Ford F-150 Is Likely Ranger Replacement

Ford F-150 Is Likely Ranger Replacement

Contrary to the interest voiced in reinventing small pickups for the U.S. from Chrysler, Nissan and Scion, Ford is keeping plans to end production of the U.S.-built Ranger next year and offer only full-size F-Series pickups, though there's still a chance the Ranger could be replaced in North America with Ford's upcoming global midsize truck.

Last year, Ford sold 55,600 Rangers in the U.S. It was the second best-selling small truck behind the Toyota Tacoma, which sold 111,824 units.

"Today, a lot of customers who buy Rangers are the people who use it as a commuter vehicle," Derrick Kuzak, Ford's group vice president of product development, told last week at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. "But with the new Ford Fiesta and Focus coming into the lineup, those kinds of customers will have other alternatives to the Ranger."

Kuzak said another reason for eliminating the Ranger is Ford's effort to improve the fuel economy of its F-Series pickups.

"We're going to continue to make the F-Series significantly more fuel efficient while still providing the level of capability that the F-150 provides today," Kuzak said. "There will be no compromise for better fuel efficiency. The vast majority of Ranger buyers are not using the full capability of the truck. We have to compare those customers choosing a very affordable and fuel-efficient F-150."

A 2010 Ford Ranger with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and five-speed automatic transmission is rated at 19/24 mpg city/highway.

We expect much of the mileage improvements will come from new engines for the F-150, such as the new 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost that's said to provide the power of a V-8 with the efficiency of a V-6, and a new 3.7-liter V-6 that our sources also tell us is set to go into the F-150. Our sources say a four-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 is also planned.

Still, Kuzak said it's possible the U.S. might get a direct replacement for the Ranger.

"It's no secret we have a new Ranger coming globally. We're working on one for all the other markets in the world," Kuzak said. "The difference is that all of those other markets only have a Ranger. They don't have an F-150 above it."

The new global Ranger, code-named T6, is being designed in Australia. The current U.S.-built and overseas Ford Ranger models share only their names.

Would the global Ranger work in the North American market?

"That's what we're still looking at," Kuzak said. "We're still trying to finalize that decision."


Ford should bring the global Ranger here as the F100, and maybe even offer a smaller Transit based pick-up call it the F50. This way they pad the F-series sales numbers and provide what consumers want.

For engines, any modern 4 or 6 will work, but I vote for the use of the new ecoboost to get the improved milage and torque.

Mike, THANKS for getting the update. I'll get a Mahindra before I get a focus or fiesta.

I cannot PARK a freaggin' F150.

Looks like it'll have to be a 2011 Ford Ranger Supercab 4cl. Yay.

@Billy - I'd be reluctant to buy a F150 with a 4 banger. Click on the link above and they give some info on the engine: quote"Final displacement hasn’t been determined but the four-cylinder EcoBoost is expected to be around 2.5-liters with power ratings greater than 260 hp and 300 lbs.-feet of torque. It will likely be available only for the two-door Regular Cab F-150 4x2 and 4x4, where it would work best for light-duty commercial applications." It sounds like the F150 "Lite" I mentioned , albiet jokingly.

Let's be real here guys! First and foremost, Lets congratulate ford for making the right decisions in the face of adversity, and saving us ALL some money.
Everyone always looks overseas and wonders why our vehicles don't do what they do. The answer: environmentalists. Due to stringent laws, our vehicles must be stretched so far but the one thing remains constant: they must meet emissions. After our recent oil crisis, they must also be more efficient. Well folks, you can't have your cake and eat it too. You must sacrifice some power in order to get efficiency.
Although I haven't ever driven a ranger, I've been a fan of it since its introduction. It is truly a staple in ford, but it's almost 20 year design that has gone with minor upgrades through the year needs a refresh. So, instead of bashing FoMoCo, applaud them for trying to reintroduce a new era of economic pick-up trucks.
Although more than 50,000 sold is not a small number, in comparison to what FoMoCo is used to selling, it's a disaster. Look at it this way: at least they recognize that the market is there and they're willing to start from a "fresh sheet" (in relative terms) to be able to take the new ranger to the next level. I love Ford, and I stand by them.

