Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Orders Exceed Expectations

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Orders Exceed Expectations

Ford has received nearly 5,500 orders for the new 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (please see our recent road test) since the truck went on sale late last year. The volume is over original projections for the Baja-style off-road pickup.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the popularity of the F-150 SVT Raptor,” said Mark Grueber, F-150 Marketing manager. “Orders have exceeded our expectations. The truck is so popular that we actually wound up building more 5.4-liter V-8 models than we had originally anticipated. The order banks are now open for the all-new 6.2-liter V-8, and the orders keep rolling in.”

"We didn't anticipate receiving the amount of orders for the 5.4-L V-8 that we have, especially this early in the model year," added Patrick Hespen, SVT spokesman, in an interview with "That's what's good for us by building them on the same line as regular F-150: great flexibility."

Most Raptors have been sold in the Southwestern U.S. and Texas but there's also large demand for the truck in states like Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, Ohio and Georgia.

The overwhelming top color choice has been Tuxedo Black for more than 52 percent of all orders, followed by Molten Orange, Oxford White and Blue Flame.

The 5.4-liter Raptor pricing starts at $38,995. The 6.2-liter Raptor pricing starts at $41,995.

[Source: Ford]


Nice, looking forward to seeing more from this 6.2L V8.

Truck is awesome. Have not seen one for myself yet.

i live in san diego and i have seen 4 or 5 around town

As the old saying goes to many people with too much money and not enough brains!!!!! Tho this by far the best looking Ford truck made as of right now!

These are just fleets sales ... or i mean combined sales with Superduty...

@D57H - I disagree - to go out and buy a lift kit, Fox shocks, e-locker, 35 inch tires would be in the 6 - 9, 000 price range assuming you are handy with a wrench. This would not give you traction control, offroad mode, hill decent in foreward and reverse, and best of all - it's all under factory warranty. You can drive it like you stole it, and not worry about repairs(unless, of course you do something outrageously dumb).
The new laws concerning stability control could kill the after-market.


Its not about the amount you spend for what you get I just think you get more truck with a Power Wagon that is a better all around/capable truck or even just buying any 3/4 ton diesel would be a better option. The Raptor is only a niche vehicle at best!

OK but right or wrong, if I drive a Power Wagon, poeple will think I bought a gas job HD Ram with lame deeeecals.

There will be no such confusion with the Raptor.

And fairness in conversation, had the Rapter as tested had 6.2L I believe it would have won majority of "shootouts" for whatever that is worth.

@ Power Kid

As if personal Status/looks matters to anyone who really knows trucks!!! Good for Ford to have a good gas motor they are only eight years late to the party only to be surpassed by the Hemi 6.4 ;)

@d57h - it all depends on what you want out of a truck. The Power Wagon fills a different niche. The Raptor doesn't have the same cargo or towing capabilities as a standard pickup because stiff load bearing springs would kill the Raptor's suspension. You can't have "stiff" springs and expect rapid, controlled suspension compression. You'd have worse rebound or recoil if the Raptor had stiff springs. It's not for everbody, but 5,500 people think it's the rig for them.
I wonder how many Power Wagon's Dodge makes in a year?

As far as I am concerned the aftermarket can die a quick death. Lift kits and suspension mods were just junk that did more damage than good. Same thing with chips and such. Now in the hands of a professional they can take a vehicle and make it into something spectacular but most garage mechanics are idiots who learned to turn a wrench and buy a kit out of the back of a mag. Remember all the Vin diesel wannabes 10 years ago with their POS out on the strip? Loose plastic effects and rough idling junk cars is all they were. Most aftermarket kits are poorly tested and built and do nothing positive for your vehicle. You may disagree but remember that the next time you chip your truck and you have to use a higher fuel grade, your transmission dies prematurely or you crack a head and burn your cat from high exhaust temps. Not to mention you fail smog testing

The raptor and power wagon are for 2 different buyers. The raptor is merely for play and the pw is not only for play but work too. Fact is the raptor has less cargo and towing capacity than a ranger. Its pointless to bash either one because they are very capable off road and far superior to anything else offered by any other manufacturer. I personally like the pw but that doesnt mean the raptor is a bad truck. Different people have different requirements. As for the decals both trucks have them and if you dont like them you can remove them easily.

