Jr Six Dollar Burger - bite into one and it will fall apart.

My point is just becasue GM sells more trucks does not make it a better truck line.

it just proves my thot,when times are tough@money tite,people that need aTRUCK still buy one.go FORD the only TRUCK!!the rest are only lil pkups.

Dodge has the lonest lasting most reliable trucks around..

Our company uses Dodge trucks and we beat on the and they last the longest with no problems,we have Toyota's,Ford's,Gm trucks and Dodge's are the best...

I believe the biggest reason Dodge truck sales are down because dealers stock are non existant...Very few 1500's next to no 2009 heavy duty models.Drive by a Furd or Gumby Motors lot they are jammed packed with trucks..I have no clue where the 2010 heavy duty trucks are ? I thought a month ago they were ready to be shipped,how far is Mexico for crying out loud ?

I want a new 1500 but if the dealers have the model I want its usually sold by the time I get there...

Can we all just agree that Ford Dodge and Chevy are better than Toyota or any other truck.

Good point, all the american made trucks are good quality, all depends on what you need in a truck. Ford is the work horse, chevy is good all around and dodge, they can get the job done, but mainly only see guys buy them to spin the tires :-P Unless they buy the cummins and that is usually all about business and little play. I am a ford die hard fan, but will def take a chevy or a dodge over a toyota any day.

When it comes to tallying up Chevy sales does the Avalanche count as a pickup or as a SUV?

@Benny - "Good point, all the american made trucks are good quality" - Just to be "the devil's advocate" ;) - the new Ford diesel is made in Mexico, Ram HD's are made in Mexico, GMC makes some trucks in Canada and Mexico. Toyota makes their trucks in the USA. Nissan also makes their trucks in the USA.;) "
I don't think any pickup has a clear "nationality" anymore!

Wow, if ford had not sold 12,232 f850 garbage trucks to New York city Chevy, Dodge and almost Toyota would have out sold ford with REAL pick up trucks! ford better think about including 18 wheelers in it's pick up truck catagory so they can hold onto their pipe dream for another year.

Even with having the worst pick up truck among Ford GM and Dodge, the Ram, as junkie as it is, it is still a better truck than a tundra!

I'm really tired of the Made in Mexico and Toyota made in US argument because Toyota and Nissan do not make a heavy duty truck. Unless and until Toyota and Nissan make a HD truck, this comparison holds no water.



@tj, ford doesnt count 18 wheelers, they dont even make them, they only count up to f550, shows what you know.

@ronald t, dodge also counts there fleets and so does gm

@Ted - "I'm really tired of the Made in Mexico and Toyota made in US argument ", I get tired of this argument as well, but this is reality. A "purely" American made pickup does not exist anymore. If "made in the USA" is your priority, then you'll have to get used to the new facts of life. Fiat will eventually have controlling interest of Ram. That will make Ram just as "foreign" as Toyota or Hummer(Chinese). As far as Toyota not making HD trucks, Hino is Toyota's heavy truck division.
Here is site to top 10 American made index.
Reality sucks!

1. Toyota Camry – Georgetown, Ky.; Lafayette, Ind.
2. Ford F-150 – Dearborn, Mich.; Claycomo, Mo.
3. Chevrolet Malibu – Kansas City, Kan.
4. Honda Odyssey – Lincoln, Ala.
5. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – Fort Wayne, Ind.
6. Toyota Sienna – Princeton, Ind.
7. Toyota Tundra – San Antonio, TX
8. GMC Sierra 1500 – Fort Wayne, Ind.
9. Ford Taurus – Chicago
10. Toyota Venza – Georgetown, Ky.

Ford was the top seller, Ford F150 was #2 on the "American made list", Ford has dramatically improved quality, and reliability of their new vehicles, and Ford did not get bail-out money. There appears to be a distinct pattern emerging!

just bought a new colorado, solid truck with plenty of power,
lots of fun offroad.

"Can we all just agree that Ford Dodge and Chevy are better than Toyota or any other truck."


Uh no!

The Tacoma is in a class by itself, the competition sucks in this category!

