Ford F-150 Is Likely Ranger Replacement

Ford F-150 Is Likely Ranger Replacement

Contrary to the interest voiced in reinventing small pickups for the U.S. from Chrysler, Nissan and Scion, Ford is keeping plans to end production of the U.S.-built Ranger next year and offer only full-size F-Series pickups, though there's still a chance the Ranger could be replaced in North America with Ford's upcoming global midsize truck.

Last year, Ford sold 55,600 Rangers in the U.S. It was the second best-selling small truck behind the Toyota Tacoma, which sold 111,824 units.

"Today, a lot of customers who buy Rangers are the people who use it as a commuter vehicle," Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of product development, told last week at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. "But with the new Ford Fiesta and Focus coming into the lineup, those kinds of customers will have other alternatives to the Ranger."

Kuzak said another reason for eliminating the Ranger is Ford's effort to improve the fuel economy of its F-Series pickups.

"We're going to continue to make the F-Series significantly more fuel efficient while still providing the level of capability that the F-150 provides today," Kuzak said. "There will be no compromise for better fuel efficiency. The vast majority of Ranger buyers are not using the full capability of the truck. We have to compare those customers choosing a very affordable and fuel-efficient F-150."

A 2010 Ford Ranger with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic transmission is rated at 19/24 mpg city/highway.

We expect much of the mileage improvements will come from new engines for the F-150, such as the new 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost that's said to provide the power of a V-8 with the efficiency of a V-6, and a new 3.7-liter V-6 that our sources also tell us is set to go into the F-150. Our sources say a four-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 is also planned.

Still, Kuzak said it's possible the U.S. might get a direct replacement for the Ranger.

"It's no secret we have a new Ranger coming globally. We're working on one for all the other markets in the world," Kuzak said. "The difference is that all of those other markets only have a Ranger. They don't have an F-150 above it."

The new global Ranger, code-named T6, is being designed in Australia. The current U.S.-built and overseas Ford Ranger models share only their names.

Would the global Ranger work in the North American market?

"That's what we're still looking at," Kuzak said. "We're still trying to finalize that decision."


My 2000 Ranger is my one and only means of transportation. I'm still waiting for that "new" Ford Ranger and the Australian Ranger ain't it. The F-150 is out because it's base price is $3500 more. So unless Ford comes up with something else, people like me will be forced to go elsewhere to get their small pick-em-up.

Let's get real here. Ford appears ready to drop the Ranger and the replacement is whatever the competition provides. Any technological fuel savings argument applied to the F-150 can be realized with a Ranger-sized pickup.

"Last year, Ford sold 55,600 Rangers in the U.S"

That's gotta be more than they sold Mercuries all together and maybe Lincolns. I can't understand them letting this whither away. It would seem like a cash-cow, and if not at least it strategically keeps 55,000 people from buying Toyotas, or whatever. They probably have several models that they'd love to sell 55k of a year. I am just not getting this indecision and I am a die-hard Ford truck guy.

A lot of people don't want a full-size pickup so are they going to do this F100 I have been hearing so much about? Or are they just going to concede this piece of the pie to Toyota?

Geeze, refresh the thing already and you'll probably sell another 15 - 20k a year. You make 3 different badged versions of the Escape, Explorer, but you can't update a basic small pick-up.

Can anybody explain why I can buy a crew cab small truck from Ford (or other manufacturers for that matter) in the EU/Australia/NZ/South America that can tow 5000 lbs or haul 2200 lbs in the bed but I can't here in the US?

I believe if they do this it will be done to mainly boost the sales of the F150. Mainly so it can stay as the top selling full size pick up. That will force Ranger buyers into a F150. I think this wil be a mistake and buyers will go else where. Even Nissan is thinking about coming ut with a new entry level truck. Fords loss will be the other aoutmakers gain. And just when people think ford is on the right track.

Ford needs to build another Ranchero type car based pickup!

I hear GM is looking into the possibilty of another EL Camino!

I think this will be a great idea!

One thing about the Ranger is that it is probably the most relialibiy of any Ford Truck!

