Toyota Temporarily Suspending Tundra Production and Sales

Toyota Temporarily Suspending Tundra Production and Sales

Toyota said late today that it's temporarily suspending production and sales of 2007-10 Tundra pickups involved in a recall to fix sticking accelerator pedals, announced earlier this week.

“Helping ensure the safety of our customers and restoring confidence in Toyota are very important to our company,” said Group Vice President and Toyota Division General Manager Bob Carter. “This action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. We’re making every effort to address this situation for our customers as quickly as possible.”

Toyota says the sticky accelerator condition is rare, but it can occur when the pedal mechanism becomes worn and, in certain conditions, the accelerator pedal may become harder to depress, slower to return or, in the worst case, stuck in a partially depressed position.

The sticking accelerator pedal recall is separate from the on-going recall of 2007-10 Toyota Tundra and 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma pickups to reduce the risk of pedal entrapment by incorrect or out of place accessory floor mats.

The Toyota Tacoma is not included in the sticking accelerator pedal recall.

[Source: Toyota]


No to make light of a situation, but I just can't get this song out of my mind...

Along with the entire Toyota lineup except the Peeeeus, I meant er uh....Prius

HaHa all the proor fools who bought a toy must feel like an idiot right now. LOL We could be witnessing the straw that broke the camels back for toyota motors of america. From the news reprt tonight this stretches far greater than just pickups.

This will not be the straw that broke the camels back for Toyota. 2009 was the first year in 59 years that they lost money. They did lose a sh-t load but compare that to the Detroit 3. Two of them bled so bad and for so long that they were/are on goverment life support. One pundit compared Toyota to GMC. If Toyota does not aggressively turn things around they will be just as bad off.
This is probably a convenient excuse to shut down for a while to save money.

R.I.P Toyota !!! R.I.P !!!

Toyota is done !!!! Lemon after Lemon throughout the last 12 years.....

R.I.P toyota now we can keep it amarican like Ford. So rest in peace toyota pest in peace

Wow, were the comments all so defensive/bigoted/yee-haw/racist before several American brands went down the toilet, or is this a new phenomenon...?

If I where driving a Toyota now i would be crapping bricks. I cant ever remember a time that a automaker shut almost completely down to fix a saftey problem! This is alot more that sticking gas pedals folks. This means that they either cant fix the problem or they dont know what it is. and it shure as hell aint floor mats! There quality and reliability is shot out the window. They will keep bleeding money now, and this will cost them big. this is what they get for trying to be number 1. They lost all focus on there past. And dont forget all the past issues. We havent even heard about what they are going to do about the rusted frames. The tundras a total junk.

Here is my question, what are they going to do about the sludge problem with the Tundra engine? Has that even been addressed by Toyota yet. I think there was some sort of settlement made by Toyota about this but there seems to be a lot of people from the early 2000's up to the newer trucks that are having the same problems with sludge build up in their Toyota trucks motors. And from what I read its just not the Tundra now. Anyone have any info on this problem or is this something else Toyota is covering up? Go to Google and type in "Toyota Tundra engine sludge" and look at all the post.

@Dave - Dave they are doing this as a gimmick trying to appear that they are on top of the problem for starters. Also they are trying to make it look like they have the public's best interest at heart. From what I read on auto sites and news sites this is anything but the truth. Many are saying they still don't know what the problem is or how to fix it and they only reason they would stop sales is to protect their bottom line from the impending lawsuits. Don't get me wrong Toyota has an interest in keeping the people who drive their products safe because they know that more and more people will see this and pass them over. Companies like Ford have the most to gain right now with public perception and this could even help out GM and Chrysler for people who are about to buy a car and turn away from Toyota because of all of the QC issues it is suffering.

On a better note gm and ford are bringing back laid off workers!! Thanks toyota the big 3 thanks you for your F-up.

I stand corrected... It was Uncle Sam who stepped in and stopped them from selling the compromised vehicles. Wonder if this is payback for Japan excluding US cars from its version of cash for clunkers?

Traded in my wife's 2008 Rav4 last weekend because she was afraid to drive it. We bought a 2010 Equinox, she is very happy with her new SUV and I am very impressed, it stands head and shoulders above the Rav4. I wonder how many more people will shed their Toyotas for new GM or Ford vehicles.

@ Ford man
It’s American not amarican, that's just embarrassing man.