You want a solid off-roader in this group, the Tacoma is the best!

You want a reliable 4x2 for some work, the Tacoma is just as good as the Ranger though the Tacoma has more room and larger payload and so forth!

You want a 4-door, what happened to the Ranger? Toyota has been building 4-door pickups in class for quite some time, travel abroad you will see the older ones!

You want a sport truck, Toyota has the X-Runner the most well balanced and capable sport truck to ever come from the factory!

From the 2.4L, 2.7L and 4.0L with supercharger option and Toyota's 4.0L is no slouch, 32-valves twin-overhead cam it is a great designed engine and with the new 4-Runner coming out with improved power to this motor, it just gets better!

Only missing thing from Toyota is the V8 option on the Tacoma but trust me the 4.0L V6 Tacoma is faster than the Colorado and Dakota V8's out there!

Did I forget to mention the 6-speed manual trans.?

The new 4-Runner always gives the clues on the next Tacoma and she will have a frame underneath, about 30 more HP with the current 4.0L V6 and so forth!

While the Dakota will be cut from U.S. production and moved to Argentina with a uni-bodi frame and the Ranger is still on the chopping block and the Colorado/Canyon as just out there, the Tacoma will still be running strong in production and offering more for its customers than the competition!

y drive my brother gmc truck and y feel,,this is a truck,and my father in law f 150,is nice but no proud to drive like the gm truck,,,,y thing because the gm feel more like a real pickup,..or maybe y have more pride to drive a gm truck...

For the record, Ford is not #1 in truck sales for the month of November, General Motors is. Nobody sells more trucks than GM. We see those bogus commericals advertising the F-150 stating it is the best selling truck for 30 plus years. Can you say big fat LIE!!! The best selling half ton in the U.S. is none other than the Chevrolet Silverado! When you add GMC to Chevrolet, GM sells more trucks than Ford period!

Now, has Ford gained market share with their new F-150? Yes, but when stating the best selling truck in their commericals, they are talking about F series trucks and not F-150. GM HAS SOLD MORE THAN 17,525 MORE TRUCKS THAN FORD! THIS IS A FACT! DEAL WITH IT FORD LOVERS.

@Bob - do the math.
Ford F Series = ==30,494
Sierra+Silverado = 30,472
It was close, but Ford sold 22 more units than GM combined.
So much for the argument that General Motors out sells Ford.
Why should it matter anyways? Unless, of course, you are the CEO of GMC: Rick Wagoner.
Oh, I forgot, he just got fired!


You should have more pride in learning how to type/spell.

It seems like your elevator does not go all the way to the top.

Everytime I read your post it seems like if it was written by a first grader. Oh wait, it was

Just because GM sells more trucks does not make them a better truck line.

The silvy might outsell the F150 but we all know who owns the 2500/3500 market, here I will spell it for you F.O.R.D.

This is like the second or third straight month Ford has outsold the GM dummies.

@Frank - you should apologize to Miath. Your assumption is way off base. You are oblivious to the fact that the internet is a "global" (as in entire planet) phenomenon. Any person of any nationality can access it. Miath obviously falls under that category. He is trying his best to enter into a conversation on a topic that is of interest to him. You must realize that English speaking Americans aren't the only people on this planet interested in pickups. Obviously, Frank English is your only language. I'd say Miath is considerably more intelligent than you, as he can communicate, albeit weakly, in a second language.

I have to agree with OXI the tacoma IS the best in it's class, no one can beat it since a very very longtime, and just remember, the key point is because they are strong and durable with no major problems

Ram's headquarters are in the US, R&D is in the US, and design is in the US. Toyota's headquarters are in the Japan, R&D in Japan, and design is in Japan. There lies the difference.

Hino makes medium duty trucks (big garbage trucks, moving trucks, wreckers, etc). They don't count for these comparisons. Again, until Toyota makes a heavy duty truck (ie 2500, 3500 etc), you can't make the comparison that one is made in Mexico and another is made in the US. One is made in Mexico. And Toyota doesn't make one anywhere.

