November 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

October 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, November 2009

No. 1: Ford F-Series
365,416 -22.9% YTD
November 2009: 30,494
November 2008: 37,911

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
283,243 -34.4% YTD
November 2009: 22,101
November 2008: 29,534

No. 3: Dodge Ram
165,254 -28.0% YTD
November 2009: 9,787
November 2008: 15,538

No. 4: Toyota Tacoma
102,327 -24.2% YTD
November 2009: 7,633
November 2008: 8,648

No. 5: GMC Sierra
99,698 -35.9% YTD
November 2009: 8,371
November 2008: 10,497

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
70,515 -44.5% YTD
November 2009: 6,379
November 2008: 6,607

No. 7: Ford Ranger
51,097 -17.6% YTD
November 2009: 3,271
November 2008: 3,311

No. 8: Chevrolet Colorado
30,614 -38.6% YTD
November 2009: 1,316
November 2008: 2,503

No. 9: Nissan Frontier
25,427 -41.7% YTD
November 2009: 2,007
November 2008: 1,171

No. 10: Nissan Titan
16,894 -47.1% YTD
November 2009: 1,501
November 2008: 1,022


Being a long time fleet manager at a dealer I can tell you that only Ford counts their fleet. No matter what Ford will always be the number one selling pickup because they will always build the cheapest possbile POS for the fleet buyers. This will always allow them to count there fleet. If Dodge and Chevrolet counted their fleet it would be an unbelievable landslide by FORD

You know. I sometimes come to this site from links off of other sites. Im sure many other people do too. And what I read in the comments sections pretty much sucks. Its all bashing and not much constructive truck talk. Most posts are "GM sucks, Ford rules" type pf garbage. The amount of ford fans posting that junk is pervasive. Instead of compliments on how great GM trucks really are, its bash bash bash. Please due the rest of the internet world a favor and have a little class. GM trucks are as good if not better than the competition and deserve some respect. If they were so bad as many here claim no-one would buy them. I myself respect the competition even though I have my own preference. It would be great to see people showing some maturity.

I think it is unfair that the big three get to count in their GOVERNMENT sales into total number of sales. The military and government agencies HAVE to buy from the big three, so I think it is un-fair that they get to count those into their total numbers, if they did not then you would see the numbers are very close.

Ford just simply has the best truck around no other truck can even compare to it.

The ford f-series will always be the best truck. Ford trucks
motiavates other automakers like GM for example, Ford
once again made a new segment of its own with the ford f-150 raptor GM just had to hurry and copy ford. This is why ford the best truck maker out there.

I think the easiest and straight forward way to determine an American Make from a foreign one is not where the assembly takes place as much as where the money spent on purchasing the vehicle goes. It would be nice to have vehicles designed, built, and assembled here in the USA but politics and the sell-out of the FTC has allowed the foreign brands to manufacture on our soil and compete against the big 3. Likewise, The big 3 have shipped many jobs to Mexico or Canada to increase profits so they aren't without blame.

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