Someone at ford has to be plain retarded. I made these comments a long long time ago. The IDEAL width for a ranger replacement was the 2003-2005 explorer.

Now we know our options will not include the ideal. So we have the T6 as an option that has almost the same width as the Tacoma. The deal is this however. IF the T6 can get 30MPG with a 1.6 EB 4 cylinder and 500lbs in the bed in a 2x4 trim at the $16,500 price point.

And the 3.7 liter or 2.5 liter EB (should they build it) be available in a 4x4 extended cab trim, can tow 3000lbs easily or get 24mpg "not towing" AND the price be under $25,000 with sync.

AND the 3.7 liter 4x4 quad cab loaded with sync and leather price just under $29K

THEN Ford will sell a ton of them.

FORD has three markets to satisfy

Stripped, aka parts runner. Need durability, a 500-1000lb bed capacity, 30MPG, low cost. $15k-$17K

Midline replacement. aka all the guys with 2000-2008 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4's with 4.0s. You need to improve on everything and give nothing up, but you can not increase the price more than 2-3K over the old model $18k-24K

Sport Trak Replacement $24-30K These owners want the same thing they had, only better built, with more reliability and far better gas mileage. Few owners of sport traks actually towed anything over 4000lbs frequently.

So.. Does that mean Rangers wont be around elsewhere too?! Gone forever? I'm not sure with one I like better but I think I may like the F150.... I'm not so sure about the interest though...

In order to continue selling the current Ranger, Ford would have to make a significant investment in it to meet upcoming safety regulations. They could bring the new world Ranger to the US, but it would also require a significant investment to federalize it for the US market. Unlike GM, Ford doesn't have unlimited resources to spend chasing every market. They know they are going to lose this market, and making a F150 look better to former Ranger buyers is probably the most responsible financial decision for them right now.

More and more speculation...

If i'm not mistaken doesnt volkswagen have 2 clean diesel's that would fit into compact pickups? They have a 2L and a 3L

Everyone has "clean" diesels ready to go, but blame the toughest emissions rules on the planet for killing the North American diesel market.

Ford needs to keep the Ranger and make a crew cab with a diesel and put a diesel in the F150. The demand is out there. They would win big if they did this.

All this babble about fuel efficiency...when a simple light-duty, inexpensive truck is needed. Unless Ford is working on an $18K "out-the-door" F150 then they really DON'T have a true substitute for would-be Ranger buyers. Here again, Toyota will dominate where a domestic brand gives up.

Too many gas engine options and not enouph diesel options. Gas engines suck. Diesel is way cleaner and still gets better fuel economy. They post 18mpg from gas v8 engines, and i get 21 mpg from my new diesel and the truck wieghs 3000 lbs more than half ton gas pot.

Didn't the highest ranking guy at Ford say in december that the Ranger was going to be discontinued after 2011 and the global Ranger was not going to replace it?

Honda has sold only a small fraction of Ridgelines compared to Ranger sales, yet Honda has not thrown away the idea of updating the Ridgeline.
If Ford is confident in the new Ranger, so much so that one model can meets the expectations and needs of the entire rest of the world, why not make it available here for us to decide?

There is no certainty that those 55,000 Ranger sales are going to be transferred to F150 sales either. I personally will not be replacing my current F150 with another. Since I have owned four Rangers, and would prefer another; if my only choice will be an F150, I'll be shopping elsewhere. I want a truck that fits in my garage and is easier to park, the F150 just isn't going to fit the bill.

Of course killing the current Ranger makes sense. Lack of towing/hauling capability or the ability to seat more than 2 comfortably makes it useless for anything but a commuter - Ford seems awfully proud of themselves for figuring that one out! A nicely equipped V6 Ranger gets worse gas mileage and costs just as much as a V8 F-150 ... who in their right mind would buy the Ranger? Go ahead and continue selling the truck we really want to the rest of the world and try shoving the F-150 down our throats like a super-sized value meal.

I say the ditch the ranger, Keep the F150 the same, and bring on an F100 lighter duty than the f150, but heavier than the Ranger.