As for the above comments on the aftermarket obviously has never owned a truck with a lift kit or purchased a programmer or such. Last I checked the raptor comes with fox shocks and they wouldnt be on there if it wasnt for the aftermarket.

As for the comment on stability control killing the aftermarket lifts they alreay have kits designed to work with the factory sc. Old news.......

@Jeff -

Your close, but the fact is Ranger tows less than Raptor - close but no cigar. Check trailer tow guide or the downloadable brochures for 2010MY trucks

Fox Shocks exist because a bunch of entrepreneurs raised capital and started a business developing shocks for vehicles just like Monroe and Bilstien (or however owns them now). The ones on the Raptor were specially developed under subcontract with FMC using official specs and parameters submitted in a CDD by SVT. After they designed the shocks they were mounted on the production vehicle and then subjected to a series of static and real world testing to ensure compliance.

Now compare that to a company that buys a vehicle off the lot taking separate measurements and trying to fit a product to what was already made w/o thought to how it effects the overall performance of a vehicle or whether or not the materials are up to snuff. Usually what you end up with is this:

Is my vehicle modified? I'm smarter than that. Or at least ill do it the right way. Besides I dont need to wear a baseball cap backwards, drink PBR, listen to Hinder and watch Entourage to know a Dbag when I see one.

@ D57H
If personal status/looks didnt matter to real truck owners, than why are pickups so customized as compared to other autos... Duh

& I don't 'think the 6.4L Hemi is destined for the 1500 Ram, so I'm not too woried about it... Ram should focus their nrgy on a better 6+ speed tranny for the the 1500 Ram.

Dodge needed the 6.4 because Ford has a great V10.

Nice truck but very hard to understand ford's logic I hear that they are going to cancel the ranger and not give us a replacement but they are pleased with pre orders of 5500 raptors I wonder how many sales they would have with a smaller f-series model that looked cool like the raptor with an ecoboost 4 cylinder great gas millege good looks gee maybe a hundred thousand a year lets not do that maybe to many people would want one.

@ Tom while I agree, they'd still have to spend serious development $$$ to get new ranger platform up to speed. Raptor was easy.... fine tune existing unit, make $$$.

@ Jeff

Your comment "Different people have different requirements" is kind of funny. I would bet that very very few people "require" a truck like the power wagon or the raptor and the people who buy these specailty trucks don't use them for their intended purpose. These trucks are mearly status symbols for people with too much money.


These trucks are not the same and someone looking for a truck more for play go fast in the sand/desert than daily driver or work would consider the raptor and one looking for a daily driver to also get back to hunting shack in and hit the trails with as well as tow and haul would look at the power wagon. Thus, different people and different needs. As for your comment on it being a status symbol that can be said for many trucks. There are a lot of people out there buying a fully loaded hd that never even tow anything more than a couple sleds with it or wheelers.

I have yet to see a raptor on the trails but I have seen many power wagons.

@ Jeff

Your comment "Different people have different requirements" is kind of funny. I would bet that very very few people "require" a truck like the power wagon or the raptor and the people who buy these specailty trucks don't use them for their intended purpose. These trucks are mearly status symbols for people with too much money.

To add to that is the Hummer's.
But there was talk earlier on about Mexican border patrols getting some of these Raptors. That's a useful purpose. As far as the Ranger, I'd bet (maybe even read somewhere) with in a couple years there will be a replacement. I gotta give Ford some credit in most of recent business decisions as they seem to be the right ones. Afterall they are now turning a profit. Time will tell.

@ Lou

Power Wagons are quite plentiful depending on the state you live in. Logging Companies/State Game trucks are all over the place in places like Co. Mt. Or. Power wagons can be used for allot more than just play which makes there dollar for dollar worth that much better.

@ Power Kid

Ever heard of a SRT 8? it will happen with the 6.4. It's a specialty vehicle just like the 6.2 in the Raptor!

re: 6.4 hemi

Ford has already designed and tested the 6.2 out to 7.0l and also has 4 valve heads on the shelf for it. Ford insiders have also indicated that if/when the 6.4 Hemi arrives, it will be greated by a 7.0l boss.

