Ram Trucks Will Always Be Dodges, Ram President Says


There’s been some confusion surrounding the introduction of Chrysler’s new Ram brand and the separation of Dodge cars, crossovers and minivans from Dodge pickup trucks.

Ram President and CEO Fred Diaz has new guidance about the transition at Ram Zone, Ram's official blog.

“I want people to understand that although we will market and brand our Ram trucks as Ram trucks, they will always and forever be Dodges,” Diaz said. “They’ll always be VINed as a Dodge, and somewhere either on the exterior or the interior of the truck, you’ll always be able to see the Dodge logo and the Dodge name.”

Based on Diaz’s comments, you can look forward to Ram pickups continuing to carry Dodge badges for the foreseeable future.

And if you are wondering where the Dodge Dakota stands, we’re told it will remain just that, though it will be sold with Ram trucks at Dodge dealers until it leaves the lineup in 2011.

[Source: Ram Zone]


They'll always be Dodges...

...'Till the Dakota gets remade into a rebadged Fiat Strada...

Go dodge RAM!!

Are they saying Rams will always be Dodges much like a Dad tells his daughter she will always be his special girl before driving away with 'new mommy'?

How confusing are the Chrysler executives going to make this?
They go out of their way not to use the name Dodge, they even praised the media when they didn't use the name Dodge.
Now they are saying , we are still "branding" and advertising them as "Ram" but, Hey, they are Dodge's.
Quote"There’s been some confusion surrounding the introduction of Chrysler’s new Ram brand and the separation of Dodge cars, crossovers and minivans from Dodge pickup trucks."
Isn't that the understatement of the century!
It's no wonder , they are in trouble.

Its not confusing at all. Truck has always been Dodge Ram and Diaz says it will stay that way. what do you find confusing LOU, that Dodge Ram has become the best truck available and the Ram name is getting tons of publicity by getting guys like you who keep saying that Chrysler is in trouble and needs to market their product better? Well this is a dam good way of getting people talking about their product and want to learn more about it, kind of like GM inviting Ford to a Tug of War (a useless test but a good way to get people all riled up about the outcome and the fact that it proves nothing),, lots of publicity for GM none the less. Any publicity is good and this is marketing from Chrysler... its got you reading about Dodge Ram now, doesn't it? The new Dodge RAM HD is all the talk in town these days. Go to a Dodge truck dealer and notice all the guys in Ford/GM/ Toyota trucks coming in to take a look at the Awesome Ram Heavy Duty Cummins.

It's not a Dodge, it's a RAM...but hey, the RAM will forever stay Dodge - is it a good marketing? As a buyer/customer I don't really care about, because it's only jealous for my, to make some clueless decision and then "apologize" themselves for it... Who really need this RAM brand beside the Dodge (Chrysler) marketer?

Either you're gonna market it as a Dodge or a RAM...Dont keep changing your mind! I was getting used to it being marketed as RAM...I say move all the lousy-selling Dodge car and crossover models to Chrysler (the brand) and keep the RAM brand for trucks only. Chrysler Challenger anyone? LOL!
Chrysler cars and crossovers/minivans
RAM trucks and Sprinter Van
Jeep SUVs (no crossovers)
Dodge should be history...they don't sell well - except for the Ram, which is its own brand!

There will be no more Sprinters. They will be replaced bi Iveco vans!

Long live Chrysler/Fiat!!!!

In 1981,with the arrival of the K cars,a revolution at Dodge dealers started....with the reskin of the D/W pickup line and the renaming of them to "Dodge RAM",the whole Dodge dealer network was called "Dodge RAM dealers".You can see/hear it on YouTube 1981 TV ads (Aries K,at your DODGE RAM dealers).So,its been since 1981 that Dodge and RAM have been linked.This now is obviously an attempt to somewhat separate the car and truck lines into distinct separate idealized identities.While Dodge cars are known to be sporty performers,RAM trucks are known to be gutsy heavy haulers.Maybe to eliminate confusion,Dodge should have been used in name in very small print above each rams head emblem?

At your Dodge RAM dealers now!

glad they finally cleared that crap up. I'm sick of people saying "it's not dodge its ram"

