Truck of War! Ford to GM: No Thanks


GM on Tuesday jumped in with both feet to formally challenge Ford to a fun tug-of-war contest between both companies’ 2011 heavy-duty pickups. Now, we’ve got a response from Ford via Twitter.

One of our Twitter friends, @KyleRohde, asked @Ford and @FordTrucks, “So are you guys going to accept GM's challenge with”

The reply was, “We typically don't respond to challenges. We let the vehicles speak for themselves,” with a link to this page:

It was fun while it lasted. We’d like to thank GM and Ford for their consideration of “Truck of War” and for being good sports about it.

By the way, you can follow GM’s trucks on Twitter at @Chevrolet and @ThisIsGMC. And we're on Twitter using the handle @PickupTrucks.

Psst. Hey, GM. Maybe Chrysler wants to play?


Did suddenly get into the soap opera business?

Ask Ram for a challenge. Ask Ram for a challenge. Ask Ram for a challenge. ....

I think Ford needs to reconsider this. Espcially if dodge agrees to participate. CMON FORD, it won't even be a fight!

We need to ask the Queen and aCzar if we can get Dodge to join in. Ask the local magistrate to request the Czar's approval. WHOLY CRAP, WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA?

My guess is Ford went and did this test themselves behind closed doors before responding and relized it couldn't win, Chevy probably did the same thing before offering up the challange.

Well I guess well have to wait until runs their shootout comparison. An earlier poster named "Dan" said come on Ford it won't even be a fight. Well Ford must not think so because why else would they not accept the challenge. I have heard every excuse from posters here like, it doesn't prove anything, chain height, tires slip, yada, yada, yada.

If Ford thinks their trucks are built Ford tough, then they should accept the challenge and not be afraid to lose this tug of war.

Well, atleast we will get to compare them when runs there comparison shootout. I do like the looks of the new super duty though and Ford should sell alot of them.

There was a reason did not ask Chrysler to challenge in the first place! Thy now what they were up against LOL

There was a reason Chevy did not ask Chrysler to challenge in the first place! Thy knew what they were up against LOL

Anyone who has ever seen a truck tug-o-war knows there are really only three likely outcomes, especially when two factory stock trucks are competing.

1) Both trucks sit there and burn rubber without budging. Yawn.

2) Chain snaps and decapitates nearby nun. Exciting, but deadly and bad for PR.

3) See #1

@Don - Do tell how could GM have a Ford with the new Diesel motor in it already? I'm taking a shot in the dark here but I would think Ford knows where all there test mules with the new motor in them are. IF they did have the new truck with the new motor in it and I was Ford I would be calling in the FBI for a stolen truck. Then again if GM is owned by the Government maybe the Government pressured Ford to loan them the truck so they could see how to build a great truck.

Either way I still say this would have been a pointless, stupid test... Maybe fun to watch but still stupid. Can't wait to see the shootout and who comes out on top.

GM never considered Dodge heavy duty a challenge. GM'S 2011 heavy duty will prove they have the best heavy duty when they run the shootout this summer with all three manufactures.

I can't wait for the shootout and see who wins this comparison.

Seriously Mike you should just do this as an extra fun part when you do the Heavy Duty shootout. It's not like GM needs permission to do this. If they want to then they should just get one of the new Fords and do it.
It doesn't seem smart for GM to be so confident. What if something like this happens?

I wonder if the 2011 chevy will have a stronger driveshaft? Probably the same driveshaft as the one in the video. Yes I know it's a dodge not a ford in the video.

I don't think the guys at ford are scared as much as they are smart. They don't have a lot to gain through this competition and a lot to lose. Even if one trucks is stronger and better built you can't be sure it will win. I don't know which truck would win and I don't think anyone does. I want to see this though. It would be fun to watch. Please somebody do it!!

