2009 Year-End Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

October 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in 2009

No. 1: Ford F-Series
413,625 -19.8% YTD
December 2009: 48,209
December 2008: 41,580

No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado
316,544 -31.9% YTD
December 2009: 33,301
December 2008: 33,340

No. 3: Dodge Ram
177,268 -28.0% YTD
December 2009: 12,014
December 2008: 16,618

No. 4: GMC Sierra
111,842 -33.6% YTD
December 2009: 12,144
December 2008: 12,980

No. 5: Toyota Tacoma
111,824 -22.7% YTD
December 2009: 9,497
December 2008: 8,691

No. 6: Toyota Tundra
79,385 -42.2% YTD
December 2009: 8,870
December 2008: 9,191

No. 7: Ford Ranger
55,600 -15.6% YTD
December 2009: 4,503
December 2008: 3,855

No. 8: Chevrolet Colorado
32,413 -40.4% YTD
December 2009: 1,799
December 2008: 4,447

No. 9: Nissan Frontier
28,415 -36.9% YTD
December 2009: 2,988
December 2008: 1,402

No. 10: Nissan Titan
19,042 -44.1% YTD
December 2009: 2,148
December 2008: 2,124

Notable Items:

  • Ford F-Series trucks mark 33 consecutive years of sales leadership for pickups and 28 consecutive years of sales leadership for all cars and trucks sold in the U.S.
  • Pickup trucks occupy three of the Top 10 sales slots for all vehicles sold in 2009.
  • Sierra edged past Tacoma to take the No. 4 spot in overall sales
  • Toyota pickups (Tacoma and Tundra) outsold Chrysler pickups (Ram and Dakota) 191,209 units to 187,958 units in full year sales
  • Honda Ridgeline narrowly outsold Chevrolet Avalanche 16,464 units to 16,432 units in full year sales

Stay tuned for our full 2009 year-end sales wrap-up story later this month.


Ford F-Series & Ranger outsold Chevy, GMC and Chevy Colorado.

BRAVO FORD!!!!!!!!!

do you no buick sold more care in china ,what ford sold f truck and wuling van sold more van if you put,ford f series,chevy and gm sierra and dodge,together,,,the market is not in us anymore....and gm sold more pickup this year again,not ford....is only the way media present the number...

Please speak ENGLISH.

miath= post fail of the day.... Holy cow that was terrible... Sorry GM fans, that was hilarious. I know all of you arent like that though, so its cool

Toyota out sold Ram. I was surprised by that fact, considering the popularity of the Ram HD diesels and the fact that Toyota isn't in the HD market. Is this a sign that people are shying away from full size diesel pickups? The automakers should reconsider a 1/2 ton diesel.
Honda's Ridgeline even out sold it's bigger rival, the Avalanche. Perhaps the automakers should take this as a message to put more effort into compact to midsize trucks that are actually cheaper to purchase and more economical to run than the full size trucks.

They say ford sells more trucks but it only looks that way because more people buy Fords. If more people bought Cheverolets then they would be the sales leader. But they never tell you that because of bias.

I dare you to prove me wrong.

"Is this a sign that people are shying away from full size diesel pickups?" - Lou N.

Yes, but the Ram still outsold the Tundra by more than 2 to 1.

Ram 177,268

Tundra 79,385

@Lou.N, Get your crap together before you start shooting off your lips. Toyota full size did not outsell Ram. Ram blew the doors off Tundra by double. Get a grip pal, Tacoma isn't a full size truck. Yoy must be a salesman or lawyer who likes to stretch numbers by combining the Tacoma and tundra. Just like ford who combines all f-series sales from the F150 on up to their cab and chassis. Combine the sierra and Silverado (same truck) and they rule all trucks in sales and consumer satisfaction.. Get it right for once Lou.N. Quit being so bias and go fix your nothing but huge problem Super Duty(consumer report worst truck out there lately). Watch the sales this year Ram 1500 and Ram HD will blow the away Ford trucks if you seperate the categories.

Chevy plus GMC outsold Ford in FS Trucks.

Ford can keep the number 1 marketing plan, GM will keep selling more trucks.

GM on top yet another year, despite the BK. Ouch for Ford!

@ smtrthnu
I do agree with you that GM sells more trucks than for and there was a report a few weeks ago and it said GM sells more trucks than Ford. The F-Series is the best selling truck as a single truck.