Toyota will lose some sales, but, how many people actually do research about what they are going to buy? and how many people will make a vehicle purchase based solely on logic and facts?
Look at the Ford vs GM vs Dodge vs Toyota bashing that goes on.
Guys buy on emotion and preconceived notions.
People do change brands due to problems, but I bet it's not a huge number.
Look at all the posts slagging Ford's diesels, and underpowered gas engines. Ford is still #1 in sales.

@Lou - as always you make some good points sir. Bottom line is though some people do change brands because of problems but like you point out most stay loyal to the brands they like no matter what. As far as dropping sales though Toyota has the most to lose because their full size truck sales are really lagging right now.

@Shawn - thanks.
Toyota suspending Tundra sales isn't going to hurt them much overall as they only sold 79,385 units a year. They cannot afford to lose more Tundra sales. Luckily for Toyota the Tacoma is not included in the shutdown.
What will hurt them is in Camry sales. They sell over 45,000 units/month. It's their number one seller. That one will hurt real bad.
I read that Ford shares went up 2% and Toyota stock dropped 7%.
The company that supplies Toyota with the accelerator had their shares drop 12% (are they going to blame/sue the supplier?)
GMC has an incentive plan in place to try to capture Toyota clientele. GM stock went up 2.4%

@Lou, open mouth and insert foot,"how many people acutally research what they are going to buy". You are joking, right? If people didnt do any research then this website wouldnt exist!!!

I hope this shutdown is not long, of it will idle people who work at the plant. it may lead to a furlough, you cannot have all that many people sitting around drawing a paycheck and do nothing.

Who cares if the tundra is shut down for now.In my opinion they are doing the truck world a favor as this has got to be the ugliest awkwardest truck in history.It looks alot like a mack truck experiment gone bad and it looks like gmc and chevy on the inside which is just dollar store cheap.

Not a Toyota fan but i wish them well in this incident. It could happen to any manufacturer. Hope they recover from this and keep selling to the people who like to own a Toyota product. Sounds like a lot of truck owners who own Ford/GM are threatened by Toyota. Toyota is a quality Truck as well as their cars, I happen to need a Heavy Duty truck for my needs but if i needed a light duty truck i would consider the Toyota for sure.

@ Jeff- how many people actually do research about what they are going to buy? and how many people will make a vehicle purchase based solely on logic and facts?
I suspect that you misread my post.
Most people do not do much research. They will look at color, price, availability, and go for a 30 minute test drive. Done.
How many people look at recall data, publications like RL Polk, JD Power, Consumer Report etc. ?
Even these sources are not without flaws.
The internet is not a reliable source of information.

How do you verify the authenticity of the data?
How about reliability?
Replicability of the data? (If a 3rd party did the study would they come up with the same results)
How was the data gathered?
What questions were asked?
Do you think many bloggers would be trustworthy sources of information?
Surfing aTruck site may serve as a starting point. I like Mike's reporting, and I like his style of writing, but there are limits to the tests.
It's just another piece of information to use.

Would you buy a Toyota truck if Toyota got their sh-t together tomorrow and a year from now there were zero recalls, every report, test and study said they were the best?
Every truck site and magazine thrashed one for 24/7/52 and swore they were indestructable!
I doubt it. Most guys wouldn't either!

Do you think "Bob" would buy a Ford if the same testing showed Ford was the best?

A study showed that men, I repeat men were more likely to buy a vehicle based on emotions and feelings. Women are more logical vehicle buyers.
I can see why. We are raised with "HotWheels", and cars and trucks are intertwined into our culture, and upbringing.

Research is flawed and useless if it is done to support what we are assuming is already true.

Logic and facts based on unbiased research should be the only reason why we buy the truck we buy.
It doesn't happen.
Emotion rules.

Most people buy based on experience more than research.

Why do I continue to use "underpowered ford gas engines", probably because I've yet to pull anything that my 2001 F-150 5.4L couldn't pull up a hill at 70 with cruise on (including a fifth-wheel RV trailer).

Why else do I drive a ford, lets see a 9 yo/102k mile f-150 that's never had any significant failures (not even its "weak" 4 speed auto).

Before that we had a 85 F-150 with that pesky double i-beam suspension that's so hard to fix when the alignment gets messed up (the alignment never did get messed up though, the new one has though). Do the math, a 16 yo truck. How many problems did it have? We broke a wrist pin back in 91 I think it was.

