Truck of War! GM to Ford: "Let's Go!"

Truck of War! GM to Ford - Let's Go!

In what's shaping up to be one heck of a fun and outrageous truck duel, we've received our first formal response to last week's heavy-duty tug-of-war challenge between General Motors and Ford that was issued during the Detroit auto show.

"We're proud of our trucks, and a competition like this sounds like fun. Let's go!" said Rick Spina, GM vehicle line executive for full-size trucks.

We hope the folks at Ford have their ears on because GM sure is bullish about its 2011 heavy duty pickups!

And just so we're all on the same page here: This little exhibition won't determine who has the best heavy duty pickup truck. That, as our faithful readers should know, is the job of what we call the 2010 Heavy Duty Shootout. It's the comparison test where the rubber really hits the road, and all the trucks in the segment compete head-to-head. Check out our 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout if you need a reminder about how rigorous a test it is.

But back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Ford — what say you? Are y'all in for Truck of War?



That's the approach GMv2.0 should be taking.

But remember this:

And this:

No question, it is stupid. But it does sound to me like GM knows something about the 2011 Super Duty. Wonder what it is......

I bet GMC has run some test "pulls" and are waiting for Ford to get sucked into the fray. Once Ford says yes, GM will release new commercials showing their "pull off". Kinda like the old Ford adds with the p/u carrying 1 pickup and towing a few others. GM wouldn't be so persitant if they were not 100% sure they would win and make Ford look bad.
It does make you wonder why they are not inviting Dodge.
I would suspect that it has more to do with whom they think is their most direct competitor as opposed to being afraid of loosing to Dodge.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Ford won. GM has been very good at giving free advertising for Ford. From GM commercials, I have learnt the bed is larger in the Ford, it also has a tailgate step and side steps. I have also learnt that Honda makes good lawnmowers that are self-propelled. I just haven't learnt anything that is class leading about the Chevy from these Howie TVCs. I know GM is trying to use humor in these commercials, but I think they are shooting themselves in the foot. Perhaps another reason why GM needed the bailout?

hey ford did use some gm tech,on the new diesel..and don't forget is not gm lose the challenge before ....

oh my bad good call on that tho i meant to say tractor

For me Ford is on top because of two words


Nothing compares to that model, NOTHING.

No one noticed in Taylors video of the 'push off' that the Dodge was a dually and the GM was a single rear wheel? Jeez. If that gets buy you people then I guess it doesn't matter which truck you buy because you are only shopping names instead of engineering excellence.

Ford= nice interior and built frames, shitty trans and electrical

Chevy =nice balance of fuel economy and power, reasonable ride height compared to ford and dodge, shitty interiors and low tech features

Dodge= Cummins I-6 low end torque,style, and lots of features, really is a 50-50 shot for quality.

In my opinion, and I mean MY OPINION, if I were to buy $35000 truck it would be a Tundra!!!!!
Just thought I would throw that in there. Tundra tows like a 3/4 ton, rides like a Camry, and yes in my own experience, actually gets EPA figures with relatively easy driving.

However, If you managed to get all this way without stopping to post about how the Tundra has a recall and isn't a real 3/4 ton, I would buy a GM 'real' 3/4 ton because of one thing. Ford and Dodge transmissions, IN MY EXPERIENCE, do not last as long as GM's. All three have relatively the same longevity in everything else, with the exception of Dodges electrical systems, which usually don't last past 35,000 miles.

Thanks for reading, be careful what you portray yourself as online. My guess is that most of us here are grown men and women, not preteens high on the beginnings of testosterone.

"In my opinion, and I mean MY OPINION"

You're opinion stinks.

GM must be getting really desperate. If they really want to do this all they have to do is hire an independent testing group and take both trucks and there you go. GM doesnt need ford permission to do this. Ford should take the high road and say thanks but no thanks. This sort of stunt is nothing more than a gimmick and peple who buy hds want the real deal not a hyped up gimmicky truck.

@ Joe,
You would rather drive a BROKEN Ford than a new piece of junk chevy or dodge. You know how stupid that sounds. Is the real reason because you can't offord a New truck? Well, have fun working on your "Broken" Ford while i go for a haul in my not broken Cummins....

Sorry but a few badges and a different Leather interior does not make a good truck.

The Tundra has the automatic cruise control thing going for it. All the other brands, you have to manually set the cruise.

@snowman - at least the King Ranch is more comfortable to sit in while you wait for the Cummins powered tow truck to haul your sorry ass to the repair shop. That is the advantage of Ford's Sync - you can have your favorite tow company on speed dial.

