Which Will Sell More Pickups In 2009? Chrysler or Toyota?

Which Will Sell More Pickups In 2009? Chrysler or Toyota?

At the end of 2009, the first and second spots for overall pickup truck sales are virtually locked up. GM is set to take the top spot, with 441,472 midsize and full-size trucks (Cadillac Escalade EXT, Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Colorado, Chevy Silverado, GMC Canyon, GMC Sierra, Hummer H3T) sold through November, and Ford is expected to grab the runner-up position, with 416,658 units (Ford F-Series, Ford Ranger, Lincoln Mark LT) sold year-to-date.

But the race for the third spot is once again looking like a dead heat. Last year, for the first time, Chrysler gave up the No. 3 spot to Toyota for overall truck sales, marking the first time an import manufacturer had occupied this position.

This year, Chrysler is leading Toyota. Combined sales of the Dakota and Ram pickups sit at 175,326 units sold through November. Toyota is running just a few thousand units behind, at 172,842 units sold of its Tundra and Tacoma rigs.

Which will sell more pickups in 2009? Chrysler or Toyota? Check back in a few days to find out. It's going to be close!


go Nissan!! we'll probably be last... again. well, maybe ahead of honda. :)

Probably Chrysler...They do have the HD's on tap also.

I suspect Chrysler.

My question is whats time frame on the nxt light duty shoot-out. Would it happen in 2010? Early 2011? Can't wait!

@Irwin: Were doing the Heavy Duty Shootout next, in 2010.

definatly the ram trucks will outsell the toyota here. With the new RAM HD out i think it will give GM and FORD Heavy duty segment some strong competition.

I just think its funny the the word " Toy" is one every Toy-ota truck. The Ram is Motortrends 2010 truck of the year. That will boost the Dodge Sales greatly!

Mike ,I think it will be a close call between Toyota and Dodge in the US, but Toyota is really sweating on its new Hilux due out in 2013. They sold 500,000 Hiluxes worldwide last year. Last thing they want is the 2013 Hilux to bomb.

To Robert Ryan , if Toyota brings the Hilux to the USA as a Tacoma for 2013 (when the new Tacoma is supposedly due) Toyota may be getting my money , if not then the hell with em , i have had about all i can stand of the "special" truck Toyota sells here in the USA .

I think Chrysler is going to have this one this year. I am using an educated guess here but that is my prediction.

As far as half tons dodge outsells Tundra by alot I would like to see full size and compact trucks separeted thats why ford sells so much they have heavy duty trucks in with all there other ones . ive never seen just a half ton sales comparision let me know were to find thanks


Due to the fact that Chrysler no longer makes trucks for the 2010 model year.

Just sayin...


Chrysler still makes trucks under the Ram brand. Just because they do not have the Dodge name does not mean they do not sell trucks. In fact its still the same truck minus the Dodge and just Ram.

Last post seemed awkward but you know what I meant lol

Tundra sales have been abysmal lately. Ram will take it.

I think Ram with take 3rd. I doubt Toyota can sell more units than Ram in one day. I assume we are talking callendar year as opposed to a fiscal year?

It's not one day we are talking. I believe those are the totals from the end of last month......

The Ram will out sell the Tundra 3-1. Toyota counted on the uneducated truck buyer when the Tundra first came out and sold nearly 200k. As people left their ignorance behind the Tundras sales dropped 70% and likely will never recover.

So the whole HD Diesel market comes to 146,000 units for 2009. How can Ford , GM and Chrysler make any profit on new engines being introduced and improvements?

@Robert Ryan: Thats not the full year but its still a good question.

Both the trucks will lose in sales numbers significantly.

Few years ago, Ford F Series alone sold nearly a million units that year. Now F Series + Range + Lincoln Mark LT sold less than 420 K. And Lincoln Mark LT is already discontinued.

As the oil prices continue to climb with growing Chinese market, households will simply ignore the trucks and settle with small CUVs. Even business could move to vans which has more volumetric capacity.

Mazda also has discontinued its B-Series. Time to reduce our nation's oil consumption and save the economy.

The handle on the tailgate on a Dodge RAM still says Dodge as of December 19th 2009. So they haven't deleated the Dodge name yet.

The 2010 Dodge RAM HD has the DODGE name on the tailgate, on the dashboard and Stamped on the cummins engine valve cover.

WERE TALKING ABOUT THESE GREAT TRUCKS THAT DETROIT IS BRING OUT ON THIS SITE. Another reason to keep supporting are american manufacturer thank you

I'd have to say the Ram. Only true advantage I see the Tundra having currently is it's 6spd tranny over the 5spd of the Ram. Of course the realiability of the Ram is what I question though. Is the '09+ Ram any more reliable than the previous generation Rams? From my inspections, the 09+ Ram looks to be a better built, higher quality and more powerful truck than the Tundra. Also, the Ram is a much better looking truck as well. Them coil springs also provide for a much better ride than the bouncy Tundra. To each their own, but my nod goes to the Ram.

Looks like Toyota outsold Ram. I've noticed that Chrysler has been used but not the name Dodge.

I am making a guess that Chrysler sold more than 13,941 dakotas and thus topped toyota.

geez they couldnt even sell that many. A redesign of the dakota is long overdue.

quote from 2009 sales post •Toyota pickups (Tacoma and Tundra) outsold Chrysler pickups (Ram and Dakota) 191,209 units to 187,958 units in full year sales.

I'm starting to wonder if Fiat is starting to feel like the Captain of the Titanic?

"I'm starting to wonder if Fiat is starting to feel like the Captain of the Titanic?"

Your bias is showing again.

@Ram headquarters - how would you feel if you were a Fiat executive knowing that you where about to gain controlling interest of a company that has the best diesel engine of any pickup, and the best looking 1500 and heavy duty pickup of any company : that was outsold by a Japanese company that many truck guys hate, and has a no heavy duty truck, has a 1/2 ton with a weak rust prone frame, acceleration problems, and many guys think is butt ugly?
I'd feel like the skipper of a big boat, surrounded by icebergs, wondering - how am I safely going to turn this thing around , without sinking to the bottom of the ocean!
I'd say 4th place means that your boat is already starting to sink!

i think toyota will be 4th.
they are now having a hard time....with their sticking accelerator pedals.


Chrysler all the way! They do Ram-Ram-Ram, they do Ram-Ram!

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