@ D57SH

But the 6.4L has virtually ZERO chance of being in a regular Ram 1500. Not true with the Ford 6.2L.

And like Short Bus said... Its not even close to being maxed out.

The only thing your reg Ram 1500 will have in common with the Ford F150 is 16 plugs.

Good news in the American auto industry, what's not to love about THAT!? Good on Ford.

If the Raptor's a "niche" vehicle, well, it fits my niche just fine. I see a lot of guys with jacked up 3/4-1 tons just to fit 35s and they don't handle like the Raptor nor are they as capable as the Raptor and the most I ever see them hauling is a golf bag or lawn mower.

If I wanted a tow vehicle, I'd buy a tow vehicle. A work truck, a work truck.

As far as the Power Wagon, I'd like to have one of those in addition to the Raptor!

About the power, and still, the Raptor will never ever tow heavy. The 5.4 is great, the 6.2 will be awesome for the truck. I expect even more of these trucks will sell.

Seriously, go drive one. If you can mooch a ride offroad, be prepared to be VERY impressed.

@ Power Kid

Don't even think that the 6.4 is maxed out. The 6.4 is a totality different engine/animal than the 6.1 with cylinder deactivation, Multi Air and with it being a push rod vs a overhead cam engine is much cheaper to build power out of in the long run. Time will tell about the 6.4, but if they can put it into a Grand Cherokee they can put it into a 1500 with the new possible ZF 6speed tranny!

I'd love to get one to drive back and forth to work with.

Why do people argue about the Power Wagon vs Raptor...
They are different trucks,set up for different driving styles.
So if you do compare them the Dodge out drags the Ford,5.7 has a better 0-60 and 1/4 mile time than the 5.4 Ford.And I will bet the 6.4 Hemi will outrun the 6.2 Ford as well,even in a bigger Dodge truck as the Power Wagon is.
Again,both great trucks but built for totally different buyers.
Personally I like the graphics on the Dodge but the Ford splash 1990's theme is totally hideous,remove the Ford's decals and it aint bad..

I bet the 6.4 will be in a Dodge Ram 1500,as Chrysler mentioned changes for 2011 or 2012 (cant remember)

Is there really anybody surprised with Raptor's popularity/sales numbers...?

the 6.4 super charged...would kick ass.

"isnt that what ford is doing. just using direct injection and a turbo charger" jajajaja!....

just wait until fiat starts supplying direct injection sytems

and the multiair"..


by the way.



Look, I own one of these trucks and I am getting sick and tired of this people with too much money line. I bought it for the looks and the ride, it's my damn money and I don't owe an explanation to anyone. Ford made a product I wanted, I bought it, period. Enough with the class envy that is tearing this country apart.

LOL the people comparing the Raptor to the Power Wagon need to get a grip. Two totally different animals. For starters one is a 1/2 ton and one is a 3/4 ton. Now lets go take that Power Wagon out in the Baja at 100mph and see how well it does? Guessing the Raptor might be better at rock crawling and general off roading than the Power Wagon is at desert racing. Only real disadvantage off roading the Raptor has is it's width.

I have yet to see a Raptor but then I'm a long way from a desert. I've only seen 1/2 dozen or so Power Wagons. Only one was a work truck. Guys run diesels for "bush" trucks in my neck of the woods. I see a few loggers with lifted trucks but these are usually "young bucks" with nothing better to spend their cash on. Each to their own. What ever makes you happy. I don't get the Raptor vs Power Wagon comparison. Totally different trucks.

Nice truck are these sales dealer orders or custumer orders? I have trx4 hemi crew its a great truck my hemi really goes the ford wont be much faster if at all than my 5.7. I dont like ugly black ford in front the blue oval is for me. that would be only reason I would not buy one. My ram looks cool all the way around.

Awesome, its nice to see that ford stepped out of its comfort zone, lead the industry with the first factory built off road vehicle, and is benefiting from it with more than expected expectations.

i saw this truck back in the fall said to myself got to have it went to dealer traded in the goverment motors hummer h2 and got the truck in the white and I LOVE IT the way it drives ,handles,looks, everything

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