Spied! Is this the 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited?

Spied! Is this the 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited?
Photo Credit: Brian Williams/Brenda Priddy & Co.

Take a good look at the pickup in these spy photos. It might appear to be a Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 test truck out for a shakedown run, but it's probably not. We believe our spies have caught a half-dressed engineering mule that previews the return of the Ford F-150 Lariat Limited for 2011.

The first time we saw the F-150 Lariat Limited was in 2007, when the special edition trim package debuted for the final year of production of the previous generation Ford half-ton. Only 5,000 units were built for the 2008 model year.

The 2008 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited shared several key trim pieces with the 2007 Harley-Davidson F-150, including the lower front air dam, wheels and grille. But it's the unique styling cues the Lariat Limited didn't share with the Harley F-150 (past and present) that helped narrow the identity of the truck in these pictures. The tells include body color skull caps on the mirrors, body color door handle bezels with chrome pulls and fixed running boards.

The 2010 Harley-Davidson F-150 comes with color-matched mirrors and door handles and auto-retracting running boards.

2008 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited
Compare the painted mirror skull caps, chrome door pulls and fixed running boards in the spy shots to this Ford stock photo of the 2008 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited.

By the time we see a production version of the 2011 Lariat Limited, we expect the lower front air dam will be body color. The wheels may change to a different style or they'll be painted with body color accents. The diamond mesh grille is likely to stay the same as shown, to differentiate it from the Harley F-150. It's identical to the 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat's grille.

What else is a new Lariat Limited Package likely to come with? Though the pictures show a single awkward looking exhaust tip, the side view shows it's really two pipes merged into one. Based on the twin pipes and the strong exhaust note as it passed, we expect the Lariat Limited will feature Ford's all-new 6.2-liter premium V-8 engine, as Ford rolls that engine out to high-end F-150 models. The 6.2-liter is rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque in the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.



Well I hope that they don't just make you get the Limited package to get the 6.2L, as it was AWD and it impacted tow ratings. But if they did the LTD package w/ 4x4 like a reg F-150, then you got the 6.2L that would be fine. BUT FORD PLEASE PUT IT IN XLT ON UP!!!


If Ford is one of the Truck Manufacturers that is remodeling in 2012 model year than I have feeling we wont see the 6.2L in XLT on up until then.

Is it Ford doing changes in 2012 or is that just Dodge I read something somewhere. LOL cannot remember prolly need some coffee.

Is that truck a diesel or why is the exhaust tip shaped life a muzzel? lol

6.2 liter will see limited use in the F150 due to required CAFE mandates.

That exhaust tip looks like GM's HD diesel. Maybe testing a diesel?!

Please, someone give me a light-duty diesel!!!!

@ Truckman

it's Dodge or should I say RAM...? lol

...is the 4.4 light duty diesel alive?...I see a venturi on that pipe...or is it to throw off as the article states?...

Until the F-150 (or any gasser) gets a diesel engine, I could care less about it....

The tailpipe is probably just an acoustical trick to make the engine sound more "aggressive."

@AJ - apparently it's okay to say "Dodge".

Hope they offer a DIESEL version !!!!

I bet they are testing the 3.5 eb

The tailpipe tip is just a standarized adaptor to let the engineers connect it to emission test equipment on a dyno, the production version will not look like that.

@Rick: Thanks much, sir! Totally agree with the need to sample emissions through the single pipe.

Not a bad looking truck at all.

Regardless of brand, I think it'd be crazy to spend nearly $50K on a half-ton pickup; especially with depreciation 3-5 years from when it was new. Now if you were rich or at the least well-off, it would be another story.

TOO bad the 6.2L isn't DOHC instead of SOHC does it even have TI-VCT as for a Diesel it would only work if they didn't have to install the aftermarket emissions reducers for that Ford should license the cummins in a 4.5L I6 for the F150 since they seem to have found away around the particulate efficency robbers


The Cummins I think you are referring to is 4.2 V6 or a 5.0 V8
and Ford does NOT have the rights to those engines. Only Dodge and Nissan will have the sole right to those engines along with the 6.7 I6.