Here we go again and that big idiot Bob is preaching fuel economy and GM has best this, best that. Again WRONG!!! People don't buy trucks for fuel economy, they buy trucks to work!! Something that GM has a hard time doing. Making a product as successful as the Ford F-series!! If you want fuel economy why don't you buy a Prius cut the back off of it and call it a truck!! Maybe your accelerator pedal will get stuck in the process! I look forward to your next stupid post. How Chevy sold more trucks than Ford when they didn't!!!!!!!!!

Bet Ford asks for a full 4wd pull off. Hope GM's front end doesn't break as commonly seen on you tube videos.

This would be a lot of fun to watch and garner a lot of attention similar to the CTS-V challenge. It really wouldn't change anyone's mind about which truck to buy. Most people buy for reasons of price, content, loyalty, and warrenty coverage. Great idea.

What a bunch of crybaby Ford lovers we have on this board.
Ford is launching their new 2011 Heavy Duty and new 6.7 liter Diesel. GM is upgrading the Chassis and engine on their 2011 model and is so confident in there product, they challenged Ford to a pull off. What crime has been committed? And I say this to every person here who has stated that it doesn't prove anything you are COWARDS!

Every red blooded American loves competition and you Ford lovers should endorse the pull off. This very website is going to do a shootout of these new trucks and compare them in every catagory. If Ford would win the shootout are you just going to say it doesn't prove anything? of course not.

So for all you GM bashers out there, do you have inferioritycomplexes or what. Buy the brand of truck you like and stop the GM bashing and don't be afraid of a little pull off contest. And stop making excuses, it makes you and Ford look like cowards.

@Bob - I am a Ford man but I agree with you that generally the GM's get better fuel mileage than the Ford's do. But I don't buy a pickup for gas mileage... As far as the contest goes there has been no crime committed. Its just that most of us have a brain and know how to use it and we know that this is a stupid pointless test no matter who wins. A better test will be the upcoming HD/SD pickup shootout here on This will be about as fair and balanced a test can get to see who has the best truck. Not some test where one truck slips first, looses traction and the other pulls it backwards... how is that fair? Really. I generally don't have anything against GM other than the bailout. The only truck I really don't care for is the over hyped, sludge filled, frame rusting, gas pedal sticking Tundra.

Once again, everyone thinks I am an idiot! Maybe I am just too stupid to work out why? Of course, I don't actually own a pickup, I am just a know-it-all, and like to criticize people who actually do own and drive them. I am a GM fanboy, and I'm proud of it!

I really like the Fords, I'm to crazy for a GM/Chevy product anyways. But "May The Best Truck Win", that's all I can say.

If you really want to know which truck is best, bring them up to Canada's Arctic and we'll see how long they last, drive and stand up to the enviroment.

A "Tug of War" really does not prove anything about the quality or toughness from either truck. IMHO, I think who ever gets the best traction off the start and keeps it all the way through will probably win this pull off.

For any poster here that resorts to calling me a idiot, I have this to say. You are feeble minded people that have nothing intelligent to say so you resort to name calling. You know, the old saying of profanity is the expression of a feeble mind.

Can't win the argument so you resort to your feeble minded ways. You go Ford fans.

"You Feeble-minded resort to name calling" - Bob

Does anyone see something ironic about Bob's post? That right there is the pot calling the kettle black!

"You are feeble minded people that have nothing intelligent to say so you resort to name calling".
Did you spend all last night trying to think of another word for idiot? You made a wise investment in a thesaurus. Now if you could look past your GM Chapter 11 glasses............. All americans who are opposed to the bailout like I am should revolt and not pay our taxes to companies like GM and Chrysler. Besides if GM made any kind of quality product, they would be able to invest the kind of money that Ford does in R&D and actually make a product that people want to buy. Cobalt? nothing but a rebadged Cavalier. GMC nothing but a rebaged Silverado wow!!! Check Ford stock next time you look at the DJIA. Ford is at 12.00 per share GM 2.50!!! That says something. And not that Toyrota is finally succumbing to their own cockiness Ford stock will go even higher and will pick up a even bigger market share than they already have.