Why does ford combine the sales of all f-series trucks from f-150 to f-650 and then brag they sell the most trucks. If you do the math GM sells more trucks than Ford. My Dad owns a towing company and tells me he tows way more new ford super duty truck back to the dealership than any other vehicle(much too his dismay as he has always had a ford truck, but would never but any ford built after 2002). I sure like my Duramax as it has never been towed or broken down at all. Maybe Ford sells so many trucks because they only last a few years before you have to get another one. If i were to get another truck (wich i don't need because mine is to reliable to give up) it would be that super nice looking and greatly raved about Ram pick-up.

If you take a good look GM outsells Ford hands down. I can see why, as my 2008 Super Duty is a Lemon. I'm on my second engine and have 62,345 km only. Ford Diesel is a joke. I can't wait to find a buyer for my Ford so i can get a new RAM CUMMINS. Dealerships won't give me anything for tradee in because they know Ford Super Duty has such a bad rep they are to hard to resell.

@Lou, the combined sales of the Tundra and Tacoma outsold the Ram, but how about combining the sales of the Dakota and Ram then. Lets compare apples to apples not a half truth. If we want to combine sales then GM outsold Ford.

@ Sean - relax! I'm not biased. I commented on the news posting "Toyota pickups (Tacoma and Tundra) outsold Chrysler pickups (Ram and Dakota) 191,209 units to 187,958 units in full year sales".
I did not say Tundra out sold Ram full size. I was refering to Toyota's total truck sales and RAM's total truck sales.I was surprised by this as Toyota does not make a heavy duty pickup. This does not bode well for Ram's future if the much maligned Toyota trucks (Tundra and Tacoma) outsold the ENTIRE Ram line.
Fiat/Chrysler is refering to all of their trucks as a seperate entity known as RAM. This is what TruckTrend had to say about that very thing:
"New Ram Branding Begins Roll Out in Chrysler Showrooms
January 5, 2210
January 05, 2010
By Steve Diehlman
As new Fiat leadership dictates the split of Chrysler's Ram trucks into its own brand, other changes are taking place - namely, new Ram signage that Chrysler is asking dealers to install nationwide. The signs prominently feature the Ram brand name and ram's head logo.
Under the new plan, Chrysler will market its Ram vehicles under a completely separate brand from the rest of the group. The new Ram brand will feature consumer and commercial grade vehicles."

RAM refers to all of Fiat/Chrysler's pickups; Ram 1500, Ram Power Wagon, Ram Dakota, Ram Heavy Duty. Like it or not,that is the new world order. Did you notice that in multiple posts on this site and in other sites "Dodge" is not mentioned. Ram, Chrysler, and/or Fiat are the words used. Dodge trucks are dead in the eyes of Fiat/Chrysler.

@ smtrthnu - did you proof read your post "They say ford sells more trucks but it only looks that way because more people buy Fords". Miath's post made more sense. Ford DOES sell more pickups because MORE people bought Ford pickups.
To those guys who complain about Ford outselling GM in total sales only - be advised: GM's total sales include the Avalanche, Cadillac variant, and full size trucks. Ford does not make an Avalanche equivalent.
I'm surprised no one has complained about Ridgeline outsellling the Avalanche.
Why are so many Ram and GM guys so upset by these sales numbers? Facts are facts. The only people who should care about these numbers are corporate automotive executives.
Feel free to break down the sales numbers into compact, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton, diesel, gas - small, mid, large displacement, crewcab, regular cab, extended cab, base model, mid level trim, or luxury trim etc. or what ever you like. If that gives your favorite brand a numerical advantage, well then goodie for you.
I'm not about to DEF in my pants if I don't like the statistics on this site.

guys - did you read the very bottom of Mike's post?
My comments are based on Mike's Notable Items!

Speaking of marketing, GM needs two different brand names to beat Ford and GM calls one brand "professional grade" when they are basically the same. Nothing changes. We keep hearing this combined sales argument. If you want to combine sales, combine the brand names into one. Why does GM need two different brands to compete with one brand from Ford?

The F-650 is a medium duty truck and not included here. Only light and heavy duty trucks are included.