Why don't I drive a chevy? Well for one thing you can't drive my grandmother's chevy to the back half of our land because the front bumper hits the ground and stops it when you try to go across the creek, that doesn't happen with my ford or my cousin's dodge or for that matter the last chevy my grandmother had.

@Jeff - bud you don't know how many times one of my friends or someone I know in general goes and buys a car or truck without doing any research what so ever... I agree with Lou on this one. This site and the ones like it are for guys like us who want to be in the know but there is a lot of people who just don't care. If there is something that catches their eye they will get it with out checking anything out about it...

You are just as bad as everyone you bash for using emotion. I could show you that the parts of the Tundra are underengineerd, dent just by leaning on it, rust, crease, flip and flop, and you would blame it on the owner or supplier. Then automatically start talking about Ford Explorers, Pintos, or how you owned a truck 20 years ago know what you are talking about because you read Consumer Reports. Let the people say what they want. Stop trying to act like you know it all and you are better than everyone because you don't own a truck and thus have no so called brand "loyalty" or emotion.

@Lou, So when you bought your sienna you bought it soley on emotion? People buy weighing the pros and cons using the research as a tool to make a purchase. Nothing more and nothing less. People coming to are not using blog posts as research. If people dont research why is there sites like, msn autos, motor trend, truck trend, four wheeler, consumer reports, and countless other sites devoted to automobiles.

@Dave - I don't have a problem with the emotional aspect of vehicle ownership. Guys get emotional about trucks. Extremes are always a problem. In my professional life I have seen how damaging emotions can be if let run rampant. I have also seen how damaging hard, cold logic can be. We must struggle to find a ballance.
I'd love to see someone prove to me how a Tundra is under engineered. I also would love to see anyone prove to me how their favorite brand is superior to anyone elses.
I love information, irrefutable, hard evidence. Show me what you mean.
I mention the foibles and follies of the "domestics" because there is not a brand/company out their that has not made big mistakes.
I traded off my pickup 2 yrs. ago because I needed a vehicle that would meet the needs of my family. I did what was right for them. It was logical and emotionally a better choice.
Up until 2 years ago, pickups were all I ever owned.
In my past professional life I drove van conversions, and chassis cab conversions as a paramedic. I have pushed vehicles to the extreme. My father was a trucker and logger. I could drive a Mack truck before I even had a driver's licence. Spare me the "I don't know what a truck will do" crap.
I read Consumer Report and any piece of liturature I can get my hands on. I love information. I also love a good debate. I am not trying to stop anyone from saying what they what. I want a meaningful, open discussion on the topic at hand. Feel free to challenge my view point. That is how I learn and grow.
You do not like my viewpoint. Fine.
I have no problem with that.
You want to attack me on a personal basis.
That I do have a problem with.
Do you find my views intimidating?
Do my views threaten the beliefs you hold dear?
Do you feel that you or anyone else can say anything they want without being challenged?
If you speak your mind and it doesn't make sense on any level, be ready to be challenged.
Obviously, I bring out some strong emotions in you.
Attack my point of view with a good counterpoint and I will respect you.
Attack me personally and I will look down upon you with contempt.

I guess not all truck guys are brand loyal. I used to drive Ford untill the 6.0L diesel killed my liking of Ford, then i went to the super strong Duramax/allison trucks and they were great for moving equipment, now i just got a 2010 cummins, mostly because of the lack of urea fluid use , but also because of their excellent interior design and good materials as well as the nicest looking of all 3 diesel brands. I usually buy what is offering the best diesel truck at the time i need a new one, this time the Cummins was my choice of HD trucks. I have to say of all the diesels the Cummins engine pulls the Best even if it is rated a little lower Torque than current duramax. I always say it is best to drive them all for a bit and choose the best for you and your needs. If you buy a Ford because that is your brand and refuse to try anything else then you may not have chosen the best truck. For $70,000 plus (CDN money) i like to test them all for at least a week before i put down my money.

