2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups to Debut at NTEA Work Truck Show

2011 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty Pickups to Debut at NTEA Work Truck Show

The new 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty pickup trucks will debut at the NTEA Work Truck Show next month in St. Louis, Mo.

The Sierra HD rigs will be virtually identical to the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty pickups that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. A unique, upscale Sierra Denali model is expected to join the GMC lineup.

We'll be in St. Louis live for the reveal.


I have never had a problem with the torsion bar set up on my truck. Infact, I prefer it. It provides a better ride and you can adjust them up to level up your truck from the factory. Since I don't do any snow plowing it is a non issue for me. But I have faith that an IFS set up could handle a plow seeing as how it's rated to do so. Also, I see no real difference in off-roading between full size trucks. It's all in how you drive and the decisions you make. But the most critical aspect is the tire you run.

"Marc, You are exaggerating...I will warn you 1000 miles before empty, then put you in 55 mph and IF you don't fill up only then you'll be put in 5 mph mode."

It was hardly exaggerating. I was accurate when I said that it would drop you down to 5 mph. I never said that the warning sirens wouldn't go off. It's just an exercise in exhausting (no pun intended) technologies. Firstly, diesel engines are supposed to be cleaner burning to begin with, so this whole "Blu-tech" thing is based on the Californian (perpetual "state of fear") standards, which has nothing to do with new cars causing poor emissions. Rather than creating new laws, how about enforcing the ones that are already on the books? The fact of the matter is that many within the Californian population (prepare the entourage of comments from Californians refuting this claim) are not maintaining their vehicles, having them inspected, simply because they know that they will not pass. Rather than punishing those of us that DO follow the rules, how about going after the others that send up "smoke signals" (or at least noxious fumes) with every push of the go-go pedal?

And secondly:
"Try driving without fuel, how safe is that at 0 mph?" Well, it all depends on how steep the cliff is.

I don't think the "Try driving without fuel, how safe is that at 0 mph?" isn't really a good comparison, most gas stations carry diesel, I doubt the same will be said for DEF for sometime (if ever). And regardless of what they claim about warnings at 1000 miles, we don't actually know how much DEF these engines are really going to use yet.

One of the reports said something along the lines of unless you do "a lot" of heavy towing you should only have to refill it at your normal service intervals. Which implies to me you'll probably go through it faster if you have a heavy foot too. Not to mention what will happen to people when they go on vacation pulling their RV trough the mountains get that warning and find themselves limping down the interstate at 5 mph because they can't find any DEF.

I can assure you that when that happens there will be a lot of people that either buy a mod chip that removes limp mode or they'll trade their truck in on a dodge (or a gas truck).

I think that if 2 of the largest companies that produce HD trucks will use urea, then i'm sure that it will be available in most common gas station and truck stops.
I don't even see this as an issue.

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