Report: Electric Pickup Truck Maker Pulls Plug on CEO, Hits Reset Button

EMC Flash Sneak Peek

Electric Motors Corp. has removed CEO Wil Cashen as head of the company, according to a story in The Elkhart Truth.

EMC hopes to build plug-in hybrid electric pickup trucks (based on the Ford F-150) in Indiana with manufacturing partner and RV maker Gulf Stream Coach.

In September, EMC previewed one of its future models, the Flash, and promised that a second model, called the Thunderbolt, was in development. But a lack of progress since then led to Cashen's ouster, according to EMC's chief communications officer, CFO and interim CEO, Ralph King. Yes, King is described as having all of those titles.

"If there has been a problem with EMC it was a problem of focus," King said. "The leadership of the company chose to pursue nearly 20 different projects."

With Cashen out, EMC will return to working on its core business of building electric full-size pickups. King hopes to display the Flash next month at the Chicago Auto Show.

We tried to reach King for comment but previous contact phone numbers have been disconnected.

Here's an interview with Wil Cashen that our colleagues at did last October.

[Source: The Elkhart Truth]


Why would they use a big porker like the F150 ? and not the Ranger .

I'm guessing they used the F150 cause its the top selling pick up soo they figure if they make an f150 electric people will buy it just cause its an f150?

No one seems to discuss the operational costs of a hybrid, plugin, gas or diesel engined vehicle. I want to know these costs. A gas,diesel,or hybrid posts miles per gallon, or litres per 100 kilometers. You can convert this to: cents/dollars per mile or kilometer based on the price of gas or diesel. No one has done this for plugins. (At least from what I've seen)
How much electricity does it take to charge up a plugin's batteries?
How much is this electricity going to cost?
How far can I go between recharges?
What are my cents/dollars per mile/km cost?
How does the plugin's cents/dollars per mile cost compare to a hybrid, diesel or gas powered vehicle?
How long are the batteries going to last?
What are the towing or hauling capabilities of these plugins?

There is one last thing that the environmentalists are not mentioning :
We do not have the infrastructure to provide the electricity to charge up these plugin's.
The proliferation of electronic devices are already close to overwelming our current electrical systems.
The Environmentalists push "green" energy but they do no want new hydroelectrical dams, and they are anti-nuclear energy. Coal/hydrocarbon fed electrical generation is taboo. No one wants a bunch of massive windmills obstructing the scenery. Solar cells are costly and don't generate alot of power.
The "green" idealists need to sit down with some "realists" and come up with a plan!

I'm waiting for an affordable diesel-electric in a 3/4ton 4x4 model with extended cab and full bed dream machine would have a separate motor for each wheel---no tranny, no "drive-train", just batteries, motors(with regenerative braking), solar cells on hood, roof, and bed cover, and a modest diesel to keep the batteries up on longer trips, or driver selected when hauling or towing heavy loads.

and my experiences with rural dealership mechanics(just for my current diesel) would caution me to wait until at least the 3rd model year
zzzzzzzztttt ("How ya doin sparky?")
fingers crossed

Yea, that needed to be reset. It felt like it was barely thought out at all!

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