Spied! Next-Generation Global Chevrolet Colorado

Spied! Next-Generation Global Chevrolet Colorado
Photos by Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

We've officially heard from Ford that it's uncertain if the company's upcoming global "T6" Ranger small truck will be available in North America after production of the U.S.-built Ranger ends in 2011. Now, the same pattern appears to be playing itself out for the Ranger's rival, the Chevrolet Colorado.

We've just received photos of a next-generation global Chevrolet Colorado mule out for a chilly test drive. Though it looks almost identical to the current Colorado that's built in Shreveport, La., there are a few notable differences we can see in the undisguised front end. The tester's upper headlight profile is shorter than the U.S.-built Colorado's, and it also has a new front bumper.

2010 Chevrolet Colorado
2010 Chevrolet Colorado built in Shreveport, La. in a GM stock photo

And although you can't see it in the pictures, the test truck was powered by a diesel engine, something that's neither available nor planned for the U.S. Colorado. This truck actually has more in common with the overseas-sold Isuzu D-Max diesel mule that was caught testing in the U.S. last winter, including identical wheels.

The current-generation Colorado and D-Max were engineered by GM and Isuzu on a common platform. It's likely the next-gen global Colorado will be a variation off of it.

Our sources say not to get our hopes up for a successor to the Colorado in the U.S. Last year, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it was GM's plan to end production at the Shreveport plant (where the Hummer H3 and H3T are also produced) by 2012. GM, however, doesn’t plan to shutter its Chevy Colorado production facility in Thailand. The company recently received $445 million in loans to expand the plant for the next-gen Colorado and to produce its diesel engines there.

Spied Next Gen Colorado for Overseas


there's like no difference.

@Mike - quote"The company recently received $445 million in loans to expand the plant for the next-gen Colorado and to produce its diesel engines there".
Were you refering to the Tailand plant? and was the loan from the Tailand?. Thanks.
It is frustrating to see all the diesel engined rigs made abroad that will not be available in North America.

Wow I will be buying a mahindra strictly because I want a compact diesel but id change my mind in a heart beat if chevy had some balls and put this on the the roads. I'd rather send my money to La. but if amer. and Jp. comapanies wont figure this out then its India who gets my $$

@Lou: $445 million is for the Thai plant.

Sorry Chevy and Ford, your Silverado and F-150 are not alternatives to a compact truck. They're harder to park, heavier, and less maneuverable off-road.

I have friends, every one of which says if you want off-road capability you should buy a Jeep Wrangler and if you really want a truck you should buy a fullsize because compacts are for people that really just want a car.

What B.S. You guys (Ford and GM) are just encouraging people to think "either full-size, Wrangler or bust" and while I know that is exactly what you're going for so you don't have to engineer so many separate platforms, I'm shocked that you actively attempt to manipulate people's desires by encouraging closed-minded thinking like this.

BTW Ford, hate to break it to you but your Raptor will never replace the approach/departure/breakover angles of an SUV and it will always be too wide and long to travel down the narrowest mountain roads and toughest terrain. Smaller is sometimes better. With your launches of the Fiesta and Focus later this year I'd think you'd understand this by now. Apparently not?

I very much doubt that is the styling of the New Global Colorado, as it is almost identical to the current US model.
The current Australian and Non-US Colorado differs substantially from the current US one.

@Robert Ryan: Yes, I think youre correct. Turns out this mule is running with an updated diesel. There may be other mechanical changes under the skin.

Will they ever change that hideous front clip? It reminds me of the Pontiac Aztec. Horrid!!

"Robert Ryan: Yes, I think youre correct. Turns out this mule is running with an updated diesel. "
Mike I wonder if it is the 2.9 litre VM Motori 250hp and 405 lbs ft of torque?.
That would put the "Cat amongst the pigeons" in the global Pickup wars.

I want my bailout money back GM sucks .

luigann i agree w/ your comments on off roading and size of a truck but that why most people who do serious off roading do so in a second vehicle usually a truck older than their daily driver i dont do any insane rock crawling or anything but i do my fair share of dirt roads and trails that are you need 4x4 for and my 02 dakota is the prefect size for work and play as was my old ford ranger and most of my friends that do very serious off roading buy 95-00 cherokees and worked em up so your comments about new full sizes do not really make sense b/c only the rich can buy a new truck than take it off roading but i see where your coming from

Yes, the Australian Colorado is much better looking but has the same awful wheel well openings.

Does the Australian Colorado have the same awful reliability of the US model?
The diesel engine does sound good thought. Dumbass automakers.

@gomjabber - It's dumbass politicians. They are the ones who made emissions standards so tight that auto companies cannot afford to sell "global" diesels in North America.
I read a story stating that in California they are going to test all the diesels made after 1997. It works out to only 2% of the California vehicles on the road.
It seems that diesels are becoming the "sacrificial lamb" on the green "alter".