"Watch the sales this year Ram 1500 and Ram HD will blow the away Ford trucks if you seperate the categories. "

That is not very likely to happen because Ford sells double the HD trucks and double the light duty even when you separate the categories.
See here... http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/11/ford-and-dodge-trucks-gain-market-share-in-2009.html

It says in the article that, "Toyota pickups (Tacoma and Tundra) outsold Chrysler pickups (Ram and Dakota) 191,209 units to 187,958 units in full year sales." But don't let Lou bother you. He doesn't own a truck. He just likes to stir the pot because he owns a 2010 Toyota Sienna.

comments on here never cease to amaze me. the bottom line is this... they are all junk because somebody put them together. they all will break under the right circumstanses. i was brought up a ford guy and thats what i drive. we have ford trucks from 1979 up to today and have very few problems. including an 89 f-150 with 400,000 miles with nothing more than regular maintence and it is a gas motor. every truck built today has strong and weak points no matter who makes it. i would have no problem driving a chevy or dodge but right now ford offers things that i need that the others do not. if someone put it together its junk and will break at some point regardless of the badge on the front.

@pickuptruck guy - I own a GMC van, the 2010 Sienna is my wife's vehicle. We liked it more than the Honda Odyssey. Ultimately, it was up to her as to what she wanted as she's paying for it. It's a very nice van. We have no regrets.We had a Grand Caravan, but it turned out to de the biggest piece of crap both of us have ever owned. I have always owned pickups up until a 1 1/2 years ago, when I got the GMC van. I got an excellent trade in, and buying it was a stop-gap measure until we could get a more reliable family vehicle. I like the GMC van, I regard it as a pickup with a permanent canopy. If it makes you feel better to think that I am not a truck guy, then so be it. What ever floats your boat. By the way, why are you so traumatized by the fact that I have a Toyota Sienna in my driveway? You keep bring it up every chance you get! (It is way off topic).

Domestics - 1,107,292
Other - 238,666
We know how to design and build trucks.

Great job GM! Even through bankruptcy GM pick ups out sold Ford's " F series ", ( you know 150 250 350 450 550 650 750 850 950), and didn't have to include delivery trucks, fire trucks or garbage trucks disguised as pick ups so they could have an imaginary crown.

10,690 Dakota pickup trucks were sold last year.

My bad didnt see the "notes". More Rams were sold than tundras. Dakota is long overdue for a overhaul anyway. If you buy soley on sales eventually you will get burned.

@LOU , You drive a van and a toyota sienna!! This is a pick-up truck site so quit commenting on things you know very little about. All you do is read an article and think you know it all. GM trucks sold the most. I drive heavy duty pick-ups daily and don't want to read your comments. Ford has always grouped their whole line of trucks together to use for false marketing but real truck drivers know they are a problem vehicle, in my shop where we work on all trucks, Ford has the most problems and we joke about toyotas all day.

@snowman - Another guy traumatized by vans in my driveway. I've driven pickups most of my personal life. I've driven vans almost exclusively in my professional life (Paramedic). My father was a "trucker" and logger. I could drive a Mack truck before I even had a driver's licence.Spare me the "I know little" speech. I've done things with vans and chassis cabs that most people would only dream of. Spare me the personal attacks, it's just a sign of a desperate person unable to come up with a rational explanation for their own personal beliefs.
By the way - General Motors counts Chev Silverado and GMC separately, therefore so does the media. This is an exerpt from TruckTrend on the same topic as this post: “combining the sales of the number-two Chevrolet Silverado with its twin, the fourth-place GMC Sierra, would put them over the top, but since GM counts them separately, so will we.” There you have it - General Motors Corporation considers the Chevrolet and GMC pickups as separate truck lines.

The sales don't include the medium trucks. I use my truck for hauling and to make delveries. Should a truck not count because it is used for real work? Should we only count the sales to appearance buyers and the buyers who use their truck to tow a boat twice a year?

Please stop with the you have no bias routine. Everyone has bias including you especially.

