Road Test Review: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150

Road Test Review: 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150
Words and Photos by John Stewart for

The Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 package consists of 45-series tires on 22-inch forged aluminum wheels, custom pedals, power running boards, a rearview camera with reverse-sensing system and heated and cooled seats with unique interior materials. There are blacked-out headlamps, smoked taillamps and a tuned exhaust with twin chrome tips.

That little laundry list does nothing to explain the strength of character we find in this latest Harley-Davidson F-150 pickup. Actually, it’s a midnight prowler, a lonely back road hustler and a truck with intriguing appeal. It looks right, sounds right and feels right, nicely consistent with the idea of a Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic or any of Willie G’s finest. It’s a modern truck that squares two rich traditions — Ford and Harley. Appropriately, it’s a full-size domestic product with genuine originality, comfort and style.

This 2010 F-150 is the latest of some 14 Harley Edition F-series trucks made by Ford since 1999. Eight of those have been F-150s, six are Super Dutys, and one is an F-450. Our test unit is a two-wheel-drive F-150, but this latest iteration of the Harley-Davidson Edition is also available as an all-wheel-drive truck. All have roomy Super Crew cabs with a 145-inch wheelbase and 5.5-foot bed.

Harley-Davidson F-150 Badge

We spent a week driving our test unit, mostly around town and on congested Los Angeles roadways during peak traffic hours. Even in these sometimes-frustrating situations, the F-150 is still a nice ride because it’s a torquer that doesn’t have to wind up the engine to move out. From a standing stop, there is a tangible sensation of ready power.

Easing away from a stoplight with just a little bit of throttle, the exhaust rumbles softly, and the truck moves out readily. When the tachometer reaches 2,000 rpm a moment later, you’re doing 45 to 50 mph and all the cars that were around you are now in the rearview mirror. This ease of motion is a combined function of both gearing and V-8 engine power, and we must say, it’s a satisfying way to drive. We found ourselves operating almost exclusively below 2,000 rpm without ever hurrying, yet somehow always out in front of traffic.

On the highway, the Harley-Davidson F-150 is equally pleasant to operate. It’s big, it’s stable, and the ride is about as well controlled as an empty pickup can be. At 60 mph, the tachometer reads 1,600 rpm, and at 2,000 rpm, you’ll be looking at 72 mph in sixth gear with another 4,000 rpm left on the tach. The transmission is an electronic six-speed that has a very low first gear (4.17:1) and a very tall sixth (0.69:1) — thus, the combination of torque off the line and a quiet, easy cruise. The Harley-Davidson Edition comes with 3.73 gears in the rear axle, a ratio that favors pulling power and drivability over high mileage.

2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Front Three-Quarter View

The R680E six-speed is clearly tuned for comfort shifts, even to the point of bordering on mushy when responding to sudden throttle inputs. Ask it to pass on the highway and you’ll get a long downshift then soft, smooth upshifts with no thump. There is not a lot of snap, gear-to-gear, but the trans responds well to rolling on the throttle, so we learned to drive it using the engine’s torque rather than forcing a lot of hard downshifts. Either way, before you know it, the speedometer reads 100 mph and it’s time to think about keeping your license. Top speed is 115 mph.

During our testing, we got 13.7 mpg overall, close to the EPA city rating of 14 mpg. At steady cruise on the highway, which we did not see much, the F-150 is EPA-rated to deliver 20 mpg. We did not baby the truck, but with all the traffic we didn’t do a lot of full-throttle driving, either. We did peal out one time, strictly for testing purposes, to make sure the truck can do it. It can.

The 330-cubic inch Triton engine is the biggest engine that Ford currently offers in an F-150, though a 6.2-liter gas V-8 is coming soon. The 5.4-liter SOHC V-8 makes 310 horsepower and 365 pounds-feet of torque at 3,500 rpm, and up to 390 pounds-feet on ethanol. It’s a long-stroke design, biased for torque, so much so that according to Ford, 80 percent of the torque is available at just 1,600 rpm.