Page 6 - wow.
Ford was wise to decline. Ford has more to lose than GMC.
I am really looking foreward to the HD shootout.
Mike - great PR for your shootout!
Looks like Bob already has his mind made up as to the winner. Quote:"GM'S 2011 heavy duty will prove they have the best heavy duty when they run the shootout this summer with all three manufactures".
I find this whole loyalty/brand bashing thing odd. My brother was a hardcore Ford guy. He didn't like Dodge when his company started buying Dodges. Now he likes Dodge and Ford. He hated GMC. Now he has been driving a GMC for close to 2 years and doesn't mind it.
Each one has strong points and weak points. I find the weak points get less and less over time.

It could go either way. I have seen an f150 take a superduty before. it is mostly technique. However I'd give a slight edge to the ford being it is heavier, but If they use 4x4 axle hop on the ford may come into play and it would then loose. One truck could give up 200 ft lbs of torque and still win. So It only proves how good the driver is. There is a 4cyl hummer on youtube that beat a powerstroke in a tug of war, so that tells you weight and traction are the key factors.

Good Job Ford. GMv2.0 just wants to bring you down to their level of idiocracy.

Words of wisdom from Ford.

“We typically don't respond to challenges. We let the vehicles speak for themselves,”

I love it

Now, .... I'll bet we'll see some interesting truck commercials. Let the truth stretching begin. lol

Hey Mike Levine, Nice touch!!!

"On a semi-related note,'s Mike Levine was bragging via Facebook about the Ford SVT Raptor he's driving this week. We asked him if he would like to chain it to the 470-hp Jaguar XF Supercharged we're driving this week and have ourselves a little tug of war. Levine's response, "Only if we do it in mid-air." Touché".


Is he driving the 6.2L Raptor?

What's a matter Frank, are you scared that GM's heavy duty will beat your Ford???? The only thing that's idiotic is your bs statement about GM. Were ford and we don't respond to challenges, WTF??? I guess Chevy and GM wins by default because Ford is to chicken to even play the game.

Chevy and GM Rules! and Ford drools! How do you like that Frank?

Time for Ford to stage their own tug.And if it goes Fords way,broadcast it to the world.Otherwise,bury the footage.A bad outcome could cost Ford millions.A good outcome could destroy GMs truck line.Wouldnt that be nice,Ford #1 in sales,RAM #2,and GM #3...

Clearly, Ford would have been in for some schoolin'! I think this proves that GM knows something about the 2011 Super Duty and it's 6.7L diesel engine. Come on Ford, what is the horsepower and torque of the 6.7L? You are letting customers order the new truck, at least you can tell them how much power it has. Or doesn't have, as the case may be.

Engineers and PR people can come up with ways to make their own brand look good. I read a test done on GM's proving ground against the competition. Guess whick truck came out looking good? GM of course. Just like Ford's video across the wash board. They are going to know the right speeds that will set up the worse amount of oscillations for each truck.
Gm would not of issued this challenge if they were not sure of how they could set things up to maximize the chance of winning.
Bob - Are you going to go out and by a Ford or a Dodge if GM loses?
That would be a great bet to make - you buy the winning brand!

remind me again, a tug of war is a good metric of what exactly?


Words of advice and wisdom. Don't feed the troll!!

I strongly agree!!


Hay Lou, I am not trying to switch anyone's brand loyalty. I say by the brand of your choosing and be happy. What has my gander up is the Ford loving people here saying that the challenge was idiotic or doesn't mean anything or that GM would some how cheat. LAME DUMB excuses. I say hook them up and see what truck wins. Then you get the posters here that will say the best driver would win and yada yada yada.

I love competition no matter the sport or vehicle your talking about. I say Ford is afraid they would lose this challenge and that is why they declined to accept it. and for the record, I wouldn't buy a brand because it won a pull off. I would buy the brand I like.

Ford is smart not to even waste the diesel fuel on this gm challenge.Its gm who has to prove something as they know they have been outclassed by the powerstroke since day one.The better match would be ford vs. dodge cummins as i think the cummins is an awesome engine just the rest of the truck is junk.