The Ecoboost F150 was always going to be the Ranger's replacement: The Midsize market has really shrunk.Why develop a separate platform for fairly little return ; The Global T6 is going to be bigger than the current Ranger; Although developed in Australia, which has a free trade agreement with the US, the T6 will be built in Thailand and subject to the "Chicken Tax"

This news sucks for me. I own a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge with the 4.0 v6 4x4 and I love my Ranger and still hope that Ford will come out with an actual small truck replacement. I'm a person who doesn't need a full size truck but does a lot of off-roading, fishing, hunting, and a little hauling. The Ranger fits my needs perfectly. If Ford doesn't come out with a replacement compact truck I will probably start looking at Toyota or Jeep. Come on Ford, give us the Ranger we want or the F-100. Ranger with a little 4cyl Ecoboost engine would be sick.

Yea, a Ford Ranger might be used as a commuter vehicle most of the time, but the people that buy them do so because of the utility they offer. If they didn't feel like they needed something with a bed, they wouldn't buy it.

Need a couple bags of mulch or a new dishwasher for your home? You can just throw them in the back of your Ranger and go. You aren't doing that with a Fiesta. I'm sorry.

Not only that, but the Ranger is a reasonable size vehicle for an average family. Not every family wants to drive a half-ton, especially modern half-tons, which are as big as a 3/4 ton truck now.

I think Ford not bringing out a new small/midsize truck is a big mistake. They'll end up losing any hold on the market they had.

This is moronic , it looks like no new Fords for me , I will stick with a Mahindra or a small Nissan (if they make them) or a Mitsubishi (if they start selling them here again) I am done with new full size trucks when gas prices spike again and they will full size trucks are done for .

i love my ranger but a fiesta or focus is not at all a replacement, i dont see why an ecoboost ranger or one with the 3.7l v6 wouldnt get better gas mpg then the f150

and as said above although i use it to commute i use it to off road tow a little and haul stuff all the time. the focus or fiesta would be in a pile of pieces by now, i just hope ford gets their act together, they make trucks thats what theyre good at and now theyre just leaving an entire segment

Ecoboost had better be a miracle engine, and that 3.7 is going to have to work hard to get those Ranger customers.

To hell with you Ford, my next vehicle will be a Toyota Tacoma. I won't buy a model that's going to get discontinued in favor of an oversized monster truck.

It's ridiculous for Ford to walk away from 56,000 Ranger sales in today's market. That number could grow if they only brought out a new Ranger considering the existing one is over 20 years old.

It's even more ridiculous to suggest that a Ranger buyer will just switch to a Fiesta or Focus because they are a commuter. Totally different brand and self image there.

Bring the world Ranger here. Bring it with a highly-efficient turbo-4 and also a clean diesel and they'll see 100,00 in sales easily.

This is pretty stupid. 55k vehicles is nothing to sneeze at, and the current Ranger has to be making a ton of money for Ford. The engineering costs were absorbed long ago, and they have to have the manufacturing floor down to an exact science. If they think telling their loyal customers "Tough cookies, the Ranger is gone, buy a F-150 or Fiesta or Focus." is a good idea, they're idiots. The Ranger is for people that want a vehicle for occasional light hauling while still getting reasonable mileage. Maybe even the occasional off-road trip. The core of this truck is very reliable. All they would need is freshened bodywork, some lighter materials to shave some weight, and newer engine/trans options to improve the mileage and it will continue to sell well for years to come. What other vehicle do you know that's this old and sells this well? I'm a diehard Chevy guy, but even I have to respect the Ranger. I think GM was stupid to replace the S-10 with the Colorado too. Maybe if they had done it right, it would've stolen more sales from the Ranger. That fact that the Ranger doesn't outsell the Tacoma is a useless point. The Tacoma is the same size as my '95 K1500, so I don't even consider it a compact truck. So really, the Ranger is the best selling compact truck and they're just going to drop it. Good job Ford ........ morons

I'm not buying this story at all. Ford getting rid of the Ranger altogether and letting Toyota and Mahindra take the field? HUGE MISTAKE!! I'm sure that Ford is not that stupid. I'm confident there will be a Ranger replacement.

