NHTSA Opens Investigation Into 2004-06 Ford F-150 Airbag Issue

NHTSA Opens Investigation Into 2004-06 Ford F-150 Airbag Issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into reports of spontaneous driver front airbag deployments in 2004-06 Ford F-150 light-duty pickups. More than 1.56 million trucks could be affected.

According to NHTSA's investigation summary, Ford reports that the inadvertent airbag deployments are most likely caused by a sharp edge on the airbag's horn mounting plate that can chafe an airbag wire leading to an electrical short that may trigger a deployment. So far, 225 deployments have been reported with 66 injuries, including two owners being knocked unconscious and one owner who suffered a broken tooth. Ninety-eight of the reports are related to the airbag warning light activating to warn of a potential problem.

Ford made an interim design change to the horn mounting plate in January 2006 and redesigned it, along with the airbag module and wiring, in June 2006 for model year 2007.

Ford safety spokesman Wes Sherwood told PickupTrucks .com that the company has provided requested documentation to the NHTSA to assist with the investigation and will fully cooperate with the federal agency. Sherwood said it's too early to determine if a recall might be necessary.

NHTSA's investigation is in the earliest stage, and the only way the agency will issue a recall is if it finds a reason for concern, though Ford could take some kind of action before that happens. We’ll keep you posted.

[Source: NHTSA via Automotive News]


I like how all the Ford guys were writing about how Toyota's are so unreliable and how they have had so many recalls. This isn't a recall yet, but let's face it, all trucks have recalls. I'm a fan of both the F-150 and the Tundra, both have great pulling ability at a reasonable cost, but I hope issues like this can be as few and far between as possible.

Joe, Toyota fan always praise their truck as the best the most reliable and flawless. Now Toyota is the No 1 and like GM they will suffer look at the last two years they have a collection of recalls small and big ones like the rusty frames on Tundra (and Tacoma).

The Toyota fan blame the defect on suppliers but Ford had the same problen in the seventies and guess who was blamed Ford.

I think Ford and Toyota are the best pick up giving a little edge to Ford.

It's not really important who recall the trucks what's important is the responsibility of the company they must stand behind their products and support customers that's the real issue.

"fully cooperate with the federal agency"

It's nice too see an honest Car Mfg. unlike, cough cough, to-yo-ta

@Joblo - Insert your favorite brand name here....... "fan always praise their truck as the best the most reliable and flawless". Ford fans, GMC fans, Chev fans, Dodge(I can say that now) fans, Toyota fans, all do it.
The word "fan" comes from the word "fanatic".
A fanatic is defined as :marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.
Every brand has people whom fall in this category. Wade through some of the threads on this site and you will see multiple examples of "Fans".
I would suspect most people are more realistic in their views of trucks, but just like at a football game - the hardcore 'fans" are the loudest, and most flamboyant.

I don't think anyone said that Ford or anyone else don't have or never had recalls cause we all know better than that. I just think the reason Ford guys, GM guys, and Dodge guys are harder on the Toyota guys is for the simple fact that they really do believe they have the truck to beat all trucks just because Toyota says so. My truck doesn't breakdown, my truck is the most reliable because its a Toyota... In other words they buy into the hype so to speak even though we all know better. I'm glad to see Ford is cooperating with Uncle Sam instead of trying to pull a cover up like Toyota!

@Shawn - a few other reasons why Toyota gets hit harder than anyone else:
1. People view Toyata as an import, a foreign owned company. Pro American sentiments are always present in many people and these sentiments are always amplified in tough times. There was a recent study that actually demonstrated that fact.
2. Toyota has had a reputation for being "superior" or "better" than the Detroit Auto industry. Any fault or failure on Toyota's part is amplified by this. Kind of like Tiger Woods infidelity. It's made worse by his "pure boy" image. No one complains about Gene Simons and his multitude of encounters.
3. (Your criticism) Toyota owners with a "sense of superiority" in relation to their product. I do not believe that this is any worse than "domestic" fanboys. Look at the posts in this site and you'll find many examples of Ford, Chev, and Dodge fanatics.
All of the big companies have tried to "cover-up" problems at one time or an other. Do a Google search and you'll fine many examples. The spotlight is currently on Toyota and they do need to "come clean".

Yep, all brands have recalls. This is always the way . Oh well next week it will be a different truck having problems

@Lou - I agree with you to a point. Although everybody on here is a fan of one manufacturer or another it just seems that the Toyota guys like rubbing all of us the wrong way more so than the others... and although I agree that their cars are top notch their trucks still leave a lot to be desired in many areas. I also view Toyota as an "import" but I also know they do build their vehicles here to. You are right about the "Toyota owners with a sense of superiority" attitudes... I think this is why I hate Toyota the most, because of how their fans view them. I'm a Ford man but even I will be the first to admit when they screw up or just do something stupid or try to cover up something. Remember the exploding gas tanks in the Crown Vic and the Pinto? Remember Explorer and the Firestone troubles? I guess what I'm trying to say is the latest problems with Toyota with this stuck gas pedal, which has already killed people and has also been validated by a Toyota tech as being seen not stuck but a car still a full throttle and you don't see much about it in the news (except auto sites like this). Had this been Ford, Chevy, or Dodge the media would have been having a field day with it.

I can't see why the media would let them get away with it? Perhaps they do not want to appear zenophobic, maybe all the media types are driving Lexus and Toyota products;)

I never was a fan of airbags...I really thought we would see more of this with older models.Dont sit close to the steering wheel Ford owners,and probably every one else for that matter..

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