Truck of War! Ford to GM: No Thanks


GM on Tuesday jumped in with both feet to formally challenge Ford to a fun tug-of-war contest between both companies’ 2011 heavy-duty pickups. Now, we’ve got a response from Ford via Twitter.

One of our Twitter friends, @KyleRohde, asked @Ford and @FordTrucks, “So are you guys going to accept GM's challenge with”

The reply was, “We typically don't respond to challenges. We let the vehicles speak for themselves,” with a link to this page:

It was fun while it lasted. We’d like to thank GM and Ford for their consideration of “Truck of War” and for being good sports about it.

By the way, you can follow GM’s trucks on Twitter at @Chevrolet and @ThisIsGMC. And we're on Twitter using the handle @PickupTrucks.

Psst. Hey, GM. Maybe Chrysler wants to play?


Whats the deal with everybody wanting a ram challenge when gm already won the last shootout and now they have a more powerful diesel

@Frank, the alisson transmission is the best there is . Even Ford engineer said they used the Alisson as a benchmark for their new 6 speed auto.

Now you Ford ignoramouses have crossed the line! The Torque Shift is a better transmission than the Allison??? Say's who??? You idiots. The Allison transmission is the Gold Standard for trucks. Infact, Dodge wanted the Allison transmission in their trucks and they tried to purchase it but couldn't get the two parties to come to agreement.

Allison Transmissions are the best selling heavy duty transmissions in the world and serve all kind of applications.
Ford lovers let their brand loyalty go to their head on this one. If your torque shift is such a superior transmission and your truck is superior, than don't be afraid of a tug of war with the GM truck and Allison transmission.

y bought a ford 150 2009,and every time somebody past beside me whit a gmc y feel like y bought the second best truck ,maybe because my dad always drive gmc,,,

Good job, Ford. In a biblical sense, Ford was out in the wilderness when GM tried to blackmail Ford into something it was going to win anyway, but Ford said, "Away with you Government Motors! Do not tempt the FORD your superior!"
Ford already owns GM in this not waste resources and time on some redundant challenge.

In your wet dreams Billy! For the record, GM is no longer in bankruptcy and will pay back the (loans) this year.

I guarantee every Ford lover here would be calling GM chicken if Ford had challenged GM to a tug of war with their 2011 Super Duty. None of you would be saying good job GM for not taking Ford up on it. What a bunch of cowards you Ford lovers are. Your so sure that Ford would win than why don't you want to see it happen? I'll tell you why, because your a bunch of pu....s thats why. You guys are wimps!!!

@Bob - your precious GMC is going to close a factory in Louisiana in 2012 just to expand operations in Thailand. That is where the new Colorado and "baby diesel" is going to be built.
Don't you love how efficiently GMC uses our tax dollars.
We sell our children's futures to bail them out and they bail on the country that saved them!
Are they going to pay back the lost jobs, the lost contributions to Gross Domestic Product, the damage that will do the the economy?

I'd like to add that I like GMC trucks, but I have absolutely no respect for the company that builds them!

Hay Lou, put down the crack pipe. The Colorado may be discontinued just like the Ford Ranger. our tax dollars will be payed back this year in 2010 nimrod. The government did (Loan) GM money to avoid losing thousands of jobs across this country. Do you think that for one moment if Ford was in the same position it wouldn't have taken a loan from the government to save the company and thousands of jobs. Of course they would have.

and quit your holier than thou attitude towards GM. Do you think Ford doesn't build vehicles out of this country to save money? Now slap your self silly.

"@Frank, the alisson transmission is the best there is . Even Ford engineer said they used the Alisson as a benchmark for their new 6 speed auto".


I'm not going to argue with you here. Ok yes, they did set the benchmark but thereafter Ford built THEIR own Torqshift Tranny which is far superior to the Allison.

GMv2.0 did not even built the Allison. It seem's to me GMv2.0 can not build nothing themselves. They need someone to set the benchmark for them, hence the Duramax from Izusu (Joint Venture)

Torqshift Tranny and the new 6.7L Diesel is all Ford Baby.