Harley-Davidson F-150 Wheel

The underhood layout is one of the best parts of the new F-150. Everything you would want to touch is within easy reach — fuses, air filter, fluid lids and dipsticks. The engine, in contrast to previous generation Ford trucks, is not entirely located under the front dash and yet, there is still nearly a foot of free space between the front of the engine and cooling system, making it easy to inspect belts and change them. Even the oil filter is easily seen, easily touched, with room to actually turn a wrench.

Judging by the reactions of people who saw us driving the truck, there is something compelling about it because we got genuine compliments from parking lot attendants, people at the filling station and co-workers who don’t even drive trucks. Pretty much everywhere we went, somebody had something to say. That tells us the design is handsome, but mostly, we think this truck stands out because of attention to detail. It’s the level of detail, especially in the interior, that separates the Harley-Davidson Edition from the average F-150.

For example, the dash has a soft leather instrument panel shade with contrasting stitching, which ties in with the black-and-lava leather trimmed captain’s chairs and a generously padded center console. The Ford people tell us the seats were designed to resemble a Harley biker jacket, using the same materials you’d find on Harley-branded apparel. We’d have to say they pulled it off. It’s nice-looking but, more importantly, it feels right for the truck.

Harley-Davidson F-150 Rear Three-Quarter View

And then, when you look harder, you see more. The panels around the dash appear to be black lacquer. The pedals are custom billet pieces with a Harley-Davidson logo. The instrument panel is unique to the truck, and the crazed background for the instrument dials adds another custom layer. The map pockets behind the front seats close with heavy zippers from Harley riding jackets. The dashboard material turns out to be hard plastic, though we couldn’t tell until we touched it. Visually, the material reminds us of a pair of lizard-skin boots. The badges on the interior — on the center console and seatbacks — are said to be handmade cloisonné, and they do look it. Some might say the badging is overdone—there are six Harle6y logos in the interior alone, eight if you count the pedals —but they’re nice, quality pieces so they provide a sense of craftsmanship. On the console, we found a small plate that told us our test unit was the 379th of the 2010 model year. (All Harley F-150s are turned out by UAW Local 600 at Ford’s new River Rouge plant in Dearborn, Mich. Just so you know, we’ve been to the plant, we’ve talked to the workers, and from what we can see, it’s a world class facility staffed by well-trained, highly motivated workers.)

The exterior is also carefully designed to make an impression, one that stands up to scrutiny. The paint is described as Tuxedo Black with Lava accents, with Lava being a kind of deep maroon with three-color metal-flake. Yet, the truck takes on different shades as the light changes. When we photographed the truck at dusk, we could have sworn it was black, glossy as a raven. But in the brightest direct sunlight, Tuxedo Black turned out to be a very deep maroon with black in it. We’d almost say brown, except that the highlights tended toward red. It’s a hard color to describe, but clearly the paint is rich, complex, mysterious and flawlessly applied. We’re disappointed in our shots of the 22-inch wheels, which are nothing short of gorgeous, because they just don’t convey the subtle use of color and machined contrasts. Like the interior, Harley-Davidson logos and monograms are everywhere — we counted nine — but they look good, and there is nothing cheap about the way they are used. Interestingly enough, there are only two Ford blue ovals.

So it’s a truck that makes an impression, no doubt, but beyond that the Harley-Davidson F-150 has to be functional. After all, it’s a truck. We were relieved to find that very little functionality has been traded for style.

Harley-Davidson F-150 Interior

For example, we have 22-inch wheels shod with Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires in a P275/45R22 size. These are performance street tires, but they are also E-rated, can carry a maximum load of 2,469 pounds apiece, at 50 pounds per square inch. The axles are rated to carry 3,450 pounds and 3,500 pounds, front and rear, so the tires have plenty of capacity to spare. The rear leaf springs are made using three hefty leafs, plus a fourth overload leaf. The front suspension uses a coil-on-shock arrangement with long-spindle double wishbones. At the rear bumper is a factory receiver hitch and wiring plugs for 6-pin and 4-pin harnesses and inside, an integrated brake controller is located just to the left of the steering column.