@Jeff - the point I was trying to make is that emotion often plays a bigger part in purchasing a vehicle than pure logic.
The best example of that is all the brand bashing between the various brand groups.
Whether or not you consider one brand is better looking than another is also an emotional choice.
Enjelus had a great comment about experience. Experience is probably as big a factor as anything else.
Experience can be a double edged sword. If you had a negative experience with a truck, there will be negative emotions tied to that brand of truck. Same goes for a positive experience. I read a story where the writer stated brand preference usually starts with what your father used to drive. It makes sense. Experience gets tied to emotion and a preference is born.
People do use blogs as a source of information. People use various sites as a source of information as well.
I look at research more in the context of academic or scientific endeavour. I also view research in the context of objective as opposed to subjective data. Subjective data is important as well, but it falls into the realm of personal opinion.
You don't approach a research topic with a preconceived notion - i.e. Toyota sucks.
You start from the basis - what is the best pickup out there for my wants and needs?
That is why I posted a list of things one must consider when looking at any data or information posted on the net.
I would say that blogs, web sites, magazines etc. should be viewed more in the context of entertainment.
I like to read the information presented on this site because it is entertaining. Most people would say the same.
Why do people post comments on blogs? Because it is fun and enjoyable.
The information is useful but I always look at various sources to support or refute a certain test result. That is critical thinking.
Look at the Raptor and Power Wagon news on this site. Various magazines picked each one separately as the best one.
Are they lying? No.
Are they biased? No.
The testing parameters were different.
The goals of the testers were different.
If you went out and repeated the testing using their criteria - the results would be the same.
Look deeper into the test. If the parameters of the test meet your goals and objectives, then you've found a relevant test for your lifestyle needs.

Jeff - thanks for your post. I welcome the chance to explore this topic with you or anyone else.

@Dave i have some evidence to prove the point that tundra is under engineered. You need a 2004-2008 f150 for this and tundra (obviously). Take the f150 and park it next to a tundra and get underneath and look at the front suspension components like the upper and lower A arm and the knuckle that connects to them both. Both the tundra and the f150 have the same design of front end so this is a good comparison. Looking at them both you will see a huge difference in size and thickness of metal. Also take a look at the leaf springs and bolts and there also you will see a significant difference and the fords leaf springs are 3in wide while the tundra’s is 2 1/2 in wide. Lastly there are lots of videos on the web showing how badly the frame flexes, which it does so badly that it can let the bed hit the cab. The reason for this is because the front 3rd of their frame is fully boxed, the 2nd 3rd of the frame is double wall closed C channel and the back 3rd is single wall open C channel. After seeing all that with my own eyes i agree with Lou about the Tundra being under engineered. I own a 2006 f150 and i did this myself at a local Toyota dealer(on a sun so no one would bother me).

Sorry my last comment was directed to Lou wanting some proof of the Tundra being underengineered.

@Daniel - thanks for the comment. That is the kind of stuff that is worth hearing. I've seen the frame flex video's and have had guys say it effects towing.

I got my recall notice (from Toyota and not the government may I add) earlier this month. I did not even open it, ripped it in half and threw it away!

I run the original floor mats and an aftermarket one on top of that and guess what? No problems whatsoever!

I am not going to do something like remove my floormats that have served me well for a bunch of morons that panic and do not know how to drive properly!

Floormats = driver error!

Sticky gas pedal = isolated issue from a U.S. built part!

Maybe Toyota should go back to Japan and make their trucks, less problems with those than U.S. built ones.

I went to the dealer yesterday and priced out a 2010 Access cab Tacoma, my next ride. The Ranger, Colorado and Dakota just do not offer what a Tacoma does. I have so many options and configurations to shop with, why wouldn't I drive a Tacoma!

@Taco - interesting that you mention a US supplier with the gas pedal problem. I've read several news articles saying the effected vehicles in North America and Europe all had assemblies made from the same US plant.
The stock in that company dropped 12% as well.
I am very reluctant to point that out as I'll probably be accused of being a Toyota "fanboy" again.

Talked with my cousin who is a Toyota tech at a very large dealership and he has only seen one case of this problem. It was on a Camry with over 100k.

Toyota and nissan need to stick with what they know best and that is compact trucks.Leave the full size trucks to ford.

@ford guy - makes you wonder considering how well the Tundra and Titan are selling.
The Tacoma sells more than all of the "domestic" compacts combined. Toyota and Nissan grossly underestimated how hard it would be to penetrate the North American full size truck market.
Toyota Tundra needed to hit the ground running with a near perfect truck. They blew it by trying to "out truck" the truck guys(Ford, Chev,Dodge).
I think Toyota should of approached the Tundra from the perspective of being a "full size" Tacoma. It would of been better accepted if marketed in that context.
The Tacoma is a good truck. It has no real competition in it's class. The Tundra, on the other hand, is struggling with a near total lack of respect in the truck community.