This probably means Ford has a Ranger replacement well in the works. Sounds like a little end-around to me.
Ford could not let a whole (truck) segment to go to the imports. That's just not the American way. Right Ford? Right?

Significantly more fuel efficient F-150 with no compromises. Sounds like a winner to me.

Not to muddy the water, but here's what we heard last March:

- Mike

The company I work for only has Ranger delivery vehicles.They usually get 28-32 mpg with stop and go driving!
NO F150 will EVER reach that figure.Whats an F150 weigh? You cant move that much mass without burning fuel.
Ford is being a huge dumbas* over this issue....much like the Taurus,500,Crown Victoria debacles.
Time for FIAT to bring in a smallish pickup as a RAM and own that market along with Toyota.

Ford killing the Ranger would be a bad idea. If the Ranger was available in crew cab form they would have sold about 105,000 or more units. If ford completely redesign the next Ranger & include a crew cab model & with its new line of 4 cyl & V6 engines they would be the king of the small truck segment within 2 years.

Mahindra couldn't be happier with this news.

I suspected Ford would do this considering they have 6 engines that have been mentioned for the F150 and no credible replacement for the Ranger.

Ford is betting on 4 things.
1. Brand loyalty. I don't think that is wise as it sits around 35% .
2. It looks like Ford will offer a F150 (F150 Lite) with minimal payload and towing capacity as a trade off to fuel economy for people who want good MPG but need a p/u.
3. The Transit van will pick up the slack (no pun intended) for light commercial use.
4. The rest of the people driving Rangers will buy small Ford cars.
Ford is taking a big chance. They have made some good decisions, but I do not think killing the Ranger is one of them.
Time will tell.

"The company I work for only has Ranger delivery vehicles.They usually get 28-32 mpg with stop and go driving! NO F150 will EVER reach that figure."

The actual numbers for the 2010 Ranger: 22 city/27 highway/24 combined mpg. 2.3L manual, 2WD.

Never say never. Hold onto your potatoes.

@Tommy: I used the FE numbers for the automatic Ranger since the F-150 no longer offers a manual gearbox.

Ford maybe wanting to bring some much smaller vehicles from it's Brazilian subsidiary.

. I find it odd that Ford doesn't biuld an F-100 the size of the ranger , then Ford could group that into their F-Series total sales and brag how many F-series trucks sold each year as compared to other manufactures seperated category sales figures. I've always thought the smaller trucks would become more and more popular , with the fuel prices / economy problems as of late. I guess its going to take higher prices for fuel to get the small ford truck back on track. Ford isn't approaching the new fuel concious consumer the proper way(in my opinion). Why force the american/canadian consumer to buy a larger truck than they really need by spending more to try to make it as efficiant as a lighter truck . For most people a f-150 is too large and they don't need that much capability. Keep the Ranger and limit the F-150 to the the bigger 5.0L and 4.6L engines, why offer so many engine choices in a half ton as it can only haul so much wieght . Let the consumer who needs the big heavy duty diesel pullers that option in the HD segment only. This probably will sell more Ranger sized vehicles and burn less fuel (cleaner). To bad diesel emissions are so strict here that is is holding back the small truck diesel pick-up that would take over #1 sales.

Ford is making a mistake just handing this market to Toyota and GM.

The Ranger was the truck least affected when sales were at their worst. Considering how old the design is, it is amazing that it still sells as well as it does.

I think if Ford would get with the times, drop the Sport Trac, and redesign the Ranger, it could sell enough to make a profit on them.

The idea that an EcoBoost V6 F-150 is a replacement for a Ranger is a bit of a stretch. A 2.3L manual transmission Ranger can get over 30 MPG on the highway. An F-150 is not going to do that. The idea that people who buy Rangers will just buy a Fiesta or Focus instead is completely ridiculous. How exactly is a small car supposed to substitute a small pickup?

i need a 4x2 that will get 25 mpg the ranger was going to be that truck i hope Ford rethinks this idea.

