2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups to Debut at NTEA Work Truck Show

2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups to Debut at NTEA Work Truck Show

The new 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickup trucks will debut at the NTEA Work Truck Show next month in St. Louis, Mo.

The Sierra HD rigs will be virtually identical to the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty pickups that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. A unique, upscale Sierra Denali model is expected to join the GMC lineup.

We'll be in St. Louis live for the reveal.


The Sierra is possibly the best looking truck out there right now. Good for GM!

The Sierra looks way better than the Chevrolet. It has that Ford look to it. "I'm ready to work"


@Quagmire - Dude have you seen the RAM, and this is coming from a Ford guy! Ram has the best looking truck right now IMHO. But I am glad to see GM finally upgrade their truck. It's going to be fun seeing the battle between a new Ford Super Duty and Heavy Duty GM/Chevy. Remember competition spurs innovation!

Ram had the best looking truck until they went to the fish grille.

* Take that plastic piece off of the hood!

And that plastic piece off the bumper... oh wait... that IS the bumper!

the real man truck,gmc,,sorry ford ,and dodge....

LOL, Could they have slapped any more plastic on there? Still the torsion bar front end. Heck even half tons dont use the torsion bar suspension. Until GM switches to a sfa they will forever be a truck for people who use them to haul groceries.

Since the demise of the Topkick and Kodiak, GM has no business at the NTEA show.

I'd take that 6.7L Super Duty and pull that POS GM all around the lot. You can't say you got a Mans truck unless you got the Man Step LMFAO!

You know, for all the whining about a "Torsion Bar" front end, you guys neglect the fact that an M1A1 abrams tank uses a torsion bar suspension system. HUMVEE's use and all independent suspension, etc. When a suspension is done right, it can work really well. I know the past GM's IFS have had issues with needing to be rebuilt after 50k miles of hard use, I wonder if they upgraded the bushings, and if the vehicle will ride on the bump stops?

@big bob - Since the demise of the Topkick and Kodiak, GM has no business at the NTEA show.
I agree - my local Chev dealership still has 07 TopKicks sitting on the lot.

For anyone saying this is a better looking truck.. News flash for ya it's the same exterior sheet metal as the old on except for a bigger air inlet and a taller hood

@shaun dude your most unreliable POS superdipsh** will break before you even hook it up to this supirior machine....
it's ok to be jelous sometimes, I understand.

@Lex haha, Ford is the best dude, theses ugly same old Chevy crap, got nothing on the superduty, Ford is the best of the best.

What a way to ruin the GMC HD by putting that ugly plastic piece on the hood, it just cheapens it.

They might as well be selling them at the local dollar store because thats how cheap they look.

nick, fish, jeff. you must be one 15 year old kid behind these names. So of coarse you don't remember this, but when you were like 3 ford came out with this POS superduty, and everytime they drop a new engine, they changed the front sheet metal to make it look like it's all new truck. You have no Idea what you're talking about and thinking that ford is the best just because your daddy told you so.

I would definitely take the Chevy over the Ford or Dodge. I don't want to be a guinea pig for yet another "all new" powerstroke diesel. I do like the way the Ram looks except for the dually fenders.

I guess if Ford gave me a superduty I could use it as a lawn ornament :)

@BLM - you'd put it on blocks in your front yard with every other vehicle you've ever owned? The only thing still on wheels is your house! LMFAO

Lex, where did you learn to spell and do math? If I was three in 99 would I be 15?

Must be that "new math."

Jeff, No you would be 14 (depnds on which month you were born), but superduty came in 98 as 99 model, so that makes you being 3 when it came out.

@shaun dude your most unreliable POS superdipsh** will break before you even hook it up to this supirior machine....
it's ok to be jelous sometimes, I understand". - Lex

Aww yes, the irony.

"I guess if Ford gave me a superduty I could use it as a lawn ornament :) ". - BLM

It will be the only solution to give you're house more value.

Lex must work for gm. His math is what got gm in the mess that they are in now. I know when they came out because I bought one in Dec. of 98 with much famed 7.3. Pretty good for being 3 huh.

The gm hd's will always be a pos until they offer a tried and true sfa. It doesnt matter how many torsion bars they throw on there because when you put a plow on it its gonna sag like Lexs' man boobs.