That all adds up to a truck that can safely tow 10,500 pounds with a weight-distributing hitch, or 5,000 with a weight-carrying hitch. The 6,850-pound GVWR package, which our test truck had, is a no-charge option. If you’re going to haul or tow, we’d say it’s the way to go because it didn’t seem to compromise the ride too much. Payload is pegged at 1,170 pounds, about average for a half-ton truck. We didn’t tow anything during the time we drove the truck, but we did notice the bed would accommodate a 6-foot Christmas tree with the tailgate up.

Another revealing piece of equipment would be the power running boards that automatically extend when the door is opened. The F-150 is certainly much easier to get into with running boards, but running boards can spoil the look of a truck designed to be clean in appearance. The solution, automatic-retracting running boards, surely was not a cheap feature to add, but a necessary one to remain true to the concept of clean, uncluttered design.

Harley-Davidson F-150 Cargo Box

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Edition F-150 starts at $42,690, and our test unit had another $4,200 in options, including a Sony/Navigation package, power moonroof, bed extender, tailgate step and trailer brake controller. Of these options, the $2,430 Sony system stood out as something we could really appreciate, though the others are nice to have. We did find evidence that the thick rubber Harley-Davidson bed mat seems to interfere a bit with the operation of the optional folding tailgate extenders. The extender wings can be made to deploy once you get the hang of it, but if it were up to us, we’d pass on those and save $195. The rubber mat is really nice, and we’d rather keep it simple back there, anyway. The final sticker price was $47,890, plus a destination charge of $975. That’s not cheap, but frankly, we were surprised. We thought it would be more.

Melding together the two brands is a tough assignment. Given the realities of the automotive business, we expected to find a marketing-driven product with a clunky graphics package and slapped-on chrome trim, compromised functionality, plus an inflated sticker price. What we found was evidence of a genuine respect for authenticity, history and an understanding of what makes a brand iconic. We found evidence that the product design team went toe-to-toe with the bean counters and held their own. It adds up to brand sensitivity and product integration that has become rare. We consider it a job well done, and if there is any justice in the world, it will pay off for Ford.


Very nice, but almost fifty grand??? Wowzers!!

47,890????? and that price is still with The under powered 5.4 V8. Whats the price going to be with the New 6.2 V8 going to be???? 50K. If I'm going to spend 50K, its going to be on a F250/350 Crew Cab diesel. but it is a nice truck if thats what you want.

Lenny, hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you shop MSRP's like what is being quoted here, your CC diesel would price out north of $60,000.

I am not a fan of the Harley Davidson edition truck...

They should offer this package also without the harley badges and name,turns me way off !!! I am a truck guy not a bike guy especially one associated with an outlaw illegal group.

Also Ford should and probably offer their 400+ motor,then ditch the badges and we may have something..otherwise they can go to hell !!!

No thanks I will stick with the plain jane work trucks .

Another useless truck, what is it with all these crew cab trucks with no bed? Absolutely useless especially for almost 48K!

Excellent FORD truck! For a limited edition specialty...this is hard to beat. It is beautiful for sure!!! I personally wouldn't buy one, but I am not a Harley guy. But for those who are into Harley...this is definitely the truck for them.

I for one...certainly do appreciate FORD and its specialty trucks! GREAT job!

I would never buy a currnet Ford with such a weak engine line-up. GMs 5.3 Has about the HP and Torque and gets hella better fuel economy. The HEMI kills it on HP and Torque and get the same fuel economy (even with a less then impressive tranny).

This is a nice truck, but I would never get a truck that can't move out of its own way. Lets see that 6.2 already.

@ x -
If you look at the demographics of Harley customers,they are predominantly middle-aged men with fairly large disposable incomes. Bikers use the term "RUB" - Rich Urban Bikers". It is smart for Ford to appeal to this segment. These guys have the cash to throw around.
The truck should be supercharged but most people buying these trucks are more into style than speed - kind of like the Harley bikes they buy.
This group of guys like the "outlaw" image, but are as far removed from "biker gangs"as you can get.
It's a good looking truck. I could do without the Harley logos. I love bikes but I'm not a Harley guy.

That interior is wicked +1 FORD

People who are surprised at the price probably last bought a truck in 1979. Shop around. The upper level trucks have been just under $50k for quite some time now. My last generation XLT was $37,000. So $42k for a new 2010 Harley specialty is reasonable and expected for what you're getting. $43 minus the discount means you'll be getting it in the $30k's. Reasonable.

the interior is very nice and original and i kinda like that grille, but besides i really don't like this truck.