If you're talking about a 2 door regular cab or an extended cab I don't see that big of a problem. With the improved fuel efficiency Ford is promising, they can pull it off IF they get their baseline price (and perhaps weight) on down AND you can add just the accessories you want without having to buy more expensive "packages" to get just the items you want. I believe Ford can "save" money so to speak by lowering their baseline price down to Ranger territory and not have to fool with another model, only Ford themselves can put a pencil to it and see how the numbers stack up.

When you go to a crewcab I believe you're gonna want that big 'ol F-150 to start with, forget a Ranger crewcab.

This idea won't appeal at all to those who truly love small pickup trucks such as an old 6 foot bed Jeep Comanche pickup or smaller.


Even with the spike in fuel I highly doubt Full size trucks will go away. Where I live its pretty much 50% full size trucks and 50% everything else on the road. (not including semis or buses)

Back when Gas was over $4 a gallon that did not stop people from driving them. So seeing all this every day proves to me that Full size trucks will always be viable.

However when that day comes and I have a feeling people are going to be ready. I remember when people were freaking out over it going to $2 a gallon a few years back. I am dating myself here but I remember when it was less than a dollar. If Full size trucks didnt go away then they will not go away now.

@The Luigiian how would the 3.7l have to work hard to win over ranger drivers?? i drive a ranger and would love that engine, more hp and tq then the current 4.0l

One of the links to this thread talked about a 2.5L 4 banger for the F150. That definitely would be an "F150 lite". A regular cab, short box, with some light weight parts -
presto = Ranger replacement. That is probably where Ford is going!

i still like the F100 idea. design a mid size truck, like chevy, dodge, toyota, and nissan did, and badge it the F100. id buy one

Damn. I think Ford hasn't truly prepared anything or wants to go through with what they already have. Hopefully, it will be just a hiatus in the smaller segments. Honestly, the Ranger has fierce customer loyalty. Ford realized that they would start losing a TON of money with any truck replacing the current Ranger.


Oversized monster? And you are opting for a Toyota truck. Sorry buddy, if you wanna see an oversized monster, you need to look at the Tundra/Sequoia....

The reason Ford is getting rid of the ranger is because small trucks no longer are as cheap as they used to be people are buying full size trucks because the are the same price and they waist the same amount of fuel. Thats why Nissan wants to make a smaller frontier and sell it cheaper than the current one today. Besides most people are loving a full size truck now in days they drive like cars now if you cant drive a full size truck then get the hell out of the road. Full size trucks are better for everything they waist the same amount of fuel they are better loking when was the last time there was a full redesigned Ranger I mean a New Rananger not just a new refresh front end that truck is old as hell get rid of it. Or atat least make the F-100 that truck would be ok it would be some thing different and it would be the size of the previous Toyota Tundra least make the F-100

Dear Ford:

As a Ranger owner, please understand my point; if I wanted a fullsize truck, I'd own one now.

Replace the Ranger with an F150 and I'll buy a Toyota.

What were they thinking? Killing the Ranger? What is wrong with this world today? Whats next? a Ford Ridgeline? The Explorer is also going unibody. Even after all these years it's still selling strong. So why are they going to kill it? If Ranger-drivers wanted an f150 they would have bought one. Sad. The Ranger is also a very good offroad truck.

Ford has lost their mind, people who buy Rangers arn't going to buy a Fiesta, These people want more utility then a small car and 4x4 a lot of times.

If you bought a 4 banger Ranger and are getting 30mpg you aren't hauling very much. Load that sucker up to max payload and watch that fuel economy plummet. Sorry guys. I have owned 2 Rangers and loved them. 1 being a 5 speed 2.0L 4cylinder and no way was it getting 25-30mpg. Just adding a few hundred pounds over the axle for winter dropped the mileage. The 3.0 V6 is a waste of metal and when you step up the 4.0L there isn't a whole lot of difference in mileage between that and a V6 F150. I don't agree with Ford killing the Ranger FTR and think saying people will buy Focuses and Fiestas instead is idiotic. However I do see where they are coming from. Go look at a Frontier, Taco or Dakota. They are all far larger than a Ranger and the jump to a fullsize isn't all that big a leap sizewise. The Rangeris by far the smallest of the compacts and I am under the impression that fleet sales are responsible for at least 50% of that 2009 sales number listed. IMHO Dodge and Toyota have managed to make midsized trucks that are cannablizing their fullsized sales. In different ways however. The Dakota offers fullsized power and mpg in a smaller truck, so people skip it and get the extra room with a slight mpg drop in the non Hemi Ram 1500. Toyota gace loyal Taco owners a much bigger truck thus making alot of them happy and seeing no need to buy a Tundra. NIssan might be exempted from this effect a bit as the Titan is a huge jump over the Frontier and carries a big mpg penalty by offering only the 5.6L. IIRC the other issue the Ranger faces in it's current form is crash test requirements. Quite simply it will not pass the upcoming ones. I seem to remeber Mahindra doing dismally in recent testing as well as a comparison.