@Sean - It appears that you are among a select few that were not confused, annoyed, irritated, frustrated etc. by the whole "I am RAM not Dodge thing" that was going on. Why don't you go through some of the old news on this site in relation to the Ram, Dodge separation. You will see plenty of confusion, and bad feelings. Chrysler/Dodge/Ram/Fiat/Iveco or what ever they chose to call them selves cannot afford discontent/confusion among it's core customers. JD Power released a study on brand "avoidance" and Chrylser products were on the list. This is due to an uncertain future. The whole "I am Ram" crap just added to that uncertainty.
If you don't believe me here is an exerpt:
Here is an interesting report that does not bode well for Dodge -
(JD Power) According to the 2009 Avoider study (a study that researches reasons people don't purchase particular vehicles) a rapidly increasing reason consumers give for avoiding a specific car brand is uncertainty over the company's future. Nearly one in five respondents who said that they avoided a particular brand said they did so because they weren't sure of the brand's viability. That reason has risen to number four, just behind styling, price, and perceived reliability. Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer were identified as the five domestic brands most often avoided due to uncertainty over their futures. Ford brands, meanwhile, have seen their avoidance numbers decline. http://www.trucktrend.com/features/news/163_news091216_us_car_buyers_avoid_brands_with_uncertain_futures/index.html
By the way :Chrysler is still in trouble.
Ram was #4 in pickup sales behind Toyota.
- if you removed HD Ram from the picture and Tacoma from the picture the sales figures would be close. Sept 2009 RL Polk registrations put Ram 1500 at 113,000 and Tundra at 105,394.
Dodge sold 7606 more 1/2 tons than Toyota Tundra.
- I'd say Ram is in trouble considering the Ram 1500 is a better truck than the Tundra.

Lou..Dodge Ram is the most reliable truck on the market !!!

Also Lou,The Dodge Ram 1500 outsold the Toyota Tundra..

Also Lou,most important throughout 2009 it was tough to find a Dodge Ram at a dealer,it was easier after September as production started again..

With all the negativity in the news about gov bail outs (Asian Governments do that as well for their auto industry)and bankruptcy,going out of business,of coarse people are going to view Dodge as subpar until they get educated and drive/own them.....

Dodge people were always outnumbered, but the Dodge haters have really nothing but their dislike to say Dodge is crap,Ford,Toyota,GM have a whole lot of problems...and remember Ford would be bankrupt if they never received a loan from the banks just before the market crashed..please educate yourselves people...honestly...



@ x,
People hate Mopar because top fuel Ford,Chevrolet,Toyota cars use a CHRYSLER HEMI !!!!!! This really bothers them ,as we all it the business know !!!!! We just say HEMI and they start changing the issues and calling us names,making personal attacks ect.....jealousy is a b###h !!!!

@X - I'm not about to argue which truck is the most reliable on the market. That fact varies by model, and by year.
Ram 1500 did out sell Tundra but not by much. If you look at total Toyota truck sales (Tundra and Tacoma) they outsold all of Ram pickups ( 1/2 ton, HD, and Dakota). You say Dodge stopped production, well Toyota cut back on production as well. So did Ford, and GMC.
Total sales shows:#1 Ford, #2 Chev, #3 Toyota, #4 Dodge.
JD Power's avoider study shows Chrysler, Dodge, Pontiac, Saturn, and Hummer the most "avoided" companies due to insecure futures.
Ford is doing well because they were the first company to start getting their corporate house in order. Do some research and you will see that Ford did more positive things than just secure some loans. Ford has vastly improved the quality of their products. Many 3rd party publications prove out this fact.
Chrysler/Ram/Dodge/Jeep on the other hand have Consumer Report saying the 09 Ram is "average", and JD Power says the Grand Caravan is good. The rest of the product line is below average.
I agree that hate or fanaticism are the only things some people, and I repeat - only some people may base their opinions upon. There, how ever, exists plenty of evidence proving that some of Dodge/Chrysler products are crap.
@Dodge - you and X are sounding a tad paranoid!

@Dodge - why do I get the hunch that your real name is "X".
Top Fuel drag racing rules place heavy restrictions on engine configuration. Quote:The configuration is identical to the overhead valve, single camshaft-in-block "Hemi" V-8 engine which became available for sale to the public in selected Chrysler Corporation (Dodge, DeSoto, and Chrysler) automotive products in 1952".
NHRA rules prevents the use of any other engine configuration.
Just because an engine uses hemisperical or "hemi" heads does not make it a "Chrysler" Trade Marked "Hemi". Ford's Boss 429 engine was a hemispherical head engine. I have never seen a Chrysler logo on that engine. Spare me the BS. I bet most people didn't even know that "hemi" head engines are the standard in top fuel. I bet most people don't give a rat's ass about it either.

ram brand is a nice one.


I am not going to argue over this,I will post this then I am done with it......I build engines for a living I think I should know,as I go to the races ect.....

In the 1970's,1980's,1990's and today GM,Ford,Toyota use a Chrysler HEMI ,it is based on the 1964 Chrysler Race Hemi,Yes even the Engine Block,not just the heads.....And each manufacturer today does their own tricks to it , but its a Chrysler..a fiberglass body or a top fuel rail car with Ford logo /body but its a Chrysler engine ...they even put their brand logo on the valve cover..what a joke it is a Mopar !!

Some Ford/Gm guys play down the fact /argue /cant believe it is a Mopar Hemi on their top fuel cars,but it is a Mopar..Engine block/heads/design dates back to 1964..