The trick to winning a tug of war is usually just to hold your breaks down until the other guy starts spinning his tires. Its a little harder with a manual because you have to then walk the line between stalling and breaking your own tires loose when you let off the break, but with an automatic its really to easy.

is the HD shootout going to be '10 or '11 models?
I thought I read it is '10s.
Be almost better to wait for the 2011s to hit the lots than have to wait until the 2013s to test out two new additions to the HD, and new HD ram this year.

Boy I just love how the GM fanboys all say the Ford fanboys are idiots because Ford turned this test down, and how they are bashing the Ford fanboys because they pointed out that the test comes down to weight, traction, and who spins first.

Let me give you this comparison to wrap your little brains around. My buddy is a truck driver (18 wheeler). One night around 3am he just got home and tried to back his truck in his drive way off of the main highway. His trailer made if fine into the driveway but as he backed his Volvo up his rear tires on his truck was not lined up right and he backed into a the steep ditch beside his drive way. I'll just say he was really tired and some how backed the whole thing in the ditch, not just one tire but the whole rear set. He got his son to take his 2500HD Chevy 4x4 and tried to pull him out. All it did was spin. At the time I had a 2002 F250SD. I pulled him out with ease. The reason is I got his truck rocking and it came right out. His son try as he might just sat there and spun. He didn't rock him and lost traction.

Guys no matter what weight and traction will always make the ruling factor in a pull off so this test is completely stupid. And for the record even if GM did win it would not change my mind or anyone else for that matter. I agree 100% it would be fun as crap to watch but I know along with the GM fanboys that this test proves nothing. Bring on the shootout already!

And yes I think Ford builds the best Super Duty... sans the POS International built 6.0l and 6.4l engines. Also I'm glad Ford did not take GM up on its offer. Ford isn't the company with anything to prove right now is it? They are going to release their 4th Quarter results on Thursday, wonder how much money they made last Quarter... Wonder how much GM made but then had to pay back to Uncle Sam... Who's stock is at $11.55 right now? Wheres GM at 2 something? Who sold more SD/half ton/compacts last year... Go Ford!

Before anyone says it the F-series and Ranger beat the GMC/Chevy and Colorado by about 10,000 units...

@Bryan410: The Shootout will be the 2010 Ram trucks and 2011 GM and Ford trucks. You might be wondering why are the Rams 2010s? The 2011s won't be out until late this year, at the earliest, and we expect minimal changes since 2010 was a big upgrade.

Whoever can haul Rosie O'Donell in the bed to the top of Pikes Peak the fastest is the winner! If she falls out we all win!

Ford in one sense is wise to decline, but i feel like its a lost oportunity for them to crush gm for the sorry ass bankrupt government company they are.

Common sense people, try using it. Don't let your ignorant biases blind you to the truth. This was the right move for Ford. Yes, the typical GM fanboys and Ford bashers are going to have a field day with this, but it was still the right decision. Ford is currently the media darling and the SD is far and out the sales leader in the HD class. Ford has nothing to gain from winning this challenge, whereas GM has nothing to lose from losing it. Why should Ford take the risk and provide fodder for GM when the potential rewards for Ford were minimal at best?

I totally understand why Ford wouldn't do this and I think that GM knew they wouldn't ethier. But if GM really wants to do something like this they should challenge RAM. Ford has too much to lose and no gains other than a win would pretty much kill GM's truck divison. But RAM needs this PR and if they beat GM it would give them thier idenitiy back in the truck world. We have two compaines that need good PR and I think GM should challenge RAM. Cummins vs. Duramaz I'll watch that any day!!!

Oh come on Evan! A loss at a tug of war for some (no offense) obscure website is not going to kill GM's truck division. While it would have been fun to watch, it really doesn't test a truck doing what trucks do. I would test their ability in a tug of war.

hooo yes ford let your pickup speak themselves,like the 2007 shoot out..we no the best puller..


