Why You're Going to Need a Pickup Truck to Save the Whales

WWhy You're Going to Need a Pickup Truck to Save the Whales

Bridgestone is gearing up to advertise its tires during the Super Bowl. A sneak preview of one of its TV spots shows why you'll never save the whales driving a hybrid car. You'll need a pickup truck for that job.

The commercial is called "Whale of a Tale" and it features "Three young men ... on an adrenaline-packed drive toward the coast. Nothing too unusual about it, unless you consider having a live killer whale as the fourth passenger unusual."

The three guys and a cetacean are riding in 2002-06 Cadillac Escalade EXT. We always knew its Midgate would come in handy some day!


[Source: YouTube via Edmunds Inside Line]


Odd commercial. Did they have a whale of a time? Sounds kind of fishy! Is GM playing Truck "o" war with whales now?
Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Haha that's funny cant wait to see the whole clip on Feb 7th

i wouldnt do it in a chevy either

free willy anyone?

Cadillac Escalade?
Wonder if its a "bait" car??

Those tail spoilers are sure getting popular :)

Unfortunately, Bridgestone is a Japanese company. And the government of Japan supports the whaling industry financially with tax funded subsidies.

So buying Bridgestone tires contributes to the tax coffers of Japan and therefore indirectly contributes to killing whales - not saving whales.

so much for me craving sushi

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