Report: GM's Full-Size Pickup Trucks to Receive Major Update

Report: GM Full-Size Pickups To Receive Major Update

GM's executive committee recently approved several hundred million dollars to fund a major update for its full-size pickup trucks, according to a report in The Detroit News.

The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are expected to receive more aerodynamic exteriors, updated interiors and fuel efficiency improvements.

The current Silverado and Sierra light- and heavy-duty pickups were introduced in 2006 as 2007 models.

GM will introduce freshened 2011 Heavy Duty pickups this year with an all-new frame and a new Duramax 6.6-liter diesel V-8.

The updated trucks are two to three years away from showrooms.

[Source: The Detroit News]


I'm betting the interior will be super nice , hope the exterior looks more aggressive than what they have had lately.

We can only pray and hope for the GM Fanboys. They are in deep poo-poo when it comes to interiors. Good Luck GM!!!

@snowman - To make the truck more aerodynamic GM engineers would have to further "soften" the lines of the truck. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I like the current GMC design over the Chev design.

Come on, the Super Duty's have the worst interior by far. Huge dash, tiny gauges. And to top it off, it feels like they got the plastic from Tupperware. New Ram is really nice. question is this hundred million from Fed dollars or actual GM monies? If they have not paid off the loan from the Feds, then I do not agree with this approval.

My goodness, these trucks are currently updated. Why so many updates? Sell what you have if it is a good product!

Govt Motors should pay off the Feds first...IMHO!

No way GM's interiors is better than FORD. It's not even better then RAM.

Even when I take off my FORD Glasses and Pee out the FORD kool aid it still does not look better.

The best looking GM trucks happened in the 80's during that major redesign period ( around 88?) The trucks sounded mean, looked great and its been downhill since in my opinion..but then again, what do I know..I'm a Ford guy.

@ Lou. That isnt alway true. The Ram has the best areo in the class and it is also the best looking, most aggresive looking.

it doesn't take much to improve the aerodynamics of a brick

HD - If it keeps the IFS, then count me out. The Duramax is a great engine, but that new Ford PSD sounds pretty impressive too. I can't wait to see how they stack up.

LD - The GM half tons are a very good package as it is. They have great powertrains that are wrapped in a pretty good truck. While I think the Ram 1500 is the best half ton, the GM and Ford half tons aren't far behind. What makes this interesting is that both Ford and Ram have said their half tons will be freshened for 2012, perhaps this will be the first time that the three major players are all new in the same year.

i love this truck

Just give me a full size 6 speed manual instead of all slushbox options. I don't care if it's a GM, Ford, or a Ram. They're all decent enough for me. Plus, I don't exactly utter the words of my trucks maker when I drop a gear for some hooning.

@ Lou, I certainly agree that the GMC looks good and much nicer than the Chevy (has an awkward hood design and too muck hump in box fenders).

@Big Bob.. i also agree with you comment, the ford interior with its big plastic dash panels and leggo like build is very ugly. Up till this year the GM SLT had the nicest interior with nice fitting panels and comfy ergonomics, but i have to say the 2010 Ram HD Laramie is the nicest interior ever with it leather stitched dash pad, high quality soft materials, in floor storage, heated and cooled leather seats, 10 speaker first in class Alpine surround sound system with subwoofer, and unbelievably comfortable seat and huge new crew cab. I've never been much of a Dodge truck fan but it is by far the best now, especialy with the Cummins running UREA FREE (yay at least one of the three doesn't have to). The next Generation 7L cummins will also not use urea by using special combustion process(PCCI) low temp. combustion (LTC).

GM's SLT's are the best in class interior wise, far out shining the ford king ranch which is stiff and uncomfortable. If they upgrade the interiors to be more SLT like no one can touch them. Ford has the cheapest interior and dodge needs to redesign its cab so ones head is no 2 inches from the roof piller. The tundra is like being in a ford ranger.

All 3 (Chevy, Ford, Ram) have great trucks. Ram in my opinion has taken a giant leap forward. The key will be the HD segment, where the Ram's Cummins engine does not require DEF and the Ram is the only HD truck to still offer a manual trans. With those two factors alone, you will see Ram have significant gains in the market share the next 3 or 4 years as GM and Ford work out the "bugs" of their new diesels. Customers like myself who would rather not be lab rats for the new emissions technologies...will go with Ram.

I'm just glad I bought my 2007 Ram with the last of the 5.9 engines. The only thing I have to worry about on it is routine maintenance at 7500 mile intervals...and I still get a respectable 18mpg mixed driving.

GM's do need major interior updates, most of the GM's I've scene are equiped with the work truck interior and its worst in class in my opinion at least in terms of looks. The Top line interior uses more high quality materials but it looks like the interior of my grandmothers 1995 Buick and I don't care for the small buttons.

My wish list: 1) Fix the doors. The bottom doors edges run vertically to the ground and have no rocker to protect them from chips and road salt which is only inviting perforations within a few years. 2) IFS on the HD 4x4’s has got to go. 3) Tuck the frame up. Look at the old Jeep J10 and J20 trucks for 30 years ago. Nothing hung down at all. 4) Ditch the paper thin sheet metal. Explore a composite material such as RRIM (Reinforced Reaction Injection Molded) polyurea polymer body panels or other composite materials for exterior body panels then add more steel back into the load box and cab structure. 5) Need a high torque diesel alternative and replacement for the 8.1L such as a supercharged 6.2L or 7.0L. This will probably be the only thing on my wish list that will come true.

So is this "major update" going to be a complete redesign, or an update to the current truck? And when I mean by an update of the current truck, I mean keeping the current bed/cab design the same, but by making the frame stronger, make the crewcab about 12 inches longer, smooth and sharpen the ride/handling, make extensive improvements/changes to the interior, redesign the front end?

I liked the cheyenne concept from 2003. That was a pretty aerodynamic truck. It looked pretty sharp to.

I hope they put (automatic) floorshifters in high-end models, like the Ram Ram (Sport, Laramie), the Ford F150 (Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Harley), Toyota Tundra (Limited, Platinum), and Nissan Titan (SE, LE, PRO4-X); maybe add a separate manual-shift gate, too! And replace that 20-year-old 4.3L V6 with a 290-hp 3.6L V6! I want to haul butt and cargo too!


I don't know if you've noticed, but if you compare some pictures of the Cheyenne concept with a current Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, you can see some of the styling cues from the Cheyenne concept in both SUVs. It has the same steeply raked windshield (which is shared with the Silverado/Sierra), the hood/grille/bumper are somewhat similar, and the fenders/quarter panels/wheel wells have the same style.

Please put a complete bumper (left to right) on the refresh. And stop with the cheeks and jowls on the sides. It makes me dizzy when one is coming at me. And put equal fenders on the sides - that also gets to me. This time don't allow a committee in the design area.

@johnny - I agree with you . I hate the Chev bumper. It looks like they ran out of chrome and hid the ends under plastic. The GMC looks much better.

Please for the love of god put the shifter in the console get it off the wheel..outdated !!

So did they slip this in while nObama was away relaxing in Hawaii over the holidays! LOL

It looks like the major update will be a free chain for participating in truck pulls......

I hope the new chevy trucks open there fender wields. Ford and dodge trucks you put a leveling kit and u can put 35in tires on with no problem. They need to think about doing the same theses young kids are loving it.

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