30 GMC Sierra Pickups On Their Way To Help In Haiti

30 GMC Sierra Pickups On Their Way To Help In Haiti

Responding to former President Bill Clinton's urgent request for 100 trucks to help with earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, the General Motors Foundation announced it's donating 30 GMC Sierra full-size pickups and $100,000 in cash.

"Immediate needs in Haiti include basic supplies and reliable transportation that can handle rugged and mountainous terrain," said GM Foundation Chairman John T. Montford. "We believe the donation of 30 GMC trucks can have an immediate and beneficial impact on relief efforts in Haiti."

The Sierra pickup trucks will arrive in Haiti by mid-February with supplies such as tarps and tents donated from Florida GMC dealers and their communities.


so GM is donating trucks the American people paid for and some of our money..... how gracious of them! great business practices for a failing company

Good job everyone WE did that not
gm haha

I can see it now, in a few months, the war lords will have them equipped with 50 cal machine gun turrets and filled with 8 ak-47 equipped, masked terrorists. Thank goodness Government Motors came to the rescue!

Jesus! Not one good thing can be said about GM because all the morons who frequent this site start talking crap. As if Toyota, Chrysler, or even Ford were the ideal companies...

Way to go GM!!!! Bravo!!

@Quagmire - people are pissed off by the GMC bailout. GM was saying they were going to start paying off their loans but it was just smoke and mirrors. They are currently returning the remains of an escrow account. It's not a repayment.
Exerpt =
For starters, $6.7 billion doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what G.M. actually owes us. Over the past 12 months, the Treasury has given it some $52 billion in the form of cash, loans and the purchase of that 60 percent of the company’s post-bankruptcy equity. And that number fails to take into account the two bailouts of G.M.’s former lending arm, GMAC, or the $3 billion spent on the “cash for clunkers program,” which doubtless kept the company from posting even deeper losses.Moreover, G.M. is not, in the strictest sense, paying back taxpayers at all. Rather, it is refunding $6.7 billion of an $18 billion escrow account that was given to it by the government when it emerged from bankruptcy. The rest of that account will be used to cover fourth-quarter losses (including $2.8 billion pledged for the rescue of G.M.’s major parts supplier, Delphi), repay loans from the Canadian government, and possibly prop up the automaker’s shaky European operations. That escrow account is due to expire in June, at which time G.M. will repay what remains of the $6.7 billion from this week’s pledge — and then pocket the estimated $5.6 billion remainder."

It seems to me people forget that Ford borrowed a few billion in 2007 prior to GM and Chrysler...get over it! Both Ford and GM have benefited from the US taxpayers, as have Harley-Davidson and various Asian automakers in their respective countries. I don't exactly like it, but I have faith that all will be paid back and then some.

Good Job GM. Lest hope Chrysler and Ford to the same. I bet you will never see Toyota doing the "right"thing.

way to go GM! take the lead and maybe my good ole ford boys will do the same

Way to go GM. All you guys who talk crap about GM getting government money , shut your yaps. If they did not get government money and closed up the whole country would be in a way worse state with all the employment that would be lost. Y'all that are crying about companies getting help from the government are just a pile of no minds. Like you have never had to get a loan to but your vehicles, and don't tell me you payed cash for your new truck/car. Suck it up boys.

Ford boys are too stupid to even realize what would happen if GM went under.... All the parts suppilers it would bankrupt, people that also do buisness with Chyrsler and Ford...

Good on ya GM, your pay-offs of the loans are ahead of schedule and this kind of stuff is good PR... Nice to see the finest half-ton on the market is going to do some real work...

@ snowman

amen, couldntve said it better myself, nobodys perfect, and like i said in my past posts, i fihured out that with each tax payerin the US, each one spent about 400 bucks to keep one of our most cherished companies alive, they need time to pay back a loan, just like every normal costomer, so everyone just keep to yourself and be happy that your 400 bucks went to saving thousands of jobs, dont start saying how it pays for CEOs either, what if it was ur family member working for gm, wouldnt you want the country help them to keep their job. there are thousands who file bankcrupcy, huge companies and homeowners, everyones complaining about gm, how come noones screaming at the banks that used much more of our money to cover their corporate BONUSES, good job GM, youll be thriving again one day

I can talk all the crap I want of GM and you little twerps can't say otherwise. Free Country, Freedom of Speech.

Spin that GM fangirlz.

You guys are right. Ford won't have nobody to smash on if GM would disappear.

All you guys are starting to sound like Bob. How sad....

I just got my new Vanity Plates:


Good stuff from GMC!!!

Better to buy from Obama motors then Toyko motors

Lets not start bashing Ford. Because when that forest fire struck California a couple a years ago Ford donated there trucks to the fire departments to fight the fires and the last time I remember GM didn't do the same. Its great GM is doing this an I respect them for that but lets not get overrated with this.

