Toyota Temporarily Suspending Tundra Production and Sales

Toyota Temporarily Suspending Tundra Production and Sales

Toyota said late today that it's temporarily suspending production and sales of 2007-10 Tundra pickups involved in a recall to fix sticking accelerator pedals, announced earlier this week.

“Helping ensure the safety of our customers and restoring confidence in Toyota are very important to our company,” said Group Vice President and Toyota Division General Manager Bob Carter. “This action is necessary until a remedy is finalized. We’re making every effort to address this situation for our customers as quickly as possible.”

Toyota says the sticky accelerator condition is rare, but it can occur when the pedal mechanism becomes worn and, in certain conditions, the accelerator pedal may become harder to depress, slower to return or, in the worst case, stuck in a partially depressed position.

The sticking accelerator pedal recall is separate from the on-going recall of 2007-10 Toyota Tundra and 2005-10 Toyota Tacoma pickups to reduce the risk of pedal entrapment by incorrect or out of place accessory floor mats.

The Toyota Tacoma is not included in the sticking accelerator pedal recall.

[Source: Toyota]


How does 1600 units and vans in China have any significance to the pickup Looks like some just want toyota to have less heat on them by blaming these pedals. toyota knew about this stuff, but continued to manufacture and sells these death traps for years.

Ford being proactive is good.

As for Toyota, a new, redesigned gas pedal will probably get Toyota back on the road, but yeah, it will not solve the runaway Toyota vehicle problem. Something else is going on there. Even CTS says very few of their parts bind and is within acceptable limits. Right now, Toyota just needs to start production again and get their dealers selling vehicles again. The NHSTA shut them down over the sticky gas pedal only. Much more work remains.

FYI. There are reported problems with Ford, they use the same pedal in China on commercial trucks. Looks like supplier issue.

@Hy - Ford's problems in China are relevant as Ford uses a similar design to Toyota from the same supplier. Why would Ford stop production if they felt there wasn't an issue? It is relevant.
Chrysler has not stopped production because their design is significantly different from Ford and Toyota and they state they haven't detected any problems.
GMC does not source accellerators from CTS.
@ (Dave) did I hurt your feelings by saying f--king up?
Now you are accusing me of posting false information - what was false? I posted information that you chose to omit .
A sin of deliberate omission - is tantamount to a lie. That is much worse that the use of vulgarity.
I do not defend Toyota, I defend truth, and logic.
What about the right of "innocent until proven guilty".
I don't have a problem with my views, opinions, thoughts being challenged. I welcome it.
Toyota has made some massive mistakes. Unfortunately, they have not learned from the screw ups the Detroit 3 have made in the past. History does repeat itself.

I have to laugh at you Tundra bashers, driving around in your MEXICAN built trucks. Trotting out the tired story about Toyota's C-channel frame and all. Next time you're in traffic behind an unhitched semi-tractor you just take a good long look at the C-channel frame on that rig and think real hard about why something built to haul 80,000 pounds would use such an 'inferior' design...

Oh what a feeling..Toyota !!!!

Must be a great feeling knowing your TOYOTA is going full excelleration and you cant stop it !!!! Oh !!! OH !!! What a feeling !!! I am glad I wont endure,since I dont drive a laughable TOYOTA !!!!

ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho,what a feeling it is to know you may die in a crash like 20 confirmed and 550 seriously injured and thousands with lesser injuries ..What a feeling !!!!

*Note to people

If you see a Toyota behind you let them pass,they cant control their speed..

I would be embarrased to own a Toyota..I am laughing at you ,not with you Toyota owners !!!

Most people that drive Tundras don't really seem to know what makes a good truck nor do they really need to. They see big horsepower numbers and a big body and they are sold. They never think about frame strength, torque, what the power curve actually looks like. Then they look down on us "dumb rednecks" when we laugh at them.

Hey Enjelus, where's your green card. Toyota owners do not require work trucks. We are weathy,well educated, and smart enough to use tools more complex than a shovel!

Whats wrong with a shovel?


You are misinformed,Toyota owners are not well educated and its proven !! Also Toyota owners are not smart enough to use any tools,pens,pencils even the rational thought process !! The proof is that you bought a Toyota !!! Camry/Sienna/Lexus V-6 is prone to engine sludge causing the engine's to fail,faulty transmissions,balljoints,rust,cracking tailgates,bottom end rod knock and many other problems...Toyota is the most recalled manufacture in history !!! With major issues.

