Spied Again! Next-Gen Ford Global Ranger

Spied Again! Next-Gen Ford Global Ranger
Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Until now, we've only seen photos of Ford's next-generation global Ford Ranger undergoing testing wearing the cobbled-together sheetmetal of the current Mazda BT-50, which is sold outside the U.S. Now, we've received new pictures of the upcoming Ranger in final form but disguised in heavy camouflage.

Ford sells two versions of the Ranger: the U.S.-built Ranger sold domestically and in Canada, and a Thai-built Ranger that shares only its name with the North American Ranger. Production of the U.S. Ranger is scheduled to end in 2011.

The future overseas Ranger — code named T6 — will be built on a single, globally shared platform that's being designed in Australia. It's expected to be sold only in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America.

The truck in these pictures is right-hand drive with camouflage that's similar to that used on Ford's Falcon brand test cars Down Under. The six lug wheels are the same lug count we've seen in earlier T6 Ranger spy shots.

U.S. and Canadian buyers interested in a successor to the Ranger will likely have to make do with only a more fuel-efficient Ford F-150.

Next Ford Global Ranger


I really, really hope Ford brings this to the US to replace the Ranger.

I have an '09 Ranger and I love everything about it but the Fuel Economy.

This, with a powerful 4cyl would fit perfectly into most US buyers truck needs.

"I really, really hope Ford brings this to the US to replace the Ranger".

Not a chance.

Ok, I guess I'm at a loss to understand why it is that the rest the world gets a new Ford Ranger and the United States (where, as we all know, is where Ford is based) gets nothing? What kind of logic is that? Why not import this truck to the US? Why is Ford so skittish about that? Is it an emissions issue or are our trucks just that much more (or less) rugged then the new Austrailian Ranger? The Ranger comes in very handy on deep woods trails and such, where the F-150 wouldn't do as well due to its size. My Ranger handles the trails of the Monadnock region of NH just fine. It would be mistake to discontinue this model and hand the market right to Toyota.

Oh the joys or seeing trucks we cant get .

Now i don't get the whole spied-game...when this truck is/should be a global Ranger, why it's hidden after those "mystic cover"? Anybody's already known, that this truck is going to look like: http://www.netcarshow.com/ford/2010-ranger/
Same thing with other global Fords and their design like the Fiesta, Transit connect...so what the cat & mouse-play form FoMoCo for?

Ford has screwed up the Ranger line as badly as it has treated the Taurus,500,and Crown Vic.
The fact that Ford is making money and gaining market share is a mystery with the thought process that Ford is using now.....Henry Ford II must have come back from the dead,he was famous for making stupid moves and sticking with large vehicles and treating smaller ones with disgust.

There is a ranger from Argentina which is based on the North American version of the Ranger.
Ford Mexico stop selling rangers built at Minnesota from 2001 and started selling the rangers from Argentina, which are 4 cyl. This movement brougth very good profits to Ford, because it actually pass to No. 1 selling on the small crew cab pickups category, putting down Nissan which was No. 1 for several years. Ford has taken first place, and has kept it for several years. 2010 Rangers from Argentina suffer a Facelift, but still based on the same frame.
In central America, you can find either version of rangers, Argentina built and Thailand built (I think is Thailand).
You can see the Argentina's Ranger at www.ford.com.ar or here http://www.ford.com.mx/vehicles/homevehicle.asp?idModel=RAN
Unfortunately, at Mexico there is no diesel version yet.
I think ford could unify and sell the global version of the ranger in all the world, as it is doing with the Fiesta.


I'll add a little more. I am with everyone on the issue with the ranger. Why not bring it here? There is a market for these type of trucks. My only issue is the back seat leg room does not look like it is going to be big. I would like to see a replacement. I had a Mazda B-3000, it was the best truck I ever had. I was in the market for a Ranger but the Mazda was a better deal.

For this move to be a success, the new truck really does need to hit the 20 mpg mark at least in city/highway driving. That amounts to about 17/23 mpg. If they upped that number to maybe 18/24 the move could be a gigantic success in terms of Ford's bottom line. If they offered an extended cab XL with the crew cab's 5.5 foot short bed it could suffice as an alternative to a crew cab midsize.

I still don't think the F series is a good replacement for a true compact truck simply because of its width, but if Ford offered the right combination of drivetrains and dimensions it might be able to work.

ford better hope gas stays low, when prices hit close to $5 a gallon they were looking bankruptcy in the eye. high gas prices again and they'll be knocking on barak's door

@ARON- Do you really think they would spend money to camo a vehicle that they've already shown photos of? This truck will be either a 2012 or 2013 model year truck... In regards to the camo on the Fiesta and Transit Connect, the Fiesta received a different front/rear than any other market, and the TC Received a new front end and interior.

