7 Millionth Ford Ranger Rolls Off the Assembly Line

7 Millionth Ford Ranger Rolls Off the Assembly Line

28 years after the first Ford Ranger compact pickup rolled off an assembly line in Louisville, Ky., the 7 millionth Ranger was built last month in St. Paul, Minn., according to Automotive News.

The 1983 Ford Ranger -- production started in January 1982 -- was a replacement for the Ford Courier, which was based on the imported Mazda B-Series small truck. Ford wanted a scaled-down, lighter version of its full-size F-Series pickups that could work hard, get good gas mileage and compete head-to-head against small Japanese trucks, like the Datsun and Toyota pickups, and the U.S.-built Chevrolet and GMC S-Series pickups from General Motors.

1983 Ford Ranger

The first Rangers were sold with a standard 73-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. An 80-hp 2.3-liter four-cylinder gas or 59-hp 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel was optional. Transmission choices included a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic gearbox. The front suspension was Ford's Twin-I-Beam setup.

The 1983 Ford Ranger was available in four trim levels: Base, XL, XLS and XLT. The only cab configuration was a two-door regular cab with a choice of a 6-foot or 7-foot cargo box.

Ford Ranger production is scheduled to end in 2011. Instead of an all-new small pickup taking its spot, it's likely a fuel efficient version of the F-150 will be its replacement.

Here's a quick comparison of what's changed since the first Ford Ranger went on sale.

1983 vs. 2010 Ford Ranger

[Source: Automotive News (production figure only)]


Its a shame Ford wants to kill off the Ranger , the F150 is no Ranger replacement .

Maybe Ford should keep the Ranger as a fleet only model,like with Crown Vic.I know lots of delivery outfits that use Rangers exclusively.They are darned reliable,in comparison to the long since dropped S10.Without a Ranger,either fleets wont replace their trucks,or Toyota will get the business (and I would rather see Toyota NOT get the business).

TO Paul: They are killing the Ford Crown Vic also in 2011. it is sad to see the ranger die, isnt the new F-150 suppose to be smaller?

Dang I'm gonna miss this truck. I can only hope my pipe dream stays alive that they realize the mistake they are making and keep it around, or upgrade it.

Ford ranger should stay, good for repair business.

congratz no one gives a sh**

The little Ranger was ahead of its time. Frankly it still is in many ways. It was and is a true compact, even when compacts aren't cool and everybody else has macho-ized their truck lineup.

All the Ranger needs is a better set of drivetrains and it would completely own the entire segment. I'm rooting for it. I think it deserves a few more years at least.

I was hoping to trade my 2000 Ranger for a "new" Ranger. I don't want the F-150 at all.......too big for me. So I'll just keep my little old 2000. Ford's losing out big time on this one.


To late, the security company at our manufacturing plant uses Toyota Tacoma's, access cab 2wd's...

I would not invest in a Ranger since they are going to cut production. Makes no business sense!

I loveeeee the ranger too bad fords going to drop it have to buy a 2010 one b4 they get rid of them. Really going be a bummer to alot of people.

Ford did not say they were killing the Ranger. It is to be determined.

However, the new F-150 in 2012 will NOT be smaller. You can count on that. Lighter and stronger maybe, but not smaller.

@Mike, Thanks for clearing that up. Had to take a sigh of relief on that one.

I had one, I kind of miss her. If I had more space to park in; I would have another one. I still miss that little truck. Kept her cigarette lighter for a keepsake.

Had 6 Rangers. Just wished they sold the crewcab. Like is done in Mexico

It's a shame Alan Mulally can't take his head out of his a** long enough to see there still is a market for a compact pickup. It's also too bad Alan won't give us the 2.5L Duratorq diesel either. I miss my '05 Ranger XLT, that was a good little truck for the homeowner. I wish Kia/Hyundai would come out with a compact pickup and prove to Alan he made a big mistake by killing the Ranger.

Ford will probably make a decision at the last minute as to whether or not they will replace the Ranger with something other than an F150. It already looks like they are trying to push the Transit Connect van for small fleet work. I'm seeing more and more of those little vans around. I've owned a few Rangers and would consider another one if there was a crewcab option. I like the F150 but I know my wife would not feel comfortable with the size. I guess thats one way to keep the truck all for myself;) I'd rather have something that she'd feel comfortable driving.

There is a lot of love for this little rock of a truck. With some safety, suspension and mild refresh, oh, and a new engine from the parts bin it could go on and on. Ford will not get most the loyalists into an F150. Just too far a leap. I just don't buy the current talk coming out of Ford. There has to be more to it. By the way Ford. I have 4 Rangers in my fleet that I will be replacing. Don't let me down.