As far as Ford goes with a twin turbo v6, it is never going to catch with true truck drivers/enthusiasts!!!

Check out the dual gauge pod on the A-pillar. Wonder what they're monitoring, or maybe that'll come standard. Could be the 3.5 EcoBoost under that hood and they're monitoring boost pressures... Who knows..

I like the monochromatic look. It's a nice change from chrome all over the front end.

Love the look of the truck, but those mirrors have to go.

Dallas, what would be the benefit of DOHC with 4 small valves on the 6.2 as opposed to SOHC with two larger valves? Wouldn't there be a loss in efficiency having to drive two camshafts with twice as many valves?

Bobby, those mirrors are the trailer towing mirrors which only come with the max towing package

I was thinking of the added horse power if it was DOHC it could instead Probly be a 2 valve V8 instead more efficent cycle.
@ D57H I was saying that Ford could buy the engines From Dodge on a per engine Bases and stick them in a F150 anyway I'd use a I6 over a V6 Diesel any day Between 4L & 5L in F150
I for one Really like the Chrome Bar Grilles especially the one on the 2011 Super-Duty

i dont know why Ford wont get with Catapiller and get a decent diesel motor in there new lineup.
They have had to many problems with there pervious diesels in the past....and now they're building there own????
good luck ford....

Whats the point of this ? They have the already pricey Platinum Edition, and they are probably going to shove the 6.2 in it anyway, so yeah, who cares about a Lariat Limited.. ? Not me ! I'd go spend the extra premium they'd tag on for this truck on a Super Duty instead :) !

Still that ugly swept back grill. These truck trim levels are getting out of hand. Go with the platinum if you want top of the line. I will wait a few more years and hope the truck isn't as ugly as these new ones. Mirrors look like crap on the truck too. Come on ford i want a new truck but not ugly like the ones you have now, would consider a Super Duty but saw the new grill and think it looks awful, why the same old square look and no completely new body style yet. Hurry up ford and get the guyy who designed the new Heavy duty Dodge to help out in the design, even the GMC looks better than this hideous looking ford. Still have my 2001 f250 and looks better than any new ford. I hear Ford built their own new diesel engine, the design looks the same as the 4.5 duramax but if Ford builds it it will be junk. Better to go with the gas engine untill diesel proves itself.

to brad. As of Janurary first, caterpillar quit making on-road diesel engines rather than meet the tier 4 emission standards for on road semi diesels. Rumors are that Navistar and Cat are partnering for an off road service truck to be marketed as a cat on a navisar chassis for export countries, and possably bring to the US market. Cat is still making off road engines and plans to meet tier 4 with them.

It looks like politicians are going out of their way to kill diesel engines to keep the "greens" happy.Deisel engined road vehicles are probably a small portion of the industrial economy, therefore an easy target with little political clout. Kiss goodbye small diesels in pickups, and I wonder about HD pickups. How much can a pickup tow or carry when it's full of batteries? Look at the Chev hybrid - not very impressive for the cash you pay. Plugins - I wonder how expensive electricity will become once those things start roaming the country.

Lou,I 100% agree with your post..Diesels are done..I fear they will raise the cost of gas so high,it will "force" people into electric vehicles and then once most of the population uses electric plug ins,they will raise the rates so high people we will be back just like the 1700's,wont be able to afford the electric bill..as that is what the greens want !!

In the meantime,I like the 411 h.p..Being a truck guy it looks like the h.p war is really coming on strong for 1/2 ton truck's....awesome...Cant wait for Dodge's 450 hp est. 6.4 Hemi..but its nice to see Ford having some serious power again in its 1/2 tons...

The 6.4 Hemi will only be available in the HDs because of the new MPG rules.

On a side note: ALL RAM trucks probably will say Dodge on the owners card.

Here is more evidence that diesels are on their way out:
Quote -
"Of California’s roughly 25 million road-registered vehicles, a bit more than a half-million (or about two percent) are diesels built after 1997; exact figures are elusive because even my police buddies say the motor vehicle department is six months behind. And while California has said a third of all CO2 produced in the state comes from gasoline vehicles, it has implemented emissions testing for this two percent of the vehicle population".