You Government Motors fans never cease to amaze me!! You whine and complain "oh GM sold more trucks than Ford" Yeah if you include the duplicate GMC line into the mix they sold a whopping 14,761 more trucks than Ford! Ford sold 413,625 vehicle using ONE line of trucks while GM fans like to use 2. GMC should have been dropped along time ago. All it is nothing but a different grille and tailights. WOW!!! If GM made 1 good looking truck maybe they wouldn't need an "upscale" version of the same thing. GM and Dodge are LIGHTYEARS behind Ford in terms of technology, looks, and reliability. It doesn't seem that the ads with that has-been Howie Long have been helping market share either!! Last time I checked Ford was gaining market share while GM and Dodge continue to loose it. Yeah ford may include numbers from the F-150 up to the F-750 but it is ONE LINE OF TRUCKS = Ford F-Series. Maybe Ford should start including in their sales number Lincoln Navigator, Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer numbers in with the truck numbers too. Even then they would still be ahead. And yes the fleet and municipality numbers are included. Fleet operators buy Fords because they need a reliable, durable vehicles in their fleets. Don't think for a minute that GM doesn't include their small fleet sale number in the totals either.

GM is not a make, it is a company. Cheverolet and GMC and Ford are makes. It would not make sense to group Chevy and GMC as they are two different makes. GM chooses to do this silly rebadged Chevy thing, it's their problem. The F-series trucks are all Ford.

This also assumes that if GMC went away, all those customers would go by Chevy, which is seen as a lower featured truck. That is not a given.

I know that GM is a brand! I was just trying to get a point across that to "outsell" Ford these birds have to combine both the Chevy/GMC numbers to prove that both DUPLICATE truck lines sold 14,761 more trucks than Ford did. Big deal!! Ford still sells more trucks under one line than Chevy/GMC ("Professional Grade") trucks. Ford also still sells move SUV's wheather it be an Expedition, Explorer, Escape or the CUV's Egde, Flex than GM does. Also they are rated higher by both JD Power and Consumer Reports than the GM vehicles.

@ Lou N

"The automakers should reconsider a 1/2 ton diesel"
This stmt contradicts everything else you said in that post?

Diesels cost too much to produce, and their advantages are for the most part gone, unless you tow 80+% of the time. So with a half ton its even likely to make sense.
Its been three years now where diesels have been disapointing owners. It doesn't pencil out.

IMO today that with the notible differnce in apperance between the Sierra and Silverado, you can't add them together. I know too many guys who after 20-30 years of owning Chevys, switched to Sierras based on looks alone/ after the 07s debuted. So if the Sierras didn't exist some if not all woudl have looked at non-gm trucks. Now an argument can be made that GM would not have been so agresive in styling the Silverado if it had been there lone offering. But we don't know that.

"Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, 14% of people know that."
- Homer Simpson

GM did sell more for the year, however, for the last several months, Ford has been outselling the GM twins. GM has a problem because their sales are spiralling downward faster lately than their ytd figures show. I don't expect GM to be able to claim the pickup sales crown next year. Ford's pickup market share grew by 4 percentage points this year.

The X factor for Fords 2010 sales may be the upcoming 2011s with 2 or 3 new engines. Folks know they're coming may hold off. With production to start in Nov, could mean strong 2011 calander year sales. Then again a good program will offset that as many guys will take whats on the lots if they can get the right deal.

READ MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!
Ford counts only f150-f250-f350-f450-f550
Dodge counts 1500-2500-3500-4500-5500
Chevy counts 1500-2500-3500
GMC counts 1500-2500-3500
GM total 6
Ford total 5
Dodge total 5
GM complete line of trucks is 10: colorado, canyon, escalade ext, avalanche, gmc/chevy 1500 2500 3500
Dodge complete line is 6: dakota, 1500-2500-3500-4500-5500
Ford complete line is 6: ranger f150 f250 f350 f450 f550

Just some random thoughts from a fellow truck-guy that's turned over to the dark side. I've had Silverado's and S-10's for the past 12-14yrs, and my local bow-tie dealers here in Tampa wouldn't deal with me when i was looking for a new ride, so i went looking at Dakota's. Well, all it took was just one look, and i left the parking lot dismayed at both its looks, price (might as well buy a Ram) and mileage (and again). But i've never been a Dodge (excuse me, RAM) kind of guy, so all that's left were Ranger's and Tacoma's. Test drove a 2010 Ranger x-cab Sport 2WD in eye piercing yellow. Looked great but rode like a tin box. Price was right and that's probably one reason why. Went to look at (gulp) Toyota's Tacoma, and test drove a Pre-Runner SR5 Double Cab 2WD, went home that night and knew i had to have it. It fit me, my comfort zone/level, price (got it right after Thanksgiving and got a great Black Friday sale!) and mileage is averaging 19.5 combined with little A/C being used here in Tampa in the winter months anyway.