Well i've never worked for GM, Nor I have "man boobs" Guys with "man boobs" have their trucks with "man step" In fact I was never a fan of any trucks whats so ever, my first 2 trucks was Dodge which was ok, then I owned 3 GM trucks which were way better. Then I bought a POS problematic superduty, then went back to GM and thought that maybe it was just one truck that had problems, so I bought another one, it was SAME THING! So don't blame me for ford's unrealibility. I know 7.3 were much better although not as good as cummins.


I work for a snow-plow company in Norther Illinois and we use GM, Dodge and Ford trucks... The GM trucks do just as well as the Ford trucks with your presious "SFA", not only do the GM's do as good of a job, but they also have the smoothest ride and get the best fuel milage, are Fords are so thirsty are boss almost traded them in last winter...

im tired of you Ford guys saying what GM can or can't do, its obvious you don't know from your Ford troll comments... I see more GM's around me with snow-plows then any other truck....


Up here in northern MN we get a lot more snow than down there in IL. I own my own plow truck and have a 3/4 mile long driveway so my needs are going to be different than plowing a flat parking lot. You can put a plow on just about anything heck even a ford ranger or a kia sorento it doesnt mean its a wise decision. Its a known fact that it dont matter the make of plow when you have identically equipped trucks with the identical plow the gm is going to sag more than a dodge or ford. I dont even run all the ballaast recommended because the truck is level at the carry position. I know there are things that can be done to beef up the front end but why, you shouldnt have to on a hd. Funny how up here when we get hit with big storms the gm guys are always calling me for help.

FYI, I not only own a ford but also a ram.

BTW, Maybe you need to go back to school because you cant spell even one sentence without screwing it up. Maybe thats why you work for a plow company. Just a thought. LOL


what does my spelling have anything to do with what we are talking about ?

its pathetic, your such a Ford oval humper you have to resort to personal attacks every time someone disagrees with you or doesn't kiss Fords ass..

I'd rather have spelling issues then be a complete ass-wipe.


If lyou cant take it then dont dish it. The fact you dont get the connection between being able to write a sentence with the words spelled correctly and peopel taking what you say seriously is priceless.

As for attacking scroll on up and you will see you threw out the first one so practice what you preach.

As for my love of fords well learn how to read because I also own a ram and I dont have a favorite. I will always only buy a ford or dodge ram because they offer what I need and wont consider a gm until they offer a sfa.

As for who the true ass wipe is well sorry to break the news to you but that would be you.

So GM's suck because they sag a little bit when a snow-plow is attached ???

that makes sense..

Nah, the suck because they are to close to the ground and don't have enough suspension travel.

Jeff, Read the article about new 2011 Silverado HD, that truck is designed to be outfitted with big snow plows.

Enjelus, GM trucks have the best ground clearance when stock.

that is really a heavy duty truck

@ Lex

I guess that must be why when I try to drive my grandmother's Silverado through our creek it's bumper lodges itself in the far bank and I have to back out... unlike my ford... /rolls eyes

Strictly speaking you aren't wrong, GM does have greater ground clearance. However since I have yet to high center I'm more concerned with approach angle.

I had a lot of trouble finding approach angles for Sierra/Silverado (GM doesn't seem to publish them, I wonder why?) All I managed to find was for the 1500 Silverado.

The best was:
Silverado 1500
Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
16.3 degrees AoA
9.5" Min Clearance

Sierra 2500HD
Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
9.5" Min Clearance

Sierra 3500HD
Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
9.1" Min Clearance

All 3 trucks have the same Front bumper to axle length of 39.4"... you do the math

Similar Fords

Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
23.4 degrees AoA *cough*
8.8" Min Clearance

F-250 Super Duty
Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
23.5 degrees AoA (even better)
7.8" Min Clearance

F-350 DRW Super Duty
Regular Cab, Long Box, 4WD
23.3 degrees AoA
7.5" Min Clearance

wow Enjelus ive never seen anyone cry over approach angles before...

If thats the best you can do to bash a GM, then that tells me they probably make a pretty solid truck...

I don't recall crying I merely stated the facts. I have no need for a truck that can't reach the back half of my property. If that wasn't a problem, I'd probably buy which ever was cheaper.

