TORC Racer Johnny Greaves Sets World Record Jump

TORC Racer Greaves Sets New Jump World Record

While more attention has been focused on rally racer Travis Pastrana's preparations to break Ken Block's 171 foot world record for distance jumping in a rally car on New Year's Eve, short-course off-road racer Johnny Greaves has just launched his 800-horsepower, full-size 2WD Toyota pickup 301 feet to take the jump title for a truck. The V-8 powered Toyota flew over the gap at 105.5 mph and stuck the landing perfectly on December 18.

Adding a dose of liquid courage and drama to the jump-off between Greaves and Pastrana, Greaves is sponsored by Monster Energy, while Pastrana is supported by Red Bull. Monster Energy is expect to release video of the jump in the next few days.

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H/T to Mike for the tip!


I wonder if his floormats got stuck, too!!! LOL

300 freakin feet in a freakin Toyota ? Betch a Ford coulda gone at lest 50 dag gum more feet ! My brother Bubba did that in his Dodge after a bottle of Mad Dog! Just didn't nail the landin!Rest in peace Bubba!

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