Compact Electric Pickup Goes On Sale In Iowa

Compact Electric Pickup Goes On Sale In Iowa

A small electric pickup truck from Electric Motor Cars has gone on sale in Des Moines, Iowa, at a former Chrysler dealership. The two-seat runabout is based on the Romanian-built Dacia Logan that's sold overseas.

The retail price of the EMC pickup starts at $33,950. It's reported to have up to a 260-mile range and can carry up to one-ton of cargo in its small bed.

Des Moines Motors owner Gene Gabus, who's selling the truck, hopes to market the EMC pickup to businesses, "eco-type people" and "anybody that wants to fight the oil companies."

[Source: The Des Moines Register via Wired]


What has the world come too!!

Great idea. But that price is steep.


This is hilarious! 260 mile range loaded? Dont believe that. Most "performance" electric cars cant go more than a few 100 miles without recharging.

This things just a golf cart on a small regament of steriods.

NOW, a truck that uses a diesel engine to generate electricity for eletric traction motors would be awesome!!! If it is good enough for 400 ton Mining trucks, it could work in a 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton truck.

A Diesel/Hydraulic hybrid that uses the diesel engine to pressurize hydralic fluid thats stored at pressure for use as power later would be awesome too.

this is better

Actually, how about we can just buy the Dacia Logan? A little compact truck like that would be nice, even with a gas or diesel. Forget paying the $25,000 premium for electric.

$33,950.? Where are they hiding the rest of it?

Ok, so he wants to fight the oil companies... never mind the fact that all the oil companies do is provide a product to the consumer. It's the govt that causes the price to be so high. with 18-24 cents in taxes per gallon (depending on which state you're in) and restrictive refining requirements. Here's an idea: drill for all the oil we can get our hands on, have a standard refinement across the board, and lower the taxes on gasoline and diesel. Problem solved.

That's not a compact Truck, it's a ugly small car! And it's to expensive for this vehicle probably with a bad quality, because it's from Dacia!

Big Guy:
Totally on board with that. Instead, let's fight the jobless green weenies, fake statistic writers, lawyers, the MSM and Washington. That would be more productive.

Price has to include the 25% chicken tax premium.

I always suspected the Logan Pickup would show up here in the states. Just not in electric form.

This makes the second foreign-sourced electric-powered mini-truck to be offered here; the first being the Roush EV (which is the Brazilian Ford Courier F1). I'm not sure if electric Ssangyond Actyon Sports truck if still selling, since Phoenix Motorcars went bankrupt last year.

What are the chances someone will try an engine swap on one of these soon? And just how soon before the Chevy Montana, Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada make theri North American apperance?

If Im going to be paying 34,000 dollars I might as well get a Ford F150 crew cab Lariat. Otherwise, Id like this car with a pickup bed. Too many car-wagon-suv crossovers on the road today...Id like to see a unibody "El Camino" coupe utility and sedan utility.

Anyone else doubt the load carrying ability of that little thing. Those little wheels/tires look sketchy.

While the price is too steep, I congradulate somebody who has the drive to build something like this. I live near DesMoines, people will buy this, not a lot of people, but people will buy this.

If somebody with enough money just wants a work and back vehicle, with some ability to haul a little bit of cargo, will buy it. Most likely they will have a green t shirt on too.

18 cents / gallon tax is needed to maintain the roads.

Infact billions of $ is spent on policing the persian gulf and this is an indirect tax on Oil.

Drilling is good, but not going to help in long run. Every month 1.3 million vehicles are hitting the road in China.
Soon Oil prices will go beyond reach.

Soon plugins will help.

Pretty soon, the truck chassis vehicles (both SUV's and PU's) will be replaced by unibody vehicles which save a lot of fuel.

"$33,950.? Where are they hiding the rest of it?"

In their pockets

No one seems to discuss the operational costs of a hybrid, plugin, compared to gas or diesel engined vehicle. I want to know these costs. A gas,diesel,or hybrid posts miles per gallon, or litres per 100 kilometers. You can convert this to: cents/dollars per mile or kilometer based on the price of gas or diesel. No one has done this for plugins. (At least from what I've seen)
How much electricity does it take to charge up a plugin's batteries?
How much is this electricity going to cost?
How far can I go between recharges?
What are my cents/dollars per mile/km cost?
How does the plugin's cents/dollars per mile cost compare to a hybrid, diesel or gas powered vehicle?
How long are the batteries going to last?
What are the towing or hauling capabilities of these plugins?

I had a conversation with some people about hybrids. I was told that the batteries take at least 10 miles of driving to get to full efficiency if you drive in a climate with subfreezing temperatures.