Screw Ford. Nothin beats the reliability of a Toyota. Why do you think the Tacoma more than doubled the ranger sales? Get real people. Don't be blinded by a brand name, look and see the awesomeness that is Japan! All their vehicles are built to last! And for all you Americans that only wanna buy vehicles that are made in America support our economy, Toyota engineer their vehicles in Japan, but they are built here. Get over yourselves and buy a REAL truck!

It's happening and I am pissed off I've been driving rangers for 18 years. I've had 1992 I bought new after I got out Navy and now drive a 2000 also i bought new and in 2010 I will buy TRANSIT CONNECT because I still love my fords I can't leave them. My uncle was factory/dealer rep. for western north carolina and he said it's true. I think is going to be one of the biggest bonehead screwups of all time. If they got to drop something drop the flex, crown vic, or the expedition

I hope Ford makes a new mid-sized pickup truck to replace the Ranger, as Ford has just discontinued the Sport Trac. While Ford doesn't break out Sport Trac sales from Explorer sales, it is estimated that about 25% of Explorer sales are the Sport Trac model. If you add Ranger sales to Explorer sales, you've got a good chunk of business.

Ranger owners will just have to embrace the TRANSIT CONNECT I guess; It is a major bonehead move getting rid of the ranger some people just need a small truck that's good on gas and afFORDable.

3. The Transit van will pick up the slack (no pun intended) for light commercial use. - Lou

Lou you hit the nail on the head.

Best Buy to use Ford Transit vans for Geek Squad

(AP) – 3 hours ago

Also note....

Terms of the van sales were not released. Best Buy previously used Chevrolet Express cargo vans, but said the Ford vans better fit the needs of its technicians.

Besides the E-Series, the Ranger is the only vehicle Ford has not seriously redesigned in at least the past two decades. I guarantee if Ford spent even half the money they've spent on redesigning and updating the F-150 the Ranger would be a much better seller. I agree with Johnny in that not everyone wants or needs a large truck despite how good fuel economy may be. Mid-size trucks sales have slumped recently and Ford could have capitalized on this had they redesigned the Ranger. What's to say redesigned Ranger with a newer 4 cylinder or the 3.7 wouldn't yield better gas mileage than the current 2.3 four cylinder or 4.0 V6?


Take the risk follow the example of your founder. Keep the Ranger untill some one makes better.

Oh yea keep improving on the design.

Please don't be like GM.

One other problem with the F-150 is the height, even more so than the footprint. (The weight is a big issue too.)

I'm short (5'4") I need the step to get into the F-150 that I co-own with my mother (4'11"). She needs the ground clearance (since she does a lot of traveling on unimproved rural "roads"), but the height is a disadvantage for me. The higher load-floor means that I have to work harder to load/unload my cargo, and the fact that I can barely see into the bed just means that it's not the right truck for me.

That said, the seat-design in the F-150 is excellent. We got her a version with the adjustable pedals, and she says that she can see over the hood better than she could in her Saturn. It's very comfortable for me to drive, too. But the load-floor is just below sternum-height on me, and the fact that the bed-rails are about nose-level, makes it an awkward truck for my purposes. The F-150 is a great truck, but it's just not the truck for me.

It's clear that not all F-150s are this height, but it seems like the higher trim levels are always taller -- and I'm likely to buy a higher trim level for my next vehicle (new or used), which means that any F-150 that I find will be too tall. It seems like I should be able to specify how much or how little ground clearance for any trim-level.

Or maybe I'll just buy a Frontier, or wait for one of those light-duty diesels that is bound to come to our shores sooner or later.

If ford stops making the Ranger and they close down the Factory in Minn. What happens to all the people who work there ? Ford wants Ranger buyers to buy the new Fiesta but where is that made ? In Mexico
I like driving a truck ( even if it is small ) i won't be buying a F-150 and how about all those Fleets that use Rangers what are they going to use sometimes a F-150 just doesn't cut it ever try to park a F-150 in a crowded city like San Francisco Good Luck !!

If Ford thinks Ranger owners are going to consider the Fiesta and Focus as an alternative choice, they better get their head out of the sand. While some Ranger owners may move to the F-150 line, I believe most will consider Nissan and Toyota as the only viable alternative. As a proud Ford owner I still want a compact pick-up truck. If I have to change brands, so be it.

