30 GMC Sierra Pickups On Their Way To Help In Haiti

30 GMC Sierra Pickups On Their Way To Help In Haiti

Responding to former President Bill Clinton's urgent request for 100 trucks to help with earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, the General Motors Foundation announced it's donating 30 GMC Sierra full-size pickups and $100,000 in cash.

"Immediate needs in Haiti include basic supplies and reliable transportation that can handle rugged and mountainous terrain," said GM Foundation Chairman John T. Montford. "We believe the donation of 30 GMC trucks can have an immediate and beneficial impact on relief efforts in Haiti."

The Sierra pickup trucks will arrive in Haiti by mid-February with supplies such as tarps and tents donated from Florida GMC dealers and their communities.


hey i am from switzerland, i drive a f 150
american trucks and cars are the best.
but if i see the ad on tv from gm, it makes me sick.
why they are fighting against ford? they should fight against toyota, hyundai and all the sucking stuff from asia


Where is the coverage? I saw no national news about Ford's similar brake problem to the Prius!

I guess the federal government and the media in the U.S. are specifically targeting Toyota while protecting the UAW-domestic brands!

@ Is anybody out there?
Lou is killing this blog with his off topic posts.
Comrades - I am profoundly sorry. Comrades forgive me for saying anything against GMC. Comrades, the USSA (United Socialist States of America) is omnipotent and can do no wrong. The KJB (sorry wrong country) I mean Homeland Security may be watching our every move. I promise to stay on topic.
I love you guys, come on , give me a hug. LMFAO

Thank you for proving his point.


It was on Fox News, I believe it was either on the fox report (6pm ct) or studio b (2pm ct). Just like the report a few days before that about prius brakes failing. Like I said, stop watching msnbc.


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Wow.. A charitable donation has turned into 2 pages of bashing good deeds.

Congrats guys.

Nearly everyone's complaining about GM sending trucks to Haiti. Consider this: At least GM is answering the call. We haven't heard from Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan, but I'm certain they will respond. And all the naysayers?

It seems whenever someone tries to lend a hand, everybody else has a problem with kindness. Sounds like some of the same people who griped and complained when Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped out New Orleans.

My suggestion: If any of you have a problem with GM's (or rather the Florida GMC dealers) act of kindness, then gather some trucks and send them to Haiti yourselves.

They did not have to do one thing..............the country should be glad that they did what they did...........

and we should not have bailed them out.

Americans should have had a vote on that or any thing that big ..........it's our tax money.

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