I told you once before, don't feed the TROLL!!!!!

Hey Lou,

Sorry about that. The above comment was from me.


@Bob - I am going to ingnore Frank's sage advice about "not feeding the troll'.
I don't have a problem with companies doing business, but...
If they are unable to keep afloat on their own, and are "saved" by my tax dollars, well, I do have a problem with that.
You talk about loaning money to save jobs.
Looks like my tax dollars are not going to save those Louisiana GM workers jobs. How can GMC pay those loans back when they are still loosing money?
I guess when their 455 million Thialand expansion gets up and running, the profits will just come pouring in.
I am not a fanboy of any brand.
Bob - if someone kicked Rick Spina in the ass, it would break your nose!

@Bob - GM isn't even close to paying back the US and Canadian governments... quote"
For starters, $6.7 billion doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what G.M. actually owes us. Over the past 12 months, the Treasury has given it some $52 billion in the form of cash, loans and the purchase of that 60 percent of the company’s post-bankruptcy equity. And that number fails to take into account the two bailouts of G.M.’s former lending arm, GMAC, or the $3 billion spent on the “cash for clunkers program,” which doubtless kept the company from posting even deeper losses.

Moreover, G.M. is not, in the strictest sense, paying back taxpayers at all. Rather, it is refunding $6.7 billion of an $18 billion escrow account that was given to it by the government when it emerged from bankruptcy. The rest of that account will be used to cover fourth-quarter losses (including $2.8 billion pledged for the rescue of G.M.’s major parts supplier, Delphi), repay loans from the Canadian government, and possibly prop up the automaker’s shaky European operations. That escrow account is due to expire in June, at which time G.M. will repay what remains of the $6.7 billion from this week’s pledge — and then pocket the estimated $5.6 billion remainder."

GMC - Greedy Mother's Corporation

funny how Bob was telling everyone off for calling him names, and here he is calling everyone "cowards," "bunch of pu....s" and "whimps."
This is what Bob said in the last thread on the tug-of-war issue.
"You are feeble minded people that have nothing intelligent to say so you resort to name calling."

and here are examples of his name calling in that thread:
"I have one thing to say, LOSERS!!!!"
"You Feeble-minded people"
"it doesn't prove anything you are COWARDS!"
"you have inferioritycomplexes"

Bob, by your own definition, you are feeble-minded. I assume you won't be lecturing people on calling you names anymore? You clearly deserve every insulting name you get. How are you enjoying your little one-boy-crusade? Are you surprised you're not converting anyone to liking Government Motors?

@frank, yep the powerstroke and torqueshift are all Ford, so when/if the new 6.7L diesel from ford fails they only have themselves to blame and can't shift blame to Navistar. Alisson Tansmissions are far superior to torqueshift transmissions, this is a no brainer.