What a bunch of ignorant uneducated rednecks in here posting it's taxpayer money. Wrong Bevis! The GM foundation has nothing to do with taxpayer money, do all you hicks drive fords ? It's bad enough when society in general thinks people that drive trucks are just like Billy beer Carter, and Frank, Lou, Ken, Zach, and Mattf, you proved them right, uneducated rednecks! All of you are so mad because you were made to look like fools because GM is paying back the amount the government mandated. On top of that they come out of bankruptcy, regained market share while eliminating 4 brands and outsold ford who now has $27 billion debt load because they were to stupid to take money that every bank in America grabbed up. Get over your ignorance and jealousy.

Only a GM fanboy would believe GM will pay back all taxpayer dollars.

@Andy - did you read my post about GM corp. "payback? or read the link?
It doesn't sound like it.
GM is refunding part of an escrow(trust) account that they did not use. It's not a loan repayment. It is smoke and mirrors.
There are many experts that believe all these government bailouts of banks and big business are not going to help in the long run.
The world economy has shifted from an industrial/business base to a "government" based enconomy. The massive bailouts, and takeovers of banks, and busineses have put many countries in the position of being more "socialist" than their communist neighbours. That is the opinion of many experts. I hope that governments rapidly extract themselves from the rightful domain of "private" or "publicly" traded business.

I'd find it highly unlikely(read impossible) for you or someone like fanboy B'0'B to ever be able to make a fool of me!
Read the January sales blog and you'll see exactly what I mean!
Ignorance is labeling people uneducated rednecks because they hold a different point of view.
Provide me with the evidence that backs your claims?
Since you brought it up - what is your level of educaton?
On a separate note:
Who funds the GMC foundation ?
GMC is the primary source of donations th the Foundation.
Why do they fund it?
It's a lovely tax write off.
I agree they are doing good with the donation, and bravo to the GM Foundation.

Whoa calm down. I don't understand why people are so upset with the GM bailout. Ford was happy and encouraged the bailout cause they knew like someone said that if GM or Chrysler went down Ford was going down too. The bailout was really the only option. It was the right choice. The only decent choice they had. Things would be a lot worse right now if it didn't happen, and I don't see why they won't be able to pay back the loans. No reason these companies won't turn things around once the economy improves. Bill CLinton wanted 100 trucks so GM gave their 30 percent. Ford and Dodge will probably give their share as well. If you're going to say bad things about "ford fanboys" and "gm fanboys" then don't post. If you're a reasonable human being you know we're all just people driving the vehicles we choose. There's plenty of hicks driving chevys and fords and dodges and toyotas or whatever the hell they choose. Stop the nonsense and grow up.

well put djg416

but theres no use in trying to reason with people who are so closed minded, and i am a redneck, i drive a lifted gass guzling silverado, and i have my skoal pinstripes down the side, at least ive grown up and excpeted each brand as being great, except for toyota, haha

Why do people get upset about the GMC bailout?
1..It's highly unlikely the funds will ever be repaid.
2.. GM is still killing American jobs.
If it was a loan that was going to get repaid - I would not have a problem with it.
Here is another reason - pulled from this site http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/01/spied-nextgeneration-global-chevrolet-colorado.html
Quote: "Our sources say not to get our hopes up for a successor to the Colorado in the U.S.
Last year, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said it was GM's plan to end production at the Shreveport plant (where the Hummer H3 and H3T are also produced) by 2012.
GM, however, doesn’t plan to shutter its Chevy Colorado production facility in Thailand.
The company recently received $445 million in loans to expand the plant for the next-gen Colorado and to produce its diesel engines there."

Please note: GMC is closing the Louisiana Plant and is expanding (courtesy of the Thai government) to the tune of 445 million to build the "global" Colorado and it's diesel engine.
So we bailout GMC to save American Jobs, they still kill American jobs, and expand in Thailand.
It's not childish to talk about such things. What is childish is name calling because of a differences in opinion!

@Lou- Get a life. GM bashing impresses no one.

Why is everyone so upset by this? They donated 30 trucks. 100k. Honestly, with reguards to the amount owed, is that such a big deal? I'm a taxpayer like the rest of you guys and I think it's a fantastic thing they are doing. These people need help, put yourself aside and realize what's more important. We all paid our TAXES, we don't decide what happens with our taxes. If I could I wouldn't want to give AIG 120 billion but ya know what? It is what it is, I don't make the decisions. Lou, if you want to make the decisions run for president on the basis of not helping those in need, let American industry into the ground at the expense of the average Joe. From what I can tell, this would be the ground you're running on.