My '98 Ranger is going to last me a while longer and I would like to know I can stick with it. This horrible timing might rank up there with the Excursion. Is the Sport Trac out selling the Ranger so much that it is obsolete?
Ford really needs to consider the size of the truck, the towing capabilities, engine size, fuel mileage and especially the price of the truck itself. I'm keeping my little blue as long as he'll keep truckin' along.

Stupid, I have an 07 Ranger 4X4 and its a great truck. Not the best on fuel but I when I need to move a 4 wheeler in the bed and one on a trailer it dosent feel any different driving. I would love to see the t6 with a diesel engine and better miliage.

I am on my third Ford Ranger since 1985. I kept the 1985 for five years and sold it at 154,000 miles. I sold it because it was a regular cab and had no room. I bought a 1990 Extended cab and drove it 11 years and 384,000 miles and finaly just got tired of it and donated it to the American Cancer Society. The day I donated it I had driven 100 miles round trip for my daily commute. I bought a 2001 Super Cab it now has 277,000+ miles on it and is a strong machine and is driven each day at least 80 miles. Repairs are about $1,500 a year now including oil changes but it is a lot cheaper than $6,000 a year in payments. I may buy a 2011 Ranger since this is the last year but I don't need it but the truck is just the right size and if I put one in service in late 2011 I won't need another one until 2021 and then I may be retired so it may even last me the rest of my life.

So I am currently driving my 12th Ranger she is pushing 150000 miles and was hoping the 2012 would come with the world available diesel. Can we please have that here in a mid size truck. By the way my Ranger carried 35 bales of hay today, pulls boat and motorcycles in the summer. Yep I even commute in it. It is a FORD truck.

These posts should be required reading for every one of Ford's top execs. I've owned 3 Rangers over the years, each kept for 10 years or so. Great little truck with many utility options, despite lousy fuel economy. I'm ready to retire soon and was looking forward to another new Ranger. Sadly, I'll be forced elsewhere. The F-150 wouldn't fit in my garage and that's a factor for those of us who live in northern New England; besides, the F-150 looks like a refrigerator on wheels!. C'mon, boys, rethink getting rid of this great little truck. rlw

New Colorado looks great !!5783962/the-new-chevrolet-colorado-will-look-like-this-hot-concept/gallery/1

I’m sorry, but I will never buy an F-150 as an "alternative". In Minnesota in the winter time, I’d get killed on the gas mileage. With those big V-6’s and V-8’s you’re looking at 5-10MPG in December-January. Those EPA estimates sure don’t take into account subzero weather and 15 minutes of warm-up time.

Second of all, I don’t need this F-150 “land yacht.” I need something to carry a sheet of plywood or a couple sacks of cement. Ford will never get me into a ½ ton behemoth.

i think that Ford should put the brand new ford ranger pick up in the U.S.! it looks close to the nissan frontier but better! i would buy one. i am about to graduate high school and looking for a small truck. my brother has a nissan frontier and i want something better. i feel like over here in the U.S., the 2012 ford ranger will make a big sale. i pray that they sale it over here quickly. if not where can i get one. i'll get one even if i have to pay for it to be transported here.

please Ford don,t kill the ranger. i,m on my 4th one. my last 98 had 125,00 miles with no problems. The 95 before that had 200,000 miles with only one minor fix needed. My current 2004 Edge 3.0 v6 w/auto gets 21 mpg running 80 all day. it has 165,000 trouble free miles and its about time for a new one. don,t make me buy a colorado, tacoma, dakota, or frontier.

Ending 56000 sales of a Truck made in the USA ,To sell a Foriegn made truck!! Cmon Ford Wake the +_uck UP!!

Go to any Ford dealership and you will see large numbers of 250 and 350 and very few Rangers.The bigger trucks with the high price tag and low gas mileage is one reason why we buy Rangers even the 150 can't compare with the Ranger Now they want to get rid of it Sounds like they should get rid of the bigger ones and keep the Ranger to me

thats a load of crap rangers are one of your best trucks you guys probably just screwed up.