Bob how old are you? Please just stop posting on here. I don't think anyone likes it. I've always thought highly of GM trucks. They know how to compete, but I don't like your "GM will always be the best no matter what" attitude. I used to be like that, and then I grew up and realized they are all good trucks and they are all better AND WORSE than other trucks in different ways. In my opinion Toyota makes best quality light trucks, but the tundra was basically a failure, and I don't like sending money to Japan. Ford has good looking comfortable trucks near the best in quality with weak engines(with exceptions of course like the v10 and the 7.3). GM to me seems to do a good job of never being worst in a category but they don't seem to be the best either, talking about reliability, power, overall likeability. Dodge cummins has been the engine to beat for reliability for a long time. If you just open your mind the truck world is a lot more enjoyable. I have preferred GM trucks most of my life but because of price and other factors I have very happily had an f-150 an f-250 powerstroke, and now a new dodge. They are all great trucks. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Tell me why and be open-minded and maybe I'll change my mind.

But really I'm here to talk about this tug of war and it sounds to me like someone said before that GM has some inside info about the powerstroke like they've already gotten their hands on one and tested it. I don't know why else they would make such a bold claim cause it seems difficult to predict who will win a tug of war. I know there are a lot of factors. I've seen a dodge beat a ford and then they went two more times and the ford won both times.

Bob, Bob, Bob...... just to add to the irony comment about your posts....

"You know, the old saying of profanity is the expression of a feeble mind."-Bob

Read your earlier comment:
"Your bs about being your Ford having a higher tow rating is laughable to."
Bob, do you know what BS stands for? I'll give you a hint, it's a profanity.

"you resort to name calling."-Bob

Bob, here are some examples just in this thread, of you naming-calling:
"I have one thing to say, LOSERS!!!!"
"You Feeble-minded people"
"it doesn't prove anything you are COWARDS!"
"you have inferioritycomplexes"

"Can't win the argument so you resort to your feeble minded ways."- Bob.
I don't think we could describe you any better than you did right there. You are certainly not winning any arguments, and by your own definitions, you show a feeble mind.

@djg416 I could have not said that any better!

@Bob I did not ever call you an idiot. I actually agreed with you on the fuel mileage flap and you still went off on the deep end. Now I'm starting to see why you are gaining so many friends on here. Just give it a rest already. If you like GM that much that's fine but you are not gonna change anybody's opinion by posting post like that. Trust me when I say that although fuel cost are on everybody's mind, when one buys a pickup its not up there at the top. Usually its more like how much can it tow, how big of a load can you put in the back... If you want to post crazy facts and figures to make yourself feel good then go do it on one of those GM fan boy pages.

I'm not going to leave this board because some of these people got their panties in a bind. I stated several times that buy the brand of vehicle you like, but stop the GM bashing. GM tried everything they could do to avoid bankruptcy and if posters here would pull there heads out of their butts they would know that. The government has loaned several companies money to save jobs. GM is paying the (LOAN) back and will be a much healthier company now that they have restructured. Health care benefits for it's thousands of retirees and legacy costs aka penisons in the end were to much for GM to overcome.

The government has bailed out Harley Davidson and Chrsler in the early eighties. So stop bashing GM about bankruptcy bs. There are alot of people and compaines in this country that have gone through or experienced bankruptcy.

I responded to posters here saying that the Challenge would mean nothing if Ford lost and several other excuses. I never once told anyone here what truck to buy. The more you posters bitch and complain about my posts, the more you are going to read more of my posts. Have a nice day now.

Bob, you entertain us. Nobody cares about your opinion. You're not respected enough. I get a laugh from your posts, I love how you are so defensive when we say things like Chevys are piss weak. It's like we are having a go at one of your family members. You need a girlfriend, or a hobby, or both.

@ bob. I see that you are implying that I am a Ford fanboy. I do not own a Ford nor would I buy their new one(diesel anyway) based on their reliability track record, until proved otherwise. But no chevy or dodge(I own both) can overcome the laws of physics as far as this challenge goes(if set up fair). Sorry bob, go take a physics class. Put a thousand pounds in the back of a chevy or dodge then its anyone’s game.

"You need a girlfriend"

They are playing the Toyota role on Bob.

They are running away.

I know most of you guys probably don't care about compact trucks, but guess what?
Quote:Our sources say not to get our hopes up for a successor to the Colorado in the U.S.
Last year, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it was GM's plan to end production at the Shreveport plant (where the Hummer H3 and H3T are also produced) by 2012.
GM, however, doesn’t plan to shutter its Chevy Colorado production facility in Thailand. The company recently received $445 million in loans(Tailand) to expand the plant for the next-gen Colorado and to produce its diesel engines there.
GM is closing a plant in Louisiana and setting up a factory in Thailand courtesy of the Taiwanese government.
Don't you feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing the US and Canadian governments spent our kids futures on bailout money, and we get repaid that way!

for the idiot taking about getting 30mpg lol get a fiesta then you meat head trucks are for pulling not amazing fuel milage hahahaha dumb ass

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