Andy your are an idiot. GMC gaining market share. That is funnier than Barrack and Bob. Read em' and weep.
No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado DOWN 2.1%
No. 4: GMC Sierra DOWN 9.3%,
No. 9: Chevrolet Colorado DOWN 43.2%
GMC gaining market share. That is funnier than Barrack and Bob. LMFAO

Only a guy as arrogant as you would have a vanity plate like that. You need to grow up.

correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I've been told and I think it's true
If gm and chrysler weren't bailed out a lot of companies that depend on them would take a huge blow. When the government bailed them out they were bailing out a bunch of companies that are affected by GM and Chrysler. Think about it. For example, what would Nascar do? The bailout saved Ford too. A TON more jobs would have been lost. You're choice of a truck would be tundra or titan. no more powerstroke, no more cummins, no more duramax. Without those trucks, what would all the companies that depend on those trucks do? Think of all that has been invested in those companies. All of it would be lost. It would be chaos. It would have hurt our economy A LOT more than the bailout. I don't think NOT bailing them out could have even been a consideration. They didn't have a better choice.


you are no better then bob, your posts are just as stupid and immature and his comments...

@ G-Street
- you guys have made some valid points. I like seeing some constructive, thought out comments.
@snowman - I see your point, but it's more complex than just a loan.
Some guys are just using the whole bailout as a way to piss off GM/Chev fans. You may think that is my motive but that is not the case (with the exception of Bob)
1. GM defaulted on billions of dollars. Those businesses, banks, trust funds will never see a dime.
2. Gm is putting a spin on the bailout as a loan that they are going to pay back. A large portion of it will never be paid back.
3. The US and Canadian governments recieved equity in GM. Some experts say that both governments will only get back pennies for every dollar invested.
4. The Canadian government was told( a veiled threat) that if they did not contribute to the bailout Gm and Chrysler would most likely pull out of Canada.
5. The bailout did save jobs but a report stated that the bailout worked out to 2 million dollars per auto-worker's job saved.
There are experts saying that the bailout will do more harm than good in the long run. Why run a sound business when you can run to Uncle Sam for cash.
@Justin Urban - where do you get your 400 dollars per American taxpayer figure from? I bet you are basing it on the "escrow" account GMC is going to refund.
6. GMC was the biggest auto company in the world. They mismanaged their affairs so badly that they were put in the position they were in. (Yes, I know the stock market and banking collapses contributed to their plight).
7. GMC is closing a plant in the US and is using Thai banking money to expand operations in Thailand. Don't you think keeping a plant open in the USA or even Canada would of been the "heads up" thing to do?
8. GM got greedy like many big corporations and took too many risks.
There are many experts that believe governments should of provided proper oversight/regulation of the financial institutions and big companies instead of letting this mess begin in the first place.
@ djg416 - kind of hard to calm down when one gets called an ignorant, uneducated redneck! I do not have any problem with men who do heavy manual labor out in the sun all day. That is where the term "redneck" came from. Now it is used as an insult.
@ G-Street - I am not trying to impress anyone. I own a GM van. I say this not to avoid criticism or court favor with anyone or any group. I do not like how GMC is trying to portray themselves in relation to the bailout.
G - Street - we do not make the decisions. Thst is true. We become totally powerless when we believe we are, and we choose not to discuss the big issues around us.
Kudos to GMC Foundation for the donation of trucks. I have no problem with that.
Silly me expecting to engage in conversation deeper than "my brand has a bigger motor than your brand.


GM is ahead of schedule in paying back its government-loans, i think they are doing a pretty good job, and how do you know what GM intends to pay back or not ?

@Lou- Get a life. GM bashing impresses no one.

Posted by: G-Street | Feb 4, 2010 10:41:41 PM

I agree. Lou needs a life.

Let's start bashing Toyota.

Only a guy as arrogant as you would have a vanity plate like that. You need to grow up".

It was a joke dude, you have no sense of humor. You take this too seriously. You get a life.

Arguing with people on this site is like having a drunk conversation minus the "I love you, man"

Where is the money actually going ? The people will not see any of it,now the corrupt government and war lords will be rolling in new GM trucks..WTF !!

All the millions if not billions of dollars the government and people gave over the years (yes they did before the quake)and still nothing is done..Corrupt leaders ,misuse of money.whay a waste..With no leadership you are just blowing money giving it to those people !! It does not cost that much to rebuild the city they had,and money doesnt even go for that nor feeding the people..yes it is sad,but dont get all warm and fuzzy thinking you donated money to them,you are just making someone else rich and people will still be hungry,sick and un clothed !! Sad but it is reality not some politically correct spin..wake up people !!