I know thats not how you test a truck. If you want to test a truck try sled pulling thats what needs to happen. Yeah it proably wouldnt kill the truck division but it would be major blow since GM started this. But I still say RAM should go challenge GM or GM challenge RAM.

I can't WAIT till the shootout. it'll answer some questions.


did you even read the 2007 shootout ? The Duramax dominates....

Ford don't want to do it cause they know they will get put to shame. LOL

Did you hear:

"Ford earned $2.7B profit in 2009, predicts repeat in 2010"

Too bad GMv2.0 can not say the same.


Is GM going to ask Ford for a tug-of-war between the Taurus and Impala too? Just to try and boost Impala sales. How about the Aveo and Fiesta?

@Jake - Miath was trying to be sarcastic. He's a GM fan. His English isn't the greatest. He makes more sense than Bob;)

How about a Superbowl 1/2 time demolition derby between Chev, Ford, and Dodge HD trucks. The last one running is declared the most reliable:)

To me this whole thing comes down to real world everyday driving and pulling.Talk is just talk unless you have used both gm and ford hds in real situations as they were designed to make an individual comperison.I have a 34ft fifth wheel travel trailer that i have usedboth powerstroke and duramax to pull it.Now always the topic is about the engines in these two trucks and I would like to briefly discuss the transmissions where the rubber meets the road so to speak.To place the allison in the same class as the tourque shift is just simply in sane unless your a gm homer.The allison is a piece of s@#t!!!!! The ford always gets better fuel mileage and the way the tourque shift handles the weight and road conditions is above reproach.

I know most of you guys probably don't care about compact trucks, but guess what?
Quote:Our sources say not to get our hopes up for a successor to the Colorado in the U.S.
Last year, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it was GM's plan to end production at the Shreveport plant (where the Hummer H3 and H3T are also produced) by 2012.
GM, however, doesn’t plan to shutter its Chevy Colorado production facility in Thailand. The company recently received $445 million in loans(Tailand) to expand the plant for the next-gen Colorado and to produce its diesel engines there.
GM is closing a plant in Louisiana and setting up a factory in Thailand courtesy of the Taiwanese government.
Don't you feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing the US and Canadian governments spent our kids futures on bailout money, and we get repaid that way!

"The allison is a piece of s@#t!!!!! The ford always gets better fuel mileage and the way the tourque shift handles the weight and road conditions is above reproach".

Tell us something we don't already know.

I agree with Frank, the Allison tranny is a POS. I have personally seen 6 from our fleet of 2008 Chevy's with the Duramax fail. One even failed while the truck was idling while waiting to be loaded, the truck just stalled and wouldn't crank back up, the trans pump had failed. None of these truck have over 60,000 miles on them yet. Trying to get the dealer to warranty the transmissions was a pain as they tried to claim that we were "abusing" the trucks. Each time we had to have them read the black box to determine the conditions the truck was under when the failure occurred. Each time they replaced the tranny under warranty. Pretty sad if you ask me. The three older 2001 F350's with the 4r100 all have over 200,000 on the original trannys and the 4r100 is not as good as the newer Torqshift.

GM, as usual is playing a game they shouldn't play! They have been building pure junk the last 20 years or so and NOW they think they have something special in a Japan designed diesel! Hey, If this bumper to bumper test did ever take place, GM might win with they're NEW truck, but Ford would have to bring a truck with at least an 8ft bed to pick up and cary the GM home after all the parts fall off the truck! I've owned GMs most of my life! None of them stood up! I bought my first Ford 5 years ago! A 2001 F-350 7.3l Powerstroke! We've done the bumper to bumper test! 01 F-350 SRW to a 2007 GM 3500 DRW Duramax! 2 out of 3 The Ford pulled the Frame out from under the GM! (not really) but it did pull it more then the GM pulled the Ford! Then the GM had Tranny problems from then on! NO MORE PULLING!!
My trucks make me money! Don't need to play STUPID games!

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