The 5.4 is an absolute joke, especially in a $ 47,000 truck.. the rims are ugly and i don't like that stupid paint job on the sides..

I would take a Sierra Denali over this in a heart-beat, at least that trucks has some balls and a real paint job.

I would take this F150 with its underpowered 5.4L any day over the Denali. It has a lot to be desired for and it's a joke. HD kick a$$.

Firts off, the HD edition F150 has a superb interior. It is probably the nicest interior I've seen (in pictures at least) of any full size truck. I do like the accents that incorporate HD elements. However, I must be living under a rock, but to me $47OOO for a 2wd/crew cab is a lot of change. Nice but expensive.

I don't if you are living under a rock but the King Ranch starts at $40k., Platinum is $41k, and The Harley is $42k. With the typical discount you're looking at upper 30's depending on options. These prices are nothing new, folks! Where have you been? It's 2009.

to the fourth guy above who commented "associated outlaw illegal group" ??????? Try again.

David terry, You are correct about X who obviously has no idea that Harley Davidson bikes are ridden and loved by many upstanding people and should not be refered to as outlaw illegal groups. I do agree that Ford should build same truck without other company logo's to hinder the sale of the truck to others who like interior but don't have any desire to have Harley-Davidson written all over it. Same for Cabella package that is more money for same truck as XLT

Ford is just offering the consumer what they want. Ford's "branding" associations with Harley, Cabela's, Foose, Shelby ect. are brilliant ways of getting "free advertising" through name association. You hear the name "Harley Davidson" and a certain image pops in your head, same with Foose, Shelby, and Cabela's. Guys are buying these trucks partially because of the name on the side. I would bet there are many guys buying these trucks just because of the name on the side. How many trim levels does Ford have for the F150 alone? 7 + Harley = 8. If you consider the Raptor that makes 9. No one else offers that kind of choice. If you want an excellent interior without logo's get a "platinum" edition Ford. Nothing else out there compares to it... well, except for the Harley F150. The Cadillac Escalade EXT has a nice interior but it's not really a pickup. I don't think the Denali is as nice inside as the Ford Platinum, King Ranch, or Harley F150. The new Ram has a decent interior but it's not as nice as Ford's top 3 premier packages. Toyota Tundra just came out with a "Platinum" trim package. I've only seen pictures so far, but it looked as nice as the Ford's Platinum package.

Well,first off I am a truck guy,not a bike guy.When I see a harley davidson Ford I have a overwhelming feeling of disgust and immediate dislike ! Ford is alienating people by offering a decent looking package but with slum badges all over it ! I hate any bike..

Whats next a Vespa F-150 or a Rascal Scooter F-150 ? I will stick with a truck that does not have degenerate names on their trucks,nor lame names such as Cabela,Funk Master Flex,Foose ect..yes Foose,he destroys old cars,22 inch wheels shaved door handles hideous paint scheme's do not look good on old cars...The only name Ford should have on its trucks is Shelby others just sound childish eg:Raptor sounds so lame..Raptor,are you seroius Ford !!! C'mon now wake the hell up !!

You could buy a XLT and put any of these decals(Harley,King Ranch, Cabelas) or something you like for cheap and most people would not know the difference. New Laramie Ram smokes any ford interior(way to much plastic and cheap materials) except for the King Ranch Leather(nice leather material). I personaly buy a truck and put my company logo on the side to show what i have achieved not what someone else has achieved. But i guess if you have not accomplished much in life i guess you can fake it and use someone elses logo to feel cool and accepted

Right on Sean..