Hey Tony:

Andy your are an idiot. GMC gaining market share. That is funnier than Barrack and Bob. Read em' and weep.
No. 2: Chevrolet Silverado DOWN 2.1%
No. 4: GMC Sierra DOWN 9.3%,
No. 9: Chevrolet Colorado DOWN 43.2%
GMC gaining market share. That is funnier than Barrack and Bob. LMFAO

If I'm an idiot you must be brain dead, you obviously don't read much do you? You only go by truck sales listed in PU.com don't you? If you know how to click or copy/paste then do that on this link and read about GM's market share going up.


I know you don't understand so I will explain what market share means like I'm talking to a 3 year old. It means the share of the market that your company sells in. If Johnny has a lemonade stand and Billy has a lemonade stand and 4 lemonades drinks are sold in one day 3 of them by Billy and one by Johnny then that means Billy has 75% of the market share for that day! Ohhhh, too much information...sorry to cause confusion.
Equinox sales up 46%, Traverse sales up 45%, Chevy , Buick sale up +30, duhhhhhhhh

Hey Lou:
You don't need me to make you look like a unintelligent redneck when you do it so well by all your ranting posts. But I will apologize for that since it was mainly a generalized comment about the anti-GM bailout comments. Only a idiot would be against saving this company and its jobs without knowing the repercussions of letting it go belly up. As for my education level it's pretty low but past the 12 th grade, but don't put too much into education levels, Bill Gates is the richest man in America and he just has a high school education, and everyone in congress has college educations, woo are they dumb#*##*

We are American's so why do some like to hate themselves so much? I think many American just like to make fun of the biggest, it's so PC these days. The big three have done more for this country then any foreign car company has ever or could ever do. I know a Toyota engineer and he told me that if GM went under so would Toyota. Why??? The suppliers could never make it with that much less work.

Hail to the big three.

Bravo for GMC and their dealerships doanting the veichles, supplies and time in putting this together.

Personally, I'd like to see what versions of the Sierra were donated. (ie: 2wd vs. 4wd, trip, bed size, ect...)


"Way to go GM. All you guys who talk crap about GM getting government money , shut your yaps. If they did not get government money and closed up the whole country would be in a way worse state with all the employment that would be lost. Y'all that are crying about companies getting help from the government are just a pile of no minds. Like you have never had to get a loan to but your vehicles, and don't tell me you payed cash for your new truck/car. Suck it up boys."

You know socialism is one step above communism!

You need to suck it up and understand capatalism. If GM fails it should not be our problem, only the shareholders. They are a business.

I refuse to pay higher taxes because GM does not know how to manage thier books, finances or loses market share.

They failed and should be allowed to die to allow new businesses to spring open!

If you do not like capatalism, move to a communist country please!


"Good Job GM. Lest hope Chrysler and Ford to the same. I bet you will never see Toyota doing the "right"thing."

That's funny when Toyota pickups are to be found all across Haiti...

Funny too is Toyota pickups are typically found in more nations across the world than any other brand. Now why is that?

Toyota's have been helping the relief effort from day one because Toyota's are sold there and the fact the United Nations uses Toyota pickups and LandCruisers the world over is no suprise!


I hope Toyota isn't sending any tundras, enough Haitians are dead anyway, we don't need anymore killed from faulty brakes or gas pedals now do we ?

That sending and Tundra's, The frames rust too fast in that hot weather

To bad Gmc sucks off road n wont be able to help in Haiti

Most of the trucks GM sent will be broken down in a couple of weeks why send such junk !!!!!!

What do you think would of happened if GMC anf Chrysler did not get government money? Worse case scenario - they die. No more GMC, no more Chrysler.
Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and every other company in the world would pick up production to fill the void.
G8 financial and banking leaders are meeting to come up with international rules governing banks.
Why? The fear is that no one has learned their lessons and will continue on with poor management, risky business, and risky investment practices because the governments of the world will bail them out again if the screw up.
I shouldn't get irate by name calling as it is the sign of a weak mind.

Please read before you post: Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please ONLY comment about the specified topic in the blog post.

GM has to donate trucks to send there because GM is not a global popular brand like Toyota is!

This is just a loop hole for the federal government that owns GM to send pickups there to help GM pay less in tax returns, kind of like an inside job.

The guys at GM will never learn how to fix their financial problems following the lead of the most bankrupt government on the planet!

By the way how come no news coverage of Ford's brake problems with their hybrids this past week?


"By the way how come no news coverage of Ford's brake problems with their hybrids this past week?"

There has been, maybe you should stop watching msnbc. And also, Ford's aren't having brake failures they are just having a loss of brake feedback. From the descriptions have heard of it anyone that's ever driven a vehicle without power brakes would probably not even notice it.

Lou - I can imagine a world without GMC and Chrysler. What would the world look like? I wonder? I can see it now
Toyota PowerWagon, Nissan Sierra, Mazda Silverado, VW Escalade, Honda Avalanche. What a perfect world. LMFAO.

Lou is killing this blog with his off topic posts.

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