ASCII Super Duty Artwork Sweeps the Internet

ASCII Super Duty Artwork Sweeps the Internet


What's that? A commenter over at Edmunds created those keystrokes as a way to symbolize the looks of the 2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty. It's the coolest truck meme of the last eight hours.

Now, it's your turn to create your own ASCII truck artwork because all the cool kids are doing it on the twitterbooks.

Keep it clean.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]



I suck at this



I have to lol at Ben!!!

/ Super Duty \
/ \
| _ _________ _ |
| / | |________| | \ |
| |_| ________ |_| |
| |_| |________| |_| |

Eh... Gave it a Try, looked better when typing it...
Lol @ Ben


That looks like a math formula 0 = 0 still equals nothing?
zero [equals] zero

I agree with Ben

[ ]---------------------------------------------------------------[ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ]---------------------------(FORD)----------------------------[ ]
[ ]---------------------------( )----------------------------[ ]
[ ] [ ]
[ ]---------------------------------------------------------------[ ]

wtf????? thats not how it looked in the comment box as i was typing. O WELL!!! gay

:( ? ):


This is the strangest thing I have done,but I am trying to see what it would be like to be a Ford guy..guess they like stuff like this...I feel dirty now !!!

#(-+-)# <--Ram

WTH? why does the the text format and spacing change? you guys need to work on your posting setup.... ask Motor Trend what they use, works pretty good, also requires registering a user name so someone can't come in and use the same name as another person

Toyota Tacoma:


Hey, it was a try.

@The Luigiian: Hey, thats pretty good!

2008-2010 Super Duty w/ three bar grill


LOL Looks like Ford SuperDuty design was inspired by a math geek O[==]O. Let me try a few...


No that is not a water molecule...
It's a Chevrolet Silverado - the =O= is a bowtie and the H is the stacked headlights

Ford F150 SVT Raptor

----------- ________
-[| ___ --------|-------|O--___-------||
HUMMER H3T or whatever you may interpret it as...sorry the tires look weird, and the actual post denied spaces hence the little dashes and it's going to look different than I intended...but this is my first shot at something like this.

This is fun...we should do this more often!

O[GMC]O < O[=]O


1966 Ranchero!


1966 Ranchero!" -pwr

That can also be the Fairlane & Galaxie.


It can also be Pontiac GTO, Tempest.

Here is Edsel. What were they thinking


Hey Mike, lets put some more ASCII truck projects here on the site!

@Everyone having trouble with spaces

html doesn't let you put a bunch of blank spaces together, if you want to do that you'll need to type in   for every space (at least I'm pretty sure this is what's going on).


Hummer - Asta ;-)

(@=CHEVY=@) ($=FORD=$) (%DODGE%)

8888888888 .d88888b. 8888888b. 8888888b.
888 d88P" "Y88b888 Y88b888 "Y88b
888 888 888888 888888 888
8888888 888 888888 d88P888 888
888 888 8888888888P" 888 888
888 888 888888 T88b 888 888
888 Y88b. .d88P888 T88b 888 .d88P
888 "Y88888P" 888 T88b8888888P"

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