@X - Ford is not alienating anyone with their "branded" trucks. Most guys buying Harleys are middle aged, upper middle to upper class riders. These guys have a large amount of disposable income. If you don't like any of these trucks, the solution is simple - don't buy them. You obviously think anyone on a motorcycle is some sort of deviant. Harley Davidson is not a degenerate name. I'm not a Harley guy, but the HD name has been around since the early 1900's. Harley Davidson is viewed by many as an American institution. Right up there with pickups, mom, and apple pie.
You are hiding your name by calling yourself "x". Good idea, as you are pissing off millions of people.
You state Foose destroys old cars, but are okay with Shelby. What do you think Shelby did when he first started out as a racer, and then became a car builder? He took an old British sports car and put a big assed V8 in it. He then modified that car even further. I bet there where people who thought he was destroying "an old car". That car he "destroyed" turned out to the legendary "427 SC Cobra". I am not talking about the '64 1/2 Mustang or any subsequent Mustang bearing his name.
You also stated – “Raptor sounds so lame...Raptor, are you seroius Ford!!! C'mon now wake the hell up!! “
X - You need to wake the hell up.
Sean - whom are you kidding?
A bike guy can tell a “wanabe” Harley form the real thing, just like a truck guy can tell a pickup with decals from the real thing.
You stated “But i guess if you have not accomplished much in life i guess you can fake it and use someone else’s logo to feel cool and accepted”. You have no idea who buys these trucks, do you? Try truck drivers, contactors, business men, lawyers, Doctors Etc. The same guys who buy Harley pickups buy Harleys.
What logo is on your truck? “I M WE TODD DID”?

Great looking truck Ford.How about a F-100.About 40 % smaller with a 3.8 or 4. some thing six ? These truck`s are primarily dailey transportation with a 1 person load.So smaller,lighter and at least 5 mpg`s better( 25 mpg min range) seem`s a good bet.I`d buy one in that range.The Colorado n Canyon are ugly. I`v never been a Mopar fan so ?? I WILL NOT buy foreign. I`m a Viet Nam era vet,USMC.Well there ya go.There are many who would like a vehicle of that size. Sincerly Paul Van Wagner

yea, this falls into Fords priceline, but they make 18K in profit on everyone of thier fully loaded trucks they sell. No thanks, If I'm going to spend 45K it not going to be on a pickup truck, thats for sure.

Lou N,

Most car/truck enthusiasts hate bikes ! As do I ,I know most people on harley's are not deviants but actually poser's and stupid people .I say stupid people, as many are middle aged with a fair bit of money and take unnecessary risks riding a useless bike.I would rather get sideswiped in my truck than on a bike .As on a bike you are dead,paralyzed yes that sounds like fun !

The harley has American history,well so does alot of other things.Why not have a Coca-Cola F-150 has a longer American history than a harley,maybe a Barbie F-150 ! And YES they alienated myself and 4 people I know !! We liked the look of the Harley F-150 but hate the bike badges,so didnt buy a Ford at all,this was back in '03 so we no longer drive Ford's..Yes the Raptor sounds stupid,actually childish..Actually extremely childish.We moved on and bought a number of Chevy SS Silverado's and Dodge Ram SRT-10's ! And dont have odd names like harley,Cabela(lol) That is just too embarrasing to roll with some lame name plastered on your truck"Cabela"

Also Lou N ,you cannot talk ,why dont YOU post your real full name and stop hiding,why just blame me when you do the same ? Wake up !

Yes ,I would be o.k with a Shelby F-150 he tastefully adds to the look and performance of the vehicle,and worked with Ford in the past building Ford vehicles not just a add on badge of no irrelevance.

Look at the Foose car's he shaves the door handles off,ugly tutone paint wierd custom interior 22"wheels.The British AC was a slow ugly turd before Shelby turned it into a Cobra,though he was not the first to do this in the 30's they had a Hudson powered British turd then in the late 40's early 50's a Caddy powered Allards then Chrysler Hemi Allards..then many,many years later Shelby came along with Ford, late to the game but had more money and made history,as Ford wanted to beat Ferrari.The Shelby Mustang's he actually improved its look unlike Foose,Shelby basically added a more powerful engine,stripes left the stock interior,stock body yes a little mods but tastefully done..Foose destroys the cars,Lou N Please ,Seriously Wake Up !!

Sincerely Xannon .

Lou N,

Since you wanted a name and X bothers you so much,I gave you one Xannon.Its an American name meaning ancient God ,as I am..that is still better than harley or Cabela.