With the Ford Boss 429 they were upset it couldnt beat a Mopar Hemi..and it cost Ford too much money so they stopped it..

I never said the Ford Boss 429 was a Chrysler Hemi ...Yes the Ford designed/built 429 Boss Hemi had Hemi heads and was a Hemi,Toyota had a Hemi and Mitshubishi had a 4 banger Hemi head in the 70's/80's 2.6 L Hemi head as well ,those were not built by Chrysler.But those were turds,and obviously not nor ever used in drag racing..throughout the past few decades as the Chrysler Hemi was.

Toyota,Ford,GM use a CHRYSLER HEMI based on the 1964 Hemi that Chrysler made,all of Keith Blacks Hemi's are based on the Chrysler engine block.. Ford does not use the 429,they never did since the 70's,they use a Chrysler based Hemi ....

I dont know how I can be any clearer...

Any ways...Dodge Ram forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds to me like the Diaz marketing team was attacked with questions from angry "Dodge" fans about the disappearance of the Dodge name from pickup trucks. Diaz made it pretty clear that the trucks are only going to be "Ram Trucks" a few months ago, even saying that a new Ram badge would be appearing on the trucks without Dodge inscripted on them six months from now (check pickuptrucks.com archives). If they never intended to dump the Dodge name, then why were these guys pushing so hard to call the trucks "Ram Trucks" without even having Dodge written on them somewhere? I think the Diaz team perhaps realized that it's a bad idea to dump the Dodge name. I could be wrong here, but it seems like there was a bigger outcry than Diaz may have expected. Why else would they listen to a small minority share of the truck market?

@Dodge - the "hemi" engine is based on Chrysler's design, that I agree upon. You said "Chrysler Hemi" in all the dragsters. You insinuated that all of the engines were Chrysler engines ie. bought from Chrysler. I may be splitting hairs, but it's not the same. If I used your logic - then any V - Twin engine would be a Harley Davidson engine.
THe NHRA rules stipulate that this is basically the only engine anyone can use. Ford, GMC, or even Chrysler could build a better engine, but the rules wouldn't allow it's use.
THanks for your feed back. Oh, one last thing - what did your post have to do with the Dodge Ram name game?

Lou,first off you were the one to go way off basis talking about sales numbers ect....I just stated the facts why Ford guys are jealous,because their dragsters have a Chrysler Hemi...it is not a Ford engine..

Lou,actually the engine is still basically a Chrysler 426 hemi in dragsters today,just redone in aluminum that you can even buy through Mopar today!!...Ford/GM/Toyota use a Chrysler HEMI...

Your v-twin analogy is totally a different,its like your saying every V-8 is based on a Ford flathead V-8,or every truck is based off a F-150 that is totally wrong..Ford uses a Chrysler block,heads,design it is a Chrysler Hemi..the block is a exact copy of a Chrysler Hemi minus the water passages.Go to an event talk to a sponsered Ford race team and they will tell you its a Chrysler Hemi.

You thoughts/responses are typical of a Ford/GM guy,they cant believe the fastest Ford/GM's are Chrysler powered, and they then start to talk smack..



I am glad there will be a DODGE name on my RAM !!!!!! Mopar Rules !!

Fiat owns Chrysler - then it should be FOPAR or Fiat Owned PARts.
Once Fiat gets tired of loosing money they could sell Chrysler to the Japanese. It could be NOPAR or Nissan Owned PARts.
This one is the best yet - TOYPAR - TOYota PARts.
Has a nice ring to it.

@Dodge - thanks for saying your are not going to post anything else. It makes me and many other guys on this site very very very happy.

@ X or Dodge - Actually, I don't care one bit about what engines are used in dragsters, they could be using steam engines, or burn burritos for all I care. I will challenge anyone that sets off my bullsh-t meter. I appreciate your replies as you obviously know a thing or two about drag racing.
I was not off base by posting sales numbers. I said Chrysler/Ram was in trouble. I was challenged on that statement. Sales numbers prove my point. Ram 1500 out sold Tundra by 7606 units. That is not a huge figure considering the Ram 1500 is arguably a better truck. Everyone raves about the Ram heavy duty trucks, especially the Cummins powered units. Even though Dodge has the best heavy duty and if you add this into overall sales, they still were 4th behind Toyota. Reality sucks. It is what it is. The whole "I AM RAM" not Dodge crap made things worse. Chrysler/Ram/Dodge/Fiat cannot afford any blunders or your beloved Hemi could end up just a footnote in automotive history.

The truck has been Dodge RAM since i was a kid in the 80's. At least Diaz was listening to his truck fans who were not impressed with the Dodge name being secondary to the RAM name, he listened and responded accordingly. Good for Dodge RAM.

Good news that Ram is still a Dodge...