Just wanted to a correction to your post. Tthe F-150 outsells the Silvy yearly and monthly.

"Toyota's headquarters are in the Japan, R&D in Japan, and design is in Japan. There lies the difference."

Lou Dumb:

The Tacoma is a U.S. designed and built truck for the North American market. It was designed in California so nice try bud!

If Dodge really cared about the U.S. then why the heck are their Ram's built in Mexico and Canada and the Dakota soon in Argentina?

What business does GM have building plants in Russia while they shut them here in the U.S. just to name a few points?

Point is, unless your a major shareholder of one of those companies, why should you give a dam where they are headquartered?

Recent behavior these companies have no hestitation building plants abroad while cutting jobs in the U.S., so really why do you care that some rich folks that hold the majority shares make money, so you can bolster U.S. headquarters?

WHO CARES! These are publically traded companies and they can do whatever they please, they do not work for the U.S. government (well GM owes them cash) so they have NOTHING to do with the United States. They are publically traded companies, stop making them to be entities of the U.S. flag or the Constitution because THEY ARE NOT!

The Toyota Camry has the highest U.S. domestic content for cars and the Tundra has the highest for pickup trucks! These are facts!!!

Hay Frank, I have news for you. The best selling half ton is NOT the F-150! The Chevrolet Silverado is the best selling half ton sold in the USA! I know that's hard for you to accept, but those are the facts! So every time Ford says best selling truck for 30 plus years, they are talking about f-series and not F-150! I know Ford is doing well with their all new F-150 but the Silverado half ton still out sells the F-150!

Dear oxi,

If you have read the post by Lou N, you will notice that yes the Camry is the most American Car but the Tundra is not the most American Truck, The F-150 and the Chevy are both ahead of it. Fun Fact

We're talking full size trucks. If you want to talk Tacoma, they are made in Mexico and Japan as well. Design and R&D is in Japan. I am not a Dodge fan but it has been proven that if you buy the Ram it helps the US more.

"Hay Frank, I have news for you. The best selling half ton is NOT the F-150! The Chevrolet Silverado is the best selling half ton sold in the USA! I know that's hard for you to accept, but those are the facts" - Bob

Oh really?

F150 202,000
Silverado 174,000

Toyota Fan,

The Tacoma is ONLY produced in North America!

The HiLux as it is called is the small pickup you will see all across the world and that truck is not produced in North America!

Get your facts straight...

Though I saw a Tacoma in Greece on the island of Corfu last year but mostly HiLux Toyota's around the world...

Their were some Tacoma's brought to Afghanistan by U.S. Special Forces mounted with the M249 SAW in the bed and so forth but to see a Tacoma outside of North America is rare indeed.

Toyota Fan,

I forgot to mention but the Tacoma was designed in the United States, also known as the state of California with U.S. designers at a Toyota research and design facility, I believe called the Calty design center...

Look it up!

Listen here all of you "Road Driving Wanna-Be" truck owners. Most of the individuals that buy a ford have never actually put them to work. I'm a logger in northern Maine and would never own an "F Series". Ford makes the worst truck possible, well, out of the American trucks that is. I use my vehicle for logging and consistantly pull out ford. Take yourself out to a real truck area, where we haul logs, equipent, massive ammounts of snow and rain which makes for lovely dirt woods roads. Sand and salt on all the paved roads. A snow plow on your truck. I haul more with my Chevy HD than 99.9% of you can even fathom. The fact is in real world situations, ford makes a "pretty truck". Pretty to look at, pretty crappy to work in, pretty unreliable. Chevy and Dodge own the land up here? As for imports? Well, they would all rust out like a Ford or have their tranny burn out in six months. I laugh at all the comments on this site. But for a reality check for all you "bloggers", come to a land of loggers where REAL Working vehicles are and see what's on the roads and in the driveways. All of you prom queens can keep driving your "sh#%^" city fords and never realy know what it's like to drive an actual longest lasting, strongest pulling, even better fuel mileage chevy truck. Not talking about your reports from some guy who sits at a desk or some sales figure. This is from real life situations, and real work situations.