X - Xannon. Many guys on this site will post crap under another name to stir things up. Thats why I don't like seeing things like "x". I assumed you were one of those guys. I personally am not a fan of the "branded" trucks. If I bought a Harley truck for the interior, I'd have the external badging removed. I have a friend who removes all the badging off of every new Chev he buys. It's not hard to do. My point is that Ford does it because it sells trucks. Name association is a great strategy. Your attitude towards Harley is way off base. You stated " I am a truck guy not a bike guy especially one associated with an outlaw illegal group." and " but with slum badges all over it". You also said "I know most people on harley's are not deviants but actually poser's and stupid people", and finally you stated "Most car/truck enthusiasts hate bikes".
What planet are you from?
Every guy I know that has a "street bike" or "dirt bike" has a pickup. Many of those same guys own muscle cars that they have restored with their own hands. The most famous bike and car guy we all know of, is Jay Leno. You like to hide inside your pickup, and feel safe and secure from the big, nasty world, and then look down upon anyone with a sense of adventure in their soul. I agree that there are alot of `posers`out there. There are just as many individual reasons to ride as there are reasons for why guys buy pickups. I`ve seen just as many `posers`in pickups as on bikes. There is an old saying in regard to riding - " If you have to ask why? you wouldn't understand the answer anyway!

Love the truck. a couple of comments on the comments. The Harley edition and Platinum leather are actually leather that will hold up better and keep it's looks longer than King Ranch's leather. (Although, that look, that smell, to me, is soooo intoxicating!)

The price? Wow, people want such a package for less? I see guys paying $2-3k for just a set of rims and they think this truck is expensive? Okee dokee.

The power plant? People are spoiled. The 5.4 is fine. One could have the dealer put a waranteed blower on it. If you're not intent on racing, there's no need for more power, the 5.4 passes with authority.

The 6.2 will be out soon and put an end to all of this anyway. But, in a few years people will be complaining about a 400hp engine that gets 30mpg. It's all in your needs I suppose. Seems to me that people who post about the lame 5.4 are the ones the very least to want to cough up the extra cash for a larger engine.

Two diametrically opposed complaints exist in these comments: It's too expensive and it has a weak engine. So more engine would cost more and you'd like it even less.

I laugh about the power thing, there's a youtube video of a guy doing a burnout in his Dodge and he rolls it after he loses control. I bet any money that he though he was a real ricky racer and was needing all that extra power. Burning the tires off of his truck seems to have been his only need, and he couldn't handle it. I do hope his insurance agent got hold of that video.

Xannon - you are so full of crap, I can smell it through my computer screen. I googled Xannon - it's another form of Shannon. Girly man. I'll try not to scare you when I ride by on my chopper. Have a nice day - Shannon.
Lou - why don't you tell Shannon to F--- off. He isn't worth your time!

I know how you feel. It is a lot of money for a lot of people but you'll be hard pressed to spend $45k on any half ton pickup truck. Even at $47k with the typical 20% discount, that brings it to $37k. Basically it is a couple grand more between trim levels for the top of the line trucks. This isn't a lot of money.

But, you can get a stripped down F-150 for just a little over half of the Harley.


Choppers are crap,as harley's go to a bike Ford harley 150 I dont see the connection between Ford and Harley as most trucks with harley stickers are old beat up flat black rusted Chevy's.Tony you are the girly-man as Tony is a girls name as well,please educate yourself you smelly bike lover,as you mentioned you smell something from your computer screen,logically it is yourself you smell.

In my car club ,only a couple of people have bikes,if they are dirt bikes they are not harleys,street bikes/dirt bikes are 99% Asian junk.At the drags when the bikes come on 99.9% of the people use that time to go to the restrooms,get some food ect..Most people dont care about bikes.I own a truck to tow my drag car to the track,and another as a daily driver.Bikes make no sense,you get wet,cold,worry about all the distracted drivers in little cars,not to mention big rigs.I know people who had bikes and they fall off time to time and get injured..I never fell off of my truck in the wet or a slick road/bump or off roading,never fell off of my truck in the dirt,dirt bikes oh yeah, they fall off all the time...Also I get more gratification going on a truck ride on the weekend with my wife and young child,at least I am not a loner on a bike leaving my family at home.I love cruising around in my truck,since being a car/truck guy a nice cruise gets rid of all the stress I might have.Then I see or read in the paper/news some bike that crashed into a car at an intersection..biker dead car owner needs a new fender,where is the logic in owning a bike ? I have more enjoyment in a hi powered truck..