We have a Focus, Fiesta and a Ranger and based on use of all of them I wouldn't trade the utility of the Ranger for either of the cars and a F-150 is too large a vehicle (not to mention a higher cost). The Ranger is not used as a "work" truck but we do need to open bed to haul things like landscape material etc. - would hate to think I'd have to go to a non-Ford to get a vehicle the right size.

it's not really about the mileage.. it's about the SIZE. The F-150 is AWESOME truck, i just want and need something physically small in size. Still a 4x4 but smaller. I have a 2007 Ranger 4x4 love it, but cant fit 4 adults.

And that's the elephant in the room with Ranger. It's only a 2+0 - only two people in the cab. I still think Ford would own the segment with a safer vehicle and larger cab option with four doors. Rangers are rocks to own but just are not up to current stats. Ford, keep the strength but make a modern version with four doors and a true cheaper price than F150, and forget missing some F150 sales. I think you will have the best of both worlds.

As smart as Ford has been over the last few years, that has to be the poorest reasoning for killing the Ranger and not bringing the T6 here. Not everyone needs (or wants to find a parking space for) a full-size truck. If they think the F150, Fiesta, and Focus will sell 55,000 units next year to directly replace Ranger sales, I think they are nuts.

An F-150 with even a 4cyl diesel would be a great repalcement for the ranger.

@Tim I'm referring to the 3.7 liter Ford F-150. In a Ranger it would be fantastic, in the F-150 it'll have to pull big mileage numbers for a full size truck, equal to what the 3.5 gets in the Ford Flex at least, to really be viable as a fuel-efficient compact truck replacement.

@F-RAM: When did I say I was going to buy a Tundra/Sequoia? Those are monstrous, just like the F-150, Ram and Silverado. I was referring to the Toyota Tacoma. It's bloated too but it at least doesn't require any stepladders to access the cargo bed.

The amount of interest here speaks for itself. And the vote is in...Most are for Ford doing the Ranger right and NOT giving up.

Who did your research? Ranger is affordable and practicle. It has name recognition that you plan to just throw away? It is the perfect alternative for people who can only afford one vehicle to both commute to work AND do-it-yourself at home - be it landscaping, firewood, or picking up your own appliances. This appears to be the first major misstep in an otherwise solid come-back plan. Please verify your data before you commit to this strategy!

Killing the currect Ranger makes sense. The platform is too old, and will not pass new safety rules.
There needs to be a slightly larger replacement for the Ranger, one that offers a crew cab option.
I suspect that Ford has a "plan B" just in case the "F150 for everyone" plan fails. It kind of reminds me of Henry Ford's model T strategy. You can get it in any colour you want, as long as it's black.

Ford has 7 potential engines for the F150. 2.5L 4 banger, 3.5 V6, 3.7 V6, 4.6 V8, 5.0 V8, 5.4 V8, 6.2 V8. I could see Ford offering most of those engines.
THey would need to come out with an F150 "lite" to approach the Ranger in economy.
The Transit van could easily replace the Ranger for light duty work. I bet Ford will try hard to sell the public on the Transit van.

Lou, I would like the 6 of 7 engines for the F150. Ford, save the 4-banger for a small truck. I'm not driving a large truck with a four-cylinder engine. The midsize Chevy Colorado can barely lug with one. Build a pickup off the Transit Connect van if you have to!

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