(apperently there are two Zachs)

the reason he was bashing the approach angel is because he uses his truck for wheeling which was obviously stated. i wouldnt use a ford or chevy or gm to wheel. if i wanted to wheel itd be a hummer or a powerwagon period forget about the raptor.

heh, I use it for farm work :p

A power wagon would certainly been nice, but its to expensive, the bed is to short and I don't really need a crew cab. And I couldn't pull a goose neck with a hummer.

I always laugh at guys who think a SFA is the only capable suspension. We had IFS on our farm for years without issue. These were trucks that pulled 40' trailers both on and off road on a regular basis. We have since sold our farm but I still use my current 08 Dmax for both recreation and pull duty. My truck is running 37" tires and handles them very well, my friends 05 Super Duty on the other hand has a bad death wobble running the same tire. This combined with a multitude of engine related problems has me anything but impressed with his Ford.

Towing with 37" tires... Yep, that's a Chevy driver alright...

They are E rated tires, zero issues pulling with them. Also note that I said my friend with a Ford has the same tires. All of our farm trucks ran 265's in case you find that more acceptable.

Its not the load rating that concerns me...

Lets see with 37" tires you've probably got 2.5-3" of lift in the front, 1" in the back. With the tires that's probably raising the bed a good 5" above stock. So when you pull a goose neck its pointing up in the air and its easier to drag the back end. And since you probably didn't think to put auto leveling airbags in the back you've probably got the nose of the truck pointing up in the air thanks to its level up kit.

Like I said, typical Chevy driver :p

Depending on your aspect ratio - a 265 tire is far from being 37 inch tire.
The Power Wagon's BF Goodrich 285/70R17 All-Terrain tires are nominally 33 inches, these tires are actually just a tad over 32 inches tall at standard pressures.
The Raptor's 315/70R17 BFGoodrich All Terrain TA/KO tires are nominally 35 inches in height.

I don't pull a 5th wheel with my lifted truck Enjelus, so get off my butt. I don't recall asking for your opinion anyway. And what's with your "typical Chevy driver" comments. Personally I have never read a study that shows any difference in driving behavior among brands and I'm sure you haven't either. I see just as many lifted Ford and Dodge's pulling as I do Chevy's but as they say ignorance is bliss.

Sorry, man, but your spelling and grammatical abillities are no treasure to behold. Even when you were harping on Jeff, you were tripping all over the keys.

The only thing I can truly say about Ford is that they have overcome the current market debacle without Uncle Obama's interference. Way to go, Ford! As for their trucks, they still don't do much for me in the styling department. I have an 07 Sierra Crew (LD) and when Dallas was hit with our snow deluge this last week, the only thing I wish that it had was 4-wheel drive. I had plenty of ground clearance, just not a lot of traction with a light rear end. My truck isn't perfect, but it's the best one that GM has come out with in a very long time (style, performance, and quality-wise). My biggest gripe with the new HD's (GM et al) is they are now cow-towing to the whole "Blu-tech" idea with the urea in the tank. If you run out at 3k miles, you'll be putting along on at 5 mph on the shoulder. Yeah, that's not a major highway accident waiting to happen.

Marc, You are exaggerating, read the article again. I will warn you 1000 miles before empty, then put you in 55 mph and IF you don't fill up only then you'll be put in 5 mph mode. Try driving without fuel, how safe is that at 0 mph?

Nice looking truck, except for that awfull looking plastic thing(not sure what to call it) on the hood. Good job GM on the upgrades to frame.

I find it odd that a few people here think the 6.7L power stroke can be as good or better than a duramax, when they have never even driven one, nor does anybody ouside of a handfull of testers know of the strength or reliabilty of new ford diesel. Might be a great , efficiant engine, might be a fuel guzzling, unreliable diesel. Time will tell.
Untill the urea sysytem is proven cost effective with the new GM and Ford diesel powerplants, i will keep with the Cummins diesel.

All three trucks are good for heavy duty use but the Ford diesel engines have been very poor for reliability and fuel economy lately. The Duramax/Alisson combination is certainly hard to beat. The new Cummins is also very good and always has been the best engine for towing. Good to see that no matter which heavy duty truck you buy now will fullfill all the needs of heavy haulers.

Many Ford people, myself included, have more faith in Ford than we have in Navistar. That being said, if I were to buy a diesel this year it'd probably be a Dodge, I'd rather give Ford a year to make sure they've learned from Navistar's mistakes. I'd kind of like to see how this whole urea crap shakes out with both GM/Ford for that matter...

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