Reading the comments of the Ford VP shows me a person who has never owned or driven a pickup and just does not understand truck owners. I feel I can honestly say that most truck owners do not want a car and will not substitute a small car for their small truck. This same VP must also be the one instrumental in Ford Dropping the Crown Vic which is used by the majority of Law Enforcement agencies in the US. I guess Ford no longer appreciates Brand Loyality and wants to increase business for their competitors.

I have a ford ranger 2000 4x4 67,000 miles. If Ford does quit building the Ranger. Then i most likely will go to Toyota for my next small truck. The Ranger will do more work than a stripped down F-150. I drove both of them for years. Ford is correct when it say's the F150 will be a vechile for driving not working ,( the One they prepose to replace the Ranger with). Big mistake i think. I just love them but when they go (Ranger) there will be a Toyota in my drive!!

well never thought i would buy a Toyota but the time has come... so sad'' ford is so stupid

Owned 2 Rangers, driving a 2001 now. I want a small truck, easy to park & drive in urban environments, and can haul my occasional loads. My two Rangers fit the bill. The new Ranger T6 & F150 are too big for me to consider.

So I'll look elsewhere at Toyota, Chevrolet, or other small PU.

I've owned three rangers, all three were used and at least five years old. I was looking forward to the 2013 model of the Ranger because that's when I was planning on buying a brand new Ranger. And now I've been robbed! You make all the other vehicles in your line up desirable with new flashy lights and Sync upgrades but very little to the Ranger. Which that's alright, because I'm a Ford Ranger fan. But a move like're going to loss even more sales. I don't use a mid/large pickup truck to it's full capacity, and the Ranger is the best fit.

Again corparate num-skulls srewed the pooch... the RANGER has worked well for long time, has built a loyal customer base and the company chose to scrape it, FORD I really repected your policy, not taking a bale out, listening to your customers usually except about the RANGER, a little twicking, maybe up-grade to a small diesel,HELL listen to your customers..that australian truck looks like pooh.The idiot who canclled the RANGER should be given the boot,I wouldnt buy a 150 ever to big, and gas going thru the roof,Are you guys trying to be dysfunctual or need to all be replaced.... because you cant work together ,or afraid of the fool at the end of the table....

I want to be able to buy a small PU truck. If Ford won't produce a Ranger-size small PU I'll buy one from Toyota or Chevy/GMC or someone else.

An F-150 size PU truck is just too big. Give me a bed that will carry a sheet of plywood, dual cabin, 4 door, and good fuel economy in a small PU.

No way will I buy an F-150.

Ford is trying to manipulate it's customers. Ranger owners want a small truck. Killing it won't change them into people who want a large truck or a small car. I own a '96 Ranger and will NOT replace it with a big F-150 or a small car. I refuse to be manipulated and when the time comes, will replace my ranger with whatever company has the sense to keep building small trucks. So here's an update of my own Dumb Stuff Ford Does list:
1. They don't make a two door Taurus or Fusion.
2. They don't make Mercs anymore.
3. They won't make Rangers anymore.

Is Ford management getting its drinking water out of lead pipes?

It blows my mind that Ford really thinks this is a good idea...with the way things are right now. I have been waiting for 4 years on Ford to make a new updated Ranger...just to be let down. How can you say an F150 is a Ranger replacement??? Unless they are going to drop the price of the F150 by about $3500...there's no way I will get one. I want a compact pickup truck that I can do most everything I could with an F150...minus the size.
The "current" ranger has not been truly updated since the mid 90's. The doors from a 2008 will fit on a 95 model...the dashboards....same thing. Yes...some cosmetic changes happened over these years...but its basically the same truck for about 15 years now. And they wonder why the sales decreased its last year??? Because everyone is tired of the same truck...and wants a new one!!!!!! I love Rangers...and owned a few of them. I cannot believe I am actually considering getting a Tacoma now....way to let me down Ford. :\

ive been lucky to have had rangers since the 80s but ford is determined to drop them from there inventory they been demasculating them for years bigger tires automatic transmissions i like my trucks with a stick shift maybe they should do like the british make them all standard and put an intercooled deisel in give the truck back its balls

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