There is one last thing that the environmentalists are not mentioning :
We do not have the infrastructure to provide the electricity to charge up these plugin's.
The proliferation of electronic devices are already close to overwelming our current electrical systems.
The Environmentalists push "green" energy but they do no want new hydroelectrical dams, and they are anti-nuclear energy. Coal/hydrocarbon fed electrical generation is taboo. No one wants a bunch of massive windmills obstructing the scenery. Solar cells are costly and don't generate alot of power.
The "green" idealists need to sit down with some "realists" and come up with a plan! Plugins are not "the be all end all"
that they are made out to be.

Why Des Moines? I always thought the reason for buying a car there was to leave. Not to drive a short distance away and come back.

Would California, NY or Miami be a better place to launch this horrid Romanian / Italian thing?

At least they can put a product for sale in the US unlike Mahopeless & Mahapless.

Gee, for all who are criticizing this offering; Have you forgotten the famous "Made in Romania" quality?
Just don't check their (or any) Romanian website, remembering that they're famous for malware.

I wonder how much $ the Government is subsidizing this operation? FIGHT THE POWER!!!! But not the power company...


Yes I absolutely agree with you Garret! I want to see a Diesel/Gas Hydraulic Hybrid. Makes so much sense to me. Only problem that would need to be solved is electrics. Can't run your headlights on hydraulic fluid...

And while this is not a brawny truck or an aesthetically pleasing truck, it is a nice step in the right direction. Wooo Iowa!!!!

This car has fail written all over it.

This Electric car look nice and good I am very glad about this one It is very nice for me I am very excited about this things It is very nice and cool for me.

a small diesel would be more realistic, and for all those greenies out warming is fake! someone hacked your main dudes(?) email account and seen stats showing it was fake, but ur guy said to cover it up and make it look real in the emails, and all those snow storms on the east? its the snowiest winter ever doesnt look like warmin to me??

@Hudini - I live here in the Mid-Atlantic and this little pickup would be useless to us right now. Thank goodness for American 4x4's bwahahaha. Don't get me wrong I'm all for saving gas but a pickup (Gas, Diesel, or Electric) has to be useful no matter what the conditions are.

i prefer american 4x4 anyday too, i was just sayin diesel would be better than electric

Neat idea, but the price makes it pointless.... and the looks scream "Suddenly It's 1982!"

If I bought one - how much is my electricity bill going to skyrocket when I plug the thing in?
I know that my electricity bill usually doubles when I have to plug in 2 vehicle block heaters in - 30 weather.

How about a subsidy towards the price like the oil companies get . No need to scoff at the range without testing.

Gotta say it looks like a Subaru Brat,and a friend of mine had a brat(we're carpenters) and we ran that thing in the muck,out on the beach in the woods with a full load of tools.Could not kill it.They dont say if it's 4 wd,dont know about you but I like a pickup that I can tool around in the woods with without knockin the dayum mirrors off the doors or having to tear trees down to get down a trail and able to get into a normal size parking spot.

Yea,it's not a glitter spank off truck,its a work truck(oh yea thats right no one works with their hands anymore,oops sorry my mistake,lol)I cannot tell you how many pickup trucks I see go down the road with not a thing in em.

If you can put a 4 x 8 sheet of sheetrock or plywood in works for me.Cant put anything in the back of the truck we have now and be able to lay the stuff flat.It sux,makes me think of the idiot that designed it.

Soooo much complaining and no real alternative to offer - just words. Where is the offer of a better idea from these critical people? Something to set next to this little truck and show a better way to go. Something that offers a better deal, that runs better, lasts longer, uses no oil based fuels, and offers a bright future for the buyer!

All these complaints combined offer less option than the little truck sitting there by its self.

Look at the water fueled engine offered at "chuckstone100" on Google. This is one alternative that is in test now and will be in production soon. One penny a gallon for tap water is a better idea if it works. It does work, and the production units will be larger trucks with cleaner exhaust and lower operating costs. A good choice built with private funds and no government or oil company involvement - even as it runs down the road making its own fuel from water using waste heat to turn the water into hydrogen fuel.

Education videos are posted on "YOUTUBE" as "chuckstone100" also. Quite complaining like dummies and start contributing to a better world. Have a good day!

if manufactures would put the motor at wheel it would take lot less kw to run a EV 21kw instead of the 80 kw now and take less rpm to run makes you wonder why they havent said anything about hub motors

I buy older tocoma's for the business and fix'm up a little. Easy to maintain and hold up really well. My guys need A/C and deserve it. They leave it running so the cab is cool when they get back in. How can that work with an electric truck. It's a perk they enjoy and appreciate. $30K is out of the question. i will pay 6k at the most. Can't see electric being practical. what would be my electric bill for charging these pos's.

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