Recall Alert: 2006-07 Honda Ridgeline


Honda has issued a recall for 76,000 2006-07 Ridgeline pickup trucks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall is to fix a wiring harness connector for the air conditioning that could sustain damage if accidentally kicked by the front passenger’s feet. If that occurs, the connector terminal could overheat and cause the wire insulation or wire connector to melt, potentially causing a short circuit, a fire, or both. One fire has been reported to NHTSA.

Honda dealers will inspect the wiring harness and if it’s damaged, they’ll replace it at no cost to the owner. All Ridgelines will have a protective cover installed over the wiring harness to prevent future damage from kicks.

Owners can contact Honda at 1-800-999-1009 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.


Didnt know they even sold that many of them, sure its not a typo???? LMKT

Watch out Honda, your time has now arrived to be the target of all these investigations. Better make sure your floormats (and the aftermarket ones too) stay in place and whatever you do, avoid answering any questions from the LA Times.

Not to many hits on this page.
Only one Ridgeline fire?
Honda needs to be really competitive with the domestics and burn all sorts of things down over a period of 5 - 10 years;) LOL.

Why is this even on The ridgeline is nothing more than a minivan with a bed on it.

The Ridgeline meets the definition of a pickup.

The Ridgeline outsold the Avalanche.

Roseanne Barr meets the definition of a woman and had a very popular show but you won't catch me ....any way, you get the point.

@FW - Like the old saying goes - it's all fun until your friends find out:)
You should check out the post on the Kia Soul'ster. it meets the definition of a pickup as well. There were a few threads on the Soul'ster post as to what was the definition of a pickup.
The pickup class is very broad and it needs to be as everyone has different wants and needs.

If you buy a ridgeline, avalanche or soulster you dont need a truck and should probably stick with a minivan or something small.

Why tell a person they what they don't need? If a person wants a Ridgeline they must like that type of vehicle and thats what matters to them. This is why there is so many vehicles to choose from, to accomodate the many different personalities of all of us. I like a big diesel pick-up to pull my trailer and haul my toys, my neighbor likes a small compact car to get him to the ball game and back for $2. 10-4

@Sean - right on!
@Ryan - Just because a vehicle isn't what we like or want doesn't mean it doesn't have any merit. I'd prefer a Ridgeline over a mini van any day.

It's a civic with a tail gate.


Comparing an Avalanche to a Ridgeline is just shameful, its obvious you have never been in an Avalanche or know what they can do....

Avalanche - thats just a Tahoe that has been butchered. What's so special? Any full size Chevy can do what an Avalanche can do, except for the stupid midgate thing. Fine if you live in SoCal. As if any owner is going to pop it open to carry a few sheets of plywood home in the winter. Ryan didn't compare it to a Ridgeline. He said you'd be better off with a minivan.

Amazing how ignorant some of the people who comment are. Have any of you actually driven or worked with a Ridgeline?

@Mike - my wife and I took one for a test drive when we were starting to look for a new minivan. It rode well, decent power. The only thing I didn't like about it's design was the huge B pillar. Kills visibility very effectively. I didn't have a chance to take it "off-road" other than a few dirt roads. The 2 main reasons we didn't get one was it was pricy, and to carry our dogs we'd have to get a canopy. If we got a canopy it would be comparable to a small SUV.

"Lou - correction - I meant C pillar.

I am a big fanatic of Honda. Which other car company can make all these great consumer products as well as a robot that can do all this advance stuff. Honda is huge, and smart. They come out with new technology all the time way ahead of the competition. Anyways, I don't want to sound like a communist because I'm an "Asian" that likes Honda and I don't like domestic products but yeah..

I like the Ridgeline because I like it. I like how it looks, it performs well according to my needs. I don't need to tow a house or anything. I just use it to haul my HONDA toys, like my CBR1000RR and in the future, honda dirt bikes, honda atvs, and honda jet skis. I had the Titan before but I was a Honda guy at heart so I left the Titan and went with the Ridgeline. Here's a picture of the titan and the 1000rr for those who are interested in seeing. (I wouldn't be able to do this in a Honda minivan)

whoops, on that last post i meant *here is my Ridgeline and my 1000rr* =), maybe I am missing the V8 just a little...

The reason I bought a ridgeline is it looks different, drives different than a reg. truck. And it has a trunk in the bed. It works like a truck with the looks a feel of a very nice vehicle. I have driven from sw Fl. to Chicago with all my tools loaded in this thing and it was a great ride! But the best is the trunk, and the tailgate opens 2 different ways. How many trucks can do that? I also didn't want a truck that everyone else was driving.

Listen I owned many cars and trucks and now own a ridgeline for 2 years! I towed pulled well over it's limit and I brought this vehicle with 48k miles and now 83k miles. Cares are like apts. and homes, You get whats good for your lifestyle. I work in the construction field and able to lock me expensive tools in the bed, no pick up have that! I don't own a boat or trailer so don't need a big truck! Anyway people with there disrespectful views...why are you even on the post!!! lol thinking about buying huh?

Hummmm, lets see. I owned a civic EX, and now I own a Ridgeline. Can say that a Ridgeline is NOT a civic with a tailgate. tj has probably not had either to make such a comment.

I find it funny reading what little boys say about trucks they Havnt driven.. Ridgeline.. I've owned two one totaled playing on bluffs and got another.. I take it places A frame drivers shake their head at.. I pull and lift loads most ford and chev drivers wouldn't want to attempt with half ton .. And once it's all said and done .. There's still money in my wallet cause it doesn't suck on gas.. Then I wash it and I can pull up to a red carpet event with my girlfriend and kids ,, get out hand them a valet key that comes with the truck.. Classy... Hmmmm I wonder if those bashing Honda trucks.. Let's guess now exactly how many duct tape roles hold their rides together...

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