Toyota and their STUPID Tundra. They should kill that piece of [OFF THE AIR]

I would never trust a company like Toyota with all of their major problems.I would guess people are wising up to accept the fact Toyota is the single biggest Lemon in the automotive industry.

I have a 2003 Tundra that I bought new. I mainly use it as a daily driver with occasional fly fishing excursions and runs to home depot. I have only used it for towing twice. Once to move from Alaska to Utah and once to tow a large camping trailer to Yellowstone. The truck has been performed flawlessly for 7 years. It is as squeak and rattle free today as it was the day I drove it off the lot. Never a single a problem of any kind. Mine is the 1st generation Tundra and not included in the current recalls...this has been my experience. One good indication of quality for anyone interested in "doing research" is log onto the traffic admin website a look at the number of TSBs listed the vehicles you are interested in...when I bought my Tundra there were 3 TSBs for the Tundra and over 35 for the Chevy/GMCs.

The Tundra does get a lot of flack. I think most of it is unfounded. The people I know who own them have had no complaints. A former colleague's husband owns one and routinely tows a 10,000 lb. trailer. Her husband drives a transport truck for a living and he's never had any concerns.

The company that makes the faulty parts — CTS — is blaming Toyota for the recall. According to the company, the part was designed by Toyota and CTS just builds it. CTS’ CEO said, "This is their recall." They're building new pedals using a new design from Toyota. However, those parts are heading to assembly plants. No fix for current owners has been developed yet.

@ - are they going to blame Ford as well? Ford uses linkages from the same company and is also issuing a recall. If you are going to post something, make sure you post all the relavent information, not just what is going to make Toyota look bad. I'd of thought you were a politicain, trying to pull a stunt like that.

Quote:"In China, fewer than 2,000 Ford vans in China are being recalled for using a similar pedal to the one used in the Toyota recall. The same supplier is involved. Ford has halted all production and sales."

I want to see Toyota rip the guts out of that Tundra and smear them all over the Tacoma and Hilux. Nissan and Toyota: BIG TRUCKS AINT YOUR LINE OF WORK! YOU TESTED THE MUDDY WATERS AND YOU SANK! >:-(

Why do so many of you hate the Tundra? I have several friends that have them and haven't had any problems... It's just another truck and it works.

@Chris - I find the hatred towards Toyota and especially the Tundra amazing. I would suspect the following reasons:
1. Pickup truck buyers ususally very conservative.
2. Toyota - Japanese = foreign. How dare they build a full size truck aimed at the traditionally American full size truck market. (Small trucks okay as they don't count as real trucks). Anti - foreign sentiments are always amplified in times of trouble (financial downturn, 9-11)
3. Toyota - number 1 automaker in the world. This title stripped from GMC. America used to be #1 at so many things. For many, this fact is hard to accept.
4. Toyota has had a stellar reputation for quality and reliability. This reputation has been severely damaged lately. Current woes are amplified by their past reputation and current title of #1 automaker.
5. I've heard many guys talk about arrogance from Toyota and the buyers of Toyota products. I see how Toyota looks that way in light of how they have dealt with frame rust, and accellerator issues. The owner arrogance I personally have not seen or experienced.
6. Lack of respect amoung pickup buyers, especially in the HD ranks.
There may be other reasons as well. I welcome any constructive criticism or comments.

you decide if my tundra is a good truck
I bought it new.....the engine outlasted the frame and metal

2002 tundra 88k NE pa
2 broken leaf springs
broken shock mount - snapped off differencial and hit brake cable
I could have been killed if on a highway

rusted thru bumper
few other minor problems

good engine - reliable but metal frame sucks

Stop being a crybaby. I posted the entire passage.

This is We are not talking about vans in China here. IBut i Ford designed a pedal that doesn't work, then I believe that is their fault, unlike you who wants to blame the owner and supplier every time Toyota has a recall.

@ Dave - You may of posted the passage but not all of the relevant information!

What are the odds of 2 car companies
f--king up the same design?
2 different engineering groups (Ford and Toyota) providing designs for a gas pedal
+ same supplier
= same problem.
Looks like a supplier problem to me!

"What are the odds of 2 car companies
f--king up the same design? same problem"

Can't you post without swearing and posting incorrect info?

1) It is not the same design. It MAY be SIMILAR.
2) Ford is just investigating it because Toyota had problems.
3) There are NO reported problems with Ford's pedal.

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