Want to Order a 6.2-liter V-8 Raptor? You Can This Christmas

Want to Order a 6.2-liter V-8 Raptor? You Can This Christmas

We've received a few questions about when orders can be placed for the new 6.2-liter V-8 version of the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor go-fast off-road truck, since Ford officially announced its power ratings would be 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque.

You won't have to wait much longer. "The order bank for 6.2-liter Raptors is estimated to open around Dec. 25 [at Ford dealers nationwide]," said Mark Grueber, marketing manager for Ford F-150, Expedition/Lincoln Navigator. "Price is as announced a $3,000 MSRP option over the 5.4-liter Raptor."

The 5.4-liter Raptor pricing starts at $38,995. The 6.2-liter Raptor pricing starts at $41,995.



My dealer has informed me that the Crew Cab version should be available as a 2011. Do you have any further word on the possibilities of that truck, maybe mid year 2010???


When will the Ford F 150 will be offering the 6.2 liter to buy on all model

Lol that 6.2 L wont be in canada cant pass emission control standards i called my svt dealer in calgary alberta was going to order a raptor i would have payed cash we might never see it here really sucks the f150 needs a bigger engine

Hey its not April 1st. That would mean there would be no gasoline engine for the Superduty either... haha

LOL i was wanted that raptor with that engine under the hood and got shoot down !!! and i am not telling a lie that engine got the boot i was told ford has to go back to the drawing board i emailed ford of canada and asked whats up i am a big ford guy and this is all silly canada and alberta buy alot of there trucks and they cant bring out a cool engine like this because it fail a emission control test

I can't see the 6.2 engine not passing Canadian Standards. It meets California standards and they are the toughest around. It probably needs to clear Canadian bureaucratic red tape before hitting the streets.
Are you sure they are not mixing up the off-road only Raptor with the street version?
I doubt Ford is in to big a hurry to expand their market as Ford can't keep up with US demand.

Nope not mixing it up with the off road version i called two svt dealers got the same anwser the raptor with the 5.4L is sold out next ordering is in march the 6.2L will not be here maybe never canada is not following calf and when u see what trucks are in alberta all new harleydavidson f150s f350s ford going to be missing out on alot of cash here call advantage ford in calgary alberta ! they will tell anyone that dont belive

@Bill - I believe that is what you where told, but I have a hard time believing salesmen. The 6.2 is going to be the standard engine in the SD pickups and an option in the Raptor. Like I said earlier, it probably is a case of the 6.2 needing to clear Canadian bureaucrasy. It may also be a case of salesmen trying to get you to buy a Raptor with the 5.4 engine. Ford pickups are the number one seller in Canada, just like the US so I can't see Ford screwing that up by not having a 6.2 available. THe Canadian Ford site mentions the 6.2 in the Raptor and the SD trucks with a footnote stating that more infromation will be available closer to the model release dates. I'd tough it out for now.

Ya i will lou i been waiting for this engine if i have to go to the states to buy one i will i found a raptor new without nav in the usa for 42500 with nav in canada that truck is 57000 bucks its a rip off

Don't be so distraught, buy it with the 5.4. Trust me, it's an amazing truck.

Now that is a $3000 dollar option that I would purchase! Not bad pricing...and getting all that hp and torque in a half-ton truck. How exciting...

Unfortunately, you can't rely on what the sales people at dealerships tell you. Often they have very little knowledge or interest in upcoming products or product changes. Sales people are hardwired to make a sale TODAY. They don't want you to hold out for a truck to be released later. They will always tell you that demand is high, inventories are low, "oh, that version isn't coming here", etc etc. Do your research on sites like this. More often you'll know more than the salesman.

I am a salesman at an SVT dealer, and yes the 6.2l will be in the Raptor. We just don't have a build date for them as of yet.

But will it be in Canada? That is the question. It would be hilarious if the 6.2 was not allowed in Canada specially after Power Kid has been dogging ll the other engines for so long.

Just simply the best truck on the market.

I been hearing alot of different stuff i guess its a wait and see there is no way i supercharge a 5.4 L in a raptor ! and i have the 5.4 L in my 2008 harleydavidsonf150 and it dont cut it anymore all i want is the power of that 6.2L

It will be in Canada...Some Dealers dont know anything....Dealers here in Vancouver have Roush Supercharged F-150's .Remember some salespeople do not know anything.The best price I have seen for a Raptor is $58,500 !!! Alot of money but then my pure muscle 12 sec 1/4 (raced it) SRT Quad Cab was $68,400 before tax !! I am a Dodge guy and gladly paid it,Ford people will gladly pay $58,000 for a Raptor !!

I bought a SRT-10 DODGE RAM in Canada,We have all the domestic trucks the U.S has,exactly the same.Since being a Dodge guy , I cant wait for the new 6.4 HEMI RAM !!!


Canada and the USA have the exact (read EXACT) same emmissions requirements. The dealers are feeding you crap. Its like everyone else is saying. The 6.2 will be in the Super Duty's. Cam Clark airdrie had a Raptor.


I love the Raptor in most ways, but these engine & transmission choices aren't doing it for me.

I want it with a direct injected 4.6, and a 6spd manual transmission.

For a truck like this there should be a version available for people who appreciate lighter weight, simplicity, and who DON'T NEED electronic nannies to drive well (on or off road).

C'mon Ford. Quick and easy. Make the Raptor appeal to even more of the known universe and take the cash.

Hell the 4.6 direct injected is not bad, but add 4 valves, not just 3, match the competition across the powertrain lineup. No need for a 6.2 with only 411 hp, thing should make 440 hp, with technology they have now. Hopefully it would not jack the price up to much :-P

@Benny - 4 valve heads are great for power higher up the RPM scale. 3 valve heads are usually a better compromise for torque.

@ Benny 411hp is good for a 6.2L, remember thats on reg gas. GM 6.2L makes @ 384 on pump gas. GM "recommends" premium for their 6.2L.

I can't belelieve with the new engines coming our way you guys can even suggest some kind of upgraded DI 4.6?!? Its old. Came out when 1992 in a Grand Marquis? Out with the old in with the new I say. These new engines will produce much more useable power and will get as good or better mpg. Now thats progress.

Wow, did not know it was on premium gm's 6.2 could only achieve 403 hp. Love how they advertise 403 hp on the gmc sierra ads lol. You guys def do have a point. I run premium in my vehicles anyways, I get better fuel mileage and engine response. In that case, that new 6.2 should come close to 425 hp on premium, not bad.

About the valves, guess it answers my quesion about how Ford is able to have only 300 hp in the 5.4, but still achieve 365 tq. Now, is the 6.2, only 2 valves or is it 3?

The 4.6 is a bullet proof engine, with a modern update and a 6 spd manual, sure it would be great in the F-150. That 5.0, does seem to be a bada** engine. Just blows Ford does not offer the manuals anymore. Could only imagine how the
F-150 would perform if they threw in a manual.

About the valves, guess it answers my quesion about how Ford is able to have only 300 hp in the 5.4, but still achieve 365 tq. Now, is the 6.2, only 2 valves or is it 3?

Hey its not April 1st. That would mean there would be no gasoline engine for the Superduty either... haha

Hey its not April 1st. That would mean there would be no gasoline engine for the Superduty either... haha

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