@Karl - Ford has gone to "global" platforms. If Ford changed their minds about the Ranger , they would have to set up a plant in the US or Canada as the "chicken tax" would apply to any imported pickups.
It's emission rules that are killing diesels for compact and 1/2 ton p/u's. Ford will not bring in a compact diesel if there is no money to be made.
I am suspecting that GMC is going to kill production of the Canyon/Colorado twins in 2012 as they are shuttering the plant that makes them.

Come on guys, Whom else can say they produced a truck this long with very ittle change to update it....I agree on giving it new Power and maybe as big as a Dakota and call her the F100. Come oon ford keep the Full Frame and maybe some quiet steel. 6 Speed auto and 305HP 3.7 for towing or Ecoboost 2.0....Its all in the parts bins...come on Ford...get it and They will come lolol
Looks great for 2011 so far!!!

Ford rangers have been a proven great little truck along with nissan and toyota but in todays market its ridiculous to go out and look at a new compact truck and see the sticker price.I can buy a new or almost new full size truck for the same price and not be cramped like i am in a tin can.I can buy a new f-150 supercrew xlt almost for what they want for a USED crew toyota or nissan.I love the small trucks and have owned several but when I can buy a truck with all the room ride and comfort of full size for almost the same amount of dollars its a no brainer for me.

How much could it possibly cost to continue to manufacture this truck? Shouldn't development and tooling be paid for by now? It would seem prudent to continue to profit from this line given the expected loss of sales Toyota trucks will be undergoing the next couple of years. Ford should continue the current Ranger with one of their new direct injection four cylinders and an interior refresh. If GM kills the Canyon/Colorado even more reason to keep it.

One more thing. If they really want to grab market share price them as if they were from SK.

I don't know what everyone is talking about, being cramped in the Ranger. I'm 6'3" 210lbs and I drive A little Isuzu Hombré and I have no trouble, so when I sat in a Ranger at an airshow in Oshkosh it felt like I was sitting in a full size pickup. The seat wasn't even all the way back like I normally need it! I think the interior is very spacious, so honestly I don't know what you are complaining about.

get it people...it rolled off the line.....more than likely it wouldn't start or the Firestone Tires exploded!

I have an 01 ranger 4.0 supercab 4x4, cant wait to sell it...
Ford you're doing a right thing! R.I.P ranger

I've had two Rangers (2000 and a 2007) and love them both, I've also had a 2004 F-150. Ford's reason for dropping the Ranger doesn't make sense. It's the #2 selling compact pickup, if you put the smaller and stronger 3.7L V-6 in it it would get better mileage than the F-150 with the same motor (smaller and lighter vehicle). All they need to boraden the market is to bring the 4 door. Do that and I'll buy another one tomorrow. Yesterday I bought 2 mattresses and needed the bed of the truck. Couldn't do that in a Focus or Fiesta. By the way, I live in the snow belt of NY and need a 4x4 so the small economy cars won't do. Good job Ford, now I'll have to buy a Toyota or Nissan. Way to lose business.

It's about the price point. There are people and fleets that need or want a small pickup - but the price has crept up to F-150 land. Ford - make a model that truly costs an amount less than the stripped base F-150 with rebates and discounts. Make a model that has the goods (power, mileage, function, interior room, power windows/locks, base paint, 4x4 avail.) but not the crap that is not (trim, upgrade wheels and tires, nav, extra audio, interior trim, chrome, best paint, etc.). A work truck that you can be comfortable in and a basic platform to mod a little and aftermarket a little if they want. Basic but functional. At a price that keeps them on the lot and away from the Nissan and Toyota lots.

Have a 97 four cylinder that has well over 200.000 miles. The 2.3 engine is absolutely bulletproof and will run forever with just regular maintenance. But you aint going nowhere fast. I had originally bought this truck seven years ago as a stopgap until I could buy a new Tacoma Doublecab, when they finally started making them in a four cylinder 5 speed combination. Well that day never came and this truck will not die and I am absolutely hard on this truck. If Toyota does make a Doublecab combination that I actually want, I will probably buy it, not sure if I will ever get rid of my Ranger though.

Thought about replacing my 99 Ranger with a 2010 or 11 before they stop making it. Love that truck. It is outdated though. But I DON"T want a F100 or F150 at all!! I'd be forced into buying another brand of small truck. Ford, update it completly from the wheels up but keep it the same size. Fix the rollover issue. Offer a crew cab. Offer a small diesel. I don't want a cut off F150, being the F100 if they decide to build it. I'm starting to see the writing on the wall if they do this. Tacoma, here I come. Funny, on this same web site, there is an article about the 7 millionith Ranger just came off the factory line. Go figure.

Guys, here is an idea to get through to Ford's thick skull...if they cant bring the foreign-style Ranger they sell overseas, let sketch one out to propose to Ford, just as long as it doesnt resemble the 1983-1992 or 1993-2011 Ranger...I've had enough of that design!