Obviously you are not knowlegeable about vehicles,because you would know what Mopar stands for.And Chrysler does not call its Motor parts division Copar so Fopar and your other idiotic names dont make sense.

I agree with you,Chrysler cant make any more blunders,and yes,the I am Ram add was no good..We will see this year what the market is like for the Ram trucks.So,lets not argue about this anymore,and have a good night.

That statement I said about not posting anymore was a reference to the Hemi engine to Lou,I didnt want to argue about it..But I thought I would clear it up a little better,I build engines,I am not a professional blogger,so my thoughts may not come too clear on screen.But after your statement,I assure you I am here for good,I hope you are happy..

One thing I do know is this the Dodge Ram HDS (YES I HATE JUST RAM) have an edge they do not require urea.

That one thing alone is probably going to help the HDS for their truck market sales.

As someone said though only time will tell.



Ya they dont require urea, which is good, but they wont have all the power the new GM and Ford diesels have!

Dodge Ram rules. Good attention getter Diaz. Great way to keep your fans happy. Great publicity for Dodge Ram. Chrysler needed this huge boost. Best full size trucks now for sure.

@ Terry - Dodge Ram rules. Good attention getter Diaz. Great way to keep your fans happy. Great publicity for Dodge Ram. Chrysler needed this huge boost. Best full size trucks now for sure.
That is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Keep up the good work.

I try to do my best Tony. You are just another one of my fans. Comedy is my bag.

Yeah....Diaz please keep it a DODGE !!!!!!!!!!! A DODGE RAM !!!! Make mine a Dodge !!

Great news Dodge !!!!! Now dont mess with the Dodge Ram name anymore.

D O D G E * R A M * D O D G E * R A M

Once again on behalf of loyal DODGE truck owners everywhere...We thank you Mr.Diaz and Chrysler for keeping the Ram a DODGE.DODGE Ram forever,I may now buy a new 2010 DODGE PowerWagon,and be proud it is still a DODGE...for myself and many other DODGE truck owners this means a great deal to us ! THANK-YOU ! DODGE RAM FOREVER !

I have been driving dodge products since the 70's my dad since the 50's I own 3 dodge rams & 3 other Chryslers in 2006 I bought a new 3500 mega cab the biggest peice of Junk dodge ever sold Ihave fought dodges Warranty claim dep since the truck was 2 weeks old after 30 to40 times its been in the shop they finley find the problem is internal in the motor now the dodge warrantys are trying to make me pay for somthing that should have been taking care of a long time ago this time the truck has been sitting at the deeler 9 to10 months I am so tieard of talking to warranty monkeys I would like if ceo fred diaz is areal man or just a name please feel free to contac me as soon as possable PS if I could get this truck to michigan I would burn it in dodges driveway or parking lot

Who cares what they call it. They're still the best looking pickups made!

Listen dodge is a dodge its still diamond Chryslers no matter it ram or dodge ram we do it to ourselvers to.
Example look at that dodge power wagon we don't don't go around and say hey that's my dodge powerwagon we either say that's my dodge or thats my powerwagon.
And as far as that goes we talk crap on dodge anyways if u are a strong all par fan u wouldent talk that why and no that that bin diamond Chrysler for years before my generation so give them a break I have a 1998 dodge myself and we use to own over probably a total of 6 power wagons at one time all and a Dakota an a caravan and a town and country and a Monaco and a polara and a satilite jut relax and quit talking down on them I'm 27 and I respect dodge or should I say Chrysler alot its my faver and I'm allpar fan for life nothing can Chang that. That have to make the stuff yjay do no to keep up with other companies them themselves don't won't to quit making a certain type of vehicle but that have yo to keep selling us good quality Chrysler cars

And thank u Chrysler for making a good Dodge Plymouth and just all around good Chrysler

Its all about marketing. I am sure the suits did market research and concluded that the Dodge name was associated with inferior products (though I know that this is not the case in fact). So they had to refer a more favorable name/identity. Fortunately, they had one. The "Ram" was a mascot for dodge 4 wheel drive vehicles due to its ability to climb steep grades and make its way over rough and muddy terrain. This reputation was well earned due to Dodge's excellent troop carriers/ambulances and vehicles it provided during WWII and Korea. The civilian version of these military vehicles became the legendary "Power Wagon" known for its off road abilities as well as its incredible mechanical endurance (much of these vehicles DNA came from the already excellent prewar civilian model trucks). Many Post WWII civilian model trucks sported a chrome art deco style ram head logo on its hood (this may have been utilized prewar, I am not sure). It is truly a shame that the great Dodge name has suffered such unfair and unwarranted bias in the public. Dodge has always provided the public with a more than fair engineered, reliable product unlike some of its competition. A fair evaluation of its products will show that most of its problems were due to quality control (the product of employees, not engineering).

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