I guess the bottom line is you're going to buy what you're comfortable with considering all factors, and in my case, it came down to buying a Toyota which i never would have initially considered. The domestics have some work to do if they ever wan to get my business back.

I grew up in Pittsburgh in the '70s, and winced when i told my family/friends i bought a Toyota. Little did i know most of them are riding around in Honda's, Toyota's, Hyundai's and Nissan's. I still consider myself a Chevy kind of guy, it's just for the time being Toyota fits my needs.

quote from Motortrend

Of course, the full-size pickup market is a bit more crowded than the muscle car market, so extra analysis is needed. As often happens, combining the sales of the number-two Chevrolet Silverado with its twin, the fourth-place GMC Sierra, would put them over the top, but since GM counts them separately, so will we. It's worth noting that both of GM's steeds posted bigger sales drops compared to 2008 as well. So, behind the F-Series, the order goes: Chevrolet Silverado (316,544), Ram Pickup (177,268), GMC Sierra (111,842), Toyota Tundra (79,385), Nissan Titan (19,042) and the never-quite-caught-on Honda Ridgeline, which posted both the lowest sales numbers (16,464) and the biggest drop over 2008 (50%).

Read more: http://wot.motortrend.com/6625347/miscellaneous/the-biggest-winners-and-losers-of-2009-us-auto-sales-the-feuds/index.html#ixzz0bqt9l4QD

there ya have it.

Ford just makes the best truck end of story.

Ford makes a good truck, they just need to learn to make or market a good diesel engine to go along with the truck. Their last 2 attempts sucked.

There IS A REASON that when you buy an F650 or F750, you get it with the same 6.7L Cummins you get when you buy a Ram 2500 or 3500, and you can't even get a 6.4L PSD in Ford's biggest trucks, even if you wanted to. It's CAT or Cummins - makers of REAL diesel engines. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself on Ford's website. Not the new POJ V8s Ford has been pumping out every few years trying to get it right with Navistar. JUNK!

Well explained. That's why I have said for years that the domestics could own ALL the market if they would design/build/price their mid-size trucks correctly. I think the market would actually expand right to their bottom line.

Well, everyone knows Chevy blows the pants off Ford anyday. I owned a chevy for the past thirty years, four differant years and all they ever needed was an oil change now and then. All my bodies with Fords are always having problems or having them towed away.

Chevy truck die-hards hate Fords; Ford truck die-hards hate Chevys; GMC trucks are really Chevys; Ram die-hards hate both of the others and the feelings are reflected right back at 'em. Blah, blah, blah about who sells more... Doesn't matter how many you sell if you don't make $$$. Looks like Ford's figured that out, finally. Will GM v2.0? Will Chrysler v3.0?

I don't need a truck. I want one, can afford it, and will have it. But, it has to be a TRUCK. And, even now, that means NOT asian, but North American. Real trucks need to handle real usage. Honda doesn't care, but if Toyota or Nissan figure that out before GM v2.0 or Chrysler v3.0 learn how to make $$$, then things could get really bad for them, making all this Ford vs Chevy/GMC vs Ram bickering disappear.

@Joe - bias? commenting on facts is not a case of bias. Discussing observed trends, tests, or statistics is not bias. Brand bias or loyalty? Over the last 8 years, I've owned a Ford F250, a Ford Ranger, and a GMC van. My wife has owned a Ford Escort, a Dodge Grand Caravan, and a Toyota Sienna. I don't see a trend towards brand loyalty or product bias.
@Power Kid - my comment,"The automakers should reconsider a 1/2 ton diesel" was a statement made to open discussion, and to see if a 1/2 ton diesel would be a viable option as the HD diesel segment is in a state of contracture. Is this contracture due to tough economic times causing people to be unable to financially afford a diesel HD truck? Were previous diesel sales artificially high because of luxury/lifestyle purchases? (Kind of like suburbanite's in Hummers and BMW's).
Are diesels being killed off by rising fuel prices and emissions standards?
Are people realizing that they don't need a HD diesel?
The new gas engines coming out, at least on paper are cheaper to purchase, don't require complex emissions, and have comparable power characteristics to the proposed "baby" diesels. The issue may already be dead.
I welcome having my posts challenged without the personal attacks.Thanks for your comment.