How about a 2.5L I4 Ecoboost Lariat Crewcab with 4x4 and 6.5ft Box then you'd get the lifesytle buyers again with the apporiate amount of Horse Power and Torque I want one in Dark blue or Dark red even Dark silver with Chrome Running Boards and gps Naviagation plus all the electronic goodies they can put in it (ie. Digital Dash SYNC) ETC

sir, i would like to see more h.power in the 150 series.the 5.4 is not enough motor.should have 6.2 litre for more power

Are you guys crazy?? its just a 2010 lariat with Harley wheels..
i hardly believe this was worthy of an article..

Like I said earlier, I believe the dual gauge pod on the A-pillar of the truck is monitoring boost pressures of the 3.5L Twin Turbo EcoBoost engine. Why else would a Ford test mule truck have gauges on the A-pillar?? Also, right before the exhaust merges into the single exit pipe you can see two seperate pipes. Thus making sense that each of those exhaust pipes are coming from their own turbo. Just my 2 cents. What does everyone else think?

The engine line ups are as follows for 2011. 3.7L V6, 5.0L v8, 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L for the Raptor. These are for sure because I went to a Ford Meeting in Detroit and got to drive the 3.5L EcoBoost and the 6.2L.

OK, so how do you compare the EB vs. the 6.2L? Does the EB pull harder as some have "suggested"?

No 6.2L in anything but the Raptor? Not even the Platinum? Not the HD?

I heard that the harley F150 2011 will come with the 6.2 l

Lots of things heard. 2 months till the BS is over with.

Looking at this now, (after pics of FX4/EB with intercooler) I wonder if the front bumper is blacked out so its harder to see the intercooler in there?

@Irwin: I just went back and looked at the original photos. There's no intercooler in the front bumper.

Thanks Mike.

I hope the 4wheel drive models don't sit that low. And, I agree with Rick. Although, I would like to see a diesel half ton truck. I think GM is making one, and I think I know the whole engine lineup for F-150s in 2011. First, you'll have the 3.5L Twin Turbo EcoBoost V6 producing somewhere from 380 horsepower to 400 horsepower and unknown torque. Then, the 5.0L 'Coyote' V8 that supposedly produces 411 horsepower and a little over 400 pound feet of torque. Then, possible the 6.2L 'Boss' V8 that produces around 400 horsepower and 438 pound feet of torque. Don't know, but the EcoBoost is supposed to have 23 miles per gallon. :D

I would rather have the ecoboost v6. It has twin turbos and I hear they are working on a 400hp 400lb tourque version for 2011. You'll get more power and better fuel economy with it than you would with the coyote 5.0 v8 version. Can't wait to see it. I just hope they get rid of a lot of the cheap plastc looking interior and go with an interior like you see in the lincoln aviator. The F150 has one of the best looking exteriors and one of the cheapest looking interiors. That's something Ford needs to look into changing...

I have it on high authority the 6.2L will net 24mpg. This is the truck for me.

think the most supported reports say that the only F150 getting the 6.2 will be the Raptor and possibly the Harley or a new Limited for 2011 (the 6.2L is replacing the V10 in the Superduties). Ecoboost and the 5.0L will replace the 4.6 and 5.4, and the 3.7 from the Stang will be added as a base V6.

I drove a 2011 F-150 Lariat back in summer 09. Ecoboost engine... Black w/ black rims.

The cone on the end of the exhaust is probably a pulse reducer. they have been used on motorcycles for years, It reduces the reverse pulse that all exhaust systems have. Improves scavenging and hence performance. GM diesel trucks have them.

FORD IS COMING OUT WITH 4 ALL NEW MOTORS.... THE 3.7 LITER MOTOR WITH 305 HP/ V6............ THE 3.5 TWIN TURBO ECO BOOST WITH 360HP/ V6.......... THE 5.0 LITER MOTOR V8 WITH 350HP/ V8......... AND THE 6.2 LITER V8 WITH 411 HP......... IM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEELING THESE BAD BOYS... GET OUT OF MY WAY CHEVY AND DODGE .... FORD IS IN BUSINESS...........................................................

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