Let's hope this truck makes it to our shores, and with a full backseat, no flip down kiddie seats!

FYI Ford, people use Rangers for more than just commuting, try throwing drywall in the back of a Fiesta!

Ford is getting rid of the Ranger that dosen't exactly mean that they are out of the small pickup game. F-100 maybe?

"FYI Ford, people use Rangers for more than just commuting, try throwing drywall in the back of a Fiesta!"

It won't fit in a ranger either :p

Total tease. North America will never see that truck.

The demand for compact trucks really isn't there anymore. If Ford could build an all new Ranger profitably for America, they would probably do so.

If you want to know why Ford won't import this truck to America, look up the chicken tax.

This truck looks suspiciously mid-sized to me. It's not really a compact truck, and with the expense of federalizing a diesel engine that would probably only be used in the Ranger, it wouldn't make sense to bring one in that at the most would sell 100,000 vehicles. A gas burner probably wouldn't get any better gas mileage than a similarly engined F-150, so it's hard to make a business case for this.

Its OK Micheal I wont be making a business case for Ford I will be looking at Mahindra they seem to actually care about what I want , and how is it that Mahindra can make a small diesel truck but GM , Ford , Toyota and Nissan cant .

"This truck looks suspiciously mid-sized to me. It's not really a compact truck,"
Yes a better description would be "not as big as full sized". They Global Ranger is mid-sized, by US standards.

I think we will end up getting the f-100 sooner or later with an eco-boost engine. I know ford scrapped the f-100 idea but last i heard they were reconsidering it. The pictures of this global t6 ranger look like it would be about the same size as the f-100. I love the Ranger but i fear it is going to be gone for a little while from the US at least.

@ Josh - I suspect a F150 "lite" is in the works.

I just hope they dont kill RANGER name...didnt they reilaze killing TAURUS name was a bad idea? Keep the RANGER..they have not done anything past 15 years for this truck..I WANNA RANGER....with ecoboost 6, ext cab 4x4, and give it a 05-07 superduty front end styling and for 4x2 drivers give it a high rider package.(toyota prerunner,chevy z71).

I have a theory: Ford wants to push Ranger owners into an F150 because it's a much more profitable vehicle for them to sell so they're keeping the new global Ranger out of the mix and comparing the new F150 to the ancient North American Ranger.

I'm just speculating on that... but when I buy my next truck (in the next 24 months) it won't be an F150. I prefer a smaller vehicle. If the global Ranger isn't available I'll be driving a Frontier :-(

@Brian Williams: If FoMoCo is going to adopt the global Ranger, they're probably use the current platform (like in test mule), that exist in Europe, Asia etc. and the Ranger there is brand new (face lifted) for 2009, and as yet I don't see a newer model coming... I hope, they make a better looking front-end in US (the current Ranger in Europe looks so softy, worse then models pre-face lift), but that's doubtful...

If it is being built in Australia, well all the ones sold here come standard with either a 2.5l high pressure diesel or a 3.0l high pressure diesel in upper models. So I think there might be a diesel in there once the global platform is released.


Ford said we are getting SOMETHING. The latest news from last week was the F100 project is looking unlikely although we still may see the Eco-boost 2.5 sometime in the future.

From what was leaked to me as I understand it Ford may be forced into bringing the T6 to the US. The biggest hurdle is how to bring the truck into the US and maintain profitability and not lose F150 sales. That's what FORD is most worried about.

We're going to get the T6...... in some form....but Ford will probably sandbag its inception all the way to the last minute.

When we get the new truck, its going to be imported from South America. It may get finished here, it may not.

The reason it won't be brought over here is very simple. The chicken tax. A factory would have to be completely over-hauled to build the new design. It would have to go through the U.S. safety and emissions ringers. Then consider that it would not be a high volume vehicle.

Compare the Frontier, Tacoma, and Colorado. When well equipped, you can get a full sized truck for the same price. You also only see a 1-2 mpg decrease. Midsize trucks don't currently make sense.

The US ranger currently has a niche for being a truck that is actually small. It also is significantly cheaper than everyone else when seasonal rebates are considered.

So stop all the whining. Ford knows what they are doing.


South American imported trucks are not subjected to the chicken tax.

I can only hope they remove the torsion bar setup on the U.S. Ranger or it will be doomed to fail overseas!

T6 has coil over shocks type suspension, so there are no torsion bars.