WTF are you talking about? You dont' see me on a Chinese Truck Site trying to talk about trucks in a language I can't speak. If he can talk smack he should be able to take the smack. Why is he/she trying to fit in somewhere he/she don't fit. He/she is trying to turn a 1/2 inch Bolt with a metric wrench.

I speak two languages mind you.



What are you talking about. Read my post. FORD dominates the Heavy Duty segment and it's a fact. Swallow that.

It's looks like Big Boy and Fact Check cleared that up. The F150 outsold the Silvy by 16,907 in retails (excluding Fleet) YTD thru Sept 09 (R.L Polk)

Thanks for the laugh Fenway

Hay Frank, have I told you your full of F)fix O)or R)repair) D)daily! or found on road dead! or fudged over rebuilt dodge!

I will admit that Ford Dominates the Heavy Duty market with their Super Duty line up. I will also admit that NOBODY sells more half ton pickups than GM! The Sierra is the same truck as the Silverado with different styling cues. The internals are same, engines, transmissions, ect! GM sells more trucks than Ford does and you Frank, Can't handle the truth!!!

"The Tacoma is a U.S. designed and built truck for the North American market. It was designed in California so nice try bud!" - Oxi

The Tacoma is assembled at the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) production facility in Fremont, Calif. and Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California (TMMBC) production facility in Tijuana, Baja Calif., MEXICO.

TMMBC is Toyota's first manufacturing plant in Mexico. TMMBC builds Tacoma pickup trucks and Tacoma truck beds. The truck beds are used in production both at TMMBC and NUMMI.


Current Investment:
$1.8 billion (MXP$)


Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Baja California, Inc.
S. de R.L. de C.V.
Carretera Libre Tijuana
Tecate #33143, Tijuana
Baja California, Mexico CP 36102

You know I actually like the new Rams but not because I am a dodge fan but because I get a truck that works for me and I test drove a 5.7L Hemi 4x4 SLT quad cab. I liked it better than the other current trucks out there.

Also for the record I have owned an 86 Ford F-150, an 01 Chevy Silverado and now I am probably going to get that Ram 1500.

(Waiting for the incoming Rams are junk comments) Go ahead they are funny. I also laugh at all the other junk comments with GM and Ford they are also funny. So Amuse me.

@Frank - arrogance is not a substitute for intellegence, that kind of attitude directed towards people from other countries or cultures contributes to the hatred Americans experience abroad.
Oh, by the way - a 13mm metric wrench will work as a 1/2 inch wrench in a pinch!
Fenway - I know many people in the logging industry and the trucks I see out there follow the same pattern as the sales figures on this site. Ford #1, Chev #2, with Dodge a #3. The Cummins engine is so popular that the mix of Chev and Dodges is pretty close to even.
My brother gets trucks provided to him by the company he works for and hates the Chevs because of the torsion arms, low slung frames, and the brakes don't seem to last as long as the Ford or Dodge.
Bob - how can you say General Motors sells more pickups than Ford. I did the math for you and Ford sold 22 more units.
You three guys have your heads so far up your butts with brand loyalty that you probably need to pass gas at a rate of 20 times a minute to breath!
Oxi - you have a valid point - a small, light p/u is better for hard-core offroad use.

@lou dumb - another coward afraid to use their own name.
Oxi pointed out that the R&D on the Tundra and Tacoma were done in the USA.
The point I'm trying to make is that a purely "American" truck does not exist. If you look at the top 10 list for "American made" vehicles the Ram 1500 isn't even on the list. That's because it's domestic parts content is 75% or less. The heavy duty Rams are not even American made. It won't be too long and Fiat will own controling interest in Ram. That will make Ram just as foreign owned as Toyota or Hummer. You can whine all you want, those are the facts of life. Get used to it. It is irrelevant that Toyota does not make a HD truck. If Toyota made a HD pickup they would have to make it in the US or be subject to the "chicken tax".Ford's new diesel is made in Mexico. GMC Duramax diesel is an Isuzu engine. "Made in America" is no longer the exclusive domain of the Detroit 3. If you base your purchases on "made in the USA", your going to have to exclude alot of Ford, GMC, or Dodge vehicles. Those are the facts of life.