We've already had the Isuzu D-Max truck here in Europe and it's a harsh, simple built truck good for smaller hard work, worse in ride on pavement roads, low quality interior and that is the one and only Isuzu available in my country.

You are right Lou, it is the Govt.
I guess I wish they would work on some smaller displacement diesel engines that meet standards. I personally would pay 30k for a small 6 cyl turbo diesel pickup and I think one can be made for that much money. Especially if they strip out all the luxury garbage that I have no interest in.

These articles on trucks not destined for North American are interesting, but how about some spy shots of something we will be seeing, like the new chassis and front suspension on the 2011 GM HD's? Or maybe some horsepower and torque figures for the new 6.7L Powerstroke?

Have any of you noticed that GM is closing the Shreveport, Louisiana plant that makes Colorado, H2, H3 Hummers by 2012 and is getting 445 million from the Thailand Government to expand it's plant in that country. Our tax dollars bailed them out and they kill jobs in the US and set up shop in Thailand.
Re-read the last paragraph of Mike's post.

@Lou: The loan is coming from three Thai banks, not the Thai government. The plant already existed.


@Mike - sorry, I misread the post the first time. The plant does exist and the loan is for upgrades.
It still is a major piss-off.
They plan on closing the Shreveport, Louisiana plant in 2112 and expand in a foreign country.
Normally, I wouldn't care, but after a huge US and Canadian government bailout it makes me very angry.
I read an article about the Canadian side of the bailout. They contributed 1/5 of the US bailout based on the relative sizes of the industry. It worked out to 2 million per auto worker or they could of bought ever vehicle made by Dodge and GMC in a year. Those figures would apply to the US auto industry. If you get tax dollars to keep running, the honorable thing to do would be to re-invest in those countries that saved your ass.

Robert, I wish it was the 2.9L VM Motori V6 diesel - I wish GM would bring out that diesel and the 4.5L V8 Duramax, and Ford with the 3.0L V6 and 4.4L V8 diesels.

It's really stupid of GM and Ford to NOT bring those smaller global-platform trucks to the States. Even stupider to not bring the efficient diesels here, too. It's like they're trying to protect sales numbers of their bigger trucks at the expense of consumer choice.

Blame politicians. They made the rules that have killed "baby diesels" and are killing big diesels. Companies cannot make a profit on small diesels under the current rules and economic climate.

You guys that want a diesel only make up about 1% of compact truck buyers. That is the main reason you aren't going to see a diesel in a compact anytime soon.
Switching subjects here.
I currently own a 2005 Colorado and I love it. I would really like to see that Australian version brought to the states.I would certainly be one of Chevy's first customers in the showroom to give it a spin. Or even a new Ranger would be awesome as well. I owned a '99 before my Colorado and I liked it a lot. It was just too small. The Colorado has a lot more room and gets better gas mileage.

That test vehicle is same as our size of Colorado (non-US).

Since the Colorado/Canyon duo don't get very high marks by the reviewers, why just not buy a Tacoma, Frontier, or Ridgeline? In fact, the best compact trucks I ever owned were American-made Nissans. Support the Americans.

Wondering below may be a better design.


ugly looking truck

at least ford can change there trucks unlike chevy sucks

@rick are you kidding me? Ford can't change their trucks, look at that Ranger. it's going for the record of the longest vehicle in production without substantial changes. 12 years old and the only difference i can see from then until now is an MP3 jack. wahoo. anyway my salesman told me the new Canyon is going to have the Terrain front clip and interior?

It seems no one knows for sure IF Ford and Chevy are going to bring out replacements for their compact trucks. If they don't, they're really off target. Right now, the Tacoma, Frontier are doing very well because they are high quality trucks. People DO want compact trucks. Between higher gas prices to come, difficulty parking, and somewhat higher initial costs, the full-sized trucks aren't for everyone...unless you really have a work need for them.

Personally, I don't see why they have to change so often. My sister has an 06 Colorado and it is great. 2.8 inline 4, with a 5-speed transmission. I really wanna know though, why did they eliminate the stick shift from the bigger engines AND completely eliminate it from the full size AMERICAN trucks?! I know Mexico still puts them in the basic 1500s with the 4.3 V6 and the 3500s. To be completely honest though, I drive an 03 S-10, and wish they'd bring those back.

I have been holding onto my 95 Sonoma for 260,000 miles now hoping and waiting for a diesel powered Colorado or Ranger, but the US government is too full of red tape to allow the car OEM's to bring us a small, affordable diesel pickup.

The small trucks are so much easier to load the bed, from any side, and they are so much easier to park, get into and out of.

I guess I'll have to put a little diesel in my Sonoma myself !!

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