SEMA Auctioning a Custom Ford F-150 for Charity

SEMA Auctioning a Ford F-150 for Charity

Just in time for the holidays, the Specialty Equipment Market Association is auctioning a Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 on eBay to benefit its SEMA Cares charities, ChildHelp and Victory Junction Gang Camp.

The F-150 sports upgrades from such companies as Leer, Street Scene Equipment, DuPont Hot Hues, Amp Research, Roadwire, Audiovox, Kicker, Scosche, Wise Industries, Pro Comp, Bushwacker, and Magnaflow.

SEMA Auctioning a Ford F-150 for Charity

[Source: SEMA]


So, if I won that ugly thing could I sell it for profit? Or at least repaint it?

its nice they are doing this for charity, but that grill and paint-job are horrible.

what an ugly paint scheme. Ford has to give it away because nobody will buy an ugly truck like that

Ford isn't giving it away. SEMA is auctioning it off. I'm sure your truck, or should i say your GEO Metro, is real pretty Snowman.

SEMA must be pretty quiet this year.

look at those sweeeeet race mirrors, so ugly

Really nice vehicles. I really like old Internationals. That gullwing Mercedes is nice.

Yeah a new design of pickup truck, can you share all the details features of the vehicle?

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