To Lou N,
Brand loyalty? I've used all the trucks. You know people in the industry? Yes, free truck. Fords are cheaper to purchase. When you use a vehicle and expect 300,000 miles out of it, then you go with what works. If you have to buy and maintain for these conditions, then you'd know. Brand loyalty? My wife has an Escape Hybrid. I'm talking actual work son. Who buys a truck to work in the woods and keeps it stock? First is extra fuel tank for the bed, then larger tires, a winch, and some lift. You know nothing. Even company woods trucks come that way from dealer before driven off the lot. I'll take the pepsi challenge any day. Just bring your brothers, or your friends vehicle, since you don't have the personal experience yourself. Try and follow with your toy down one of my skidder trails. Day in and day out. I know what I pay for and what my equipment is capable of. Stick to your road test that last over a weeks time and cheaper fleet vehicle prices. I'll stick to what works year in and out and puts food on the table for my family. Look at the resale retention of trucks and tell me who holds value the longest. Hmmm, think again big boy. You wouldn't last 8 hours in my shoes. But you would make it home to what's important to you in what I drive for work. Chevy is 4 to 1 up in woods.


I was hoping you wouldn't say the 13mm would fit the 1/2 bolt. Wow, you never cease to amaze me.

Good Night.

"Pointing out" (whatever that means), that the design and R&D is done in the US is one thing, actually proving it is another. I can "say" the Tacoma is not made in Mexico, it doesn't make it true. The headquarters are in Japan and R&D is done in Japan. If you fail to understand this, you are another brand loyal Toyota buyer. Have fun with your brand loyalty and 2010 Toyota Sienna. Oops, it is your wife's. It's not like you two are married or anything. Keep lying to yourself, Lou.

Actually the Ram is also made at the Warren Truck assembly plant in Warren, Michigan. GM is also moving all pickup truck production to the Flint, Michigan plant and the Fort Wayne, Indiana plant with their new "flex-line" manufacturing system starting with the 2011 Silverado/Sierra. So within a year ALL Chevrolet except for the Avalanche, and GMC pickup trucks will be made in the USA. All Heavy Duty suv production that was at the Mexico plant has been moved to the Arlington, Texas assembly for the 2009 model year. And while the Duramax Diesel was designed by Isuzu, it is made at the Ohio engine plant along with the Allison transmission. Check your "facts", bud.

@rrs540 - good to see that GMC is consolidating manufacturing in the US as apposed to Mexico. I wonder if that has to be one of the stipulations that went along with their bailout money.
@Frank - I said the 13mm wrench will work in a pinch. It's less that ideal, but sometimes you have no choice.
@Fenway - I've never seen a bush truck get 300,000 miles regardless of brand. They are usually beat to death around 60,000 miles regardless of being privately bought or fleet bought. I see the occasional bush bumper, rarely a winch. Headache racks, box liners, dry boxes, and fuel tanks are common place. Lift kits - not in my neck of the woods. I would suspect logging practices are different on the left coast, as opposed to were you live . People rarely run "big tires", too soft, get cut easily, no tread life. They wear out in a season. You must be logging on boggy ground. Everyone around here runs heavy ply tires to survive the pounding on dirt roads. Toyo M55's are a pretty common tire. Why would you drive your truck down a skid trail anyway? That's what landings are for ;) You running grapple or line machines? Hand falling? Or feller buncher? I grew up around heavy machinery, logging trucks, you name it. My father was a logger. Many of my friends are in the industry. My brother is in the industry. I worked for a short time in the industry. I've been around high lead shows, I've worked with helicopters, I've been around standard logging shows as well.Like I said before - I see Fords the most, followed by Chevs, then Dodge HD pickups. No one runs 1/2 ton trucks. If Chev trucks were 4:1 favourites, then I wonder why the local GMC dealership in my home town shut down?
You like Chevs, and they work for you. Good for you.

Ok Lou, you win.

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