I think before this contest could be held many questions would need to be answered. Such as what will the pulling contest surface be on, asphalt, Concrete, dirt etc? On dirt both trucks will just spin and dig in. On asphalt and concrete the 1st gear transmission ratio Example: 3.97 vs. 3.35 would be an advantage and rear end gear ratio Example: 4.11 vs. 3.73 would be an advantage. The vehicle that weighs more will have a distinct advantage on a hard surface. Tire diameter, width, traction rating and aspect ratio will all affect the outcome. So what do you want to compare? GM and Ford trucks as equipped from the factory and let all of the aftermarket supplied products determine the final outcome? Example: If one of the trucks were equipped with ultra high tread wear tires with a low traction compound and it lost the contest as a result does that mean all of the world should go out and buy the other truck because it is unequivocally proven superior? Or did a vehicle manufacturers choice to try and give you the longest wearing tire possible ruin any chance they would have in winning such a contest? Or should the trucks have identical tires and gear ratios and the lighter of the 2 trucks be weight equalized with identical front and rear weight distribution and total weight? Would the height of the chain/cable connection points on the 2 vehicles be exactly the same? The truck with the higher attachment point receives a slight downward pull from the other vehicle which aids traction and the truck with the lower attachment point receives a slight upward pull taking weight(traction) off the back tires. What about drivers would each manufacturer supplied their own. If one truck won, could we rule out driver error? Or to make the contest fair should they assemble a team of 3 or 4 experienced/professional truck pull drivers without any affiliation to either Ford or GM and let each of them take turns behind the wheel of each vehicle and then have a best of 10 pulls. These are just a few of the variables I can think of. OK so lets say in this perfectly organized contest both trucks are equipped with nearly Identical gear ratios, identical tires and wheels, equalized to the same weight and weight distribution, same height chain/cable attachment points and each vehicle is represented by multiple professional drivers what will the outcome prove? The only thing I can see being proven by all this is which truck offers a better front and rear posi traction or locking differentials. If both trucks are equal in that department and the selected tires can withstand the 600 to 800 ft pounds of torque these trucks offer than this contest might be narrowed down to simply which truck has the most horsepower and torque. Okay so instead of doing all of that why couldn't we just strap both trucks to a dyno and see which one has the most horsepower and torque? Or maybe we could eliminate tires and many of the other variables simply by hooking up extremely heavy trailers and having both trucks pull these loads up a 20% grade. No doubt GM and Ford are already working on these videos which I am sure we will see on their websites soon. Do any of these contests prove either vehicle is superior? Well you will have to be the one to make that choice. There is always going to be a way to make one vehicle appear to be superior to another simply by changing the contest rules and testing parameters. So now the big question. Why should Ford participate in a contest that will prove virtually nothing? I already have run all the contest scenarios in my mind and I myself will be driving the 2011 Ford Superduty!

i sure hope I dont pass bob on the side of the road when his government truck breaks down because all he is going to see is the big blue oval FORD sign on my tailgate as i go right on by.

A lot of you guys need to grow up and keep it real. Especially BOB. First, I'm a ford guy, but I've always known the allison is the most reliable transmission and the cummins is the most reliable engine. If you don't know those two facts then you probably don't know much at all about HD trucks. That statement by the ford engineer who said "the allison is the benchmark" was made regarding the new 6R140 transmission in the 2011 superduty. Even according to Ford the current allison transmission is the benchmark, not the torqshift. To anyone who really knows these trucks and is completely unbiased, that statement comes at no surprise.

You can read it here

But like I said I'm a ford guy. I think the new ford might actually be pretty good according to early reviews. Time will tell if the 6R140 is better than the allison. If you're a GM fanboy, you can definitely argue the allison is the best transmission, and you have a pretty good argument that the duramax is better than the last two powerstroke motors. Hard for anyone to argue against the cummins. But Ford has been doing everything right lately, while GM and chrysler have been making a lot of mistakes. I think for once the new superduty might be the truck to beat as far as power and reliability, but I might be wrong. This tug of war doesn't PROVE anything to anyone yet. Maybe ford is scared, maybe they are just being smart. Maybe chevy is making a dumb mistake with this challenge, or maybe they know enough to be confident they're truck will win a tug of war. I believe chevy made a dumb mistake with this challenge, even though there's a good chance they would win. We'll know a lot more about these trucks later. Especially after the HD shootout by Then you can start to brag about ford or chevy or dodge. I think one thing is for sure though, they are all good trucks. If you try to argue against that, you're going to look like a fool to me.

Yes, credit is due to Allison on the transmissions it makes for GM. This video is pretty convincing that Ford may have surpassed it.
If you have the patience. A true GM fanboy would argue that the 4L80E was a great transmission too.

They Didn't ask Dodge because the Cummin's has more low end torque than both the Duramax and the Ford Diesel. Plus Ford has so many problems with their diesel motors that they were afraid it wouldn't run the entire test.

the troll must of got stuck under the bridge

When is Dodge going to produce its own diesel?