I currently drive a 97 Powerstroke I bought used in 2000. I purchased this in lieu of a 1/2 ton simply due to the fact that at the time there were none that fit my needs. Since then trucks have made astronomical leaps in quality, strength, efficiency and comfort. If I ever buy another vehicle, since mine still runs and looks good, it will be a 1/2 ton since it is now just a capable if not more than my 250.

I bring this up because i believe this might also play a factor in changing sales demographics and why certain trucks have fallen out of favor as of late. Sure you can blame fads and economic factors and that may be correct but also look at what the vehicle market had available ten years ago as opposed to today.

@Dan - I enjoyed your post, and agree with you - quote "the bottom line is this... they are all junk because somebody put them together. they all will break under the right circumstanses" - my dad used to say the same thing all the time. Pickups have improved so much that the gap between the best and worst pickup are very small. Personal preference often becomes the final factor, if not the only factor in buying a truck.
@Hoodman - you have some valid points. Your reasons for getting a Tacoma are similar to my wife and I chosing a Sienna.
@DontNeedATruck - what you are saying is true. I feel that the sales figures of Toyota versus Ram are an indication that Toyota will figure things out before Ram. There are indications that GM Corporation - "New GM" or "version 2" as you called them are inching towards the right path.
Ford is obviously on the right path. The auto industry will look very different over the next 5 years.

Not to say one is better than the other im not trying to prove that but GM guys STFU stop complaining silverado also means 1500 and HD same for sierra its not just ford that combines the 1500 and hd it just sounds like they are cheating b/c saying "f-series" implies more than one model being combined (which it is) but the only reason GM does not sound like that b/c a Silverado 3500 is still a Silverado where as a F-350 is NOT an F-150 ....btw I own a Dodge thats how much your crying pisses me off

gm ,hold 35 to 41.8 since 2002 ,ford 31%, the truck market in us.gm sold 2007 890,271,ford 698,971,,2008gm,673,334,ford 520.144..

GM v2.0 / ChryCo v3.0


I agree with a few others that the ½ ton pickups now are just as capable as the Super/Heavy duty trucks of just a 5 or 6 years ago. Unless you tow over 10,000 pounds and do it often you don’t need a truck with a diesel engine in it.

The Navistar International Diesels that have been going into the Ford Super Duty since 2003 are just plain junk. We all know there was a lot of finger pointing between Ford and International about who was to blame for the sorry state of those motors. The best diesel the companies used were the 7.3L diesel. One of the toughest motors out there with thousands of them soldiering on. With all that said time will tell if Ford made the best choice by going it alone building their next diesel motor. If it turns into a success then most of the finger pointing will turn back to International, if it’s a bust then the finger will point at Ford, and the Chevy and Ram guys will be laughing their ass off! I would have loved to see Ford partner with Detroit Diesel to build the next motor. Ask any truck driver and they will tell you either a Detroit 60 series or the Cummins N-14 and ISX15 motors are the best. Before anyone says it Detroit Diesel is no longer owned by GM.

@Jacob you hit the nail on the head… GM counts way to many name plates into the numbers they post for truck sales. Ford does combine the totals of the entire F series lineup up to the F550 but as you point out its pickup trucks or at least a variant of a truck. Total for Ford F series and Ranger = 469,225 Total for GMC, Chevy, Colorado = 460,799 Bottom line is Ford sold more pickups, at least from the numbers off of the top ten list. DO THE MATH PEOPLE! And it only took them two nameplates instead of three to post those numbers! I don’t know why every year the GM fan boys always have a problem accepting this fact…

Thanks Shawn. That sure is the bottom line. Nuff said, ya'll get some rest now.

Is it me or do we need to break the numbers down to pickups only and not include SUV's and CUV's with truck sales? I think you need to break it down into pickups, CUV, and SUV's that way we don't have this mess every year with the totals. Seriously a Chevy Equinox is not a damn truck... but GM includes it along with all the other SUV and CUV's it makes into its truck sales just to say we sell more trucks. FAIL. Stop lying to people and rednecks who don't know how to add. And trust me I don't have anything against GM as a company other than they took my money but I'm getting really tired of this damn argument every year!!! GRRR

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