Also you sit high on your horse,thinking you are smarter because you bought a so-called reliable Toyota...Well I am a accountant and proudly own a Dodge Ram,that it the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned !!! Besides my 2006 Chrysler 300C,that is equally reliable 0 issues with them 0,cant say that for my Toyota products i've owned. And I once was misinformed like you and owned a Toyota product,A Lexus that I had foam coming out of the oil filler cap a.k.a sludge,sold it before any major issues (12,000k),then my 03 Tundra started to knock when started up with only 40,000k.The most educated people I know do not own Toyota's,yes I know I bought some as well,bought I believed the tainted magazine articles saying Toyota is soo good,I found out through investigation and ownership it is far from the truth. Also,I recently had my spetic tank cleaned out and the guy who came to give me an estimate drove a Toyota,and I knew he would not be acceptable,due to the fact he had the bad decision to buy a Toyota,I knew he was no good and went with another company,to clean my tank out.

So Enjelus thinks Tundra buyers don't know what makes a good truck but t.t blows it for him by declaring he's a Ram driving ACCOUNTANT. Well, hell, those accountants sure know a thing or two about what makes up a good truck... What with having to haul around all those heavy laptop computers running SAP and Excel.

Luckily for me, my cows know a lot about trucks and it turns out they like them to be able to haul big trailers full of heavy round bales so they can eat in the winter. They also like trucks to have 4x4 so their food can get into the pasture when the road is nothing but knee-deep mud. After thinking it over - and watching both my Chevy and my buddies Ford get stuck in said mud - my cows advised me to give the Tundra a try this time around. Haven't been disappointed yet. Still have the Chevy though. It's great for taking the kids to school in the morning - and the accountant in the family to work - on nice, paved roads.

"Luckily for me, my cows know a lot about trucks and it turns out they like them to be able to haul big trailers full of heavy round bales so they can eat in the winter."

And you bought a Tundra... I can only laugh and assume that your idea of a big trailer and mine are vastly different.

TT You said"Toyota owners are not well educated and its proven !! Also Toyota owners are not smart enough to use any tools,pens,pencils even the rational thought process !! The proof is that you bought a Toyota !!! "
You just said you owned a Lexus and Tundra. Where do you fit in the statement you just made? Your an Accountant - so you are educated. So that means you fall in the 2nd part of your post.
Oh - I forgot - you sold them and now drive a Mexican pickup, and a car built on a Mercedes platform. Perhaps you can go work for Dodge, or is it Ram, or Fiat or something like that. You should be able to count. Who sold more vehicles last year? Why don't you add up all of Chrysler's past recalls. Maybe you can figure out when taxpayers are ever going to get our money back.

Looks like it's been a nasty wekend.
Like I've said before - every automobile manufacturer has made big mistakes. They all have been responsible for injuries and death. They all have tried to lie, or coverup problems. It currently is Toyota's turn. I have a hard time putting my faith into any large corporation.
I don't blame TT for being angry at Toyota. You buy a vehicle and you expect it to last. Most of the guys who complain about Toyota have never owned one.
I also don't blame Jean or texmin for being pissed off.
The anti - Toyota rhetoric is much worse than any brand bashing between the "domestics".
On the topic of recalls:
Here are the 10 largest recalls of all time. Mind you, this list is a few years old.
Here is another one not on the top 10 list.
Someone said Toyota has had the most recalls in automotive history. Please post that information or a link to that information. I'd love to see it.

[CARTOON] Toyota Gas Pedal Fix

My 2003 dodge lost it's engine at 94000 miles, now it's rear Dif at 99000 miles, the drive shaft needs replaced, and the tie rods are shot. Changed the fluids to the book. Now the heater core is all but dead, and I am on the third alternator. I m going to by a toyota juat because I am fed up with Detroit and gargage the have made non stop for the duration of my life. Now Barak has me making payments on GM even if I don't want to. Toyota will have to fall a long way before they only make cars as good as Detroit. Wow GM is still stuck on a 36000 mile warranty on a $45000 truck that you will throw away in 7 years.

You clowns are funny. "RIP Toyota" "Toyota's Dead"....etc. Are you guys serious? This has been one of the most stable and powerful moter companies for a long long time. They have a minor problem, however consdering they are taking the efforts to fix their entire fleet shows that they care. Also this is why its taking them so long to fix all of the issues. Also you clowns saying that Toyota and Nissan Failed? Think again....have they had the truck sales of the big however they still have sold quite a few trucks since the entered the market and have made some very nice additions to the truck realm. At least Toyota has continually improved upon the Tundra, while the titan has been stagnant for a while now. I find the Ford praising funny too, this is the same company that is in the top 10 most complained about car companies per cars sold....Toyota you ask....17th even with this recall mess.

Oooh Honda Issued a recall for Airbags, are they done now too?

I cant believe all the rederict on this blog. It sounds like a chevrolet or a ford forum. firstly Toyota did a voluntary recall unlike the other three.... The big 3 wait until they accumulate a bunch of fatalities before taking the initiative. Toyota make a great product and has for the last 40 years and will continue to do so. secondly the major downturn in QC started when they started manufacturing there cars in north America. I am not a biased person as I own a chevrolet corvette too.. It has its bugs like the infamous steering column lick that has been under service and recall ever since the 5th gens came out, and were onto the 6th generation now...

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