@Alex - If Chrysler is smart they would tenaciously covet the Cummins diesel. Fiat makes diesel engines in various displacements. Some people have the fear that Fiat will eventually replace the Cummins with their own diesel. Fiat diesels are reported to be very relaible but they do not have the North American reputation that Cummins has.

They probably didn't want to get in trouble for damaging government property

@Bob - Hot Wheels and Matchbox stocks are trading higher than GM.

@djg416 -Like I have said before I have used both powerstroke and duramax before and know numerous people who have dodges with cummins.I have no problem saying that I am a loyal ford fanboy but I am not so blinded that I cannot be objective.The people I know with the dodge cummins rave about the performance of the powertrain but almost to a man the rest of the truck is just simply a piece of junk.I know ford has had issues with powerstroke but to still to put duramax in the same league as ford is to me a no contest.The next time you see a horse show or go by the nearest camp ground just see how many gm you see versus ford and dodge.

Alex, thanks for posting that link. Very interesting. Really builds my confidence in the new ford transmission. I like how the guys at ford acknowledge the allison as a great transmission, then show multiple ways how they are trying to outdo it. Notice how they don't say anything bad about the allison or say they will blow it out of the water with the new 6R140. They just show the parts and basically let it speak for itself.

Ford Guy, Yeah I hear that a lot about the dodge that all it's got going for it is the cummins and the rest is junk. Let's not get carried away though and call it junk. The rest of the truck may not be as good as what ford and chevy offer, but it's not junk. I have a new dodge and it seems like great quality all around. As for the chevy vs. ford. yeah i think you see more fords on the road carrying heavy loads, but that doesn't mean it's a better truck. A lot of people buy fords cause they're cheaper. I drove a 7.3 powerstroke and loved it but only because I didn't want to spend thousands more for a duramax that only seemed slightly better. I know a lot of people who tow heavy loads and from what I see the chevy is generally more reliable, and always more powerful. Don't say it's no comparison. Most of the reviews from the last few years argue that the chevy and dodge are better than ford HD trucks but I still always pull for ford and I think they'll come out with the best truck for 2011.

@djg416-I will agree with you that the new dodge seems to be their best shot yet but its still a dodge.Intresting you say people buy ford because their cheaper must explain why where I live the chevy and dodge dealers are almost trying to give their trucks away with the dodge dealers offering 15000.00 off msrp.

Ford guy
You're right things have changed recently and from what I've seen the best deals are on a new dodge, that's why I just got one. It was the best deal. For the last ten years I felt like chevy was better, but I've always had a Ford because It was the best deal every time I was looking to buy a new truck.
You say "but it's still a dodge." I think generally cars and trucks that come from chrysler are pretty far behind when it comes to quality, but the new dodge trucks are definitely an exception. I think JD power gave the dodge highest marks for quality with their truck this year.
One thing I'm sure of. The new dodge is better quality than ANY truck made 5 years ago. I love how much these new vehicles have stepped up their quality in the last few years. I've driven A lOT of trucks, but I've never been nearly as satisfied with quality as I am with my new dodge.

The last HD shootout I saw, the Duramax was fsater accelerating with and without towing. All the Chevy fans determined from that, that they were more superior. There is more to a truck than speed boys. In that shootout, the Ford was voted best towing vehicle. It accually handles the weight it's pulling better than the others. All the testers said they feel more confident inthe Ford because of it's towing charicteristics. After all, it's much higher payload and towing capacities make it the better choice. Thats why you see more fords as work trucks, not because they are cheaper.


I agree.

NO, STAY AWAY FROM FORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ford is crappy, and their cars are too beautiful/trendy. TRENDY BELONGS ON A GIRLFRIEND, NOT A CAR! Toyota is a little better/Supra-tough, but our Malibu runs better than Camry!!! GM is #1 and will always be #1. NO ONE DOES BETTER THAN GM, NOT EVEN VOLKSWAGEN. GM is THE BEST and is CORVETTE-TOUGH!!!

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