Video: 2010 Ram Power Wagon Off-Road

Video: 2010 Ram Power Wagon Off-Road

Update 1: Dec-11-2009 5:15 PM PT
You can find our full off-road review of the 2010 Ram Power Wagon HERE.


Nimble isn't a word that's used to describe full-size pickup trucks very often, especially when it comes going off-road, but the 2010 Ram Power Wagon is remarkably agile on the trail for a 6,600-pound crew cab. The heavy duty hauler uses a solid front axle, front sway bar disconnect and front and rear electronic locking differentials to crawl its way over -- or around -- obstacles.

While we've briefly driven the Power Wagon off-road in Texas and compared its specs head-to-head against the go-fast Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, we hadn't had time to spend a full day wheeling in it. That's fixed now. We spent a long Saturday with the Power Wagon at Johnson Valley off-highway vehicle park in the high desert of Southern California. Johnson Valley had a variety of terrains to drive through, from rocky paths to sandy washes and dry lake beds.

We're busy writing our evaluation but in the meantime, here's video from the trail.



Glad you moved your foot at the beginning there Mike.

Nice video. I wish it was a little longer.

@Ulmus: Lets just say that was the take after I didnt move my foot fast enough. Luckily, I drank lots of milk when I was growing up.

Mike Levine, When will the 6.4 Hemi come in on the 2500 and Power wagon? One more thing do you know if the Chevy Silverado 1500 will change face and body style for 2012 models??? Thanks.....RLM

The 6.4-liter V-8 Hemi is expected to be available by 2012 calendar year. I dont know about the 2012 Silverado 1500 but I dont think it will.

Cool video I really like the Power Wagon and the Raptor both are sweet trucks I would be happy to have both of these beast.

Love that truck. That video didn't even come close to the Power Wagons limits.

Wow now thats a truck! Thats for me, something I can haul with, tow with, work with and go anywhere offroad fast or slow, and bring the family in comfort.

Any chance we can get enough people together, rebel against Chrysler/Fiat, and insist on calling them Dodge trucks? To the extent that they will hopefully give up on this branding exercise?

good for dodge,to bring this truck on the market,is always better to have the tree company in the race..

Thanks for the great video and information. Let me know what you think of my reasoning for the separation of Ram from Dodge below. Also, any word on when a 6 speed auto might be available with the Hemi?

I am not saying I am in favor of the separation, but here is my two cents for Fiat's reasoning behind the separation.

If I remember correctly a couple of years ago Fiat wanted to bring Iveco back into the states. When the world economy turned like it did, that was put on hold. I believe the desired timeline was first quarter of 2009 and that did not happen. Now that the economy has an atom sized light at the end of the tunnel, maybe they are wanting to bring the Iveco trucks into the U.S. under the Ram brand. You can get the 4500 up to the class eight big rig serviced as well as the commercial vans.

Like I said this is my two cents. I am just an enthusiast that enjoys reading about cars and this is just my interpretation of the information I have read.

I am interested in purchasing this truck when it becomes available, but even the dealers have no idea when... Is there any word on when the 2010 Power Wagon can be ordered?

@Brian: I think well see a six-speed transmission when the 6.4-liter Hemi arrives. My guess is it will be the new ZF PowerLine gearbox.

Great video, any chance we will see some more footage? I was at the website to build and price and for some reason I couldnt select the powerwagon, bdidnt even show it as a option even though it shows it in the model lineup.

Wish the Dodge name would come back to trucks.

I like how he ended it with Ram dealer near you.

No more Dodge.

Good video. Ram should of used this video in their commercial instead of that lame "I am Ram" one.

Nice DODGE !!!!

Actually Diaz said the Dodge name will be somewhere on the Ram trucks,just not in advertising,and Ram will still be under the Dodge umbrella....

...look at the detroit news interview under Still trail Ford and Chevy trucks....

Great video - thanks for posting and if you have more footage, please share!

Great vid!! If I were to buy a gas powered truck it would be the DODGE Ram power wagon- minus the tacky stickers. The Raptor wouldnt be as good off an off-road truck in MI, no desert expances to blast through.

another american beast you should see the cars we have over here they are mice in comparison.
Personally when going off road though I prefer go by bike on something like, just converted over to this from the suzuki, I actually think its better

Great video. All hail the Ram Power Wagon!

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