...and MERRY CHRISTMAS !! I will have one since I wont be crippled in a useless bike !!

"But, you can get a stripped down F-150 for just a little over half of the Harley. "

But with a regular cab and 4.6 2v and 4 speed.

A stripped down XL crew cab with the 5.4 and 6speed tranny is $27k. Add in a few options and it will be well into the $30k's. I have no problem spending a few thousand more for a top of the line Harley truck. If you want a regular cab stripper, buy what you need.

I drove GM trucks for years . Great trucks but they started to bore me . It was the Harley Edition F250 that caught my eye . I jumped the fence in 2005 to Ford and have since bought 4 more Ford trucks . Yes I'm a Harley rider so there is a connection . The marketing worked . Several of my Biker Buds have seen the good luck I've had with my Fords and are now giving Ford a try . Looking forward to ordering my next 2010 Harley F250 Diesel. Yeah I'm sure it won't be cheap but it's only money , you can always make more .


slow truck

@ X- so you drag race - how much does your dragster cost, and what times are you pulling? I can list multiple bikes running low 10's and some dipping into the 9's bone stock off of the showroom floor.
You obviously don't know a thing about bikes, other than ignorant misconceptions, and old crappy B movies.
1st you say you wouldn't buy the HD F150 because " I am a truck guy not a bike guy especially one associated with an outlaw illegal group."
Now you are saying you don't see the connection between the two.
Try to say something in a logical, intelligent fashion next time,or better yet don't say a thing.
Each time you post something on this blog you make yourself sound more ignorant!
I know many people who ride with their wife and kids.
I am starting to see that Tony was right.
Each time you make a post, you prove my point......
If you have to ask why I ride, you won't understand the answer!

X - you don't see the connection between Ford and Harley - you aren't too bright are you? Take a look at Szever's post...
You say most people don't care about bikes? Harley sells a quarter of a million bikes a year. The Japanese bike companies sell over a half million bikes a year. This doen't even include the European bikes.
Ford is smart catering to bikers. Ford sells all the Harley pickups they can make.
If you ever see my bike in the back of a truck it's because someone stole it!
My trucks carry my toys that are not street legal.
I would really say what I think about you but Christmas is only 2 days away, and the site moderator would delete my post anyway.
Tony is short for Antonio!
Merry Christmas "old American god of ignorance!"
Lou - you can ride with me any day!

For that money I’ll get tundra and supercharge it. 510hp & 560lb/ft regular gas. And 18mpg city!

I think it makes sense to offer the harley as I know people out there own them that are not even bike owners. It all has to do with nich markets and there obviously is a market for it otherwise ford wouldnt be offering as a 150 and sd. There are some like me who like driving something different from the average joe down the street or the neighbor who buys the exact same truck as you. This truck is not for "bikers only". Also, if the money is that much of an issue you obviously have not purchased a new truck in the last 10 years. Just making a point not trying to disrespect anyone.

Whatta bunch of hooey, and what a crock. I'm so tired of the lame "It's slow" BS. Tell you what, it's a heavy, well built truck. Wanna boy toy racer machine go buy a used Cobalt and save yerself some bucks. One look at historical figures will tell the story on what's fast and what isn't. If someone expects anyone here to believe that being able to beat someone in a quarter mile race by a few truck lengths is reason alone to buy a truck? Riiiiggghhhhttttt.

There's not a slow truck made right now, not one.

Well said Huck.. I just bought a 5.4 3 valver myself. Love it, and I love power. I think it has plenty, that motor is just so torquey. Sure, I would love a 6.2, but there is nothing slow or sluggish about the 5.4, it's a beast of an engine.

Lou N,Tony...

I would rather drive a Dodge Viper they run high 10's stock,supercharged /twin turbo ones run in the 7's !! Much safer than a bike.You obviously missed my point on safety.And since I really enjoy driving/cruising comfortably in my truck I guess you just dont understand..

Yes, I know alot about bikes and the people who ride them,fools I say ,when they crash they are screwed.