@Tricky...they used to make 4cyl Double Cab Tacomas from 2001-2004 when they were smaller...but 2005-present Tacoma Double Cabs are to big to stuff a 4cyl under...though the new 4Runner SUV is available with the 4cyl and V6 and no longer the V8. If the 4Runner comes with a 4cyl THEN Toyota puts one in the Double Cab Tacoma.

OK Billy:
I'll use words to start the sketch-
(1.) 2 rows of seats, 4 doors.

OK Billy:
I'll use words to start the sketch-
(1.) 2 rows of seats, 4 doors

Ford Transit Connect may have more cargo space than Ranger and has better mileage too.

It will soon be available in CNG, LPG & Electric versions.
This type of vans are widely available in Asia & Europe and is new in USA. Soon this will be widely available.

Infact a passenger version of Transit Connect is also available. Slowly the Truck Chassis vehicles will go away.

They should keep the ranger thats the best ford truck they made the biggest problem is its $5000.00 over priced should be in the $12,000.00 range for a 4-cyl 5-speed

@Max Reed - It appears that Ford is going to use the Transit Connect as it's base model multipurpose platform. Like you said, it is available as a passenger van. Ford is going to have a plugin, and hybrid Transit Connect van. They are even releasing a taxi version. Kill the Ranger and Crown Victoria with one stone - the Transit Connect. No mention of a diesel!
Here's a link:

I had a '92 Ford Ranger Supercab with a 5-speed manual and under-powered 3.0 V6. It was a great little truck with anvil-like reliability. In 4 years and just short of 90k miles the only thing that failed was a seal in the air-conditioning condenser. It even held it's resale value. I paid $12,200 and got $6500 trade in on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I hated to get rid of that little truck, but at the time I need something that would be comfortable with 4 passsengers and could still do light towing. The perfect truck for me would be a Ford Ranger Crewcab with a ecotec four or the new 3.5/3.7 V6 or a small diesel with about 250 lb/ft of torque. Can you hear me ford?

Ford should have brought out it`s mexican crew cab with the six foot box instead of the Explorer SportTrac. How about taking the Mexi-Crew,give it a modern look and a small V-8 and if they want to cancel the "Ranger" badge make it the all new F-100.

Strange – just yesterday I saw a Mexican Ranger crew cab 6’ bed for the first time – I think it was the most natural looking crew cab of any truck out there. I was blown away at how cool it looked. I’m convinced it’s all about protecting the F-150. Ford knew men would not opt for the SportTrac, but might be tempted into a 4 door 2 row seat Ranger. Is that why we don’t have the FULL Ranger here Ford?

It seems to me that if Ford can sell half as many Rangers as Toyota sells Tacomas, a new Ranger should be a hit, and sell significantly more. After all, it is an ancient platform at this point, older than any of its competitors; so possibly being the newest model on the market, it could possibly even knock Toyota out of first place; especially after all their recalls.

I love my 1999 Ranger 4x4 flairside! I hope they do keep the Ranger & I would love to see them bring back the flairside!

In January 2010 the Raner outsold the Tarus. By 1000.

To those of you whom seem to think the Ford Ranger is a dying truck I beg to differ with you, I have a 1995 Ford Ranger XLT dual plug four cylinder in the 2.3L engine she has over 257 000 Original miles on her. To this day at 15 years old she still gets 26MPG highway and in Four years of owning her she has only not started one time and that was my fault. I have driven her all over texas with out a single problem. I can drive from Houston to Dallas on a 1/4 tank of gas.
No this truck is not a dying line, by far it's a line that keeps growing, living in Houston I see tons of rangers from all year models and one thing is comon Owners LOVE these little Beasts. Where the similar small size trucks have limits to their abilities to haul, These Mighty trucks seem to surpass even what Ford says they can do. My Truck isn't a show truck nor is she winning any races but by far when dependablity quality and durablity is in need My Black Betty deliver's each with perfect results. That is worth each penny put into her. I may have 257 000 miles on her, but I can be sure that it's a fraction campared to the multitudes of Ford Ranger owners who have loved these Mini Beasts for decades..... By far these Trucks aren't dying at all. Look around you can see so many from all years just if you open your eyes.
The best Truck out there is the Ford Ranger and by far it's the best Truck Ford has or will ever make.....
Very satisfied Ranger owner.

It seems unfair that a company like Ford Motor Company would just discontinue a model line without first talking to its customers. But unfortunately, Ford is not the only company that has done that. General Motors discontinued the S series compact pickup trucks. Dodge discontinued its Dakota line of trucks. What's wrong with this picture? Why do they feel they can just drop a car or truck model and not tell us, or even ask us for suggestions for a replacement?

Since the ford rangers are ding I will have a very rare ranger I have a 1983 ford ranger deisel 4 speed Manuel and it only has 42000 miles on it I think it will be worth a couple thousand at least since they were the first Rangers made

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