"Compare the Frontier, Tacoma, and Colorado. When well equipped, you can get a full sized truck for the same price. You also only see a 1-2 mpg decrease. Midsize trucks don't currently make sense."

umm I see old inefficient drive trains in those smaller trucks.

Take the Colorado insert the DI 3.6 liter and the matching 6 speed and you would have a 3-4 mpg change between a midsize and a fullsize. The problem still comes down to money. Or said another way, how to build a midsize at a price and quality the US market will accept without eating into F150 sales.

PUTC already told us that F-150 seems to replace Ranger for US Market. This is our Ranger. We shall see it next year. This pic I'd say it dusguised too much.

I want a Ranger with the 2.5 liter TDCi diesel and 5 speed manual that gets 25+ mpg. C'mon Ford, you'll make a killing.

Everyone says they want a small diesel... but who's actually gonna pay $5000 extra for it? With the minimal fuel economy advantage they get now? With diesel costing more now than gasoline? Really?

I have a 99 Ranger and love it.. Hope they bring the new "Global Ranger" to the states. If they replace the Ranger with the F100 I'll switch to Toyota and buy a Tacoma. I want, and really enjoy the small pickup trucks. And have since my S10 days.. There is no point to the diesel, as there is also no point to the hybrids. Neither will ever pay for itself. Both are just a "feel good" measure.

I've driven Rangers since 1986. This year I bought a Tacoma. Makes me wonder why I waited so long. There is really no comparison.
Adios Ford.

There is (or will be) something seriously out of whack when Ford doesn't sell a station wagon, mini van, or compact pickup truck in the US market.

Ford would do better to just keep updating the current Ranger instead of dropping out of this market segment.

They have proven they can continue to tweak the Ranger to meet new safety standardswith the side curtain airbags in the seat backs, added vehicle stability control for '09, etc.

Ford should just give the Ranger an ecoboost motor, or the 2.5L from the Escape, tweak the suspension for better handling (hire away some of the folks from the Nissan Design Center), upgrade the enterior, concentrate on NVH issues, etc.

I bought a new '95 Ranger and drove it well over 200.000 trouble free miles in 10 years. When the time came to replace it I chose a '05 F-150 4wd. Within 12months I had sold the F-150 to my son and had purchased another '05 Ranger 4wd and I love it like my first one. I have waited for years for Ford to update this platform and very excited about a new one coming (I definitely would be a potential customer) and now this? They want to dump the Ranger and make a higher MPG F-150? Very stupid move Ford.. you have a loyal customer base in the Ranger and you stand to lose market share by thinking we will accept the F-150 as its replacement. There are some of us left that do not want the excesses of a full size truck and the Ranger fits that spot perfectly. Sianora Ford

Ford, what on earth are you thinking?
We want a good small truck, not a full-sized truck w/ a smaller engine.
We want trucks that are fun to drive, easy to park, and fit in our garages.

I currently own an F150, and while I like the truck, I do not totally love it. It's too big to fit in my garage, the thing is nearly gutless (over a grand in performance upgrades only to run a 1/4 mile as quickly as a stock '79 Chevette!), the seats stain when spilling water on them.
Also, I don't need a full-sized truck 24/7 to occasionally make a trip to Home Depot or haul some car parts; nor will I buy one again for this purpose.

Sure, Ford will have to make an investment to sell the Ranger in the US; but why not let the consumer decide if it's a wise choice? They can always continue to sell it for the life of it's platform, or until they recouped their investment and drop it if it doesn't pan out. They just may be surprised and find they can sell more Rangers than Toyota sells Tacomas.

In this day and age when cars and trucks get make overs faster than a Hollywood movie star.
It's nice to see a vehicle that has endured , not doing all the style changes that everyone else has done, keeping the same style ,keeps the price down which is great for consumers

I don't understand why manufacturers don't bring a decent compact/midsize truck to the market. They've neglected the segment and now there is a dearth of choices. And the ones currently out there offer moderate fuel economy and insufficient payload. These qualities are far away from what this segment was all about: economical trucks capable of carrying load without being as big as a tank.

I'm really looking forward to the Mahindra pickups. They represent what the segment was meant to be: High fuel economy and payload much closer to an F-150 than a Ranger.

To heck with all of the manufacturers. Until a compact diesel truck that's spartan inside comes to the US, made by someone other than Mahindra, I'll keep buying beater 150s and working them until I kill them. When I need a comfy ride that's fun, I get into my CAR. Trucks are for work.

Thanks for nothing Ford.... You really screwed the pooch with the Ranger not being sold here. DUH!!!

Ford Ranger is also being produced in Argentina (single and double cab), and being exported to Brazil, Mexico and Middle East.

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