Fact is most car/truck enthusiast dont like the drags when the bikes come on 99.9% of the people leave the stands..My point is proven..

I never said there is no connection between the two.Outlaw biker groups do drive harleys thats a fact,and I said bike riders are not all deviants,just deviants and stupid people.Reread my post,please.

Yes Lou,sure I see alot of 2 year olds driving a harley...Like I said I can take my wife,kid along with me for a cruise in my truck rain/shine/snow ect,cant do it on an unsafe death trap bike.We arrive fresh and clean ,not sweaty,wet,smelly as on a bike.

Obviously you must drive a junk truck because you dont understand why I love to cruise in my truck.If you dont know you never will.A bike wind in your face along with bugs,bird droppings,burned legs from the exhaust pipe,sore backs and watch out for pebbles on the road,you will wipe out !! As my truck heat,a/c ,power everthing,leather/ suede,2nd gear chirps ,sideways tire spinning from a take off,beautiful sounding exhaust ,comfortable.. a bike lol !!!

Tony,Ford should make a Honda F-150,I believe Honda sells alot of bikes and Honda bike owners would buy a Honda Ford 150 !! A Suzuki F-150 alot of dirt bikes are Asian brands.Its alot of wannabees buying harley F-150's to act tough,the hd badges look retarded on a truck..thats a fact..

Sierra Denali Please.

if i buy a truck that carries the HD name, I would rather it not be the slowest, least powerful fullsize truck.

I have owned old cars, 2 old trucks, and several Harleys. I like machines. Enjoy them all! Retarded or not they are all a blast, wind in your face in a ragtop, old streetrod, hotrod, harley or chopper, it's all a blast!

x - It doesn't bother me that you think bikes are unsafe, or you don't like bikes. What bothers me is the ignorant, stupid cliché's or stereotypes about bikes or bikers, riders etc. that you keep using to support your own narrow, egocentric views.
You started out with the insinuation about Harley's “one associated with an outlaw illegal group”. You then stated you hated the Harley F150 because of” slum badges all over it”. Riders are not criminals, or live in slums. That is what you are implying. When I pointed out that wasn't the case you went on to say” Most car/truck enthusiasts hate bikes!” That is another inaccurate, incorrect statement that you keep repeating as fact. You and your friends may be a car and truck guy that don’t like bikes but that isn’t a universal reality.
You go on to say” street bikes/dirt bikes are 99% Asian junk". Japanese motorcycles, especially their dirt bikes and sport bikes are some of the most sophisticated technical marvels out there.
Dirt bikes usually come in first overall in the Baja 1000.
The only cars able to run with modern "sport bikes" are exotic "super cars”. I read a comparison between a Viper and a Japanese sport bike. The testing was very close until the Viper's engine failed. I've read comparison tests with the high end sport Corvette and it lost as well. X - Spare me the BS. I'm sick of your "unique view of reality".
You stated:” I know people who had bikes and they fall off time to time and get injured." Your friends are not shining examples of motorcycle Dom. You said”, I know most people on Harley’s are not deviants but actually poser's and stupid people". Is that based on your friends who can't seem to be able to stay on a bike?
Again, you are typecasting/stereotyping people to rationalize or justify your point of view.
There is a greater risk of injury on a bike. Those risks can be mitigated by wearing appropriate riding equipment. You also slagged dirt bikes. Riding a dirt bike is no more dangerous that football or ice hockey if you wear the appropriate body armour. I've seen the same injury patterns among these 3 sports.
You have your own opinion. I have no problems with that. Just spare me the bullsh--. Freedom of speech is a right, but that right comes with responsibility. We must not taint that right by perpetuating myths, half truths, and outright lies. You have been doing that with every post you make!

Right on LOU!

Lou - amen, brother.
Notice he didn't give an answer about the car he drag raced or what kind of ET he ran! x - probably drag races a Reliant K car, 22 second ET. ha Ha.

In the past few days I've actually seen a couple of 2010 Harley F150's in the flesh or should I say metal ;) The HD badging down the side of the box doesn't stand out too strongly. It's a sharp looking truck. The two I saw were 4x4 versions. I like this grill much better than the Platinum grill.

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